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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
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Kingdom Death

5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Neilzebub just now

      I think I fall into the "don't really care about KD:M any more" camp now, which I never thought I'd fall into. After 2 years of being excited about this project, moving twice, switching careers, investing in 20+ other game kickstarters, and discovering other awesome games...I'm just out of energy for this.

      I wouldn't sell my pledge and I'm sure I'll bust it out and play it a few times. I doubt I'll be disappointed with the quality or value of what I spent $800 on. It's just that pictures of models (when we get them) just don't stoke my enthusiasm the way they did back in November 2012. As far as awesome game play or premium components: I can't get excited for the small glimpse of mechanics that have been shared with us and I've found other games just as fancy as this one. 2 years of pictures of a potentially fun game doesn't fill the void like actually getting something fun.

      For me, I guess other games and kickstarters have just delivered on the promises that this campaign made years ago. I'm glad this isn't true for everyone. I'd like to see this game succeed, get more expansions, and have a growing fan base. It'd be interesting to see the direction Adam takes it (or his next project).

    2. Creator num 27 minutes ago

      were we shown gorm armor?

    3. Creator Walker Crawford about 2 hours ago

      I cant believe its been 4 months since we had a real update... I miss them.

    4. Creator Michael Pruden about 5 hours ago


      I'm with you... This is an instant sell when received. I've had a baby and moved twice since KSing. There is no interesting in this game for me. I'm sure the models will be grand and I might keep a couple but I'll be looking to get my investment plus interest back on this.

      If everything is amazing and this ends up on BBGs best game ever lists... Maybe I'll keep if for the 20 plus year it will be before my kids are old enough to play with me... That's a pretty big if.

    5. Creator Gareth Johnson about 7 hours ago

      @Sylvano - I'm with you there. I've dropped more on this than any other KS, not much change from $1000. I've now lost all interest in this. I'm sure the fanboys will shoot me down, but the lack of communication or updates has lost me. I've backed SDE from Sodapop, every week without fail there is an update on something. With KD, nothing, even after being promised weekly updates, nothing.

      After the first delay was announced, I predicted a 2 year delay. Fanboys flame me to death on this forum. Well guess what, by the time (or if) we recieve it, it will be a 2 year delay.

      Regardless of work committments, there is no excuse for the lack of communication. I'm one of 3 backers at my local club, and all interest in this game or hype has been totally lost. At least I still have confidence I'll make the investment back when it gets sold on Fleabay.

    6. Creator Ceetee about 8 hours ago

      I'm pretty lucky I guess. I never really got buyers remorse from this. Its definitely not something I would back again, for a multitude off reasons, but I've never regretted dropping 600 bucks on it.

    7. Creator SacredRoach about 8 hours ago

      @Sylvano, I completely understand about the passion...but I have found after decades of being a gamer that my interests and passions for games and miniatures wax and wane as new stuff comes out. As an example, my group loves Alien Frontiers, but we only ever seem to play when a new expansion comes out.

      With the last batch of their old KS having arrived and integrated into our games, we have played nonstop for the last 6 weeks...and now we are looking at other games. I know that when the larger boards and enhanced materials arrive in December or so we will be back at it.

      So just wait until your 40 pounds of Kingdom Death arrives. I too am looking forward to that day...

    8. Creator Francois about 12 hours ago

      I'm a bit cold myself after all this time. But I think I'll still go crazy when we receive it this summer.

    9. Creator Sylvano about 14 hours ago

      I know that project have delay on Kickstarter, it's normal, but this one start being way to long... I kind of lost my passion about it, more than 2 years now... this is not fun. if you invested only the basic game it's all right, but I added more than $700.00 and that was 2 years ago! it's not like $70

    10. Creator almeren about 15 hours ago

      So, the pledge manager is closed for good, but we can now use the link ( again to change our shipping addresses.
      Just noticed, and people were asking recently.

    11. Creator Matti Snutten Tyke about 18 hours ago

      I tested magnetizing some pinups at the neck and elbow joints. Works fine with 2mm magnets. Not much room to drill 2mm holes in arms but since most models have vanbraces or wrappings the magnet can be hidden pretty nicely in plain view...

    12. Creator Corey Kershaw 1 day ago

      @Chris, i think its better than Demon or dark souls especially the world.

    13. Creator Daniel Magnan 1 day ago

      Adam posted some comments here three weeks ago.
      Mar 10:
      1)Micro-Update! All files for print, have been delivered to the printer! All plastic production is finished and in the hands of the printers. We are now moving into the printing and packing phase. This week, we are taking it a little easy here at the studio. It was MAX effort right up to the finish line and we are all pretty exhausted. Next update "soon".

      2) now we will be following up with the printer until everything is ready to load and ship out. Following that. Fulfillment.

      3) yes that is correct. To be hyper specific, I think there are still 17,000 some odd bases that are being shot and then sent over to the printers. I need to follow up tonight and see exactly where that is. But all the sprues, for everything, have been shot. Its an intense, intense amount of plastic.

    14. Creator Gyrinx 1 day ago

      I'm leaning towards using a pin and socket arrangement for the heads only and then picking the nearest available combination for the rest. I ordered several spare head sprues, so that each survivor can be represented by a particular head. As long as a miniature has, say, “Bob's” head then everyone playing should know that it represents "Bob". As it's a co-operative game, and unlikely to be played outside a close group of friends, I don’t think WYSIWYG is a major issue.

      The disadvantage to this (or any modular approach) would be the need to paint most of the survivors with a relatively uniform skin tone (boring!) as the majority of armour sets feature some exposed flesh. What happens if we play with the Sunstalker expansion and a new survivor is born with rainbow-coloured skin? :-P That said, I’ve ordered enough armour kits (my “solution” to the lack of optional fur and leather armour kits was a second survivor level) that we should hopefully have enough spare to be able to assemble several survivors permanently as well and get the best of both worlds.

      I have to guiltily admit that I’m back to checking for updates at least once a day now (although whether this is out of optimism or masochism, I’m not quite sure). Each time I find it a little harder to “Be Strong” :-P My time would clearly be much better spent painting some of my KD resin stockpile, although without “spoilers” (or the face base inserts) I’m having great difficulty deciding how to base them, which leaves everything looking unsatisfactorily unfinished and diminishes my enthusiasm. The art in the updates helps a bit, but it’s not quite the same as having the rulebook in my hands. Is anyone aware of any nice base inserts that would suit KD? Everything I’ve found so far looks a bit too “sane” and my own mediocre sculpting isn’t up to the task.

    15. Creator Mark Johnson 1 day ago

      Came here wondering if I'd missed a March update. Nope. So where are we with production?

    16. Creator Kyle Currie 1 day ago

      @Brady: Oh yeah, that'll go over great. "Hey guys, I know I've been out of touch for months, and the project is a year and a half overdue, but I have this new project I'm launching!"

      Riots. In. The. Streets.

    17. Creator Rick B 1 day ago

      The guy behind Demon Souls and Dark Souls was working on Bloodborne and not on DS2, so there's that...;)

    18. Creator Chris Vazquez 1 day ago

      @Corey: So, you got me to buy a 3DS for Monster Hunter and I'm about 80hrs into that already. How's Bloodborne shaping up? Good? I was a HUGE fan of Demon's Souls, big fan of Dark Souls 1, got decent play out of Dark Souls 2 but felt is was by far the weakest of the three. Will I get play out of Bloodborne? Also, how long is it? Truth be told I'd kinda like a game that I can finish.

    19. Creator Brady Sadler 1 day ago

      Secretly hoping that the reason for the silence around here from Adam is he's busy planning a 2nd wave Kickstarter.

    20. Creator Eric Montoya 2 days ago

      As far as builds this is the current plan (I bought extra sprues of the different armor types. I wish I had an option to buy extra fur).:

      1, Make era mini's like CashWiley said. At least two female variations and two male variations of each armor type using that specific armor. So that if someone gets close to a full set of any armor they can use that mini to represent it.

      2. With my extra sprues I will make miniatures that look best to me mixing the various bits and use them for:

      a. Players that are using mixed armor set ups that may resemble the build somewhat.

      b, Using these miniatures are characters in other role playing games like D&D, Hackmaster and the like.

    21. Creator Corey Kershaw 2 days ago

      Some Bloodborne boss gameplay i did, may contain minor spoilers.…

    22. Creator Edward Farkhiev 2 days ago

      I'm just building what I think looks cool. I'll worry about trying to match up the survivor to the stats as it goes.

    23. Creator Eric Montoya 2 days ago

      @Sacred Roach I'll definitely be looking into the Manga. Hopefully its still readily available. I am also a fan of Urusei Yatsura.

    24. Creator CashWiley 2 days ago

      My plan is to assemble a full set of proper 'era' minis. So an unarmored set, hide set, lantern set, etc. Once you're more or less in that era you can switch to using that mini.

      Then I'll do more situational ones. Commemorative for favorite survivors in their final gear, that kind of thing.

    25. Creator Matthew Blecke 2 days ago

      I'm just going to build my survivors however. The character sheets will determine what the players have. Not going to follow the WYSIWYG approach. Especially with KD minis.

    26. Creator Scott Hockley 2 days ago

      Hi all. With regards to the armour kit building, I have a fairly solid plan for the legs, torsos and heads, but I've yet to finalise the arm load outs, no least as it would appear that interchangeable wrists are the norm...
      For the central section though, a piece of wire/paper clip cut to the correct length should serve as a "spine" that can be glued into the waist. Then the torsos can be drilled right through, with the necks drilled into to accept the pin. The good thing about this that if done reasonably carefully, and using the correct type of pin, there should be a little bit of range for reposing the spine too.
      Fitting arms in the same way would be ideal, but there just won't be enough space to drill through horizontally. I am looking at the feasibility of a type of repositionable adhesive that *may* potentially work - a bit like a cross between blue tac and the glue that sticks straws to drinks cartons. I have a bit of it at home, but sourcing it for a larger market may just not be possible...

    27. Creator Rand Chua TL 2 days ago

      Hopping to see a March update?

    28. Creator SacredRoach 2 days ago

      @Eric, if you enjoy the anime, it is definitely worth your time to check out the manga. JoJo's has 8 parts (3 and 5 being my favorites) and there are also a troupe of crazy people in Japan (and in the US) who hold competitions to see if they can actually pose their bodies like the characters in the series.

    29. Creator Eric Montoya 2 days ago

      @Chris - I definitely do not mind watching subtitles. Thank you!!!!

      I've been watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I don't know how I got on that one. But I am actually enjoying it. The characters have the same look as the fist of the north star characters at times.

    30. Creator aleksandar stossitch 2 days ago

      When its done and it will be better than dnf and acm, now bring on geralt number three

    31. Creator Chris Reiswig 2 days ago

      @ernest no...just no... I just made a casual observation after not bothering checking here for a few months, in no way was I white knighting for KDM's lack of updates/delays or for the die hard fans of the game. So check your assumptions at the door.

      "Besides we all know adam firmly adheres to the old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" which is why when updates do hit they are that much more special."

      ^sarcasm bro... life's too short to not have a sense of humor, ><.

    32. Creator Tommy Fransgaard 2 days ago

      I will proberly just paint the 4 starting survivors and leave it there. I so many other miniminis to paint that I will lever get through all the other survivorssurvivors, so I rather ude the few and play the game woth painted minis

    33. Creator SacredRoach 2 days ago

      @Silphid, yes! Thank you! I expect enough memorials to make Medusa jealous...

      And I suspect that Adam will be selling the armor kits separately. After all, he owns the steel molds, and WGF can spool out hundreds of sprues in a couple of days. I expect to be able to customize and build characters for a very long time.

    34. Creator Stephen Thompson 2 days ago

      I'm guessing as a potential income stream for adam he could sell "refill" kits for the expansions/armour sets. It could be possible to just have interested players "buy in" on the campaign and then they get to keep their little dudemen as a memento of the campaign.

    35. Creator Dwayne Dibbley 2 days ago

      I originally planned to base coat all the sprues so I could paint build and paint each iteration and then snap off and replace weapons etc to reflect changes to gear and new characters, simply painting the precoated weapons to match the figure. After seeing the sprues and sample builds, and running into problems with gluing pre-sprayed parts trialing the Malifaux line, I don't really think that will be be suitable as a standard practce. Now I'm just going to build miniatures to commerorate milestone of survivors as they're achieved. Without knowing enough about survivability and achievable number of levels a character could reach, it's hard to say what those milestones might be, but something like every 5th successful hunt, or defeating a 3rd level boss or similar gets a miniature built capturing their gear and character. After they're all built other players will just pick one of the previous heros miniatures that best captures their current characters loadout and function but I'm not going to get to hung up on "WYGIWYS" mini's.

    36. Creator Silphid 2 days ago

      @SacredRoach: Glad to see my idea of immortalizing the worthy dead caught on :)

    37. Creator John D 2 days ago

      @Stephen, I'm gonna wing it.

    38. Creator SacredRoach 2 days ago

      @Stephen, I am going to build a half a dozen or so with awesome load outs, and then blatantly steal another backers idea (been a while and I don't recall the name) and make statues of the players after they die with their equipment upon death. Painting them then becomes easy since they will just be stone memorials.

    39. Creator Ernest A Carafa 2 days ago

      @Stephen I am personally building one on each gender set and magnetizing the other two completely. So I have options for short games and long games, plus I feel like I will want to have each armour set mono for cool likings.

    40. Creator USS Daedalus 2 days ago

      @Stephen Thompson - one thought is to magnetize everything. However, since the figures are "realistic" (not heroic with bigger arms than is porportional) this could become really tricky. Yes they are 32mm rather than 28mm, but that's not enough of a difference to really matter. So magnetizing will be really tricky.
      Another option is to consider careful planning and only creating new builds when it's REALLY needed. For instance say you have a male in white lion leather and the white lion claw weapons. Then you upgrade that weapon to a doom katana (that may be optimistic, white lion may be nowhere near strong enough to face slenderman). Is that really enough of a change to warrant a new mini? Probably not. So instead, wait until entire armor sets get changed. Go with a good rule from 40k and the like. As long as the main model (so the torso and armor is right) it doesn't matter if you want to say the weapon is a little different. My axe can count as a sword. Just don't use a goblin model to imitate an ogre. That's going too far.

    41. Creator Stephen Thompson 2 days ago

      So im going to address the elephant in the room (probably already been done but...) how is everyone going to handle their minis so multiple playthroughs are possible without buying new kits all the time? The pieces seem way too slender for magnets!

      My thoughts keep on gravitating to building each kit fully and just subbing in and out as players progress, but in my heart i know it would be much more fun to build your character to specific loadouts!

    42. Creator Matthew Blecke 2 days ago

      @John D - any day now. Literally. Haha

    43. Creator Ernest A Carafa 2 days ago

      @Chris and I hope you don't start the fanboy iron devotee empty response to backer concerns. This is the only place they can and should if they want. So you are the one who shouldn't start please.

    44. Creator Ernest A Carafa 2 days ago

      @Chris and I hope you don't start the fanboy iron devotee empty response to backer concerns. This is the only place they can and should if they want. So you are the one who shouldn't start please.

    45. Creator John D 2 days ago

      Matthew, long time no see. Do you have kids yet?

    46. Creator Matthew Blecke 2 days ago

      @Chris -
      I have total confidence in Adam and KD to deliver more than we could even hope.
      That being said, I don't fault people wanting updates.
      They've been "doing other things" now for TWO YEARS. I'm amazed they still have enough time and energy devoted to this project to come post here asking for updates.

    47. Creator Chris Reiswig 2 days ago

      Sigh...really hope we're not going back to the "we need updates now" nonsense... They'll come when they come, do other things in the mean time while you wait, ;P. Back in winter when everyone was flipping their shit cause of the lack of updates is was like "meh". Since then I've capped out my toon on ff14, platinumed ff type 0, and am now finally cracking open and playing agarest war and agarest war zero. Would be gaming in the board game medium too but I moved and sadly my collection of games which was pretty vast was gifted to my step brother since I couldn't take em with me, joys of moving 1,600 miles with limited means of moving your stuff. Right now I've got nothing board game/mini's wise other than the handful of KD minis and painting supplies I could fit in a box to take with me. I love gaming but my lap top/ps3/ps4/clothes/etc were higher priority. So since I'm not gonna be gaming in the board game variety till KDM actually ships, you'd think I'd be in the camp of people flipping their shit for more updates, but there's other hobbies/things to do to bide the time while I wait. Besides we all know adam firmly adheres to the old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" which is why when updates do hit they are that much more special.

    48. Creator AGN1964 2 days ago

      @Chris, I very much doubt that Adam is "done" with the game.

      He delivered the print content to the factory. They create soft proofs and then hard proof for that material. It all has be reviewed and I imagine that will be very time consuming - there seems to be a lot of print material.

      That being said, there might be some downtime while he is waiting for the proofs to arrive. I am also hoping that Adam will use that time to give us some more eye candy.

    49. Creator Zachary Hait 3 days ago

      Hey guys, I recently just moved and just remembered that I'll have to update my address as a result. Could someone remind me of which email of theirs that I have to contact to do that? Thanks.

    50. Creator David Powell 3 days ago

      @Stephen - Adam does pop in from time to time and post mini updates in the comments section. It's easiest to check for these by just looking at his profile

      Back on the 10th he posted "Micro-Update! All files for print, have been delivered to the printer! All plastic production is finished and in the hands of the printers. We are now moving into the printing and packing phase. This week, we are taking it a little easy here at the studio. It was MAX effort right up to the finish line and we are all pretty exhausted. Next update "soon"."

      I would like to see an official update with lots of info though. Hopefully 'soon' means sometime in the next few weeks. At the very least I hope it means before the end of April.

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