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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Duncan 4 days ago

      @Malek Thanks; that's exactly what I needed.

      @Rick Sorgdrager It's not a matter of understanding it. It's a matter of being 45 years old and knowing the people I game with very well. If a better ending is forthcoming then that's great but I cannot play the game with this current ending. Apart from the fact that I personally think the current ending is lame, I *know* my gaming friends will hate it. And there are too many other games out there to convince them to play a game with an ending I know they'll hate and then the game never gets played again.

    2. Rick Sorgdrager on December 2

      @Duncan; Don't spoil yourself dude.
      It takes hours and hours to get there. Play the game once you've played enough to that point you'll understand it just fine.

    3. Marek on December 1


      1) This site is your friend:

      2) Regarding Watcher you read it right. Take a note that updated version will introduce new end boss. So we might see new ending.

    4. Duncan on November 30

      I hate to ask a "noob" question at this point but I was unemployed when I got my copy of the game and it's just been sitting gathering dust. Now that I've (finally) gotten around to looking through things I have 2 problems:

      1) Looking at the sprues makes me feel like a deer staring at the headlights. I can't even begin to parse what goes with what, what's extra, what's anything. Is there a chart anywhere that identifies what each piece on each sprue is?

      2) I was looking at the game end encounter with the Watcher. If you lose this fight then everyone is dead? If you win this fight then everyone is dead? Am I essentially reading this right? If it is, then has anyone house-ruled something better? I'm just going to piss the crap out of my gaming friends if I try to pull that kind of ending on them - even taking the theme into consideration.

    5. Spyke Alexander
      on November 29

      Nevermind. I obviously haven't had enough caffeine. Found them.

      Follow-question. Will we be able to over-pledge to order the newer items like before?

    6. Spyke Alexander
      on November 29

      So as someone who backed this version, is there a specific upgrade option in the new Kickstarter that is an "upgrade" option, or do we have to just get everything over again?

      I tried looking over on the new site and there wasn't anything that jumped out and said, "If you are an original backer, pick this". Apologies if it is obvious to anyone else.

    7. Luis Fernando Ramos on November 28

      In that case, you should add the oatmeal other KS, bears vs babies to the amount of Exploding kittens for a fair compare ;)

    8. Susan Davis
      on November 27

      $6,732,850 would be the point at which KD:M 1.0 and KD:M 1.5 would combine to tie Exploding Kittens. That's $1,895,019 from now, or only 39% of how far we've gotten in two days.

    9. Jamie
      on November 25

      Hey is there any way to check if you did back / pay for the Lantern Festival expansion. I kind of thought I had gone 'all-in' and had one of everything. But I don't see a refund on my paypal .. so maybe I didn't? (Kind of more annoying then that I thought I had and had been waiting for something I wasn't even getting - if I did arrive).

    10. Edwardo on November 25

      Bye here, Hi there

    11. num on November 25

      the sale is up on the store. new mini : "black friday ninja"

    12. Josh Barbee on November 24

      sooooo close to morning!

    13. Jamie
      on November 24

      This is Adam though so it very well could be launched 1 minute before the end of the day.

    14. Francois on November 24

      10 minutes before the madness is unleashed once again.

    15. Ross B on November 24

      May my credit card feel the dread of what may come.

    16. John D on November 24

      Adam has a clock?


    17. Ronald Wanders on November 24

      Preston : If Adam has advertised it well, that might be doable, but I doubt it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Preston James Harpe on November 24

      Soooooo, how fast will they hit 1 million dollars?

      4 Hours?

    19. RocK_M on November 24



    20. Daniel M
      on November 24

      At least another 11.5 hours to go. Adam will start it on Black Friday.

    21. Felipe Mascarenhas on November 24

      lets join the Hype train for the new KS today!!!!

    22. Francois on November 22

      @alendrel: when you go in a group's member list, you can also see the list of admins/mods, there's 6 total.

    23. alendrel on November 22

      Does anyone know who the admins of By Lanterns Light in FB are?

    24. Missing avatar

      Nick Benkse on November 21

      @Murray: hey if they outright SAID that it was financial I'd be all for it. Who cares about things like written agreements on things, KS aren't promises or anything, we give in good faith and all that stuff. We gave money, they made mistakes, we pay the price for that. Whatever its capitalism, Caveat Emptor and all that good ol' jazz. I just know that if I wanted I could buy a recast right now from a Chinese site of everything KD for a fraction of the price and just as good quality resin. I don't because I want to support these peeps. Just, sorry I didn't drink the kool-aid, I won't buy the 'I wasn't happy with it so I'm keeping it' when it IS all about the money. Honesty has some strong points, if it was money which we're speculating just admit it. The given word just comes across as weak in my ears, and I'd rather have facts. When a large part of the backers didn't even want the game just the mini's and the creator pulls product on something they don't care about, and they offer no alternative, it is just bad showmanship. I'm already planning on backing the next kickstarter, I love the game and all that comes with it. Just the managing of it could use some work.

    25. Daniel M
      on November 21

      With a refund given and the huge discount backers received on everything else in the campaign, I don't think there is justification to complain. I would understand disappointment, but wouldn't understand complaining.

    26. Missing avatar

      Murray Quarmby on November 21

      @Nick: That's easy. (adopts an American accent): 'It didn't work as an extension and I was not happy. Add to that (conjecture here so not a real comment at all), the price point was completely messed, the postage plus the cost of the kit would have sent the company bankrupt (like we almost suffered on the main game and other expansions), so we decided to stop the double guessing, return cash, having over delivered on the rest of the game. Sorry if staying in business and wanting a quality product is not a priority but we do want to continue delivering rather than belly up and have the system flounder after so much effort and support.'

      Just my two cents. Me? I have nothing but respect for the effort and quality to date. If the product was offered in the kick starter at a higher cost I will buy without question. Put simply, no-one has really lost out over this (and factor in the main game price hike and you are way way ahead) so there really is not a lot of ground for complaint other than personal feelings.

    27. Missing avatar

      Nick Benkse on November 20

      I'm wondering how they'll explain the King being on the next kickstarter for a higher price. We know it'll be there, won't be 45 bucks either. I dig the game, sure enough, play it all the time. I was really hoping for the Festival since we've gotten to the end a few times and wanted more but... Just wondering what the excuse for the 'we didn't have it before, but we have it now because (insert answer here)

    28. RocK_M on November 18

      I was really looking forward to the Lantern... yes it would be a complete and utter slog to even get to that content but I sorta see it as a really cool "bonus stage" to aim for at the end of a campaign..

      But you know what. Just the insane amount of awesome gameplay + minis on just the base game itself and then add in all the great add-ons/expansions and the insanely cheap price for them more than bloody makes up for not getting *one* expansion I'm not getting!

      Looking forward to KS No.2 next week! :D

    29. Vietsimon Tran on November 18

      @Daniel I did the other day. Had a response and replied, but haven't heard anything since yesterday. This worries me a little.

    30. Daniel M
      on November 16

      @Vietsimon Have you been contacting KD here?

    31. Vietsimon Tran on November 16

      Hello. I have an issue with the base set of the KS campaign and I am having a hard time getting a response from the creators. Anyone know a good way to contact them directly? It's an issue from a year ago and I'm frankly losing my patience. Just wanted to see if anyone else has had any success contacting the creators.

    32. sixsixty on November 10

      So very happy with this game and campaign! Thanks everyone. Can't wait for the next one to see what's to come!

    33. Missing avatar

      Nathanael Chokan
      on November 9

      Adam, since the next kickstarter will be a reprint. Any chance of us getting to order specific game materials? Like refills on characters sheets or replacement cards packs?

    34. Steve on November 8

      @Angel, I am in the exact same position as you. I emailed support asking if it was possible to get the miniatures only and to change my paypal address. They acknowledged the paypal change but ignored the other part.. So I guess its not going to happen.

      On the other hand, it could possibly mean that the miniatures will be in a differently envisioned expansion and could be soonish. I would be happy for that. Very sad that I am not getting the Scribe and King miniatures at the end of this since I deliberately didn't get the resins when the opportunity was there. I have grown to love the game and all the expansions, yet not getting the miniatures feels a lot worse than not getting the Lantern Festival expansion. Understand the reasoning just hope there is a way to get them soon.

    35. Michael Salt on November 8

      Also, another thing to note is that poots DID say that thesemodels will likely return one way or another. So they are not gone, they are just... delayed. And if this Kickstarter taught me anything, it's that patience is well rewarded :D

      I have to agree, i love the king, and really want to see him added to the game... My absolute favourite thing about it is the way it's head is like a stone being twisted around by a bunch of arms functioning as it's neck... That imagery alone totally sells the whole thing

    36. Brooks on November 7

      @kyle, it's been so many years I have no idea.

    37. Elyklord
      on November 7

      @Brooks - the majority of backers didn't use PayPal. Kickstarter doesn't officially support PayPal. If you have a PayPal account tied to the email associated with your Kickstarter account, the money is already there. If you don't have a PayPal account, you just follow the link from his email and set it up.

    38. Brooks on November 7

      well this is a shitty update :-\

      I have a space saved in my cab for this beast that will never come. What if I didn't use paypal for my pledge?

    39. Missing avatar

      Angel on November 7

      @Daniel Magnan. I know legally a refund is a working solution for this and even if this was escalated to KickstarterI'm pretty sure they would not find a fault with it. I just wanted to highlight the fact that most of the people complaining here are not by any means salty or hurtful in their comments, and are actually very civil. Some commenters seem to believe we are not entitled to communicate our dissapointment and suggest alternative solutions (however improbable they might be)!

    40. Daniel M
      on November 7

      @angel Sure it is OK to be disappointed and complain. However Adam isn't obligated to send out the minis if he doesn't want to as long as he returned the money. If it wasn't for all the awesome stuff we did get, we could complain we were taken advantage of. Using our money to develop something and then returning it, but in this case we already got 200-300% return on our pledges.

    41. Missing avatar

      Angel on November 7

      If you are OK with not getting the expansion, more power to you, really! I understand where you are coming from. I am very happy with the game I got, I even contributed gladly to the tip jar back when we were asked to pay extra shipping and did not complain, I considered it more than fair. I also respect Adam's decisions about the gameplay (I think being faithful to his vision has consistently paid off) and understand why he was not happy with the campaign the way he has explained it. But aren’t we allowed to complain that we are not getting those 4 minis (5 if you consider the twilight cloak a mini) we paid for? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be happy with getting just the minis and would not reject the idea of double-dipping in the future when he’s completely happy with the rules and the expansion is released! I don't think it's an unreasonable expectation, and his vision would not be compromised. Again, I’m very happy with what we’ve got, but I am extremely disappointed because I stayed for the gameplay, but came for the minis (surely some of other backers backed this for this reason), especially the scribe and game hunters in my case (they were the very first think you saw when you started scrolling down on the main page!).

    42. Michael Salt on November 7

      I was looking forward to lantern Festival too, but i totally understand Poots' reasoning.
      taking the game to the scale of towns and cities basicaly requires a COMPLETELY new game, like some kind of super deadly Settlers of Catan.

      Besides i can afford to miss one model... i'm still trying to find a good solution for storing everything else. THEN i can try to get round to figuring out how to get a replacement for the Tyrant hand that was missing on my Dragon king sprues...

    43. Daniel M
      on November 7

      To those saying that Adam did this solely due to the cost, don't forget Adam spent $100,000 of his own money, profits from the store, to complete the production of the game. From his history he is much more an artistic creator than a businessman. I believe if he thought the Lantern Festival turned out the way he wanted, he would have gladly delivered it to us.

      I was really looking forward to the Lantern Festival and am disappointed to not get it, but considering how cheap I got all the KDM stuff by backing this campaign, I can't possibly complain. Especially since he gave a refund.

    44. Jason Massatt on November 6

      While I'm terribly disappointed by the news about the lantern fest, I totally understand that to be what it has evolved into (towns), getting way bigger than the meager pittance we pledged towards it meaning we have to hold off/ cancel its release. Honestly with how monstrous this game became, we're lucky Poots didn't have to call the whole thing off. I love the game. It's super fun and replayable. The quality is excellent. Pots, I hope you release the festival in the future!

    45. Missing avatar

      David Ochagavía Gallego on November 6

      Sad about the lantern expansion, so much expectatives generated about it. Dreaming with get it in the future.
      So excited with the new content in the next kickstarter. Male pin ups I expect for what I saw... and changes in the cards (like the new survival of the fittest).
      It would be great to see new expansions, althought I did not have time to play all the expansions I have.
      Thanks for the Kingdom death experience: for the gorgeous minis, for the incredible game, rules and flavour, for your integrity and for make me feel the urgency of know more about the kimgdom death world.

    46. William Travis Voss on November 6

      Still have plenty of KDM content to play with, but always happy for more so it's a shame the lantern festival didn't make it in. Hopefully it's something that will be improved upon after some time away, so it may be redesigned with a fresh eye.

      That said, eagerly awaiting the next campaign so I can throw more money at the screen!

    47. num on November 6

      looking forward to the next kickstarter. a little disappointed about the lantern festival, not that i need more content for kd:m. kinda drowning in content as is but that scribe miniature has been a favorite for some time.

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