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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator CashWiley about 4 hours ago

      Resin beta/wave 1 received in upstate NY! Box filled with awesome!

    2. Creator Sven Mansberg about 9 hours ago

      @ Götz
      Kurz auf Deutsch, Ulisses macht es nicht. Ich hab alles durch nachdem mir eine Tracking ID von Clarke geschickt wurde, und Ulisses ist nicht zuständig lt. deren Aussage und können da auch nichts machen. Sollte Adam was in Auftrag geben dann werden Sie aktiv, vorher nicht, da der Auftrageber Adam ist.
      Glaub mir ich hab eine Odysess hinter mir seid Anfang Dezember mit Clarke und Ulisses, und erst in der letzten Woche hat sich Adam mal dazu geäußert (bis dahin wusste er nichts von meinem Fall!).
      Nachdem ich jetzt mein Geld zurück haben bin ich froh keine Verluste zu haben, zwar enttäuscht das man es so einfach abbügelt aus Adams sicht (pledge deckt nicht die kosten für ein verlorenes Paket usw.) aber hej immerhin besser als gar nichts zu bekommen.

    3. Creator Michael Pruden about 10 hours ago


      Me and a friend in two different locations in Alberta received ours a while ago.

    4. Creator Götz Kirchhauser about 11 hours ago

      @Sven: nope, Ulisses is the sender, so they would have to start the investigation. All the packages came in a container via sea freight. Ulisses did the customs pick up and slapped DHL-Paketscheine on them. So they are the ones who could initiate an investigation if they are willing to. And yes, any refund would go to them, but that's besides the point. DHL could actually find that package (I know, not very probable, but still...)

    5. Creator Sven Mansberg about 16 hours ago

      @ Götz
      I have done this, and they are not going to tell me anything because it has to be Adam who must start this. Not me. The "sender" is Adam and his company and if they want investigate the missing package I will not get any answers. I also will not get the refund from Ulisses because they are only the shipping hub (beside, I was refunded from Adam already), the person who can refund me is Adam (what he had done).
      even when you order something inside germany only the seller // sender can start an investigation on the missing item not the buyer / reciever, and even then DHL will not refund you as a reciever. They will refund the sender.
      But this is all done right now because I have a refund already from the right source (Adam)

      @ Tyler
      Try my way and send them a message here at KS. I have recieved a faster answer here then over the support ticket system

    6. Creator Tyler Christopher Davis about 17 hours ago

      So a Canadian Backer, so I've sent in a couple e-mail and got some info back saying I would be sent tracking info for my wave two, this has not happened and it already been two weeks past the point I was told I should expect the information. It be clear I got my wave one, and and currently waiting on my wave 2. I haven't heard basically anything from the Canadian front so I was really hoping someone might be able to give me a hint or info on what I can maybe do to expedite my package. At this point I would be happy to pay a good deal extra to get a replacement shipped out to me if it comes to that, but no matter what it's the silence that's killing me, so even just a knowing remark would probably make me feel a little bit better, but really any info about Canadian Backers would be appreciated.

    7. Creator Götz Kirchhauser 1 day ago

      @Sven: try and ask Ulisses Games if they can investigate for you with dhl. Ulisses was the German shipping hub, so they are the sender. If dhl fails to find the package they should also issue a refund since the package was insured...

    8. Creator Anthony 1 day ago

      An update would be nice.

    9. Creator Sven Mansberg 1 day ago

      @ Felipe
      Yes it had a tracking ID but the package get lost from the warehouse (in Europe) to me.
      So I only got the ID way after I asked them when I will recieve the box. This was only for Box 2, Box 1 only got shipped after (!) I asked when this will be shipped out, and even then the forgot about 3/4 of the items. This is also the only package that ever arrivedd and since I never moved from this place the DHL guy knows me very well (I live here for my entire live and the guy is bringing me packages for about 20 years by now, and I live in a small village where everybody knows each other), so I think that the package got lost in the sorting facility.

      And shipitto is no option for me at the moment because I don´t order enough from america. I have a free box with an similar service but I only get 1 package in year if I really need somehting.

      @ Buddha
      I have a trakcing ID, but DHL will not answer me because what you describe has to be done by the sender in germany and not the reciever. They will only answer Adam and since Adam will not investigate this (his answer is it will take too long) there is no chance to get any answers with this missing package.
      Also I already recieve the refund, I will not investigate this any more. Adam was really fast after we settle the issue and I accpeted the refund. So with this kind of support all was more then great, he answered me in a really fast manner and he offered me 2 choices so I can´t ask for me. It is disappointing not having the game after so long but I don´t have financel lose so I´m fine with it.

      @ Charlie Tan
      Try to send them a message here over KS, I recieved a way faster answer here then over the ticket system. I would give a try.

    10. Creator Dan d'Lyon 1 day ago

      Hi all. I'm hoping there might be someone out here that would be willing to help out another fan. I late pledged for some expansions, but never received a confirmation. So I opened a ticket to see if we could figure it out. Sadly, KD wasn't able to help and they just refunded my extra amount. But, this now leaves me hoping that I can find those expansions (preferably at close to KS prices, but I understand if not). I know for sure that I'll be looking for Spidicules, the Gorm, the Lion God, the Lonely Tree, Slender Man, and the Sunset Stalker. There might be one other one, but I don't have the list in front of me. Anybody happen to order extras?

    11. Creator Eric Johnson 1 day ago

      probably not till after Chinese New Year shuts down his partners overseas and they have some time to come up for air.

    12. Creator No Mercy117 1 day ago

      I wonder when we may get another update... Would love to know anything on the finalization of Wave 2 and news on Wave 3.

    13. Creator Martin Gregory 2 days ago

      More than happy to pay any extra required for shipping for wave 3.

    14. Creator Charlie Tan 2 days ago

      Singaporean backer here. Still have not received my 2 core games.

      At this junction, I don't really know what to feel about it. Granted, paying $45 for shipping 2 core, multiple copies of expansions and extra bits is really making Adam taking a hit on his margins.

      I just wish they can reply and just say, "hey, $45 is not really enough to ship all your stuff. Can you co-pay another XX dollars so we can get the rest to you on time. Oh btw, sorry about the radio silence. We just want to make sure we do the right thing."

    15. Creator Buddha Luva 2 days ago

      Very sorry to hear what happened to you.

      Have you already recieved your refund?
      If not, there may still be a way to finding your lost parcel.

      Ask kingdom death to get the details listed below from EU warehouse.
      1.Copy of the shipping address and name they sent the parcel to
      2.Date of dispatch
      3.Shipping service they used
      4.Where was it sent from
      5.Tracking Number
      They should have a record for these.

      With No.1 you can check if they sent your game to the right address in the first place.
      If you could get No.5, then great.
      You should still be able to search for it online.
      If there's no tracking number, you can still call or email the shipping service they used and ask if your parcel is laying around somewhere providing with all the details you're given with and the description of the parcel.
      (I'm not at home so I can't check my box at the moment sorry)

      I can't guarantee you anything , but it's worth a try.

    16. Creator Felipe Mascarenhas 2 days ago

      If I were you, I would consider creating a "SHIPPITO" box in the USA, have adam send it there, and in the future have it consolidated on a bigger box (with other stuff), and sent to you, with the discount rates Shippito have

    17. Creator Felipe Mascarenhas 2 days ago

      Sven, wasn't your package trackable? Even to Brazil I got a eficcient tracking on my order.

    18. Creator Sven Mansberg 2 days ago

      @i Eric

      For the survivor pledge he wrote something of 120$ that it would be costing. But then it would be directly shipped from NY to me in germany and not over the central euopa hub they made the first shipping.

      @ James
      The best reaction I got was from a message here over the KS system. The Ticket mails is a mess and I don´t think that this ones are corrctly answered.
      Adam wrote me that they still have around 100 support tickets open and this is the low part at this time. So it seems that they are burried in missing items / pledge request and can´t work on the expansions or anything else. And I also think that they won´t deliever anything that got missing to people outside the USA. But this is only my point of view from the messages I got

    19. Creator Chuan He 2 days ago

      @Felipe Mascarenhas Thank you for telling me that! This is exactly what I'm worried about, Gmail does not work good in China so I'm not sure weather I have missed some important notice from Adam. But since I can get my wave 2, there is still hope I think. I sent Adam a massage hoping he can provide some help. Thanks again!

    20. Creator Felipe Mascarenhas 2 days ago

      Chuan. We got them on "wave1". Some people got wave 2 before wave 1. Did you get a shipping notice?

    21. Creator Chuan He 2 days ago

      Does any one have received the pinups and any other rewards you can pick during the campaign? I only have the core game and a survivor rewards, want to know if this is normal.

    22. Creator Felipe Mascarenhas 3 days ago

      @Paulo - Brasileiro aqui também. O jogo está sendo enviado em 3 "ondas", a primeira foi só pinups, camisetas e extras, o segundo envio, o jogo (normal e o survivor), e a terceira, ainda sem data definida, com as expansões. Não perca o apetite pelo jogo não, é top, estou jogando uma campanha solo e me divertindo muito.

    23. Creator Felipe Mascarenhas 3 days ago

      @Ric @Michael -- the cost of shipping i got from the stamps/froms on the package. It is a acurate information, because it was providaded by the USPS.

    24. Creator Ric Wagner 3 days ago

      no words at all so far.

    25. Creator Josh Erickson 3 days ago

      Any word on if we managed to get shipped before CNY?

    26. Creator Ric Wagner 3 days ago

      @Michael then you obviously did got different packages then I did. Nothing like that was on mine.

      My point is, it's real hard at the moment to seperate the facts from things people are posting because they are afraid.

    27. Creator Michael Pruden 3 days ago


      Probably off the packaging for wave 1 and 2

    28. Creator Michael Pruden 3 days ago

      You don't have any of the expansions yet. They are coming wave 3. Sometimes in the spring maybe

    29. Creator Paulo Fernandes 3 days ago

      Hi guys, I'm also a backer from Brazil and I finally opened my box due to a trade (lost the appetite for the game to be honest). My surprise when I could not find ANY of the expansions I paid for - do you guys know if that is coming on wave 3? Have anyone already received the expansions?

      Thanks guys

    30. Creator James Jones 3 days ago

      I know I have to wait, but this is getting ridiculous. At least four different communications and still no word on my October Pre order. They just won't say or don't know what happened. I hope this doesn't turn out like Sven's situation. I live in Japan and I could see this happening. I hope some mistake and just haven't sent it after three months. Common guys, hope you are all alright.

    31. Creator Ric Wagner 3 days ago

      @Felipe where did you got those shipping fees from?

    32. Creator Felipe Mascarenhas 3 days ago

      Eric I can say from what was declared as shipping fares os my orders. I payed 45 as a intl bakcer, and wave 1 cost Adam 25 bucks and wave 2 cost 100. I would assume that wave 3 will cost around 80 buck considering that i got abou 70% of the expansions.

      I would rather not pay extra shipping, but if it comes to that, i will understand and pay my share.

    33. Creator Eric Johnson 3 days ago

      How high are the shipping costs he's quoting?

    34. Creator Josh Powers 3 days ago

      So Chinese New Year is next week, any chance we'll get an update on the expansions before then?

    35. Creator Felipe Mascarenhas 3 days ago

      I am sorry to read your story, and as a Brazillian bakcer (where importing stuff is a total pain), what happened to you was my major fear.

    36. Creator Sven Mansberg 3 days ago

      Its Germany :) (as Rick already wrote).
      But I think that this will appear to all guys that are still missing items or like me whole pledges (okay maybe you in USA are better of, but I don´t think so because shipping is horrible when somebody trys to send me somehting from america). In the messages I recieved from Adam he made it very clear that he and his company will not cover the extra shipping costs that will come when they need to ship something to you. He stated that he had done all right from his side, but when the package is missing he can´t afford to pay the extra shipping costs. (or is willing, but that I don´t think)

      So this also means to me that anybody else that is waiting on everything here, he will have to pay for the shipping costs. No matter what you paid before and what Adam still owes you in terms of expansion or missing items.

    37. Creator Rick B 3 days ago

      (One click away from seeing it's Germany)

    38. Creator Eric Johnson 3 days ago

      Sorry to hear that. If you don't mind me asking, where do you live that the shipping cost is so prohibitive?

    39. Creator Sven Mansberg 4 days ago

      @ Eric
      no I won´t get my game anymore.
      today was the first day that anybody responded in a timley manner and even with the time zones between us I was suprised of the fast answers.
      But the sad part is that I will not get game because my pledge level doesn´t cover the cost to send the pledge level that I choose years ago. (package got lost, but to send a new one the costs would be to high for Adam)
      So Adam offered me to get a refund because he can´t deliever the pledge level to me (he also offered me a damage game box but without the extras I pledged for and would the refund me the difference. I declined this offer because I don´t pledge money to damage articles where nobody knows if the game is damage too. And I don´t want to wait again for some replacemeant minis because I choose the damage box).
      After all I´m happy now that I get an answer from them, and that Adam has refund me.
      Sad part is that the game will not be in my house, but to be honest right now I wouldn´t have played it once after all of this mess with the lost package and the false promise somebody of Adams team made to me (promised to send out the game that would never been happend after the mails today from Adam, so this is really annoying to me and to Adam)

      @ Orlando
      I don´t think so. The first system was a mail system where you could follow through the mails what was written before, so you could always see what was the last message you send and what they answer you. The new system didn´t send out any message at all. So the old system was in my eyes more comfortable for support tickets.

      Have fun with the game guys. I will take a look at other games.

    40. Creator Orlando_the_Technicoloured 4 days ago


      I suspect at least part of the reason they've changed the support software is that it wasn't working right meaning they had to ask you things repeatedly rather than having everything bundled together in a single ticket

    41. Creator Eric Johnson 4 days ago

      Sorry for your troubles, but I hardly think this is a KS that won't deliver. Thousands of backers have gotten their base game and promos, but in any endeavor this large, there is bound to be some issues and unfortunately you drew the short straw. I know it sucks, but stay vigilant, answer their questions no matter how dumb they may be, and you will end up with your game.

    42. Creator Sven Mansberg 4 days ago

      @ James
      Oh I was patient with them, I only get annoyed when they won´t get back to mewith any kind of information or reaction. And guess what, the ticket system all was documented in has moved. Now you can´t start over and explain again what you are missing because the changed the system in the middle of the process without warning oder anything else.
      Right now I have the feeling that nobody wants to help, they are asking "dumb" question when they react (in the spare moments they do somehting like communication or answering) again and again. They can´t even read the messages you send them.
      Well I guess this next KS that will never deliever the promised product, another bad KS for me. Help from Adam will not come because from my point of view (and yes even in my opinion) he is really bad in terms of helping and communication. If he would do this type of "helping and communciationg" in a normal job, well I guess he woulnd´t be an employee for long. But this is only my point of view.
      And they had a small break in my case. I opened the ticket way before christmas, but now it is time to deliever something they promised so long ago. (2013 is gone for a little while and even october 2015 is over for 3 month by now)

    43. Creator Eric Johnson 4 days ago

      Luke gets it. But again, it's all speculation till Adam posts an update.

    44. Creator Carson Wong 4 days ago

      I'm ready to pay for shipping if I have to. I just want my Wave 3.

    45. Creator James Jones 5 days ago

      @Sven, I hear you. I am waiting for an October pre-order. I won't go as far to say that they have stolen my money, but it is hard to think positive. Give them a small break (a week or so) and then message them with your feelings. Be honest and nice and they will help you. It may take them a while, but they will do you right.

    46. Creator Luke Roberts 5 days ago

      Honestly, I can forsee Adam posting a statement of:

      We could afford to foot a shipping bill of $750,000+ USD for waves 1 and 2 as wella s footing costs of replacing any missing/damaged items free of charge to the backers, but we simply cannot afford to do that again. So ACTUAL shipping for wave 3 is going to be asked of backers. Any backer not happy with this has the option of all wave 3 items being refunded at the cost they paid for them originally.

      This is as fair as it will get no matter how people paint the picture. And if it ends up being this way, guess what, you know how we were all told we probably would get exhorbitant customs fees for the games but that got mitigated by the company doing split shipping hubs all over the globe so it wasn't all paid for direct from the US and shipping/customs fees were kept to a minimum (yes, people had to pay more based on where they were in the world but that was a given and we ALL knew this was a possibility all the way through) for as many backers as possible, well guess what, Kingdom Death didn't have to go out of the way to do that either, and they don't have to do that for Wave 3 either.

      The reality is, we're probably going to have to pay shipping on our wave 3 items as a whole. We have advanced warning. Grab a jar and start putting money from your paychecks into it and just have a glass of concrete and harden up. Whinging is not going to achieve anything. Preparing for the inevitable and knowing that you're probably gonna be able to make the money back in shipping anyways if you decide to onsell product as you rage at the injustice of reality is the way forwards. Seriously, be mature and recognise that $45 usd locked in for international backers no matter the size of pledge totals and free shipping US based no matter size of the pledge went out the window as soon as the company got insane backing numbers and started upgrading it all to the exceptional product it is now.

      Rage and achieve nothing or face a very real reality and prepare for it.

      It's that simple.

    47. Creator Sven Mansberg 5 days ago

      Well be glad, you all have your share of the game. You are only waiting of some expansions. If you get annoyed what should I say?
      I´m still waiting for the package 1 and 2 and nobody wants to talk to me, so right now I feel like Adam has stolen my money because all of the rest gets his retunr value but me not, and yes from my point of view it is a crime. And also from my point of view it is first priority to talk to me not to others. So after all I`m still waiting and if I ever met somebody from this company in person he would get my point of view first handed why it sucks to be left so alone without communication and lying and false promises from them! (And yes they made false promises to me in person). So please don´t tell me they have so much to do, this is at this time their freaking job!

    48. Creator Francois 5 days ago

      It's no wonder all the recent kickstarter campaign will now only charge the shipping cost before shipping, so that they don't have bad surprises near the end. For my part I wouldn't mind chipping in a bit for the shipping, but that's me. I think I had such a good deal out of this campaign that I wouldn't mind.

      But let's be serious here, like Ric said, it's all speculation at this point.

    49. Creator Ric Wagner 5 days ago

      That's all speculations so far. People seriously need to chill down a bit. Yes, I am annoyed too about the lack of communication at the moment, but there is no need to blow up rumors until anything official is out.

      I am pretty sure we will hear before the start of Chinese New Year something.

    50. Creator Eric Johnson 5 days ago

      You gotta keep the scale of the effort in mind here. These were shipping costs estimated nearly 36 months before any product ever shipped, for a project that was scoped way under its final size. In the case of your example, "money ran out," yea that happens. It's generally when a KS fails, production grinds to a halt, and the company, or at least the project, goes under.

      Check the FAQ: At the same time, backers must understand that Kickstarter is not a store. When you back a project, you’re helping to create something new — not ordering something that already exists. There’s a chance something could happen that prevents the creator from being able to finish the project as promised. If a creator is absolutely unable to complete the project and fulfill rewards, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to a satisfying conclusion for their backers.

      So, assuming all of this unconfirmed info about shipping charges is true, it would appear that we've hit this phase. If Adam cannot complete fulfillment without additional funds, then how do we bring the project to a satisfying conclusion for all of us backers? Do we wait till the webstore makes enough profits that he can cover the cost? Do we accept a nominal charge to help cover the shipping cost? Does Adam go broke paying out of pocket to ship thousands of packages that were never accounted for in the original budget of someone who had never manged a project this large in scope before?

      All I'm saying is, understand that this is not a massive retailer like walmart or amazon or publisher like Fantasy Flight that can simply say "our bad," and eat the loss. This is a single person who started off with a vision, raised a bunch of money to make it come true, and bit off way more than he could reasonably chew with the scope by the time all the stretch goals were done. Mistakes were made, the underestimated shipping cost being one. He stayed true to his vision, kept the product top notch, used up a bunch of his own funds outside of the money made from KS, and now in the end stretch they've hit a bump. So what do we as backers do?

      Personally I've always hated the way KS makes project managers post shipping costs up front and makes them unchangeable once the project is off and away. It ridiculous to hold someone to shipping costs for a product that was originally scoped to be 1/5th of its final size. Shipping should be determined once all the stretch goals and other stuff like final packaging is complete and accounted for.

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