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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Ronald Wanders 30 minutes ago

      Her art (update #58) appears to indicate that they're on strings swirling around her. Lets see if I can find the digital sculpt. ^_^

    2. Creator Matthew Blecke 34 minutes ago

      @Ronald - yeah. We spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how it all went together. We got most of it, but the lanterns are still a mystery.

    3. Creator Ronald Wanders about 1 hour ago

      That difficult, is she Matthew? :) Yikes.
      They should be putting up guides on the KDM site, but that will probably be a little while.

    4. Creator Matthew Blecke about 1 hour ago

      Oh - and for anyone who ordered the Twilight Witch...good luck. It's a fantastic sculpt, but it might as well be a 1000+ piece puzzle with no picture to guide you.

    5. Creator Matthew Blecke about 2 hours ago

      @AGN - the email does state what is coming, but there is a packing list in the box as well. As Sacred mentioned, they highlight anything you have multiples of (I had 2 Karas) and so it sounds like someone forgot to highlight a few of his choices and subsequently they were missed.

    6. Creator Ronald Wanders about 8 hours ago

      @Shin40k : Youtube releases the video at the lowest quality, then continues processing for the higher quality settings, it may take a few hours for higher quality to be available. :)

    7. Creator Ronald Wanders about 8 hours ago

      @Brooks : The Thief design is not new. ;) In fact, I have her in resin.

      @Donald : Wave 1 shipping is ongoing, they're a little less than 1/3rd of the way through all pledges, your stuff will come, but it may take a while. Especially if you had Resin models or Armour Kits, as those are the most complex orders.

      Right now they're busy on International packages after doing a test run with a whole bunch of US packages.

      More and more confirmations are going out, but they have a lot of packages to pick and pack, but you are no doubt on their list to be done at some point. ^_^

    8. Creator David Olorenshaw about 8 hours ago

      I have tried post tracking but my parcel has not moved from cooper avenue where it was postmarked, since 2nd. Is this normal for US post?

    9. Creator Shin40k about 9 hours ago

      Whelp my mistake, Youtube fixed the quality so...…
      This video is primarily for people who don't have experience with building miniatures.
      My camera work is a bit... yeah but it's my first video; i'll work on it for all the other KD miniatures i'll be getting to help everyone I can :) .

    10. Creator Shin40k about 10 hours ago

      That moment where you put in work for a video, edit it then wait an hour for the upload... only for YT to put it down to the worse quality ever.... back to editing :(

    11. Creator SacredRoach about 10 hours ago

      @AGN1964, definitely a picking error. I had four of the items with duplicates, and they correctly highlighted two of them and sent those correctly. But the other two were not highlighted and they only sent 1 each. No clue why I got a duplicate Silk Assassin...

    12. Creator Brooks about 10 hours ago

      @aredman, it does, used it for the scfiTK, same plastic

    13. Creator Shin40k about 11 hours ago

      @Aredman it will work just be careful as some are quite strong and will warp details.

      @seb i'm starting the upload for a video I rendered building a Sci Fi Twilight Knight from beginning to end to help new builders (though my camera work needs work lol)

    14. Creator aredman about 11 hours ago

      Anyone remember if plastic cement will work with the hard plastic we are getting?

    15. Creator AGN1964 about 12 hours ago

      @SacredRoach, Perhaps my question was not clear, or I misunderstood you.

      I was under the impression that KD e-mailed backers a list of wave 1 minis they would be sent. Did they mail you one? If so was it correct? Or was the both the e-mailed list and the package of minis they sent you incorrect.

      Basically, I am trying to see if they misinterpreted your order or if they made picking errors.

    16. Creator Brooks about 13 hours ago

      @seb - I think sprue cutter, plastic cmement/glue and maybe a nail file/fine sandpaper is all you need. The last one you might not even need. As far as painting... that can be all over the place.

    17. Creator Brooks about 13 hours ago

      @donald, they are still owrking on wave 1. You aren't being ignored and chances are your stuff just hasnt even shipped yet. Relax, read the update and some comments and calm the fuck down.

    18. Creator Sebastian Wagner about 13 hours ago

      @everyone: in the last few days i read a lot of figurebuilding and painting. So now i am a total newbie in this two things. My Question is:
      -What do i need for building these awesome figures 'cause i have NOTHING (what is mandatory, what is optional)?
      Links to a list with necessary stuff would help me as well!

    19. Creator Donald Sheffer about 13 hours ago

      I got squat I was a backer and they aren't responding to my information requests.

    20. Creator Donald Sheffer about 13 hours ago

      Would be awesome if you guys responded to your emails messages etc. I have been waiting for almost a week for a request for info regarding my pledge.

    21. Creator Ross B about 13 hours ago

      Oh cmon... Thief can still dart in and snatch a fuzzy coin-purse!

    22. Creator HaleysRedComet about 13 hours ago
      Made a guide for constructing Candy & Cola.

    23. Creator SacredRoach about 14 hours ago

      @AGN and Brooks, the packing list was included, but not all of it was shipped...I only recieved 1 ea of the Leather Queen and Dragon Sacrifice instead of 2 ea, but I was shipped an extra Silk Assassin. Already emailed the zen desk support with a pic of the list. The gummies were good, though, and the shirt fits.

    24. Creator Brooks about 14 hours ago

      speaking of which, just noticed lokman has a new Thief design for KD ;) Interesting. I always liked theifs in video games although without humans having a theif type in Monster is a waste, cool concept nevertheless.

    25. Creator Brooks about 14 hours ago


      concept art is there, I'll be going off this. The base seems to look close enough. 1 foot just above teeth and other on forehead.

    26. Creator Michael Goldsberry about 14 hours ago

      Got mine, was confused about the White Speaker until I realized that you get that as part of the "small" package.

      One thing I can't figure out, though, is how the Messenger of Humanity is supposed to stand on his base... there seems to be no "right" spot to put his feet. Anybody have pictures/ideas? I feel like an idiot not being able to figure this out...

    27. Creator Brooks about 14 hours ago

      I really hope there isn't a ton of missing things, KD will be eating so much more shipping costs and I know they don't want that :(
      I think mine will be fine.
      *do the customs dance*

      COMMON USA, don't screw this up ;)

    28. Creator AGN1964 about 15 hours ago

      @Roach, was the e-mailed PDF list correct and the package wrong? Or both?

    29. Creator Brooks about 15 hours ago

      @sacred, that sucks. I'm not expecting anything missing.... you are sure the missing ones aren't coming with core game and/or expansions? (example the gorm pinup is coming with the expansion, not this wave and the TK is actually with core game)

    30. Creator SacredRoach about 16 hours ago most of my stuff, but there were 2 missing figures and one extra...

      Email to be sent soon...

    31. Creator Brooks about 16 hours ago

      @jon, Well they will have access to the forums early and will discuss amoungst themselves, I mean it's only a couple weeks and I for one hate typing the same stuff over again :P

      My stuff is 2 hours from my town but ETA 5 days :( damn I want the core game so bad. I am really hoping his estimate is worse case scenerio and it ships like a week or two early :P

    32. Creator Jonathan Willingham about 16 hours ago

      @ Brooks, thanks! Hopefully they are talkative when the time comes.

    33. Creator Brooks about 17 hours ago

      @john, from what I understand it is going to be a 1 shot scenerio type dealeo... you fight him or roll on a table or something... have no clue. Only the resin backers will know in a week or two ;)

    34. Creator Jonathan Willingham about 17 hours ago

      So I just got my first shipment of the Messengers/Promos, the shirt and bases!!! Freaking awesome looking!!! Anyone have any clue how the Messengers even work in game?

    35. Creator Brooks about 18 hours ago

      lol. Well I have a hobby knife/scalpel type thing. I'll test that or see if I can snag a scapel blade here at work.

    36. Creator Ross B about 18 hours ago

      Top loaders plastic is pretty tough. But yeah a sturdy scalpel could prolly do the job... Scissors may leave some jagged edges. Sandpaper could help with that though.

      .... I just re-realized how much of a perfectionist I am...

    37. Creator Brooks about 18 hours ago

      @ ross, I can't just sharp knife or sciccors the top? lol

    38. Creator Ross B about 18 hours ago


    39. Creator Ross B about 18 hours ago

      I actually bought those same top loaders as well... Didn't like the gap personally. But nothing a dremmel cutting but won't fix

    40. Creator Brooks about 18 hours ago

      I might just jump. As stated earlier, I don't care if there is some extra room. I don't need exact fit (although happy the gear sleeves work perfectly as they need to fit together in a sense.

    41. Creator Ross B about 18 hours ago

      The top loaders will have some empty space. But the others are the ones I am using. :).

      As for stands for the 4x8's. I have found several options but not commuted to one yet.

    42. Creator Rick B about 18 hours ago

      For the Settlement event cards yes...

    43. Creator Brooks about 18 hours ago

      @ross, the settlement cards/locations workshops etc. The huge cards basically. I will be cases them with something first though. I will try the BGG forum again but I think I will get a total count of core first and then go from there.

    44. Creator Brooks about 18 hours ago

      cant open that link here...dang. But eisles might work. trying to find some cheap ones.

    45. Creator Ross B about 19 hours ago

      On stands/vertical I mean

    46. Creator Ross B about 19 hours ago

      Which cards in particular are you wanting to display? I have been looking a bit and may be able to help.

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