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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

Lantern Festival - Canceled


As of this moment, I have canceled the Lantern Festival.



This was a very hard decision to make. It comes from a place of utmost respect and dedication to the brand... not common sense or practical business money-making logic.

Everyone is being issued a $45 refund (per pledged lantern festival) via paypal. We are covering the -11% kickstarter fees that we lost from funds collected during the 2012-2013 campaign. If you do not have a paypal account at that email address, you can easily set one up by following the instructions on your refund email from paypal.

WE DO NOT SUPPORT THE SALE OF PLEDGES. If you sold your pledge or bought a pledge from another individual, you must contact them. We can only send the refund to the official email address we have on file.

If you have any issues, need help, would prefer store credit or would simply like us to keep the money and waive your refund, please visit our support page at for more information and to contact us.

I was unsatisfied with the expansion. It failed to live up to the Kingdom Death standard. In the future, it is likely that I will create another product that uses the same miniatures but it will not be the Lantern Festival I pitched in the 2012 - 2013 kickstarter. I love Kingdom Death and the sad fact is that we are all stuck with a crazy creator!

There are a lot of reasons. Most importantly, it failed to live up to my expectations.

That’s not a good enough reason!
I agree. I’ll elaborate. It all ties back to the essential experiences that make up Kingdom Death: Monster. Overwhelming odds, tactical strategy, evolution, surprises, accessibility, hard developmental choices and building survivor miniatures. Lantern Festival had some, but NOT all of these things.

It was pitched to EXTEND the current timeline, meaning only the small fraction of players who completed the core game could enjoy it, killing its accessibility. Most of our player base has yet to finish playing all the current expansions, which makes extending the main campaign in the way the Lantern Festival was pitched, a less than ideal choice.

Since there were no armor sets (just the twilight cloak), it led to a significant lack of accomplishment and not much evolution. The game felt incomplete when you weren’t chasing a new armor set or making hard decisions about the best gear you could make from a hand of resources. It left Lantern Festival without that feeling of evolution.

KD:M is a series of hard-fought, uphill climbs and moments of respite to recover or push the development of your settlement. Imagine a titan’s staircase. Your gaming group is trying to tackle it. After a vertical climb, you get an easier horizontal walk to recovery and start to plan the next vertical challenge. Lantern Festival lacked those horizontal moments, wherein you made major developmental choices that would affect the overall outcome.

Without all those elements in concert, it could never be a proper encore to the spectacular performance of KD:M.

To be a proper encore It would need to be more like a new core set, with the focus of the settlement shifted to be more macro, dealing with a developing town instead of a small settlement. Since that is not what was pitched, nor is it what we worked toward on its first development cycle, I am refunding everyone instead of releasing content I can’t stand behind. The realization of what this particular part of the Kingdom Death world needed to be, was simply to large in scope for the funds that were raised to create it.

Lastly, it was also just plain crazy to write a game extension BEFORE the game and its tons of expansions were in the hands of players playing the game.

Call it vanity, creator responsibility (or lack thereof), or proof of my utmost respect for our fans and player base. This was a very hard (and very expensive) decision to make. I could have just put something “all-right” out and kept the money.

When playing it safe, pulling punches and putting out content that doesn’t make me pee a little with excitement becomes the norm. I’ll let you know to the tune of “Sellout” by Reel Big Fish, silly trumpets and all. I’ll “skank” my way over to the bank and slam dunk the deposit box!

Now onto the rest of it.

Card Pack
Last campaign, we kickstarted the plastic production of many single miniatures. Some of these were included in the Survival Level reward box and others, like the Messengers and crossover projects were pledged for separately. We created challenge scenarios and released a PDF collection of them with the promise that we'd later print a physical card pack of the final versions for their gear. The challenge scenarios ended up having little to do with the core KD:M experience and while many fans appreciate them, it was clear that future development should be steered in a different direction.

We started a new round of plastic production, re-introducing several of the models again, but this time with much more interesting and campaign involved rules. I promised that we would put together a card pack that contained these new assets, for fans that already have the miniatures from the first campaign.

SO! We will be combining all of this stuff + the newly developed gear cards and assets from the miniatures that are still missing them (the messengers, etc) Into one larger card pack that will be available on our store as promised. Because I want to ensure all the content is meaningful, we were not able to complete them all in time for this update. But I expect to have it ready early next year. It is going to be printed by a more reliable printer so that the card sizes and weight remain consistent with the game cards.

This is the last outstanding part of our campaign. Although I admit I am mixed to classify it as such, since its all NEW development based on player feedback from the game and the expansions all being out in the wilds for some time. Ultimately making it more work, but better quality than it would have been. The price of the card pack will be our raw cost + shipping. We are not aiming to make a dime off of it.

They Await The King T-shirt


We created tshirts to commemorate the cancellation of the Lantern Festival! If you would prefer Kingdom Death to keep your $45 and put it towards future developments, please feel free to pick up a shirt or 2! We appreciate, how much you appreciate us and our dedication to quality without cutting any corners.

Art Book
Joe has put together a pretty fantastic 100 page digital art book for our $1+ pledge level! We decided to keep it focused on the core game and to show off assets that were cropped or printed on the smaller side of things. Download it here!


Kara Black Paiting Guide
Video Painted by Elizabeth Beckley and filmed by Eldritch Studios LLC, we present our “upgraded” Kara Black flesh tone painting guide as a video! 


Aya Painting Guide

 The Aya Painting Guide by Alberto Gil Lopez.

Flower Knight Painting Guide


The Flower Knight painting guide by Thomas David (the incredible talent who sculpted the miniature!).

Starting from that fated campaign launch day in 2012 this has been and continues to be one incredible journey. With the help of thousands of people, I made my humble dream into a reality. How many would-be creators get the chance to realize their (insane) ambition? To work, and work and work and work and work and struggle, struggle, struggle. Refusing to accept anything but the best that could be mustered! It was intense, incredible and soul wrenching all at the same time.

I used to imagine it was just me, on a desperate personal journey. Sword at my side and lantern in hand. There was an overwhelming enemy to defeat and I had no idea how to find it or how to beat it. Would it consume me, or would I somehow just barely, scrape by with a win.

As the campaign came to a close and the work really began, this image in my mind began to change. At my side were loyal companions, poor souls I had convinced to join me on this journey that would most likely end in madness or death (Anna, you are the fucking best).

It’s not often I get the chance to stop, take a breather and turn around. And here I am, doing it right now and again, that image in my mind has changed. It’s not just Anna and a select few at my side, there is an entire army at our backs. (That’s you guys, the backers and the fans!)

Sure there are dissenting voices and moments when I wondered if the entire thing was worth it. There are also those that have picked up my spirit, streamed endless game sessions online, painted their entire set better than i could dream of, created fan art, made online comics, written an in character diary, or greeted me at gencon in Kingdom Death cosplay, or shown me their White Lion tattoo! It’s way bigger than a humble creator such as myself could ever expect it to be.

And so I face ahead, the future of Kingdom Death, with thousands of eyes on my and our small teams back. The feeling of so many people watching our next move is intense. I can’t speak of confidence, whatever money could be earned or lost, or what place KD has or doesn't have in the gaming world at large. As of this moment, all I see is an open horizon of excitement filled with countless possibilities.

Thank you so much for the past 4 years. Thanks for playing my game. Thanks for making a huge line day 1 of gencon and getting me in trouble with convention security!


KD:M Kickstarter 2
On November 25th, Black Friday. We will be launching our 2nd Kingdom Death: Monster campaign. The focus of the campaign will start on a reprint of the sold out Kingdom Death: Monster core set with an 1.4 ruleset. (Current version of the game is 1.31). An upgrade pack with the rulebook and updated cards will be available for existing fans.

Beyond that my lips are sealed. Except for this tiny teaser of course.


Expansions are ready to ship. There is a shipping fee. Lantern Festival not included details TBA.


Please complete the survey sent by Backerkit within 24 hours, so we can ship your wave 3 rewards immediately!!! There is a $17 shipping fee.

Your rewards will not ship unless you complete the survey. The expansions are currently sitting in warehouses around the world, waiting for your address. Thats correct, I waited until containers had safely crossed the sea and been unpacked, before making this update!


  • EU wave 3 rewards shipping From German warehouse 
  • USA wave 3 rewards shipping from USA warehouse 
  • CAN wave 3 rewards shipping from CAN warehouse 
  • AU wave 3 rewards shipping from AU warehouse 
  • ASIA wave 3 rewards shipping from HK warehouse 
  • ROW wave 3 rewards shipping from German or USA (whatever is closer)

I don't have any expansions, but I still got a BackerKit Survey Email?

Ignore the email, those were sent in error.

Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival Expansion will not be included in Wave 3. It is currently TBA. There will be more information about this at a later date.

Shipping fee? 

The shipping fee we require will cover a little less then 50% of the estimated budget to ship Wave 3. I will be covering the other half of the bill.

I wish I could absorb all 100% of it. I really, really do. The expansions are huge and heavy. Stacked up, they are 3 TIMES THE SIZE OF THE CORE GAME. ITS UTTERLY INSANE. I AM INSANE. SAVE ME!!! AUGH!!!!

 Wave 3 Rules

  • Support related messages must be submitted via
  • Pledges cannot be modified.
  • The address you provide is final.
  • We do not support the sale/transferal of pledges.


The expansions are packaged simply in disposable kraft colored boxes, filled with packing peanuts to protect the plastic contents. Their intent is to be discarded after the contents are removed.

Working on the photos the last few days has got me SO PUMPED. The content of each of these humble boxes is outstanding! All that extra effort really shows and I wish I could stop writing this update and just start playing with them! If you thought the core game was filled with surprises...ahhh!! Each one of these expansions is capable of TOTALLY transforming a campaign. Soon you will have them, but enough talk, PHOTOS!!

Expansions and Retail

I know many of you want to pick up the expansions you are missing! Once we finish kickstarter fulfillment we will look towards releasing the expansions on our webstore. The retail prices on the expansions will higher then what you pledged for them. (The dragon King Expansion will retail for $120, many pledgers picked it up for a mere $25, which is less then cost to create it! ;_; ) 

Please stay tuned for more information!

Challenge Scenarios 

These were sort of a flop. We worked pretty hard on them, tested and tried to ensure each was a fun little mini game. The feedback from the beta’s has made it pretty clear and I see no reason to finalize them any further. They will remain online and available for any to enjoy as they are.

I will be taking a new approach with the content. Mainly the gear. The gear will be revisited, redesigned and given crafting recipes, so that it can more naturally be added to campaigns. The PDF’s will be made available for free and a printed pack of cards will eventually make its way to our online store, available for free + packing and shipping.

I love all the characters involved, so I want to ensure that the content evolves appropriately.

KD:M is Amazing. 

I’d like to take a little moment to congratulate all of us. We made, an amazing game. And the 12 Expansions that are shipping out, are just as high quality as the Monster… that is Kingdom Death: Monster.

Seriously, check us out on BGG. We have an insane user rating with a very active and vibrant community of gamers sharing tips and death stories.

Speaking of Vibrant, there is also vibrant lantern, a website run by a single gentlemen whom has done our little community a HUGE service. Putting together build guides when I have been too busy dealing with all the “un-fun” parts of the project.

Travis over at Techraptor has a really great KD Journal that chronicles a campaign thru start to finish. If you have the time, it is a really great read! 

Monster was also nominated for the most fulfilling kickstarter of the year by SXSW!!! THATS INSANE! Check out whom we are up against!

Sascha Buczek,sent our team a wonderful little fan package that contained one of the most Amazing looking survivors I have ever seen. It also really shows what’s possible with our armor kits.

Meanwhile Thomas David has been playing KD:M at home and has shared some of his personal survivors! They were created with the plastic armor kit system and a little extra green stuff. We've chatted about perhaps creating a resin part kit, so that people could customize their survivors with more dynamic parts!

The KD Comic is slowly coming along! Once we have enough pages I will begin posting pages online! The comic is based on our in studio campaign and we pull no punches! It's amazing how a unique narrative forms every single time you sit down and play. Although at this point I am wondering if anyone in the story will survive...

Last but not least. The little 2D game is still very slowly being worked on. Between everything else its been on a very very slow back burner. So perhaps one day!


Until next time Bakcers!
Until next time!

Happy Halloween!


Hello everyone!

I wanted to chime in really quick with a quick status update:

Wave 1 - Small Rewards
As of monday, we will have finished shipping these globally! There are 200 some odd boxes packed and ready for pickup. If your package arrived and was missing something, please let us know. If you have already submitted a ticket, then don't worry! We've got it and have been working on them daily.

Wave 2 - Survivor Level & Core Game
We have finished shipping these everywhere... except South America and Asia. I offer my personal apologies, as we ran into some serious issues with our logistics partner. It was paramount we corrected before we shipped these rewards. We are shipping these at a huge huge financial loss, so please extend your patience and understanding. I know the rest of the world is enjoying the game and this sucks. So thank you.

Wave 3 - Still TBA!

Support Desk
We are very buried in tickets right now and have been working around the clock to unbury ourselves. If you have submitted a ticket, I beg you for your patience. We are working thru them. I love, love hearing positive feedback, the validation is wonderful! But please stop sending "fan mail" to our support desk. -_- 

We will get through it and we will resolve all issues. Thank you!!!!

Build GuidesI guess I should have been clear that my intent was to have these ready for our full retail release. Kickstarter and pre-orders are still sorta... in that grey "BEFORE" area. (If that makes any sense.) I have been prioritizing my time managing fulfillment and bakcer / customer support. I've been dying inside to get these guides online for everyone! I greatly underestimated just how much of my time was going to be needed during the fulfillment process. Its been INSANE around here. In a good way! But still! 

Next week I'll reach out to the creators of some of the better build guides I've seen online and with their permission add them to the Build area of the site. 

Resin Beta & Kings of DeathDue to just how insanely busy things have been, we still haven't finished ensuring all the correct resins are the boxes for these two reward boxes. This is going to become my priority next week, I just needed to get to a point where I could breath again, so I can finish checking the contents of these and get them out. Thank you for being super duper patient!

In addition, soon as I post this I will be sending you guys a link to a password protected part of our site that has the current living glossary and FAQ section. Please look them over as we need to get it all ready for prime time later in November. Thanks!!!!

Patrons of the Art
These 4 commissions are finished! We are looking into a place to get em printed up super nice. No exact date on when these will ship out, sometime in November is our goal.

We released some cool new stuff for Halloween if your interested in checking it out.



Fulfillment Update - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello Bakcers! 

The stars have aligned, the ducks are in their rows, mountains of plastic have been organized and the blood from our busy packing fingertips flows freely. Fulfillment is underway. In fact, as I write this now, nearly 1,500 small reward boxes have already been packed and are in some stage of transportation.

When we post an update, there is a volcanic eruptions of comments, questions and support tickets that sear themselves into the teams collective inboxes. The heat is often so high, that we have to shut down and suit up in hazard wear until we've beaten it back to a mild simmer. 

It was vital that I was absolutely sure of our facts. Before I posted an update. Otherwise myself and the team would spend time answering legitimate questions, without legitimate answers. 

As the project lead, it is my personal responsibility to ensure the delivery of our collective rewards. While I was setting up, finalizing and securing a global logistics plan, I did not have the bandwidth to post an update. I am not apologizing, nor is this an excuse. I will always prioritize ensuring the creation and delivery of our rewards over communication. 

The people supporting this (you guys) are the best. I know you understand the complication, scale and overall insanity of our project. And that gives me the perseverance to forge ahead. We are Kingdom Death and very soon, our survivors we will all by dying over and over and over and over AND OVER AGAIN!


Fulfillment is being divided into 3 waves.

Wave 1 - Small Rewards
We are packing these personally in our studio. (Yes including me!) Small rewards are: pinups, promos, dice, extra heads, resins, t-shirts and armor kits. Basically all your extras. This DOES NOT include: core game, survivor level rewards OR expansions.

The entire studio has been converted into one giant mail room! It is insane here! I wanted to get us firmly on our way into wave 1 shipping before the kickstarter update. There were a lot of small kinks to work out of our system and we ended up re-arranging our pick and pack line several times to get fully streamlined. 

All small reward boxes are being shipped directly from us, out to you worldwide. We are using USPS not using Fedex or UPS, as those seem to just add extra fees for you guys. We cannot control your countries import policy, nor your local post office's rules. The vast majority of your pledge paid for things beyond raw goods, thus we have declared the value of your small rewards appropriately. I can't be more specific then that.

Every reward box has a gift White Speaker in it. If you are not getting survivor level rewards, then your gift Twilight Knight will be included too. Otherwise your gift Twilight Knight is included in your survivor reward box. 

We are aware of rewards packed the first 2 days that did not include the gift Twilight Knight. Don’t worry, we will correct this!

What is the packing order?
The order that best suits us to pack effectively with as few mistakes as possible. Feel free to speculate wildly! hehehehehe! We will get to everyone and every reward box, no matter how insanely complex it is! So do not fret. 

Promo Rules & Challenge Scenario's
Challenge Scenarios and promo rules are not included in wave 1 shipping. A PDF will be be sent to Resin Beta Backers this month (for some light testing) and then made available for everyone else in November. Following their actual use, I’d like to add a layer of final polishing (+ more art!) before we make a final print run. The printed final version will be available for free to all Bakcers, however you will have to pay for your nominal shipping label.

The Promo Rules & Challenge scenario's explore a lot of crazy idea's and make use of the 4 proxy cards we included in the main game. I want to ensure they are as high quality and polished as the rest of our project. Without he core game, they can't be played. So I saw no point in rushing these out the door.

We have 1 person on 100% full-time dedicated support, Joe is working his ass off to stay on top of everything. If you have an issue, please reach out to him at 

Please wait until your reward box arrives to report anything that is wrong. 

Wow. There are already unboxing videos surfacing on youtube:

Wave 2 - Core Game & Survivor Reward BoxYEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So here is the plan:

- Ocean freight containers bring games & survivor level rewards to our 4 global warehouses. One in Canada, Australia, EU and the USA.

  • Warehouses fulfill locally. Meaning EU rewards are shipped from within the EU, USA rewards are shipped from within the USA etc…
  • The EU warehouse will be handling rest of world, with the following exceptions:
  • Asia Rewards are being shipped directly from Hong Kong
  • New Zealand rewards are being shipped from Australia 
  • We are personally handling South America. It's a very difficult place to ship to.

Rough Shipment Windows
Here is when I roughly expect wave 2 rewards to ship. Please note that customs can totally FUCK these windows up. And you should add 5 biz days for the package to actually reach you. As soon as a respective warehouse begins to ship, I will make a KS update to let everyone know. Expect there to be a lot of exclamation points in those updates. 

Kings of Death and Resin Beta Bakcers:
Shipped at ninja speed directly from us in NY, Sept 15 - 20th

Domestic Bakcers:
Shipped via USA warehouse,  October 1st - October 15

International Bakcers:
Shipped via EU, CAN and AU Warehouse: October 15 - November 1st

Wave 3 - Expansions 
Details TBA. These will most likely be handled by the same warehousing partners we are using for wave 2. So they will also ship locally. 

The plan is to get copies of the game in your hands a good 2 weeks before anyone else. We have an online glossary and an FAQ section that I would love your help to vet and fill out. Provided the express shipment I have on its way to me, does not get held up in customs. Everything will go according to plan. I wanted to give you advanced warning, as shit does happen. They might show up here any day past sept 9th. But until I have them in hand and are slapping your address onto each box... you get where I am going with this.

The intent of the resin beta, was to send out copies of the rules + resin miniatures before everyone else. And now, because things ended up being so tight, there is a small possibility that might not happen. If you are uncomfortable with this, and your value was not so much the resin figures but the early access. Reach out to me RIGHT NOW and let me know. I will make an exception, downgrade your pledge and put the resin package on our webstore so we can re-coup production costs.

As far as content and gorgeous resin miniatures that may not have another production run goes, I did good by you. As far as timing, its truly up to whomever signs the papers at the port. I will have this in the mail to you, as soon as they arrive at out studio here in NY.

Kings of Death 
You guys are all covered. I will be shipping you your content 2 weeks ahead of general fulfillment. Your game units will arrive in time.

If Kings of Death are taken care of, why aren't us Resin Beta Backers?
Herein lies the issue I am ultimately responsible for. I had setup two separate shipments and on the second one, the ball was dropped. I didn't learn about it until recently. This has been corrected, but the timing is not in our favor. At worst, Resin Beta games would just be 1st on the que and get upgraded to expedited ninja shipping and your resins will go out 2 weeks ahead. It all depends on customs.

Expansions Here is exactly where we are with the expansions. 

  • All expansion miniatures have been produced. 
  • I approved digital proofs.
  • There is so much artwork in these it makes me want to throw up!
  • Next step is to receive and approve final boxed physical samples.
  • Ive been given an “end of September” date for these being ready to ship. 
  • I suggest you take that with a fistful of salt, as historically the dates I’ve been provided have not met with reality.
  • We are hoping to get these out before the holidays, but I am more realistic about Jan 2016. 

 Proofs!! Upper right hand corner, Zachary in a dress for the lion knight expansion.

 Man Hunter Expansion Book

Sunstalker Expansion. I worked super duper hard on this. If you didn't pick one up, I hate you just a tiny bit! 

 Mama Gorm!!!

We went to Gencon 2015 and it was an amazing, awesome experience! I was pretty nervous, as being an in public talk to face to face sorta person is not my forte. However a big thank you to everyone that stopped by and offered their encouragement and support. Despite our tiny 10x10 booth in the far far dark corner of the exhibitor hall, we were pretty much slammed all the time and had so much collective validation thrown at us in happy fist fulls! People COULD NOT believe just how much content was heading their way, in the core game box alone. I was also a little shocked to meet so many retailers that wanted to carry the game. I was like... you know this is like a super niche project by an insane person right? 

I can't recall the name of the guy that stopped by with the Great Game Hunter diorama. Dear sir, I am sorry! Seeing it totally made my day tho! According to Elizabeth Beckley, WE are the reason she got into miniature painting. How crazy is that. Its like the most flattering thing anyone has ever said about our project! If you like her work, you can see more of it on her Facebook page:

Gallery 42
The big highlight for me, and something I was ultra nervous about. Was the fully fledged Phoenix Demo's I personally ran over at Gallery 42. This was something setup by Geekchic XP. They had this amazing gallery rented out and offered us an opportunity to use some of it. The end result was like nothing I have ever experience before, like some sort of weird shared gaming-orgy-delusion between myself and about 20 people. I have never been so connected to essentially strangers on such a sigfignant imagination plane before.
        The excitement level was so high, even the staff at the Gallery started to watch, eventually pulling up chairs and sharing in strategy talks before people made their moves.  The combination of the game, the people and the place, it was like there was actual magic in the air and it was making some intensely crazy things happen in the game. I'll never forget the gentlemen using the Zanbato wielding survivor, that got knocked around and missed EVERY attack roll the entire fight. Until finally it was just him and the phoenix left and somehow... against all odds he managed to pull thru in the clinch bringing victory to his dead teammates! 
       Another insane example would be the good sir that managed to land a flurry of hits, flipping 5 safe hit location cards. If he had managed to wound every last one, it would have killed the Phoenix! Included in his drawn cards was the deathblow, which offers special campaign rewards if you kill a monster on that card. So I upped the ante, told him if he managed to kill the monster on the deathblow, I'd give him the Phoenix right off the table! And so he rolled, first result... critical wound, second result critical wound, third result critical wound! The 4th card had a rule on it, wherein if its critical wounded, your actually knocked down as your showerd with goo. Its only card like that in the Phoenix's deck. But there was no way he'd roll a 4th critical in a row right? NOPE! He rolled another critical wound! WTF! That's 4 9's and 10's in a row. (Lion Beast Katar gives you +1 luck). So he didn't pull the feat off... but... he was so intensely close.
       The last group included someone that drove from a very far distance away, just, ONLY to participate in the phoenix demo. (There was actually another guy that drove down from Connitiect, thru the night!) The battle opens up and a highly risky play leads to the phoenix suffering a persistent injury wherein it will knock itself down every time it attempted to materialize. And so, the individual, instead of attacking, just used his rawhide head band to keep peaking the monsters AI deck and lining up his cards so that all the poor thing did was attempt to use its powers and fall over. The team work, was amazing. I was so impressed, so thrilled. I got to create this insane thing and there I was playing it and having the time of my life. Fucking. Awesome.

Every group at the gallery won that day. I am sort of still baffled how! But they did! I'll never forgot those climatic battles. To everyone that stopped by. Thank you. I regret that none of these games were filmed.. Ugh!!!! lol

Gencon Press
We only knew a few weeks in advance that we would even be at the show. This gave us an incredibly short time to prepare and of course, zero time to reach out to any news sources. Despite this, many places stopped by and checked us out anyway!

The Techraptor guys were awesome!

 Beasts of War stopped by!

 And the BOLS crew!!!!!!!

The show was amazing. I had an absolute blast! We are really hoping we can make it again for 2016! It is very HARD to get space as a newcomer at Gencon. They are packed to the brim. So if you know anyone, pull some strings for us!!!


The Gorm rules! The expansion adds a lot to the game that is design-wise, unexplored in other expansions. The Gorm Armor Set is extremely defensive and unlike every other Armor set currently out there, it's only 4 parts instead of 5. The Chest and Waist are a single gear card! 

The armor set allows for some interesting combination plays and a more hit & run style of tactics. The Gorm boots allow another survivor to pass the wearer, so you could have for example, your higher speed but lighter armor type, move in for an attack, then dash behind the more defensive Gorm Wearer, whom has already attacked and gained a free block for the set.

And well Mammoth hunting basically adds flanking! 

Visit the Gorm Graveyard, work your way through the 4 levels of alchemy in an attempt to create the Elixir of life... or you know, craft the Black Sword which has 30 strength in the hands of a Sword Master! 

A big reason I love this expansion so much. Is that you can start to tackle it very early in a settlements timeline. A level 1 Gorm can be taken down by a year 1 or 2 settlement, making for an interesting content curve, as it introduces a slower but tougher set of Gear. It's neat! I highly recommend anyone that grabbed this expansion to give early Gorm Hunting a shot.

I couldn't find the Gorm Miniatures I assembled. So I just took a bunch of high res shots of their sprues. There are so many axes!

Sneak Peak!

As a treat between rounds of packing we have been play testing the Nightmare Ram expansion! It has some more "classic" dungeon crawling elements and right now the Monster loves to slam you through unexplored rooms and directly into spikes! We are messing with cold climates and giant Hissing Cockroaches filled with boiling water, to you know... keep you warm at night.

Years of Cheesy Music have led up to this point.

So here I am, one headphone on blasting god awful cheesy music and one foot on a little rocking chair where this tiny human hangs out and gnaws on this really cute owl toy. If you had asked me 3 years ago, if I would be writing a huge update to thousands of fans for an utterly irresponsible 17 lbs game which is just mere weeks away from being in their hands... I don't know how I would have responded. Maybe with an, are you insane why does it weigh so much?

I dreamed of making an insane game and now its real. If I could send KD:M back in time it probably would have consumed Young Adam's life. I doubt he would have ever gone on to make it, because he would have been too busy playing it! You know that actually sounds pretty bad. It's a good thing time travel doesn't exist, because I would have just undone this retarded and utterly staggering amount of work.

The stuff we showed off at gencon was just the tip of the iceberg. If your comfortable with learning the hard way, making desperate gambits and accepting Death at every turn. I can't even fathom a miniature game that offers more fun and more emergent game play moments then this does on a regular basis. 

I am just so excited. It's sooooo close. Boats are nearly in ports! Warehouses are standing by! AUGH!!! I don't want to be patient, I want to just spoil every little cool thing we crammed in and be done with it! SO HARD TO CONTROL URGE! 

And so, I'd like to close this update. By once again thanking you bakcers. Thank you for the years of kind emails and support, thank you for coming by our booth and shaking our hands, thank you for sitting down and fighting the phoenix with me, thank you for constantly challenging me, thank you for having such high expectations, thank you for money to make this all happen (shame its all LONG GONE)! 

The biggest question I've heard recently. Is if we plan on creating a more simplified starter set. And while, I am not ready to answer that question. I can say, that this game is my starter set for you guys. It is the pinnacle of what I could muster and has every scrap of heart I could cram in. 

No exceptions.
No corners cut.

Thank you again, from the very bottom of my being, for this amazing opportunity.
Please enjoy your small rewards while you wait for our games to start shipping.


The update, to update you, that an update is coming soon!



This might be our most silly update ever and that is ok.

Because today, 


What does that mean? It means that in over at the factory in china that handled printing our massive rulebook, and nearly 1,000 game cards (also game board and token sheets) they are finally taking the huge stacks of all these printed assets and putting them into their final boxes, ready for shrink wrap and shipment.

By the end of the week, we will be emailing EVERY backer with the shipping address we currently have on file. Your job will be simple, if there is a problem, let us know and we will fix it. Otherwise... you are all set!

But Poots, When will fulfillment Start?

Soon dear backers, very soon. This week I am finalizing the last few points on our fulfillment plan and then I will be able to make our big "fulfillment update". Complete with estimated delivery windows from the logistics partner company. Until then, my lips, or typing fingers are sealed. So please, manage your expectations! 

I'll also give a recap on what went down, which pushed us to basically be a month late on the print side of things. Not a big deal... just that the weight of the game contents were crushing the boxes internal vac tray... leading us to make it thicker and add cardboard supports under it. 

Our Shop!

And yeah! We have some new resin miniatures released over at our store, the sales of resin miniatures has very much been supporting us! If you can imagine, a huge game + a ton of promos, pinups and expansions all taking their sweet time in production is not exactly... the best way to keep revenue flowing for our team. So really, a big super thank you to our resin's for carrying us!

Pre Orders and Final Retail

In the next update, which I'll call the fulfillment update. I will also reveal the final retail price of the Core Game and how pre-orders for our new non backer fans will go down. I still want to do everything I can to help support fans before retail, but there is no way, we can offer the game at the rate the backers got it. Which I personally feel, is totally fair. 


So I am on my laptop right now, and don't have access to any "monster" stuff. So instead enjoy a random assortment of things "Kingdom Death" that you most certainly have not seen yet and will one day, be a formal part of the world!

 Bone Witch, WIP!

 The Mountain Man! Part of the reason there are no Male White Speakers...

The weapon designer of the Twilight Order! The mysterious man behind the creation of the Twilight Swords. 

  A gatherer from a settlement that Worships White Lions.

The Honeycomb Weaver, a new monster still under development. The thing on the end of its phallic-like appendage is a bee hive.

Ringtail Fox Survivors. A new expansion under development, that explores people living in underground tunnels below a dangerous swamp ruled by a great fox-like entity. Securing and expanding the underwater tunnels so you can increase your population capacity is one of the ideas going into this one.



Myself, a very jealous cat and Mr. Asher D. Poots!!! Hope Anna isn't too pissed I put this on the internet, I am just so happy! 


...will be included with the big fulfillment update. Everything has been 100% done for ages now, I just haven't had a chance to assemble the official models and photograph them / all that good stuff.


P.S. If you have any issues / concerns. The BEST way to reach me or the team, is 

This creates a ticket which we can track and ENSURE gets resolved. So I know its tempting to just hit me up here, or at any various email. But please, its really nice to have it all in one place.