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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator James Slade about 1 hour ago

      I am hoping some Armour spruces, and stone face bases are available for Black Friday tommorow!

    2. Creator Eric Johnson about 1 hour ago

      @dan: if you go to the build site Poots has provided a link to which is a fan built build site that recently added the Phoenix.

    3. Creator Jason Massatt about 5 hours ago

      @ Balgin yes. But that's not a dagger, it's blood magic.

    4. Creator dan about 5 hours ago

      Please Mr Poots, put the build guide up. The tiny tiny hands give to me teh damg brian...

    5. Creator Fiachra Mac Aodha about 6 hours ago

      I miss the days when it was €1 to $1.50 and the post men ignored the import tax. Anyway are people in Ireland, the UK, or on the continent still waiting on regular (not resin) wave 1?

    6. Creator Balgin Stondraeg about 6 hours ago

      I'm trying to remember which one the original is. I'm assuming you mean the one with the strange cross grip shaped dagger with the circular guard.

    7. Creator Jason Massatt about 7 hours ago

      @balgin thanks for looking, but I meant the original Nico, not the holiday one in the kickstarter.

    8. Creator Alessandro S. about 7 hours ago

      Hi everyone!

      I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but do we have any info on Black Friday offers?


    9. Creator Balgin Stondraeg about 9 hours ago

      Yeah that's true. It varies. We've also had the clock change again then the Americans changed theirs as well some time afterwards so it could all still be a bit screwy.

    10. Creator SamuraiJack about 11 hours ago

      I wouldn't always count on the email to be 1am.. sometimes I have gotten them as late as 3am..

    11. Creator CashWiley about 11 hours ago

      Well, looks like no wave 1/resin game for Thanksgiving. Maybe Christmas? If the Halloween sale slowed things down so much, Black Friday will push it into next year! (I got an email at the end of October that resin games were being packed the first week of November...guess they forgot there was a Halloween sale with a large release...)

    12. Creator Steve about 11 hours ago

      @Luis, they may be part of Black Friday updates? I suspect they will just get put up on the website or in an update here. Just a guess though.

      @Luke, don't hold your breath but a few people have said that armour kits will be available on the Black Friday sales so if you missed a few you might be able to get them then. I'm personally hoping that the Kingsman goes up since I want 15 more of them for a unit, and in an email to me Adam did say it was likely.

    13. Creator Luis Fernando Ramos about 12 hours ago

      Any information on the following?? November ends in 5 days.

      Promo Rules & Challenge Scenario's
      Challenge Scenarios and promo rules are not included in wave 1 shipping. A PDF will be be sent to Resin Beta Backers this month (for some light testing) and then made available for everyone else in November. Following their actual use, I’d like to add a layer of final polishing (+ more art!) before we make a final print run. The printed final version will be available for free to all Bakcers, however you will have to pay for your nominal shipping label.

    14. Creator Balgin Stondraeg about 15 hours ago

      As another UK backer I can "reassure" blunder1983 that Kingdom Death release emails seem to arrive at 1am. They also tend to be sold out by mid afternoon. If I were to hazard a guess I'd say stay up all night on Thursday night/Friday morning. Personally I'm hoping for the Paladin.

      Also a word for Jason - I checked my stuff and I didn't get Nico (never chose her in the pledge manager).

    15. Creator Jason Massatt about 18 hours ago

      I really need a new nico, but joe already told me that's not happening any time soon.

    16. Creator Chris Reiswig about 18 hours ago

      @Rick, nah i set aside 200 or so for the black friday stuffs, if nothing i'm looking for gets an encore, i'll just grab the ones i want off ebay. like i said i hate doing that cause i'd rather the monies go to poots and co, but if they don't do an encore on what you're looking for well, you don't have many options.

    17. Creator Rick B about 19 hours ago

      I'm still waiting for the resin Wet Nurse and Infant Sunstalker to come back...Might be in for a long wait ;)

    18. Creator Chris Reiswig about 19 hours ago

      Really hoping they are gonna do some encore runs on stuff for black friday, missed out on quite a few things this past year and don't really want to resort to the ebay scalpers, tho for one particular mini i probably will have to even tho i hate doing so.

    19. Creator Rick B about 20 hours ago

      There's no "normally" when it comes to new stuff on the KD website. Best option is to just not sleep at all...

    20. Creator blunder1983 about 20 hours ago

      So guys, as a UK person who didn't buy all the expansions I really wanna know when the stuff goes on sale on black friday. I'm more than happy to get up at 5am to check but would love to know when things normally go on sale so I can set my alarm accordingly...



    21. Creator Felipe Mascarenhas about 21 hours ago

      Thanks Daniel!

    22. Creator rebisbear 1 day ago

      Loving this game so much but with all the awesome minis, I would really love to see a terrain pack become available in the future. I bet Adam would do an awesome job of them ( other then the tree, which I have coming)

      @ poots. Terrain minis please

    23. Creator Michael Pruden 1 day ago

      Each successful hit is a one HL die. Than that location takes 3 damage.

    24. Creator dan 1 day ago

      *Mild spoiler warning*
      So, fighting the Kings Man I realise I've been doing it wrong this whole time. At the damage step of a monster attack I've been rolling Hit location dice equal to the damage stat for each successful hit. In my eg above KM lands 2 successful hits, I'd roll 6 HL dice, each take 1 point damage.
      But it should be roll 2 HL dice, each take 3 damage, yes?

    25. Creator Angelicus 1 day ago

      @PY -
      1. i wouldn't support pirate copies and take away profit from the creators.
      2. i wouldn't use pirate copies as a argument for prices.
      3. its illegal to not state the correct cost when sending items.
      4. Now i am pretty stupid i guess, but i dont get your arguments or why you are blaming anyone else then yourself for any and all extra fees that arrive outside of what the company stats.
      - If you want to be part of the reason why a company stops selling something, then please just continue to buy fake copies that do not send any profit to the creator and stop complaining about stuff that is really your own fault. And let the grownups continue to support the game they love with as much or little business they can afford.

    26. Creator Jason Massatt 1 day ago

      Luke, there's numbers on the sprues to show which arm pieces go together.

    27. Creator Felipe Mascarenhas 1 day ago

      Probably will be able to get the game today or tomorrow. With all reports of missing stuff, does someone have a compiled check list of contents that come on the box?

    28. Creator Luke Roberts 1 day ago

      The bloody arms just do my head in, I can't picture how they look as a final product and am forced to pop crap out that I then don't use for a model, it's annoying the split down the length of the arms.

    29. Creator Jason Massatt 1 day ago

      I have discovered that the armor kits are not quite as interchangeable as I'd hoped in as far as all the cowls don't fit on all the bodies. Pretty awesome kits all together though.

    30. Creator Jason Massatt 1 day ago

      I did buy a x20 dragon armor kit, but unfortunately have only gotten one kit so far. The dragon armor is pretty damn sweet. I have a feeling I'm going to regret not getting the sunstalker armor kits.

    31. Creator Rick B 1 day ago

      Oh, I don't have the dragon armour kit yet. I was just saying that if you opted to go for seperate armour kits you'd have them already (assuming your wave 1 arrived already)

    32. Creator Luke Roberts 2 days ago

      @Rick B,

      I'm so jealous of you with your dragon armour kit, if only I'd have had the cash for a 5 set of dragon, spider silk and gorm I'd be happy happy happy. The sunstalker armour is awesome though, very ranged/reach centric, I'm intrigued to see how the sunstalker expansion works as those weapons are gorgeous.

    33. Creator Rick B 2 days ago

      Not if you bought seperate armour kits

    34. Creator Rick Sorgdrager 2 days ago


      How'd you get the dragon armor kit? Isn't that from Wave 3?

    35. Creator Xavier 2 days ago

      Any news for the one shot promo rules?

    36. Creator Jason Massatt 2 days ago

      Nevermind. Found them.

    37. Creator Jason Massatt 2 days ago

      Did anyone else get a dragon armor kit? How many sprues is it supposed to be? I can't find the boobs for the female torso....

    38. Creator Morten H 2 days ago

      Any other 'patron of the arts' backers here? Did any of you receive any of the art pieces yet?

    39. Creator Scott Hockley 2 days ago

      Hi all. Been a while since I poked my nose in here. So many happy players and a few not so happy waiting for stuff (I know that feeling having been on the infamous missing list)...
      I've been doing loads of KD stuff lately, but not blogged it, so here's a round up for those that may be interested - - Cheers! ^_^

    40. Creator Felipe Mascarenhas 2 days ago

      My survivor box is at the post office right now. I just have wait a few days so they generate the customs bill. Hopefully thrusday i will have the game and join the Hype (Death) Train! Choo Choo!!!

    41. Creator James Jones 2 days ago

      Any news from any Asian backers?

    42. Creator PY 2 days ago

      The biggest problem is that I can order stuff from China (which are likely recasts, ordered plenty of Forgeworld recasts back when i played Warhammer) and get no Customs fees because its from China.

      Order from south of the border and suddenly I gotta pay a major premium.

      Its irritating at best. Kills the fun of collecting everything.

    43. Creator Martin Lymer 2 days ago

      @Luke also remember that pretty much all his rewards reduce the settlement population by 1. There isn't really anyway of getting past him without taking a hit.

    44. Creator Martin Lymer 2 days ago

      @Luke Don't attack him, just go full defence until his AI stack runs out and his trait card triggers to end the fight. You can't actually kill the Hand even if you do attack so why bother, it just gives him extra hits on you for all the HL cards it will trigger. Use the shield and dodge. Stick one guy in front of him and if it looks like he won't survive swap him out for another. his color affinity targeting can cause problems with this but still. I've gotten past the lvl 1 and 2 hands this way without losing anyone.

    45. Creator Luke Roberts 3 days ago

      @Matthew Blecke,

      ""and its the seller's doing for declaring everything exactly at retail price.""


      "The customs are just really pissing me off because its not the first time and its the seller's doing for declaring everything exactly at retail price."

      There's just more there for people who will jump in without scrolling down. :)

    46. Creator Luke Roberts 3 days ago


      Advice vs The Hand (outside of crit that gilded sternum or wherever to basically instantly end the fight)?

      I honestly have no idea how to go up against him effectively, I have 6 sword masters, one is turning into a kingsman and one is all post-traumatic stressed and not departing this hunt (I'm pretty sure that despite the nemesis encounters skipping the hunt phase completely, because your survivors have to depart for a hunt that you can't take out survivors forced to skip the next hunt, although, as you skip the hunt, it may actually be RAW that you can, it's actually not black and white and comes down to the simple idea of 'when departing, are survivors always departing for a hunt', if not a hunt then you can.

      I digress, not sure how to approach The Hand, and can't stuff up as I have no extra population. The settlement has shield mastery and bow mastery (so everyone has the specialisations), and I have 3 cat gut bows with 2 lions claw arrows. I'm actually starved of bone right now so not able to make anything of note. Weapons wise, everyone has sword mastery, everyone has either a scrap sword or one survivor packs a steel sword, and one also has a lantern halberd. I have 3 berserkers, and 2 frenzy drinks, and most of my survivors have the ability to gain survival when they gain insanity which is useful vs the hand who wipes survival then kills you if you have none. I do not have dash, but have encourage and surge. 1 full leather armour set, 2 leather shields, 3 bandages, a mix of odds and ends, and a bunch of resources built up where I have only 2 hollow wing bones as my bone and not willing to spend them without bringing significant oomf to the line up.

      I also have 3 founding stones thanks to an event last hunt (picked up 3 disorders - post traumatic stress on my Bow master hurts, Coprolalia and Hemophobia...yeah...crap) vs the level 2 Phoenix (yeah, I beat a level 2 Phoenix in LY 12, a bit of luck was had), so getting the crit and follow up wound for 20 impossible eyes tokens is definitely a way to go but not guanteed. Oh 2 rawhide head bands and 1 cat eye circlet. Yeah...stumped for the first time, heh.

    47. Creator Matthew Blecke 3 days ago

      @Luke - yes. He said that customs was pissing him off, and it was Adam's fault because he declared the actual value on the package. Not sure where I made him say things he didn't.

    48. Creator Luke Roberts 3 days ago

      @Matthew Blecke,

      Learn to quote everything and not selectively quote, some douche on BGG did it to me the other week to make me say stuff I hadn't actually said. What PY said was:

      "The customs are just really pissing me off because its not the first time and its the seller's doing for declaring everything exactly at retail price."


      Suck it the Heck Up!

      You think the CAD vs USD is bad, try AUD or the New Zealand Dollar (NZD??). Then throw in that we HAVE to get priority first class international mail as otherwise if crap goes walkabouts around the globe, Kingdom death can't replace it and then we have to deal with customs if they randomly search the box or it exceeds a certain (albeit high for mini's) value.

      This is NOT Kingdom death's fault.

      The international currency is wacked up but that's something EVERYBODY has to deal with. Kingdom death are still one of the most customer focused and centric mini-wargames companies out there. Rag at Games-workshop if you had to buy direct from the US instead of locally in Canada and you'll just LOVE the difference. No really.

      Look, any of us outside the US feel your pain,a nd feel it hard. But spouting off at Kingdom death as being at blame for acting entirely within the laws of their country so as they don't go under as a business is perfectly reasonable.

      My advice - currency conversion rates, have a look if it's looking bad or if it looks like it's going to get worse before it gets better, don't buy much from KD. We all have the Pokemon Syndrome (Gotta Catch Them All!) but it's not even reasonable half the time with currency conversion.

      Recent example - I bought less then $300 Aud of books from amazon scaled to past $400 in conversion, they were only available from the US, shipping doubled the cost to over $800 Aud. It was insane.

      THE POSITIVE SIDE - Don't you have Monster? Play Monster. So much more cooler then currency conversion that screws us over.

    49. Creator Matthew Blecke 3 days ago

      @PY - "and its the seller's doing for declaring everything exactly at retail price."

      That's pretty much exactly what you said, unless I'm completely misreading you.

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