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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

Expansions are ready to ship. There is a shipping fee. Lantern Festival not included details TBA.

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

Please complete the survey sent by Backerkit within 24 hours, so we can ship your wave 3 rewards immediately!!! There is a $17 shipping fee.

Your rewards will not ship unless you complete the survey. The expansions are currently sitting in warehouses around the world, waiting for your address. Thats correct, I waited until containers had safely crossed the sea and been unpacked, before making this update!


  • EU wave 3 rewards shipping From German warehouse 
  • USA wave 3 rewards shipping from USA warehouse 
  • CAN wave 3 rewards shipping from CAN warehouse 
  • AU wave 3 rewards shipping from AU warehouse 
  • ASIA wave 3 rewards shipping from HK warehouse 
  • ROW wave 3 rewards shipping from German or USA (whatever is closer)

I don't have any expansions, but I still got a BackerKit Survey Email?

Ignore the email, those were sent in error.

Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival Expansion will not be included in Wave 3. It is currently TBA. There will be more information about this at a later date.

Shipping fee? 

The shipping fee we require will cover a little less then 50% of the estimated budget to ship Wave 3. I will be covering the other half of the bill.

I wish I could absorb all 100% of it. I really, really do. The expansions are huge and heavy. Stacked up, they are 3 TIMES THE SIZE OF THE CORE GAME. ITS UTTERLY INSANE. I AM INSANE. SAVE ME!!! AUGH!!!!

 Wave 3 Rules

  • Support related messages must be submitted via
  • Pledges cannot be modified.
  • The address you provide is final.
  • We do not support the sale/transferal of pledges.


The expansions are packaged simply in disposable kraft colored boxes, filled with packing peanuts to protect the plastic contents. Their intent is to be discarded after the contents are removed.

Working on the photos the last few days has got me SO PUMPED. The content of each of these humble boxes is outstanding! All that extra effort really shows and I wish I could stop writing this update and just start playing with them! If you thought the core game was filled with surprises...ahhh!! Each one of these expansions is capable of TOTALLY transforming a campaign. Soon you will have them, but enough talk, PHOTOS!!

Expansions and Retail

I know many of you want to pick up the expansions you are missing! Once we finish kickstarter fulfillment we will look towards releasing the expansions on our webstore. The retail prices on the expansions will higher then what you pledged for them. (The dragon King Expansion will retail for $120, many pledgers picked it up for a mere $25, which is less then cost to create it! ;_; ) 

Please stay tuned for more information!

Challenge Scenarios 

These were sort of a flop. We worked pretty hard on them, tested and tried to ensure each was a fun little mini game. The feedback from the beta’s has made it pretty clear and I see no reason to finalize them any further. They will remain online and available for any to enjoy as they are.

I will be taking a new approach with the content. Mainly the gear. The gear will be revisited, redesigned and given crafting recipes, so that it can more naturally be added to campaigns. The PDF’s will be made available for free and a printed pack of cards will eventually make its way to our online store, available for free + packing and shipping.

I love all the characters involved, so I want to ensure that the content evolves appropriately.

KD:M is Amazing. 

I’d like to take a little moment to congratulate all of us. We made, an amazing game. And the 12 Expansions that are shipping out, are just as high quality as the Monster… that is Kingdom Death: Monster.

Seriously, check us out on BGG. We have an insane user rating with a very active and vibrant community of gamers sharing tips and death stories.

Speaking of Vibrant, there is also vibrant lantern, a website run by a single gentlemen whom has done our little community a HUGE service. Putting together build guides when I have been too busy dealing with all the “un-fun” parts of the project.

Travis over at Techraptor has a really great KD Journal that chronicles a campaign thru start to finish. If you have the time, it is a really great read! 

Monster was also nominated for the most fulfilling kickstarter of the year by SXSW!!! THATS INSANE! Check out whom we are up against!

Sascha Buczek,sent our team a wonderful little fan package that contained one of the most Amazing looking survivors I have ever seen. It also really shows what’s possible with our armor kits.

Meanwhile Thomas David has been playing KD:M at home and has shared some of his personal survivors! They were created with the plastic armor kit system and a little extra green stuff. We've chatted about perhaps creating a resin part kit, so that people could customize their survivors with more dynamic parts!

The KD Comic is slowly coming along! Once we have enough pages I will begin posting pages online! The comic is based on our in studio campaign and we pull no punches! It's amazing how a unique narrative forms every single time you sit down and play. Although at this point I am wondering if anyone in the story will survive...

Last but not least. The little 2D game is still very slowly being worked on. Between everything else its been on a very very slow back burner. So perhaps one day!


Until next time Bakcers!
Until next time!


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    1. Alicia on

      I'm also interested in any updates on the Lantern Festival.

    2. Drea O'Dare on

      Any updates on Lantern Festival?

    3. Missing avatar

      Derek A. Matthews on

      I was late updating my pledge manager. I made my payment (6/18) and almost two months later, nothing. They are also OUT? of dragon kings and aren't making any more! REALLY? I had two on my purchase list. Now no expansions or a dragon king - EVER.

      Please help if you can Adam P. I've been waiting to get everything for literally years. They dragon king is the model that sold me in the first place.

    4. Michael Salt on


      1. ...Almost. i managed to get everything except the Sunstalker and Lonely tree into the box. However, with a little creative re-jigging, i think i could probably fit another one of them in somewhere. Unfortunately, that still leaves the problem of lantern Festival when it arrives...

      2. You can, run all of the monsters in a single campaign, however, you couldn't run the campaign varients all together (e.g. You couldn't have a Children of the Sun settlement AND a Children of the Stars settlement. plus, the Children of the Sun rules specifically state not to use other expansions with it, even though im not sure why you COULDN'T)

    5. Kabir Singh on

      Hi all 2 questions:

      1. Do all the cards from the expansions fit in the tray?
      2. Can you run all the expansions in a single campaign?


    6. James Lofshult ((Solav))

      Does their support page even work? I been trying to get in contact with Kingdom Death for like the past 2 weeks and when i hit submit it won't go through T_T

    7. Turk

      so many boxes... just arrived here in NZ, gonna take a while to check everything out and make sure everything is ok. I hear some noise and loose items in some of the boxes.. hopefully no damage..

    8. Michael Salt on

      @Mads, thank you for posting that. justgot to work on my spoodles, and realised i had duplicates.

      but looking at the pictures, im not at all surprised they got moxed up for people. they could have at least had some lettering code somewhere! XD

    9. Missing avatar

      Mads Thagaard on

      Hi all - if you've received duplicate legs for Spidicules, and you're having a hard time locating someone to trade with, this may be of interest to you - it's a trade finder:…

    10. Richard Clarke on

      Anyone in the Asia region get theirs yet? I still haven't even received a shipping notice. :(

    11. Jorge Barreiros on

      The server thinks you're a web-bot. That's ASCII code for "Bad robot!". :)
      Maybe try again later?

    12. Jorge Barreiros on

      @Adrian @Xavier I actually paid on the morning of the 18th (around 24h after the update, and a few hours before the backerkit lockdown). I still haven't received anything yet either (Portugal).

    13. Rob Gan on

      @Adrian D - I live in London as well. I did not get a tracking number but received my package ok.

    14. Adrian D on

      Did anyone in the UK get a tracking number?
      I'm still waiting for my wave 3, I know some else in my town who got theirs a week ago. I paid the shipping on the 17th Feb so I'm starting to get a bit worried now.
      Anyone else still waiting as well?

    15. Lifestealer

      @Rick B - yes, I did. Thanks for that bit of info, it makes it a lot better knowing that's what should be there.

    16. Rick on

      Did you get the Manhunter, Lion Knight and a set of Green Knight Armor? Because that's what's in the Herald of Death box (I didn't get the box either, but expansions were in my box
      Twilight Knight and White Speaker are in your Survivor extra's from wave 2

    17. Xavier

      I'm in france and nothing

    18. Lifestealer

      The support page doesn't seem to be able to submit requests, so copying the support request into here:
      "I seem to be missing the Herald of Death expansion - I'm not sure if there should have been something for Twilight Knight and/or White Speaker as well, as I'm not sure what should have been received for those.

      The items that I have got look amazing, though"

    19. Taylor Storms (Skitterin) on

      US West, still no tracking. Two weeks after paying my shipping fees and nothing.

    20. Missing avatar

      Erik Honn on

      I am also missing some stuff (3 items in total), and got 2 things that I shouldn't have. Tried to log support ticket but I got the same binary message (which btw spells out "Bad robot!" :)

    21. Rob Gan on

      I'm trying to log a missing item request and get this error:

      01000010 01100001 01100100 00100000 01010010 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100 00100001

      Anyone know what I should do?

    22. Missing avatar

      Luke Hardy on

      US Midwest still no tracking...

    23. Missing avatar

      Diego Storm Molina on

      Recieved Wave 3 in Spain yesterday, sadly one of the expansion is missing and the spidicules have legs problems

    24. LegolaSS - Ringtail Fox Pinup on

      Got mine over in the UK, Seems they messed mine up and missed the Sun-stalker Exp and replaced it with another Dragon King Exp. Highly annoying as I currently cant seem to get to the support page.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ebonee Nicholas on

      Hey Adam.

      Someone in my hometown has already received their shipping and I am yet to get an email confirming that it has been shipped. Are there waves of when the expansions will be shipped?

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cramsie

      Anyone from Australia had anything arrive, or know any kinds of time-frame?

    27. Stealth on

      Also wanted to pick up one of the deluxe survivors, which I couldn't have done with the bundle.

    28. Stealth on

      @Matthew early backer levels, couldn't do that in the pledge manager.

    29. Matthew Blecke on

      @Stealth - why back with 3 accounts? Not only could you add extra copies in the pledge manager, there's a backer level for multiple copies built in. Unless you were trying to get 3 free heralds, in which case enjoy the extra shipping?

    30. Rob Gan on

      I received my order in the UK, but unfortunately am missing some expansions from my deliver. How do I put a missing item request in?

    31. Stealth on

      Ugh, I backed under 3 different kickstarter accounts since I wanted multiple copies of the base game and had addons on all of them. Tried contacting Adam to see if I could pay 1 shipping fee for everything since it's all coming to the same address, and nope. Really don't want to pay $51 in shipping to get my stuff...

    32. Missing avatar

      Carson Wong on

      Canada, got my box today! Now I just need that Lantern Festival...…

    33. Osvaldo Lara Chavarria on

      Finally filled out my survey, will be waiting patiently for my über box of awesomeness!

    34. Praetor on

      Arrived today (Vilnius, Lithuania). OMG - the size of the box is unbelievable, as well as the weight! Had a hard time explaining to my wife on the content of the box :D Oh well...

    35. Missing avatar

      Tyler Christopher Davis on


      Thanks I guess I need to send in another e-mail

    36. Missing avatar

      Tatiana Ruiz Cavallaro Cordioli on

      Like @Felipe, I am too from Brasil and did not received a tracking number until now...

    37. Missing avatar

      Carson Wong on

      Canada, got my tracking number, nothing else yet. If the location is to believed, I could drive to the warehouse in 40 mins and pick it up, but I guess that's not really possible.

    38. Myelin on

      U.S. here- just now got a tracking number. Stay strong my ink-caked brothers!

    39. Matthew Blecke on

      @Tyler - you mean survivor bonuses? Should have come with your wave 2 game box, or in a few instances as a separate package.

    40. Felipe Mascarenhas on

      Still did not receive a tracking for south america.....

    41. Missing avatar

      Steve Watmough on

      Anyone else in the UK received anything through yet?

    42. Missing avatar

      Tyler Christopher Davis on

      I forget where it was started, but do we get our survival bonuses with out wave 2 or wave 3?

      I just received a replacement package for one that got lost in the mail so am I SOL, need to contact the team or am I still just waiting like everyone else?


    43. Matthew Blecke on

      Canada and US seem to get tracking before shipping. ROW - it tends to just show up. So if you're in the US (or Canada) and you paid but haven't got an email, it's still gathering dust. If you're elsewhere, it may or may not be on its way to you already. Not sure which is better, honestly.

    44. Missing avatar

      Chung-Yu Yi on

      Canada here just got my tracking number today, still in ONtario! Ah well at least I know it's coming.

    45. Myelin on

      U.S. here- paid the shipping fee within minutes of getting the email, but still not even a tracking number yet.

    46. Steven Zukowski on

      US here, still no shipment tracking etc. Apparently really far down on the list :/

    47. Missing avatar

      Mon on

      Arrived in the UK today, although order is incorrect. duplicate of one item and missing another.

    48. biggles on

      i havent received nottification yet but i need to change my adress who do i contact?

    49. Raevyn Fletcher on

      Has everyone received notifications of thier shipment going out? I havnt received anything at this time.

    50. Missing avatar

      Chung-Yu Yi on

      Canada here nope still waiting for my package.