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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
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Kingdom Death

5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Nicholas Quinn Schauer about 1 hour ago

      Today marks the when the second set of 2000 should be done.

    2. Creator Matthew Blecke about 3 hours ago

      @Larabic - when it arrives?
      No one (I suspect not even Adam) knows the answer to that.
      On the plus side, I've got Nagash done finally. Man what a pain.

    3. Creator Larabic about 6 hours ago

      So when are we getting our stuff?

    4. Creator Steve about 7 hours ago

      @Fontaine Christophe, nice work! Really like the OSL on the lantern.

    5. Creator John D about 8 hours ago

      *too many

    6. Creator John D about 8 hours ago

      Moneypenny changed her mind about Zero - to many references to other people's work in the character designs (instant turn off for MP).

      But Bones 3 ? Bones 3!!

    7. Creator Rinion about 15 hours ago

      That Zero Agents thing certainly has nice artwork and probably initial miniature sculpts, but they say theyre using the same material as Soda Pop does, which is an instant turn off for me, that Relic Knight stuff looses any and all details in all of the models.

    8. Creator Chris Vazquez about 19 hours ago

      @Daniel - A KD sculptor...tig ass bitties...yep...

    9. Creator Daniel Magnan about 21 hours ago

      Some text from said email:
      "Kickstarter & Pre-orders

      We are waiting on some news from our printer before we post the next kickstarter update. In our next push, we will be asking everyone to verify their shipping address. Things are getting close and its extremely exciting.

      We will be opening the door to public pre-orders once the fulfillment plan has been squared away. This will finally give all of the people that missed out, a chance to pick up the game and get it just behind all the backers that have been patiently waiting for its completion.

      There is no set date for when pre-orders will open yet. Thank you. "

    10. Creator Shawn Signor about 22 hours ago

      About the update... He emailed the those on the email list about how he wouldn't post another update this month. Probably a few weeks away from next update (probably with the June miniatures sale)

    11. Creator Angelicus about 23 hours ago

      @Eric - Yeah, i also want an update ^^ Though i would think that there wont be anything until stuff is ready to be shipped or is shipping... When he will get some time to make an update..... I am looking forward to the "We have started to ship stuff" update :D

    12. Creator Scott Hockley 1 day ago

      @Christophe - I'm really please that you used the tutorials. Do you have any photos?
      And thanks with regards to the barbarians. I'm so happy with Virago's eyes too. The thing that gets missed is that these models are the exact same size as KD sculpts, so those eyes are still tiny. (link to face for those that are interested - ) *_*

    13. Creator Eric Johnson 1 day ago

      quickly coming up on 2 months since the last update. Got any new information for us Poots?

    14. Creator Fontaine Christophe 1 day ago

      @ Scott : Great work as usual. The faces are very spectacular, especially the eyes on the female barbarian. By the way, I used your awesome tutorials to paint my pinup architect and survivor :-)

      @ Sven : nice addition to your already awesome collection. What's next ??

    15. Creator Scott Hockley 1 day ago

      @Balgin - Thanks. Yes, the sword on mine wasn't perfect, but it was decent enough not to do much work on. The lump of base was a pain to remove such that I broke her leg off under pressure from the saw. The "resin" is weird, but AMAZING! It is grey and plasticky, but when you sand it, it becomes metallic!! The details in the cast as a result are fantastic, but it must have been hellishly expensive to produce - prolly toxic too! lol - I missed Ilyad when it happened, and Rackham too, because I was still in the GW paddling pool at the time, otherwise I expect that I would have spent a lot of money on trips to France!
      That aside, still by a long chalk, easily the best sculpted, best reproduced (by the resin material) sculpts that I've ever laid a brush on. Plus Virago is a single piece, so if you didn't remove that base she is ready to go pretty much straight out of the box. The guy just needs his hands with axes fitted, which is the least to do too.
      If you want to rehome yours (or would like to have yours coloured in) by all means let me know! ^_^

    16. Creator Balgin Stondraeg 1 day ago

      Scott Hockley - so that's what her sword looks like. The copy I've had for years had a misscast sword with a small notch missing from the tip. This made it look really wonky so I had to carve it a bit to make it a more regular shape (and thus ever so slightly shorter).

      The Ilyad miniatures were absolutely gorgeous in their day (and also virtually unavailable if, like myself, you happen to live outside France). Also it baffled me that they couldn't spell Illiad properly :p. The only bad point I'd say was the massive chunky integral bases. They had large integral bases and then big black plastic bases with a large rectangular slot to fit the integral base into. Removing those must have been an absolute pain.

      Well done on painting them up :).

    17. Creator Tizno 1 day ago

      I forget where I saw this kickstarter but looks pretty awesome, just giving the creators some love will back myself next payday.

    18. Creator Daniel Magnan 2 days ago

      While the style isn't like KD, it is using a KD sculptor and is a solo capable game.

    19. Creator Sven 2 days ago

      Cool that you like it Francois!
      In hindsight it might have been more effective to blend the yellow over orange into a rather rosy fleshtone...

      Make sure to show us your interpretation.

    20. Creator Francois 2 days ago

      Very nice Sven, that inner light effect is very well done and will be an inspiration when I get the plastic one.
      Translation wow! I'm totally ripping that off!

    21. Creator Sven 2 days ago

      Thanks to both of you... and Steve: Eyes up! ^^

    22. Creator Steve 2 days ago

      Excellent work on both!

      The colour and shininess of that Sunstalker front...... "Tentacle" makes it look particularly creepy! Well done.

    23. Creator Scott Hockley 2 days ago

      Nice intensity to that (grotesquely) exquisite 'Stalker, Sven ^_^
      (And thanks. Glad you like)

    24. Creator Sven 2 days ago

      @ Scott: Your style is sooo awesome.

      Not nearly your level, but for anyone interested, I've finished my Sunstalker. Have a look and I'd be happy to hear your thoughts.

    25. Creator Scott Hockley 2 days ago

      Thanks Vinss. Both of these Ilyad barbarians that I've been working on are easily the best sculpts that I've ever painted. As a result it has allowed me to really push my painting as far as I can. I feel like I've levelled up by doing them. The NMM was a follow on from the M'Dusa piece that I did recently, and I think that I've reached a fairly convincing level with that now. The face is just so amazing to work on; so strong and expressive. She's not pretty, but she is fiercely beautiful. ^_^

    26. Creator Vinsssounet 2 days ago

      I think it's stunning Scott. One of my favourite of yours, and it's not even done !

      The inside of the cape is particularly great - but so is the metal actually.

    27. Creator Scott Hockley 2 days ago

      Hey Ladies and Gentlepeeps. Not been painting KD lately (but will be VERY soon), but I have been busy working on some of KD's top sculptor's (JAG) "old" pieces... and a picture -
      Hope everyone is avoiding chewing their arms off waiting for an update ;)

    28. Creator Saobh 2 days ago

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    29. Creator Josh Barbee 2 days ago

      PRIDE IS my resource of all things ive forgotten :0

    30. Creator Dwayne Dibbley 2 days ago

      Thanks Pride, that's awesome.

    31. Creator Dwayne Dibbley 2 days ago

      I have a vague memory that Adam was going to include a White Speaker miniature as one of the rewards, I've had a furtive glance through the updates to try and find where I might have read that but couldn't find it. I'm positive it was announced on or around the close of the campaign, but never seen anything about it since...

      Can anyone confirm/refute that please?

    32. Creator Shawn Signor 2 days ago

      Sabol designs worked great for Myth. Wishing I had gotten one of their ones with wheels as carrying 3 bags around isn't ideal, but I never fear for my paint job (not that an amateur paint job is much to worry about).

    33. Creator Shawn Signor 2 days ago

      I plan to use Sabol designs for storage, just trying to figure out how to set it up. Some bosses just won't fit, but majority of miniatures, excluding Pinups, could be set up in one of those.

    34. Creator Daniel Magnan 3 days ago

      I have storage bins with metal plates on the bottom. Keeps the minis upright and prevents them from getting crushed.

    35. Creator Charles Engström 3 days ago

      anything new in the comments from Mr pots? geting close to a Update. I can feel it in the air ;D

    36. Creator Edward Farkhiev 3 days ago

      Magnets on the bottom of the bases and metal trays. That's the best, cheapest way to move light plastic models that occupy a lot of real estate.

    37. Creator Daniel Magnan 3 days ago

      I think the best bet for the really large models is just to use a storage bin with some modifications like foam pieces to protect it. Buying manufactured cases that can accommodate such large models will be very expensive.

    38. Creator Jason Massatt 3 days ago

      Most of the monsters in this game will be impossible to store. I mean from the sunstalker and dragon, which are HUGE, to slendy and spidey that are festooned with fiddle bits,,, ugg...

    39. Creator Rick B 3 days ago

      Just going by the add-on for 5 or 20 Kingsmen, we haven't seen the sprue yet. Might just be a seperate sprue of 1 (but as I said, I don't know if 1 Kingsmen is part of the sprue with the Hand etc.)

    40. Creator Jason Massatt 3 days ago

      Sprue not sprite. Auto correct is a nightmare on this phone.

    41. Creator Jason Massatt 3 days ago

      @Rick why do you think there's a sprite of five? That doesn't make sense to me as that would then make two very costly tool for one model...

    42. Creator Jason Massatt 3 days ago

      Nick, if you look at the production list, the kings man is its own tool. So they'll simply run more off that tool to put in the pledges.

    43. Creator Rick B 3 days ago

      There is a sprue of 5, as he was available as an add-on as well. So there might just be 1 on that main sprue making for a total of 6 in a Survivor pledge

    44. Creator Nick Hough 3 days ago

      I have a question concerning the plastic Kingsman. Have we seen the plastic model? Does it come on the main sprue with Kings Hand and white lion. If so, how would people who pledged for the survivor level get six of them?

    45. Creator Chris Reiswig 3 days ago

      @shawn battlefoam comes to mind for storage/transport. the pinups of death box set fits in the regular trays they make and the monsters could be put into the blocks they sell where you pluck the foam out to make the slot whatever size you need. Granted the volume of figures this game has that would not be a cheap solution though.

    46. Creator Daniel Magnan 3 days ago

      This is a very old count I did. It has some guesswork in it so it is not 100% accurate, as indicated by the "or" entries, but it should give you some idea. ( It didn't have the new figure for the lonely tree or the little spiders for spiducules added to it, so that would add another six 30mm)

      30mm 85 (77 survivors/pinups + 8 monsters) + 6 for upgrades to lonely tree and spidicules = 91?

      30 or 40? 1
      40mm 5
      50mm 2
      50 or 60 mm 2
      60mm 3
      120+ 6

      Here are the monster base counts I used to get the above totals
      Base: Lion 50mm, Phoenix 60mm, Antelope 50mm, Butcher 30, Kingsmen 30 mm, Kings Hand 30, Watcher 40

      Phoenix 60mm, Watcher 40, 5 Kingsmen 30mm

      Nico pinup: 30 or 40 mm

      Dragon king: Dragon King 120+, Dragon King Human Form 50 or 60

      Dung beetle: 40

      Flower Knight: 40

      Gorm: 120+

      Lantern festival: king 120+, scribe 40

      lion god: 50 or 60

      lion knight: 60

      lonely tree: 120

      man hunter: 30

      slender man: 50 or 60

      spiducules: 120+

      sunstalker: 120+

    47. Creator Steve 3 days ago

      @angelicus, if you glue after painting you should still wait for glue to dry then paint over wherever it is 'frosted' from the glue... I would glue first then spray. But of course if there are areas that are hard to reach, then partially assemble as needed. There are loooaaads of miniatures, you can always spray a few that you will want to paint first straight after you glue them then they are ready to go whenever you get around to painting. ;)

    48. Creator Angelicus 3 days ago

      @Shawn- Ah, that is tru... I can always assembly it as fully as possible and then prime it. but leave out the parts that would block or hinder painting... And glue everything together when it was done, thanks

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