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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Skibble less than a minute ago

      I think some people saw the title of the email and decided to vent before reading it's content.
      It's clear that he's not selling the box at gencon.
      It's clear that the sci Fi twilight will be avalibe from the web store at a later date

      As far as I can tell it's a knee jerk reaction to "Gencon" being mentioned.

    2. Creator Dwayne Dibbley 14 minutes ago

      @Pride Literally one or two people were "freaking out" about selling the game at GenCon. Other people's concerns were generally regarding whether or not the shipping has actually happened yet - I think can say that many of us are justifiably anxious, impatient and wary.

      If you have information worth sharing or something constructive to add in response to someone's question or concern then please, share it. If you're just going to sh!t on people for expressing themselves or attempt to tell people how they should feel or think then that contribution is worth than useless.

      We're all just backers here, all on the same journey, but we're all experiencing it and living it in our own ways. Your frankly oppressive and tiresome attempts to suppress anyone who doesn't share your boundless patience, enthusiasm and unswerving loyalty is unhelpful, aggressive and exclusionary.

    3. Creator Murray Quarmby 22 minutes ago

      I may be slightly suffering form cold weather down here but...

      I don't think anyone can really have an issue with KD going to the convention, showing the goods, taking pre-orders for the KD:M game and selling a convention special that the rest of us can pick up shortly - that's just common good sense. Publicity, Exposure, Audience, Glamour etc.
      If KD didn't go I would raise an eyebrow.

      Might we get an announcement to time with the convention? Maybe. All news is good news so lets wait and see accompanied by healthy speculation of course!

      As for notification of going to the convention being made here on this KS forum for the KS that has closed - I propose gentle hand-fluttering motions. After all this is not the channel for KD advertising etc. so suggest to all to join the newsletter, buy magazines, mark the facebook page, visit the site, etc. All we should be expecting to the backers is updates on the KS.

    4. Creator TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" about 1 hour ago

      If anyone is going to gencon please grab a video of the gameplay! Get Poots to demo it to the camera :)

    5. Creator Jorge Barreiros about 1 hour ago

      I find it a tad annoying that news about KD:M, however irrelevant, are disseminated through channels other than KS. You know, not ALL of us subscribe to the shop newsletter...
      Not terribly important in the grand scheme of things, but still...

    6. Creator Motor about 1 hour ago

      @Angelicus You are right, I somehow missed reading the very last line of the update.

    7. Creator Angelicus about 1 hour ago

      the "update" did state that he would be selling it on the homepage after gencon o.O? If i am not remembering it wrong :P

    8. Creator Motor about 2 hours ago

      I'm going to be assblasted if we don't get the chance to buy that mini on the store, it looks sweet.

    9. Creator Josh Barbee about 2 hours ago

      I want twilight Knight SCIFI!!!

    10. Creator Pride365 about 2 hours ago

      Where in that email did it say Adam was going to be selling KDM at Gencon? I know I have read it several times and I must be missing that very crucial information as everyone seems to be freaking out about that happening.

      Also how is Adam and the team spending the weekend at one of the biggest conventions in gaming anything but good for KD? And how is it bad for us as backers? Because someone else gets to see the game before we do? Lots of people have seen this game before us!

      As to people who are complaining about how long this is taking, seriously Adam was skeptical that he would get 50k so dropped it down to 35k and ended up getting 2 million more than that, clearly things were going to be taking more time than initially thought so just hang on for the ride and you will end up with one amazing game.

    11. Creator Eric Montoya - Archaeologist of Valoria about 3 hours ago

      @lain there will be a short time after tendon that the sci-fi miniature will be for sale in the online store.

    12. Creator Luke Roberts about 3 hours ago

      @Murray Quarmby,

      Yes, I have 2 brothers in Sydney still - one I am not getting along with and we've had a fairly serious falling out and the other I'm just fine with. The one I am fine with is down SE Sydney the other is home with mum still in the SW for likely train routes. Did you ask if they knew me?

      We're pretty close to having the game in our hands I still have to have a campaign with you and Drew and others, despite being iN Melbourne, even if we can arrange games nights where if I am not in Sydney we set up a web cam and lappy on each end and I can virtually be there, a bit different but funky none the less. I'm really curious the way our campaign's would evolve especially having played so much of ARK: Survival Evolved with Drew online recently.


      Why so negative? Adam gave us rough numbers in the update to update us and told us to run the maths for estimated times, we also saw the sealed box, saw it weighs a good amount more then $45 USD international to post just one of those buggers and saw the entirety of the box contents laid out. The game is coming, it's almost here, we've waited ages, feel betrayed because dear gods we're getting something that almost no other kickstarter has been able to manage especially in the tabletop/miniatures games realm in terms of far far far far far more then we pledged for at the cost of a bit of time to wait (hey, if life has you busy now, life does get unbusy, games last as long as we hold onto them, feel betrayed because you backed something that could have failed but hasn't? lololol).

      It's coming, chill out, and be safe in the knowledge that you too will be able to use Adam's official survivor ingame and laugh as his sexual organs gets destroyed when fighting against all sorts of heinous nasties. I mean what's better then being able to use the creator who "betrayed your trust" in the game that you got from said betrayer and getting him horribly maimed and mutilated for shiggles again and again anad again? It's like he's covered all the bases! Foresight! WOOOO!

    13. Creator num about 3 hours ago

      sci-fi twilight knight looks cool, wonder if it comes with a oneshot scenario. interesting to see the kd price point for a single mini. have a feeling a handful of pages from book will be spoiled. may have to start ignoring here and bgg till it shows up.

    14. Creator Ronald Wanders about 4 hours ago

      That was an interesting little email. :P
      Can't wait for that (plastic) sci-fi Twilight Knight pin-up to be available on the store. :D

      Just a bit disappointed I can't be at GenCon to see this stuff first-hand, but it would be tricky to arrange, what with it being on the other side of the Atlantic. :P

      Let's hope Adam gets that update out quickly after GenCon ends this weekend then. ^_^ I'd like to know where our boxes are at.

    15. Creator Timmo Warner about 4 hours ago

      @CM Yeah, I was wondering why he would open them for GenCon and then LEAVE it open so long. I'm beginning to think that IS a typo.

    16. Creator CM about 4 hours ago

      Or its a typo and really should read August 2nd which would better match the during gencon part.

    17. Creator CM about 4 hours ago

      It's possible that the September 2nd date is tied to the expansions leaving China. Who knows though.

    18. Creator Iain McGregor about 4 hours ago

      Nothing annoys me more than the convention exclusive miniature. While others are off to Indy, I'll be off to Spain. Limited or special release I understand, but if it's only available in meatspace for 3-4 days to people who will just shove it up on eBay...

    19. Creator Steve about 4 hours ago

      @Derek, I interpreted 'suspended operations' to mean no sales on the webstore or answering emails, not that the game would be delayed. Really depends on if it is on boats already, if it is then there is nothing to delay.

      @Timmo, it does say October, and without starting another war we have all heard plenty of other deadlines and due dates that have slipped. I would honestly be very surprised at this stage if preorders were shipping in October (meaning ALL KS orders were at least on the way to backers by then). We shall see, hopefully the game is on boats already but further preorders makes me wonder.

    20. Creator CM about 4 hours ago

      Wait, you're saying he won't secretly sell copies to people as long as they promise to hide the box under their shirt as they leave the booth?

    21. Creator Kyle Currie about 4 hours ago

      @Derek: There literally has been zero indication he will be selling any copies direct. Do you think he's stupid enough to tell everyone he's only doing preorders, then sell direct to a few people "secretly"?

      There are going to be KS backers at the convention who are going to check out the booth immediately. If some rando got a copy, you can bet pictures would be up on BGG immediately. There's no way he could discreetly sell copies. Doing so would be committing financial suicide because his entire fanbase would turn on him.

      Plus, there's no work on KD:M to delay. They signed off on shipping for the core game, and the expansions are busy being printed and packaged. Going to GenCon does not push the release back two weeks, it likely just means no resins will ship for 2 weeks.

    22. Creator Eric Montoya - Archaeologist of Valoria about 4 hours ago

      Curious about the decision to go hard plastic on the sci fi miniature. I love the medium. However the non-core content is usually resin based. I'm getting a couple (if I can grab one quick enough) when it debuts in the online store.

    23. Creator Eric Montoya - Archaeologist of Valoria about 4 hours ago

      *****This is the text context of the actual e-mail*****

      Kingdom Death at Gen Con!
      Booth #2921!
      A last-minute windfall allowed us to secure an otherwise impossible to score booth at Gen Con Indy 2015! We've only had 3 weeks to prepare for the show so we've decided to bring out KD: Monster, to show off the incredible components, the crushing volume of game content, art, and miniatures, and even a slice of gameplay in a live demo! In addition Monster will be available for pre-order at a special convention-only price.

      If you're at the show, please come out and visit us at booth 2921. The KD team is there demo-ing Monster and excited to meet you and answer any question!

      We've also have a brand--new new hard plastic miniature debuting exclusively at Gen Con, A Sci-Fi version of the Twilight Knight pinup. We couldn't resist sending some iconic designs to space!! Please enjoy.
      Art by Lokman Lam and sculpt by Jonah Gilbert.

      As you might imagine, operations are suspended at KD HQ until we return next week. Until then, we hope to see you this weekend!!

    24. Creator Timmo Warner about 5 hours ago

      @Steve Ah yes, I never thought of that with the new date for closing the pre-orders.

      Though the estimated shipping on them still says October, right after backer copies. I'm hoping there are just enough copies on the way that he can easily fill some more pre-orders.

    25. Creator Derek Lowrie about 5 hours ago

      @Steve The email explicitly states: "As you might imagine, operations are suspended at KD HQ until we return next week. Until then, we hope to see you this weekend!!" So I mistyped it as two weeks. I realize that demoing the full product at Gen-Con is a wonderful business move, but as a large spending backer I just see it as yet another delay, which particularly smarts in this final stretch.

    26. Creator Corey Kershaw about 5 hours ago

      not like i need anymore plastic crack tho

    27. Creator Corey Kershaw about 5 hours ago


    28. Creator Steve about 5 hours ago

      It says in the email that the Twilight Knight will be online sometime after gencon...

      I doubt any copies will be sold there because I doubt Adam has any aside from a couple of 'proof' copies.

    29. Creator John Adams about 5 hours ago

      Any word on whether or not that sci-fi Twilight Knight will be available online eventually?

    30. Creator Corey Kershaw about 5 hours ago

      will that Twilight knight be available for those of us that cant go to Gen-con D:

    31. Creator Steve about 5 hours ago

      @Derek, I don't know how much this will delay things. The last communication said shipping would be signed off with numbers 10 days ago, so really there isn't a lot left from Adam's end until the ships arrive which is obviously a few weeks at least.

      Though the first lot of preorders closed when shipping was being signed purely because final numbers needed to be given to the different locations so I hope a new lot of preorders ending on sep 2nd doesn't mean that ships from China aren't leaving until after that...

    32. Creator Derek Lowrie about 5 hours ago

      I realize that for most people it's only up for preorder, that went up a month ago. I however think it's pretty folly not to expect them to sell even a limited batch at Gen-Con, specially with this "special" booth they acquired.

    33. Creator Timmo Warner about 5 hours ago

      It's up for pre-order. You can't actually buy the game.

      Speaking of which, just pre-ordered a second copy.

      Just in case.

    34. Creator Derek Lowrie about 5 hours ago

      While this is a great thing for the KDM team, I'm going to feel fairly insulted if they sell the game at Gen-Con. Also, it just really sucks they're delaying work on things for two weeks for this, with our release so close.

    35. Creator Steve about 5 hours ago

      There you go, just got an email from the KD mailing list about Gencon and what is happening there for KD. Demo of the game, a look at all the pieces, and available to preorder (not buy there) plus an exclusive model. Would be cool to see all of KDM in person, great for anyone who can make it! Not me from the other side of the world unfortunately. Hope people take photos. :)

    36. Creator Timmo Warner about 5 hours ago

      And hey, there's an email update about being at Gen Con!

      Some people below were pretty spot on about what will be there.

    37. Creator Timmo Warner about 5 hours ago

      @Lawrence Looking at his dedication to not spoiling anything until the game is in everyone's hands I can't even begin to imagine how that "sounds like something he would do."

    38. Creator AGN1964 about 6 hours ago

      Everyone has a right to their own feelings. Personally, I am excited it's coming, hopeful that the rules are good and a bit pissed it was not here sooner.

      Sure, this has been longer than I would like, but it's been exactly the length this project needs to be. I think the communication could have been better (sacred weekly or monthly updates would have been good. Soon does not mean 3 weeks). I like the rules secrecy, but see that other people want solid info.

      I doubt it will be on sale at GenCon. How could the boxes get to GenCon but not be in the mail to us? Or at least on the continent, being processed to get to us. How could they be on US soil without an update. Adam would shout it from the rooftops. I can live with White Lion demos and more pre-sales.

      I've seen lots of greens, 3D sculpts and minis; they are easy to distinguish. The sprues we've seen are not vaporware. To make them requires an expensive mold. Lots of work has been done, it's not fake.

      I can see it would be really annoying for your game group to fall apart while you have waited, and I'm sorry that has happened for people. Perhaps this game will be good enough to make you find a new group and time to play. I hate to say it, but if not, then there is always e-Bay.

      Stay strong, it's almost here.

    39. Creator Daniel Magnan about 6 hours ago

      Adam just tweeted to geekandsundry to fix his name

    40. Creator Matthew Blecke about 6 hours ago

      Are you really still surprised that Adam's definition of soon is, well, less immediate than most would expect after almost 3 years?

    41. Creator Brooks about 6 hours ago

      thanks for the update though, something is better than nothing!

    42. Creator Brooks about 6 hours ago

      so we aren't getting the official until after gencon it seems. I think your team needs to rethink what "soon" is... seriously

    43. Creator Dwayne Dibbley about 6 hours ago

      Thanks Eric.

    44. Creator John D about 6 hours ago

      Matthew, I'm still here - enjoying a surprisingly busy summer schedule. Fall (Sept~Oct) will be the triumphant return to gaming and painting.

    45. Creator Eric Montoya - Archaeologist of Valoria about 7 hours ago

      Hey all sorry for the wait. This is an official update. "Sorry all a lot has been going on. Just to let you know things are still going great. I have a booth at Gencon because I did that all long ago and I will be representing Kingdom Death as a company. Not to worry! You will all still be the first to receive the game! If we decide to do demo's it will not be more than what you have seen on our kickstarter video. Thanks for being fans and supporting us! I still have a few things to get clarified before I can release the kickstarter update. Thank you for being patient!"

      P.S. this is sooo NOT official. However it seems people want an update that doesn't really have anything to update. Just that things are still in the works. =) So there you go.

      We can call this a fandate.

    46. Creator Edward Farkhiev about 7 hours ago

      Pretty sure he's at Gencon right now. I doubt he'll get time to respond till well into next week.

    47. Creator S1 about 8 hours ago

      I'm excited for this to finally fulfill. Though, I'm sour over the lack of communication and the "Soon!™" posts that are months apart.

    48. Creator Dwayne Dibbley about 8 hours ago

      @Adam - Would you mind giving us a heads up on the what's happening please? We're all obviously very eager to know what the developments are and whether or not ships have sailed etc (with the time frames you hinted at previously cargo could be a week out of port by now or still in the warehouse) and the suspense is palpable. Thanks.

    49. Creator Shin40k about 9 hours ago

      This one hasn't soured me yet, but one I backed, the Fairytale Battle royale?
      I don't even give a crap if it ever comes out at this point. Like any desire for it died after months of silence, then whoops we had to let everyone go, artists are assholes etc reasons we got.

      I'm actually still in for this one, and i can see how others are tired of waiting; Just hold your games and Ebay them, you'll make what you pledged and probably more back. If you regret it down the line, well it was your decision.

    50. Creator Xavier about 10 hours ago

      Most KS I've been backing have been late or/and had problems.

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