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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric Liu on

      Just watched the gameplay video, i wonder what stretch goal we would get voltron the chair stealing kitty ! >.< awesome

    2. Malochai, Exiled in Torment on

      For $45 it's amazingly packed with miniatures!

    3. JP Max on

      The great Game Hunters and the Scribe? I'm over the moon. Excellent!

    4. Scott Lemay on

      Okay! Wow! Well, I never really liked the scribe but to get the games hunters I will pick of the festival set. As this nears its end I become very nervous about quality lost from the masters in the material difference between resin and plastic. I own 4 KD resins right now and the detail is stunning, but I have dealt with my fair share of awful awful plastic from major game companies before, Privateer Press is the worst I have seen ever and Malifuax is the best (so Im hoping for Mali quality).

    5. David Weiss on

      Danny Cruz has mentioned that at least a few of the creatures that came his way already had well developed concepts and he essentially just redid them in his style. So I don't know who was responsible for the initial sketches, whether Adam has some technical skills or someone else.

    6. David Weiss on

      there are four concept artist Lokman Lam does most of the female humanoids, Yasmine Putri does most of the male humaniods and I think a couple of creatures, Danny Cruz does the bulk of the creatures and a gallery artist by the name of Caitlin Hackett has done a few of the creatures

    7. David #1693 on


      That is correct. I just assumed that's what Sean was referring to when he mentioned art, though.

    8. Pride365 on

      @David#1693 Actually Lokman Lam does the pin-ups there are other people who do other things. If you go to the KD shop and check out say the Wet Nurse you will see the artist and the sculptor cause in many cases they are not the same people.

    9. poeticallybored on

      So about that $1.1m stretch goal... haha.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sean Murray on

      Oh and btw, whoever is doing all your art is freaking amazing. Beautiful stuff.

    11. Plug Uglie on

      your insane Adam, 45 bucks for all of that... i was expecting and willing to pay 60 for just the king. thank you.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sean Murray on

      Dude, you realize that with 3500 backers, we'll say halfish of which will add on every expansion you come out with (at $40ish a pop), that's $70k every time you hit a 50k stretch lol. You might as well just plan on 5 or 6 more stretch goals achieved before it's over. And gratz, man. I'm very happy for you for getting to be able to have such a huge backing towards something you've wanted to do so badly.

    13. Lawrence Long on

      The Lion god was 120mm tall, anyone know how tall the King is?

    14. Missing avatar

      Christian Randle on

      @Adam Sorry I didn't mean to confuse people. I meant that the dice rings monster colab had been shut down not that dice rings had been shut down. I backed dice rings and it just seems like Aaron was having some difficulties. I think he's got it under control now though. Can't wait to get my rings in April ^_^
      I wake up this morning and we've blown past 1,050,000 O_O What's the next goal Adam quick cuz I think we might reach 1,100,000 tonight!

    15. Missing avatar

      Carlos Arraes on

      What kind of glue did you use? Since i live in another country i won't have the same brand as you i think. The armor are removable right ?

    16. Adam Hammer on

      I woke up this morning, and the $1,050,000 was already reached. Can't wait to see what it is, and judging from the soda bottle style lantern, I suspect that it may be the Soda Pop Miniatures mascots Candy and Cola. Can't wait to see what it is.

    17. Edwardo on

      From part 2 video showing Voltron the cat in the end, I expect there will be a stretch goal somewhat relate to it.

    18. Edgewood on

      Went to bed at 1 mil, woke up past stretch goal. Keep up that pace.

    19. Larry Barriere on

      Guess i need to up my pledge.

    20. Fletcher on

      Ahh! that's the game play video I was looking for. And that was more or less what I was expecting, although it reassures me that the money I've placed isn't just for a ton of awesome miniatures. Thank you!

    21. James Baker on

      Absolutely incredible! This was literally posted less than 12 hours ago, and over 50K has rolled in... you guys rock! I'm super pumped about this game! This will make an amazing birthday gift, and give me plenty of time to save up money for more expansions. :)

    22. Matt Dorangricchia on

      Derp. I guess so. Learn to read, kids, it will change your life.

    23. Matt Dorangricchia on

      Totally Candy n' Cola. Anybody point out the lantern shape yet?

    24. Scott Steussy on

      Fledgling Twilight Knight! Also, anyone know how tall The King is?

    25. Matt Dorangricchia on

      That Twilight Cloak looks like he's ready for BUSINESS. I love the TRON boots and gloves. Another amazing expansion. Thanks, Adam.

    26. Scott Steussy on

      I think the Lantern Armor pinup is featured in the Lantern Festival art.

    27. Pride365 on

      @Barry Wynn Adam already gives us a discount on all the expansions........also if you are getting all of them you get 2 for free so what more do you want?

    28. Missing avatar

      Barry Wynn on

      So now that we've unlocked all the gameplay expansions, any chance of an all expansions discount? I'm sure there's a ton of people that would go for that.

    29. Jon Larsen on

      @Adam - any chance we'll see an armor pack assortment add-on? That would be greatly appealing, and an excellent "farewell" stretch goal!

    30. David Nguyen on

      love how when i went to sleep we were like 40k away from the latest stretchgoal only to wake up and we already got past it haha

    31. Kirk Bauer

      I've seen other comments on the grammar and I have noticed the same thing. As long as he gets an editor involved I'll be happy. FWIW I did message Adam to offer to help and sent him about 15 corrections I could pick out from the videos so far. Yeah, I'm a grammar Nazi :)

    32. Daniel M

      Didn't take long to blow past $1.05 million. $1,051,435!

    33. nxumdon

      The new model has very similar hair to this render of candy and cola...i'm thinking it must be!

    34. AGN1964 on

      Sorry Ryan, didn't see your post. I took me ages to write mine. I couldn't find a non-SDE C&C image, and while I was looking for one, I noticed an error in my RK listing and chased that down.

    35. Adam Ashworth on

      @Andrew Hayford - The x??? next to KD for the next goal silhouette means it will be a collaboration with another company. This happened once before for Holiday Nico with Cool Mini Or Not. Looks like a Relic Knights tie-in.

    36. Rinion on

      How does the Lantern Festival go with the alternate starting settlements? Or is it specifically for after killing the Watcher?

    37. Emilia Robertson on

      The Great Game Hunters!

    38. Pride365 on

      @LegolaSS Adam said very early on that he would love to do an art book but that it will have to wait until down the road so he can do it justice. I can't wait for that! :)

    39. LegolaSS - Ringtail Fox Pinup on

      I would love an option for a printed art book with these stunning artworks / sketches.
      I love all the miniatures and am so tempted to buy masses of white lion armor kits (and a lot of the other ones) to convert into a war game army!

      I cant wait to paint so many of these miniatures!

      now, time to dive behind the sofa to up my pledge some more :D

    40. Pride365 on

      @Ryan Klemm I am sure Adam wouldn't put up anything that wasn't the best.

    41. Dinomight on

      @Pride: Based on her silhouette she is most assuredly wearing one of the armor kits. The survivor herself will just be someone from a different universe.

      @AGN: Oh sure, take my post and make it into two of your own!

    42. Andrew Hayford

      I'm actually kind of curious what the (Kingdom Death x ???) means....None of the other updates have that on them.

    43. Andrew Hayford

      Assuming its the same artist that has done all the other pinups, I bet she will be awesome.

    44. Pride365 on

      @AGN All of the other pin-ups are based off the armor so yes they do fit in I know they are not cannon but they do fit. I am getting them all currently and will prolly get this one depending on price since I have 15 extra in my pledge and don't want the diorama. And that was the one I saw I just don't know, but we shall see sometime very soon and she will prolly look awesome maybe not bad ass but awesome and I will end up getting her.

    45. James Small on

      @Kingdom Death, with this expansion will there be a definitive end to the game or will it be a neer ending slug fest with monsters as this sentence seems to imply "By defeating the Watcher, the survivors are plunged into a series of increasingly dangerous challenges that ultimately ( of course ) will lead to their death! "?

    46. AGN1964 on

      @Pride, Just saw "chibi" in your message. Cola and Candy/Cola and Candy cosplay aren't chibi. The chibi version as yet another crossover - Cola and Candy SDE. All of SDE is chibi.

    47. Andrew Hayford

      @Renan These are models, not action figures. Aside from Rare Earth magnets, you can use sticky tack to temporarily hold the models together. But you'd have to be careful with them.

    48. AGN1964 on

      @Pride. Do any of the pinups fit in this (game) world? This is just a fun thing, assuming it is C&C. Candy already looks like a KD pinup, not much tweaking required.
      RK did the same thing with cross overs, called cosplay versions. Actually, they had a lot. It's the cosplay C&C that I'm getting from RK.
      But here, I think it's fun, but not for everyone ... including me probably. I doubt I'll get all the pinups, but I still think it's a fun idea, so long as it doesn't take over.

    49. Adrian Lovelace on

      i hope any stretch goals we hit after this are free add ons.... my wallet is looking sickly after throwing up its contents over and over again