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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Cédric Antunes, Hitzuki on

      I don't have the flower knight and dung beetle... So the only use of having this will be as set of collection...
      Yet I really love equipment sets.. :c But I don't want to pay more... I'm already over 700$... X_x

    2. Daniel M

      $1,300,177! Two days to get 1.4 and 1.5 million.

    3. Dinomight on

      The Phoenix Sword's not quite the right match. This is frustrating, I have a vision in my head of the colors but I can't think of where I know him from. It's all in the sword, if I can just remember whose sword that is.

    4. Missing avatar

      S.Horrocks on

      I was on the band wagon that the gorm was pretty average until i come across this image, it was a must have after i saw this. sorry if i doesnt convert to a link just cut an past it instead :).

    5. Missing avatar

      Haree78 on

      Hmmm just noticed the trace amount of Gormite comment. Looks like I wont be using the Green Knight Armour then, shame.

    6. Ruke Unlimited on

      Kingdom Death, oh gawd what are you doing to my monies!

      No Kingdom Death!

      Kingdom Death, STAHP!

    7. Complex 77 on

      I'm thinking that the "Trace amount of Gormite" might be included with the Beetle Knight. He does have a big pile of poo, and who knows what that Phoenix has been champing on.

    8. Bill Briggs on

      A ha! very clever Adam, now I have to buy the Beetle Knight... :) but there's still no way I'm getting that freaky elephant-baby, my Green Knights will just have to make do with silk underwear...

      I'm super intrigued by the new 1.3Mil goal, looks like it actually might be that male pinup people have been asking for, in some kind of feathered cloak. I'm wracking my brain trying to think if it's some sort of reference. Of course, at the rate things have been going, I'll know before I hit the sack tonight.

    9. Power up on

      Well well, now the hunted become the hunter...

    10. Xavier

      Lion Knight not king
      but thats right

    11. Adrian D on

      @Ropya Yep, thats right. The Lion Knight expansion includes the court.

    12. Ropya on

      I understood that the expansion Lion King was included for Heralds.
      And the court was an upgrade stretch goal for the Lion King.
      And anyone that got the Lion King gets the court included.
      Im hoping thats right anyway. Anyone know for sure?

    13. Michael Salt on

      Love the armour. Feels like one of those old school RPG secrets.

      I'm so glad that my gaming group will know nothing about this game until it's sprung upon them next year :)

    14. katie on

      @Hans: The lion kings court is part of HOD bonus....

    15. Xavier

      Well if ou have backed for 300 dollars ou get automaticly Herald of death.
      In the Herald of death you have, for free, The Lion Knight extention (with court); The Man Hunter extention and the green Knight armor

    16. Missing avatar

      Hans Joerg Brehm on

      Hi all!
      i´m quite unsure about a lion court detail, hopefully someone can set me straight -
      i thought the lion kings court was extempt from the Herald of Death bonus and had to be purchased seperately.
      Now Adam talks of the Lion King AND court to be included in the Herald deal.
      So, what is it? Court bundled in or not?
      Thanks for answers!

    17. Scott Lemay on

      Yeah right now it looking like:
      BFS #2 THE GAME
      [P] Dragon King
      [P] Dung Beetle Knight
      [P] Sunstalker
      [P] Lion God
      [P] The Lantern Festival
      [P] Spidicules

      So $4 short... :)

    18. Adrian D on

      @Balgin it's possible the rules might let you get the trace amount of gormite from the dung beetle knight (as gormite is in the gorms digestive track I think it's reasonable to find a small amount in it's dung).

      If not, that would be a house rule to add to let you craft the Green Knight armour if you are not getting the gorm :)

    19. Daniel_M on

      @Scott: Whatever it is, the Lantern Festival expansion is a must-have!

    20. Scott Lemay on

      Okay I guess its time to make that $300 plunge (just dont tell my wife). Im sitting at 256 right now, and I could get the spider to push it to 300+ or couple of resin pin ups, no clue what to do.

    21. Balgin Stondraeg

      Here's something we can ponder.

      Whatever the last few stretch goals are they need to be something free, like the Herald rewards or the "everyone gets a twilight knight" reward because if the goal gets hit too shortly before the deadline and an optional extra gets released nobody's going to have time to increase their pledge to get it.

      Either that or there'll have to be some post campaign pledge managing period for people to add little dollops of dosh for the last few things :P.

    22. Balgin Stondraeg

      Gorm lining as well?

      I'm not a happy Herald as the Gorm's a touch too far over my absolute limmit on this. Oh well, they'll be really pretty models I can play with in other games. Maybe now I know who's going to get that lovely sword from the Flower Knight too.

      Hint - I like her plaits :).

    23. Missing avatar

      Steven Vanderhoff on

      anyone else pledging over $750?

      im getting survivor + all expansions + all pinups :)

      luckily i have 2 other friends that are splitting the bill with me otherwise i wouldnt have gotten much of anything cept the box contents. THANKS FRIENDS

    24. DaveC on

      @Green Arrow you know the Spider Silk Armour is made from Spidicules so we've had that armour set.

    25. Malochai, Exiled in Torment on

      @Rappletek; I would assume 1 male, 1 female

    26. Eric on

      Congratulations on the 1.2M Adam, I bet also the 1.3 an 1.4 will be surpassed the way this is going!
      Those armours really look promising, thanks for that!
      I can't wait to see them in reality together with the rest of the game.

      Now I need to figure out how to get all this great stuff to the Netherlands in an efficient way, without paying too much for transport and taxes...

    27. Green Arrow (DC) on

      I just want to get to the spidicules armor. No mistaking that armor it will most likely have leg protrusions almost like angel wings extending from the back. Who knows? It is all speculation at this point for me.

    28. Pride365 on

      @Leo Stone If you are getting this and the Gorm any way what does it matter? Also a lot of us are putting down a lot for this game I have you beat by about 115$ right now.

    29. Pandemonium Games on

      @Mario Actually I was trying to figure out if gormite is a substance found in places other than gorm, seeing as gorm isn't listed in the chart that says what is required to make the armour. If others have said it, why bother saying it again? Excuse a guy who has put down $500 and is planning on getting gorm anyway for trying to get some information out there from the creator.

    30. eric37 on

      Gormite is from the gorm expansion I think I was listed as inside its stomach ( not the lining) I thinks its also used to make a sword

    31. AGN1964 on

      Gormite comes from the Gorm and house rules.

    32. Andrew Hayford

      This isnt a video game. This is a free gift. If you arent buying an expansion that contains a resource it needs, simply house rule it away. It is not hard I promise.

    33. Ryan Blackstock

      @ Ian no one knows for sure, but my guess is that Gormite might be a resource you get from one of the 3 expansions shown, being that it is used in creating weapons/armor.
      If not, See Prides suggestion and house rule it

    34. Rappletek on

      Might sound stupid but how many are in the herald of death inclusion ? 1 male 1 female? 2 of each as standard?

    35. Identityflux on

      "You'll also need some trace amounts of gormite, for the under armor lining!" - So does that mean we'd need Gorm as well as the Flower,Lion and Dung Beetle Knight? The picture suggest we only need Flower,Lion and Beetle but the update text implies needing Gorm. Cheers.

    36. Pride365 on

      @Green Arrow (DC) the Phoenix Dancer has the same kinda sword so it fits.

    37. Missing avatar

      John Hackman on

      Alright. I thought this stretch goal was badass, but goddamn what the heck is that sweetness at $1.3M?! Onwards!

    38. Ryan Blackstock

      or talons

    39. Ryan Blackstock

      @ Green Arrow (DC) I was thinking that might be something made out of the beak?

    40. Steven Louie on

      Thanks Adam! Get some good rest, and congrats on $1.2 Million and counting!! :D

    41. Green Arrow (DC) on

      I'm really leaning toward the phoenix knight too but this maybe a mix armor as well. I have been looking at the tooth or pointed protrusions near the face for more possible insight. It may just be one large shoulder pad?

    42. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      fixed settlement thingy ok now really going to crash for a bit

    43. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      @Ryan Blackstock: Phoenix knight! Good catch!

    44. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      @Leo Stone:
      Seriously, youre being like...

      "omg, I get beautiful free stuff...
      It ties in with the other stuff I dont like!

      Its free and a token of gratitude...and you're complaining?

      Should be more apriciative...

      And as others have said, house rule it.

    45. SacredRoach

      I am going to assume that the +1 "Settkment " Event is supposed to read "Settlement."

      I will chalk that one up to stress, exhaustion, and that weird yipping sound Adam made in the 2nd Gameplay video...

      Also, amazing work on the armor. Probably great versus everything except White Lions...or a probing Lion God...

    46. Ryan Blackstock

      @ Alejandro If you are a Herald of Death (pledge totaling $300 or more, you get those armors.
      Buying those expansions will help you get to the $300 mark

    47. Ryan Blackstock

      Next unlock, I'm guessing Phoenix Knight (Male)

    48. Osvaldo Lara Chavarria on

      This...Is...EPIC! I HAVE to get another set of this armor now. Dang it! My wallet is going to need an iron lung after this!

    49. Alejandro Kondrasky on

      Now they look like Zodiac Saints O_O Pretty powerful!