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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. CM 4 minutes ago

      @Krist Nicholson- I recommend the rules forum over on bgg.

    2. Krist Nicholson about 17 hours ago


      hope its ok, would like a few rules clarifications.

      A few friends and I have a campaign going with all the expansions.

      One of my friends died whilst having the hunters heart and it regrew him, does it regrow him with all of his impairments and disorders?

      Also another friend has the husk of death (always insane) and the clarity of death fighting art (if insane cant be targeted), how does this work if the monster targets him?

    3. Michael Pruden about 18 hours ago


      You'll need to use the support on

      We warned though that they are completely sold out of the Dragon King... So you might only be getting a refund.

    4. Luke Roberts 2 days ago

      Whats the most reliable way to contact Kingdom death these days? I got back to Melbourne after 2 months interstate in Sydney, my KD:M pledge packages arrived in that time, were signed by my housemates and all was well except the whole not being able to check contents until today and suddenly I am short 2 of my 3 Dragon King Expansions (amongst other things) and need to contact KD to sort getting my missing items. It sucks is what it does. Cheers everyone.

    5. CM 3 days ago

      @Mathew- Most terms of sale in the US are that the product must be delivered as described or a refund given. I'd assume a refund is being offered as an alternative choice.

    6. Mathew 4 days ago

      @Villars - I'd make it very clear to them that it is their responsibility to provide you with the product that you purchased. If they don't want to honor their end of the agreement you entered into when you ordered your second Deluxe Survivor, they're in breach of contract. Don't be shortchanged, you are in the right here.

    7. Missing avatar

      Villars on May 20

      Thank you both for your opinions.
      I am still not quite sure yet but I guess I will accept their offer...

    8. CM on May 19

      @Villars- I'd say their offer was a bit worse than what you paid for but not as bad as you think. The place they are compensating you for what's missing are the armor kits. There were 3 extra included in the survivor level you'd be getting 11 from the way it sounds. At $25 each during the kickstarter that an additional $200 your numbers don't include.

      I definitely think asking for another game was a bit much given their value and Adam's hate of copies on ebay makes me not surprised at all they refused. I'd say there is room for asking for a bit more than they offered, but remember they'd come out way ahead by just refunding you.

    9. Daniel Magnan on May 19

      @Villars your situation is unfortunate. However on the bright side, at least you received one copy of the game. The game sold better than expected and is now completely out of stock. Personally I would probably just take a refund since you already got one of everything. However, if you were inclined to get a second game, take the offer. With the game currently out of print, prices are sure to go up on the secondary market. Getting a second copy will be very, very expensive I think. At least until KD decides to do a second printing.

    10. Missing avatar

      Villars on May 19

      I need your help.
      I am a happy owner of KD:M Deluxe Survivor with all the expansions and specials. As I wanted to support Adam and because I believed in Adam’s project and had some spare money, I bought in December 2014 through Black Friday Super Late Pledge a second Deluxe Survivor with all expansions and many specials. In total USD 845.
      I received my first Deluxe Survivor in October 2015. But I am still missing my second Deluxe Survivor and add-ons. Since October 2015 I am in contact with the Support Team. Many many e-mails later the Support Team could finally track my payment of USD 845. They blame PayPal and there and their not so user friendly message system.
      But now they tell me “sorry, we are out of Deluxe Survivors. What we can offe you is the following: -KD:M Survivor Core game (with minor cosmetic damages to the box. these are the only games we have left) (USD 100)
      -1 of each expansion (includes Herald of Death) (USD 265, Herald of Deat is incl. in Deluxe Survivor)
      -A Medium shirt (incl. in Deluxe Survivor)
      -4 Messengers (USD 60)
      -Adam and Anna Resin collectors edition (incl. in Deluxe Survivor)
      -Holiday Nico (USD 20)
      -Candy Cola (USD 15)
      -Kara Black (USD 15?)
      -Kingsmen x5 (incl. in Deluxe Survivor )
      -1x of each Armor Kit (each makes 4 models) (incl. in Deluxe Survivor, not sure if all are included)”
      I added the notes in brackets. So, in summary, their offer amounts to around USD 475. I am aware that actual prices are higher. But during the Kickstarter those were the rates.
      In comparison to the Deluxe Survivor I would be missing at least the additionals miniatures. I am pretty sure, there are more.
      Well, I refused their offer. My counteroffer: All the above-mentioned items PLUS an additional Core Game (to remind you: these boxes all have minor damages). With a second core game I would receive the additional miniatures from the Deluxe Survivor. But the Support Team refused…
      My question to you all: Do you think the offer (from the Support Team) is ok? Would you accept? Do you think my counteroffer is way over the top?
      I am quite displeased. I had so much hassle and then they tell me “sorry we are out of Deluxe Survivors…”.

    11. Eric Johnson on May 18

      If that's the case then check Boardgame geek and the KD:M subreddit. There were threads there dedicated to coordinating leg swaps. Mine went off without a hitch.

    12. Missing avatar

      DamnThievingHobo on May 18

      Well just got my Spidicules expansion looks like the leg mix up wasn't fixed since i have two sets of left legs. grrrr... guess ill green stuff it

    13. Eric Johnson on May 17

      Actually the last update was done via email in the last KD mailing list newsletter. If you aren't signed up for those you should go to the website and do so. It sounded like most of the ongoing updates would be done through that.

      As for the Lantern Festival, Adam wasn't ahppy with the way it was turning out, so they are completely re-working it and will have more details at a later point in time.

    14. Lozenger on May 17

      It's been 3 months since the last update- any news on the Lantern Festival expansion anyone?

    15. Vinsssounet on May 16

      Our latest KD painting, the Holiday Twlight Knight. It was certainly a peculiar model !

    16. Missing avatar

      Adrian Lovegun on May 15

      We finished the core campaign, took about 5 months!
      Two survivors died fighting the Watcher, plus the Savior ceased to exist as it was her last fight.
      Total of 45 survivors died to get there!
      Now we wait for the Lantern Festival! :)

    17. David Hagreen on May 14

      @Edwardo - There is an arrow on the card indicating which direction it swings in. They are knocked back in the same direction :)

    18. Edwardo on May 13

      Hey guys, need help on how do you resolve on kings men AI king's axe direction of knock back?. Which tile is knock back to the side, the front and to back?

    19. Daniel Magnan on May 10

      @Raymond, what shipper?

    20. Raymond Barajas on May 10

      Finally got a tracking number for my Herald of Death stuff. Turns out it was delivered yesterday.
      Anyone know how I can use a tracking number to verify WHERE something was sent or who it was accepted it? All I can get is that it was "left with an individual" and that it was delivered "to the address". I can see that it's the right town, just was never delivered to MY address.

    21. Xavier on May 9

      What are the main problemes people have encounter with their mini? Like with the spider legs.

    22. Felipe Mascarenhas on May 9

      Grats on wave 3.

    23. Missing avatar

      Iiro Autio on May 8

      Got my wave 3 on friday (Finland), now to buy more glue and even more rare-earth magnets.

    24. Jason Massatt on May 7

      @Alexis update 96 talks a bit about the fox

    25. Martin Lymer on May 7

      Alexis: Adam said the Ringtail expansion would feature an underground settelment fending of the big tunnelling fox that periodically threatens them.

    26. Xavier on May 6

      My wave 3 arrived, at last ^^ So When can we order the cards from the one shot scenarios?

    27. Steve on May 6

      And at the end of the day, why buy a Toyota when you love driving your Mercedes. :P

    28. Luis Fernando Ramos on May 5

      Dark souls combat is a reallly watered down copy of KDM AI decks if you force the idea of been related. I wouldnt to be honest. Too much riding on the IP, renders not done, mecanics still on the air. Maybe they will pull a Adam level of commitment, but i really doubt it.

    29. Daniel Magnan on May 5

      Wow, the Dark Souls board game is doing very well. I think the success of KDM has opened up a new genre of board gaming.

    30. Daniel Magnan on May 5

      @Anthony per the last newsletter "being reworked from the ground up, might focus on towns instead of settlements". So it sounds like Adam didn't like the way the rules came out and they are starting from scratch. Meaning it could be a while.

    31. Missing avatar

      534h on May 5

      Just got my wave 3 in Israel :D

    32. Anthony on May 5

      Lantern Festival news? I really want to put the checkmark on this project...

    33. Manuel Berger on May 5

      I just got a giant box... Filled with a lot of AWESOME!!!!

      KD Team: thank you for all the love and hard work you put into this project. KD has become my favorite game of all times.
      I can't wait to explore all that there is inside this huge collection of expansions!

      You've got my full support for anything that you'll create on the future!
      Just count me all-in ;)

      P.S. thanks a lot to the support team, they are very kind, patient and they really want to help when you need them!

    34. Alairan on May 5

      Woo, finally got my expansions here in the UK.

    35. Francois on May 3

      I hope the release schedule for new expansions will be slow. I have one year left at technical school so i can't go crazy like i did during the KS.

    36. Steve on May 3

      I really hope we get more information about the Lantern Festival soon. It was part of this KS and while I have plenty of content at the moment, Lantern Festival was a major part of why I backed and I have been waiting for the miniatures from it for a long time. Any bits of news would be great.

      Other than that, I am pretty keen for the Storm Knight expansion. The pinup people of the storm resins were really awesome and I hope they are being done in plastic too.

    37. Alexis Perron on May 3

      Also: Yesterday's e-mail newsletter. Here's a cut-and-paste of the stuff Poots says he's working on:

      •KDM - Nightmare Ram Expansion
      •KDM - Ringtail Fox Expansion
      •KDM - Black Knight Expansion
      •KDM - Gryphon Expansion
      •KDM - Frogdog Expansion
      •KDM - Lantern Festival (being reworked from the ground up, might focus on towns instead of settlements)
      •KDM - Storm Knight Expansion (how a survivor can become a hero)
      •KDM - Custom Campaign Book (for mixing our current expansions, supported with new story events)
      •KDM - Rust Ocean (area where Architects are from)
      •KD:Q - Kingdom Death Quest, a PVC game for mass market (gonna try distro with this!)
      •KD:T - Titan, a deck building game, its perspective far pulled far back to the greater entity level.
      •KD:L - Labyrinth, the game that highlights Twilight Knights, White Speakers and other hero level classes.
      •KD:2D - A retro cinematic platformer, with GORGEOUS hand made sprite animation.

      Discuss. (personally the Ringtail Fox is the one I'm most curious about, since I'd never read or heard of it before now; although I still want ALL THE THINGS).

    38. Alexis Perron on May 3

      @Those needing to contact KD about problems:

      Personally my issues were easily solved by using the support tab on the website (service was great); it should probably work for you guys too. If not, then I'm not sure what else to do.

    39. aredman on May 3

      @silphid there is an innovation (subterranean cultivation) that allows you to increase the level of the black harvest. There is a similar innovation for the dark water research for the slender man expansion

    40. Charles spencer on May 2

      I never received my twilight night how should i contact about this?

    41. Xavier on May 2

      Any news from the one short scenario card?

    42. Gareth Johnson on May 2

      I bought all the expansions I didn't buy during the KS when they went on sale in March. Something did bother me though and it has been repeated everytime there is something new in the store. I'd really like some extra dice. But everytime there's something in the store I want, the dice are removed from the store!

      Anyone shed any light as to why. If I just order the dice on their own when they are on the store, the postage costs means I can't buy them. So when you put one of the new expansions onto the store in the future, can you leave all the other stuff on there so I can finally order some extra dice!

    43. AGN1964 on May 2

      Another great mini from Sascha. Awesome work, as ever!

      @Sascha, is there a blog where I can see you past work.

    44. AGN1964 on May 2

      Does the support page work for anyone? I see "Support topic" twice and nowhere to describe my problem. Or enter my name. And there's no submit button.

    45. SVR The Boy on May 2

      Expansions are up in the store again

    46. John D on May 2

      More NMM? Sascha, you're a Monster ;)

    47. Sascha Buczek on May 2

      Picture time :) i really want an official forum ...

      Finally finished Parcival. Had her assembled for a long time, but zad no real motivation thanks to the extremely fine details. The finished black knight was the perfect motivation to start her. So here she is with her dog "blacky". (Have to do better pictures later)

      Sadly i have no idea what manufacturer the dog is from. I got it from a friend who ordered dogs for a postapocalyptic scene and had one left.

    48. Missing avatar

      liscarlet on May 1

      Is here any Asia Backer who is still don't have wave 2?
      I do. They don't give me specific answer.

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