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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Ronald Wanders just now

      @Sam Lamont : The expansions and such will be sent in Wave 3, those have not shipped from the Factory yet. :)

    2. Creator Daniel Magnan 1 minute ago

      @Sam Expansions are wave 3 and are tbd. My guess is early next year.

    3. Creator Sam Lamont 5 minutes ago

      Quick question: Are the expansions currently being sent out or are they coming in a later wave (primarily the Dragon King/Flower Knight expansions). Just wanted to ask as I have received promos and the game itself and wanted to make sure customs didn't have it or something :p

    4. Creator Matthew Blecke 43 minutes ago

      I have 3 full sets of rawhide, 2 pieces of lion (chest and boots), and the start of another set that will literally mean the end of the survivor when it's complete.

    5. Creator Matthew Blecke about 1 hour ago

      @Luke - you may have crushed the lion, but you have a rather unique (and quite favorable) set of things going in your favor - surge, 2 circlets, a saviour or two.

      Despite entering year 10, I don't have surge, I don't have hovels, I don't have run away, I've never gotten a cats eye (I've killed the beast 5 times now). I want to hunt the level 2 lion, but Overwhelming Darkness is not worth it. The level 1 is just not that scary now. Last hunt I got ambushed and still didn't even suffer a single severe injury, let alone a death.

    6. Creator J. Holen about 1 hour ago

      My gear/survivor record solution:

      The BCW sleeves fit the gear cards great and the sheet protectors allow me to use fine tipped permanent markers on them for tracking purposes. Simply use a whiteboard marker over top to erase. Customized the survivor record sheet to suit my needs based on Sid Rain's as found on BGG.

    7. Creator J. Holen about 1 hour ago

      @Daniel, good to know!

    8. Creator John H. Shinholser about 1 hour ago

      I think, if you take survival of the fittest, you have to gun for the family innovation tree. Iirc, there are two innovations there that give bonuses to intimacy rolls, which can swing the reproductive process back in your favor. If you don't manage to grab those bonuses, though, you're doomed. It might actually be better to wait a few years to reproduce for this reason, since you can decide to go protect if your tech tree doesn't go in a favorable way.

    9. Creator Daniel Magnan about 1 hour ago

      With my bad luck drawing 0 white fur and little hide the first three hunts, I had three people with hide headbands and cloth, and the last guy with just cloth for many years. Finally have a full set of lion armor and a partial set of screaming armor, which I hope to complete in the next hunt or two. Also debating on going for a leather set. A third full set of armor would be nice, but I also want to make a sickle, a pick axe, a second shield, innovate, etc...

    10. Creator Luke Roberts about 2 hours ago

      @Larry Barriere,

      It's year 9 and one of my survivors still only has a cloth waist armour piece, oh wait skull helm now too as I had resources for a lion helm, but 8 years on just the waist cloth,a founding stone never used a cat eye circlet and a bone axe for half that time. Yep.

    11. Creator Daniel Magnan about 2 hours ago

      sorry, j holen

    12. Creator Daniel Magnan about 2 hours ago

      @j holel Errata by adam, 7 = nothing happens.

    13. Creator S Buntenbach about 2 hours ago

      wave one (after two) arrived after paying vat in germany

    14. Creator J. Holen about 2 hours ago

      On my fifth settlement... Definitely being more thoughtful on what I build armor/weapon wise. Saved a lot of the resources after the prologue and spent them after getting the catarium. Full set of rawhide, 2 x monster grease, cat gut bow, 2 x katars, and 1 x bone dagger. Snagged a bone sword off the debris pile ( that card is missing '7' btw ).

    15. Creator J. Holen about 2 hours ago

      @Daniel, doh! My coffee wasn't finished :p

    16. Creator Larry Barriere about 2 hours ago

      @Daniel. Yeah, one of our survivors went up to year 6 without any armor other then the cloth waist thing. We were saving up to get the mace.
      Now we have a nice arsenal of weapons and armor. finally.
      Yeah, we pretty much run out of resources every time so we just go with augery ever time to try and get at least 1 or 2 more people. Alot of incest going on at the Whatnot Settlement I tell you.

    17. Creator Daniel Magnan about 2 hours ago

      @J holen Katana, not katar. :)

    18. Creator J. Holen about 2 hours ago

      Re: Katar proficiency - it does exist. Cancel all reactions on first hit location. Saw it mentioned that it didn't exist so not sure on that, possibly missing the card?

    19. Creator Daniel Magnan about 2 hours ago

      @larry ahh, yea, I think it is hard to replace population with survival of the fittest. No way you could have known that though. After my first intimacy and seeing that 30% of intimacy rolls result in death, I knew 2 dice use the highest result was the way to go. If i didn't have protect the young I don't think I would roll on the intimacy table unless I really had to. 30% death rate by default vs %9 with protect the young is a huge swing. Plus all the extra twins and saviors.

      The gear, innovation and build thing is a tricky balance. I try to either build or innovate every phase and use the rest for gear, but there are a lot of hard choices to be made. There has been years where I just did gear.

    20. Creator Larry Barriere about 2 hours ago

      We had survival of the fitest. This is first playthrough so we aren't looking ahead when we make decisions. Next time through, we will protect the young. We don't have collective Toil at all. We've been focusing on armor and weapons over innovations to be honest.

    21. Creator Daniel Magnan about 2 hours ago

      @larry are you guys using graves + protect the young + collective toil? That is a baby making machine, even with party wipes you should shouldn't be losing population. Survival of the Fittest really hurts on the intimacy table.

    22. Creator Larry Barriere about 2 hours ago

      Though i'm not sure how willing my wife will be to start over a bunch of times. I might end up soloing soon enough.

    23. Creator Larry Barriere about 2 hours ago

      Yeah we aren't being attached to survivors. We've had a full party wipe once before. We decided we'll either start over if intimacy killed our last female (it didn't) or go up against a lvl 2 lion for the extra 2 resources (and whatever you gain during the hunt). If we die during th elion hunt, then we dont have enough survivors and we call it a loss. Start over from scratch.

    24. Creator Luke Roberts about 2 hours ago


      Overwhelming darkness may screw you or it may not. I just went and butchered a level 2 white lion with paired zambatos with the 2 survivors with +2 strength, one had +2 accuracy the other was a red saviour so I was auto hitting with his attacks. With surge unlocked now, getting two swings a turn and doing double damage each time on anything but a 1 and manipulating the hit location chart with a cat eye circlet, it was a surprisingly easy victory. I lost a skull helm to a mudslide in the hunt phase though, but gained a fresh arcanthus from the showdown. the extra 2 resources help a lot, but you have to find the right time and the right combination of gear/survivors to go hunting it. I'm ata point now where i am almost at full gear grids for all 4 survivors, that's starting to get awesome. I'm 1/3 the way through the campaign, anything could happen.

    25. Creator Angelicus about 3 hours ago

      @Daniel - yeah, i am on the fence about it. But if its in the rules then i can bring the gear back with a good conscious :P

    26. Creator Luke Roberts about 3 hours ago

      @daniel magnan,

      that's right we did discuss consumables a few days ago, I guess I'll take my Frenzy drink out of the settlement storage someone dropped it under after the lantern Branding feast then!

      Screw the Kingsman, I'm just running away. year 9 will be a total right off.

    27. Creator Daniel Magnan about 3 hours ago

      @angelicus Not in the standard rules. During play testing it was found to be too brutal. I agree. With how hard gear is to make, if you lost it all you might as well just kill off the settlement and start over.

      However all resources gained during the hunt are lost, just not the gear. Plus the survivors back at the settlement suffer the starvation event. Think of it as a search party sneaking out and recovering the gear off the remains.

      If you don't like it, you can use the variant where a tpk does archive all gear, but that is brutal.

    28. Creator Daniel Magnan about 3 hours ago

      @larry There is a debate about this over at bgg. Personally I do not think lvl2 lion is worth the 2 extra resources unless you are so tough you can win the majority of the time. Going through overwhelming darkness that will nerf half your group, the extra ai and the extra str and speed, plus Cunning. Unless you have two full sets of armor and several range/reach weapons, I personally wouldn't try it. Nothing wrong with farming lvl1 lions a few extra times.

      My personally take from experience and the debate at bgg is to not mess with lvl2 monsters until after the Kingsman nemesis encounter. Before that just do lions, antelopes, and the phoenix if feeling tough. I got 0 white fur my first 3 lion hunts so I ended up fighting like 6 or 7 lvl 1 lions so I could get a set of white fur armor.

    29. Creator Angelicus about 3 hours ago

      or TPK... o_O

    30. Creator Angelicus about 3 hours ago

      if its a TPW when hunting, is the gear lost? Logically it should be :P

    31. Creator Felipe Mascarenhas about 3 hours ago

      @Tommi what was the custom problem?

    32. Creator Daniel Magnan about 3 hours ago

      @larry makes sense larry. Graves is nice. Maybe you should try using a game variant with immortal survivors or something. The game gets even harder as you go.If not for my decked out savior, even in year 10 I don't know how you are supposed to beat the kingsman without a ton of luck.

      Remember adam stated that 2/3 of settlements end in a wipe. Also don't get attached to individual survivors. They will die eventually. Build the settlement, not the survivors.

    33. Creator Angelicus about 3 hours ago

      @Daniel - Ah, i see. Thanks for the answer

    34. Creator Daniel Magnan about 3 hours ago

      1) I think for two reasons. A ) because in rare occasions multiple events can sometimes be stacked on the same space. Two basic cards on the same space would have you rolling twice, while no cards have you rolling just once. Plus monster hunt event + basic on the same space in rare circumstances as well. B) Future expansions may add basic hunt events that do other things

      2) They are proxy cards to replace missing cards. I also use them to randomly select a survivor.

      3) Some game variants use monster health. 5-6 player for example adds monster health that needs to be reduced to 0 before ai cards can be removed. There is also another variant where instead of removing ai cards you just give the monster the appropriate health and reduce that to 0, so all its ai cards are always used.

    35. Creator Tommi Malkki about 3 hours ago

      Finally got my Wave 1 from the customs with help from Adam. Minis are looking great, if a little daunting to assemble. Assembled all of them, started painting the first one:
      Can't wait for the game box.

    36. Creator Larry Barriere about 3 hours ago

      Alrighty, so I went to bed after posting my rant about the Kingsman, and people were wondering about how I got 10 endevor.
      Whenever a survivor dies, you gain 2+ endevor from Graves. One of us died fighting the previous battle. so we started with 5. and then 5 people are killed in the settlement thanks to the kingsman. That 1+ endeavor per survivor killed. Giving us 10.
      In the end it doesn't really matter as we only ended up gaining a couple population.
      We massively boosted our gear afterwards and read through the concequences of the Overwhelming darkness. We feel totally comfortable going full tilt against a lvl 2 lion to try and get more lion armor.

      So why did we rewind? My wife was flipping out. lol. She was livid at how impossible the game can be. Like a lvl 1 lion right now is too easy, but the lvl 2 will be such a big jump in difficulty that we know it's going to hurt when we do it. She was quesitoning why the game even lets us near the kingsman so early on when we would never be fully prepared to take it on. Anyways, we had only lost one survivor during the battle (and it was one of the 5 we would have killed off anyways) so we decided to cut our losses and not lose the other three survivors that actually stand a chance against anything.

    37. Creator Daniel Magnan about 3 hours ago

      @luke You can use the frenzy drink more than once. Cards don't archive unless it states so. Not very logical, but it is the same as monster grease being used over and over again. For fluff reasons, I guess you just get a still going that can only produce a little at a time or something.

    38. Creator Daniel Magnan about 3 hours ago

      @Xavier None. You cannot gain proficiency with it. I think it states it in the rules but do not have the book with me.

    39. Creator Angelicus about 3 hours ago

      Ah, a couple of things i am wondering over is.
      1. all the "normal" hunt event cards, say "roll d100 on chart"... So why do i need those cards? doesnt the survivor roll on the hunt chart if there is no card o_O?
      2. There are a few cards with 1,2,3,4 on them and showing the survivers.... when/why do i use these o_O?
      3. There is also a card for the monsters health.... but isnt the AI-cards the monsters health... so again, why do i need this card?
      I am guessing these will be answered when i read the rulebook :P But i cant wait one week when the questions are in my head now :P

    40. Creator Luke Roberts about 3 hours ago

      @Daniel magnan,

      Typical engagements for me are:

      Activate a circlet, look at 3 cards, any traps/gonna break my frailw eapons, they go on the bottom, look at other one/two cards, arrange as need be, get in and swinga zabato, geta hit almost always wounding, which ditches 2 ai cards to the wound stack. You now have another known hit location, do you have surge, then surge and go again hit and clear it, next one down, well I'm at a point where I can have weapons not just frail in my gear grids.

      I looked this up. Survival actions i.e. surge can be used outside of your individual act if the opportunity presents, and then well surge and use a circlet again before you hit a super dense location. Or have a 2nd circlet around. It helps I have +2 strength on some characters and a monster tooth necklace on the other zambato wielder so I am at strength 8 at the least (in effect strength 10 as the minimum positive wound roll is always a 2+ a 1 always fails) so yeah. Does this make more sense? I've also been lucky in that I haven't come across many super dense locations. I don't have katars yet, I have a king spear, 2 circlets and now a head dress from the catarium and that's it, I had frenzy drink but used it vs the butcher.

    41. Creator Xavier about 3 hours ago

      What weapon profienciency to a use with Katanas?

    42. Creator Angelicus about 3 hours ago

      @Ronald - sounds good. Then i will feel a bit more confident about showing him the game.

    43. Creator Ronald Wanders about 3 hours ago

      @Angelicus : It's mature, but not gratuitous. ^_^ There is nudity in the art in the rulebook, but it's all tasteful and artistic, certainly nothing tending towards pornographic. Most of it is just really cool.

    44. Creator Angelicus about 3 hours ago

      Thank you for the answers regarding the nudity and such. Good to know that there is a chance that he would be able to play it without feeling too offended. again thanks for the answers.

    45. Creator Forsaken about 3 hours ago

      Great, thanks!

    46. Creator Daniel Magnan about 3 hours ago

      @forsaken Yes, it would appear so. When asked where the extra heads were, Adam stated they were added to the unarmored sprue. If he had extra space on the sprue when designing it, it makes sense to add them there.

    47. Creator Daniel Magnan about 3 hours ago

      @luke I have a circlet, got it during either the prologue or first hunt, cant remember, similar to you. Rearranging is very nice and lets you plan things out, but it doesn't get rid of the cards. So people rocking 2 zanbatos vs the kingsmen are either going to have to not attack that turn with two survivors or have a non-fragile wielding attacker get past the super dense locations. Wasting actions vs the kingsman is a recipe for a loss. Unless the zanbato's extra damage is just that awesome vs paired katars to blow through the battle tempo and spears/bows for range .

    48. Creator Forsaken about 4 hours ago

      @Daniel So it started off as a Survivor reward, but then was added to the core game instead?

    49. Creator Daniel Magnan about 4 hours ago

      @forsaken opps, what I meant to say is that everyone got the unarmoured kit, so you did get your extra heads.

    50. Creator Luke Roberts about 4 hours ago

      @Daniel Magnan,

      One piece of gear you need:

      Cat Eye Circlet.

      It allows you to at the cost of 1 activation, to look at the top 3 hit location cards and place them back in any order. use and abuse it to order up prime crit hit locations as well as avoiding trap locations. It's the single piece of kit I won't leave the settlement without.

      I've had mine since the first hunt, I found a cat eye last year and made a second one for extra insurance and to really manipulate things.

      I had a somewhat crazy idea now that we know that you can have more then the 3 or so of each gear card in the core game outside of uniques and only allowed what's in the core game for those gear pieces, and it's to do with the Phoenix and the resetting of the campaign. It's a legendary AI card called deja Vu and the lvl 1 has 1 legendary, the 2nd level has 1 and the level 3 has 2. You need to establish if the Phoenix has that legendary card asap and well that means manipulating the ai deck. So my idea is simple:

      You run 4 survivors with rawhide headbands and rawhide vests and your first survivor turn you are going to surge everyone to work through the ai deck till you find deja vu and keep it one card behind the front all the time. You have to find out if it's ibn there and manipulate such that if you do multiple wounds you aren't ditching it to the wound pile. That said the level1 and 2 phoenix it's a 1 in 4 chance of being in there and the phoenix can be nasty heck even getting to the phoenix can be nasty with its' hunt events, but if you go on a phoenix rampage mid to mid late or early late campaign, then you could have a real shot at getting a deja vu reset and with Blacksmith level gear to really smash through the encounters and just beast the watcher away.

      That alla side, I'm facing the Kingsman nemesis now, and well, I have pictographs so I'm just going to send in 4 red shirts and make them run away first chance they get. Because that thing is a night mare.

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