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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Daniel Magnan about 4 hours ago

      @Joetun Contact Joe at KD, he can often provide you with replacements for missing or broken parts.

    2. Creator Scott Hockley about 6 hours ago

      @Andrew - Read the latest update. There's a mention about that and an email address if you can't make it work. :)

    3. Creator Andrew about 7 hours ago

      I have a sudden need to change my shipping address but I cannot alter it in the pledge manager, what should I do?

    4. Creator Joetun about 10 hours ago

      yay! just got My White Speaker - Sword Hunter and the Pinup Weaponsmith from mail but .. but the right swordarm (with the big sword) of the White Speaker is missing *cry but they are still sooooo beautifull
      BIG Thank you to Adam .. any one got an spare arm?

    5. Creator James Norman about 16 hours ago

      My 'Distracted' and the Mage showed up today! I already have an idea for distracted! this might be what i needed to get back into painting!

    6. Creator USS Daedalus about 16 hours ago…

      Owing to a variety of reasons (which I went in to a few months back here) I will be unable to enjoy my Kingdom Death: Monster pledge when it finally arrives. To that end I am trying to sell it now before the game ships so the ownership of the pledge can transfer and the address be updated before it ships, thus not needing to pay for shipping.

      Upon purchasing the eBay item I will give you access to the entire Kickstarter account, which has only backed this pledge. You will then be able to change the shipping address of the pledge and get it without needing to deal with additional shipping costs. This eBay listing offers protection to you, the buyer, because otherwise such an "account purchase" would be dubious.

      This pledge contains a Survivor Level Pledge as well as the Flower Knight, Dragon King, Dung Beetle Knight, Lantern Festival, Sunstalker, and Slender Man expansions. All told the pledge was $340, which also means that the Herald of Death bonuses are given for free (Manhunter, Lion Knight, etc). I have marked up price a little to recoup some of my lost time with stuff I could have otherwise spent the money on, but it still FAR below final MSRP which is about $750.

    7. Creator Ronald Wanders 1 day ago

      @Matthew : just received shipping notification for my order. Hope it crosses the ocean quickly. ;)

    8. Creator Matthew Blecke 1 day ago

      @Ronald - true. Not sure I'd spend that kind of funds to go to her workshop though, even if it was closer. She's talented, no doubt.

    9. Creator Ronald Wanders 1 day ago

      @Scott : while I'm on the right side of the planet actually getting to the workshop would be quite hard, so I'm going to have to skip. The price is certainly nice though. £150 for 2 days isn't expensive given the instructors. ;D

    10. Creator Ronald Wanders 1 day ago

      @Matthew : Meg Maples (formerly of Privateer Press) holds masterclasses in Vancouver quite regularly. ;) It's quite a distance from Illinois, but it's still on the same continent.

      @Sascha : Those are lovely, really like what you're doing with the Warlord Armour, and the face on the Mother, such nice NMM work. :D

    11. Creator Sascha Buczek 1 day ago

      @Scott the inky-eyes are really cool. Reminds me on Luz - New York by nocturna (or a lot of Luis Rojo paintings :)) It works extremely well on the pale skin tones. Will totally steal that idea in the future ;)

      Some WIPs: only slowly progressing since it is just to hot to paint right now

      warlord: still a lot to do……

      mother: very very early WIP - the right leg on the picture is painted as a first test for transparent white clothing. Needs a bit more contrast and shine...…

    12. Creator Matthew Blecke 1 day ago

      @scott - I swear I'm going to have to emigrate. All the cool workshops (heck AFAIK all the workshops period) happen overseas. Nothing going on around here ><

    13. Creator Scott Hockley 1 day ago

      Morning all. For those in the UK (unless you're REALLY keen!), I have 2 spaces in a weekend painting workshop that I'm holding in late August. Details here -

    14. Creator Ernest A Carafa 2 days ago

      @Angelicus Yes that what Adam said, I was just translating into what I think it means since his dates are usually inflated xP

    15. Creator Angelicus 2 days ago

      @Ernest A Carafa - According to latest info we where going to get an email "this week" to confirm our address since we are getting close to release date. So that is why Sanuel was asking about it.. After this we will get an update as you said, when stuffs really are ready

    16. Creator Matthew Blecke 2 days ago

      @Adnapoleon - grats on the pending girl.
      You can find time if you look hard enough. I've gotten like 1 or 2 things done in the last 10 weeks :D

    17. Creator Adnapoleon Choudhaparte 2 days ago

      Gratz on baby Adam. We're expecting our baby girl within the next 3 weeks which is both good and bad. It's bad because I'm assured I'm not going to get any time to paint minis for a year or two afterwards... but on the bright side, baby girl.

      Now to teach a baby to paint so she can help with daddy's backlog.

    18. Creator Ernest A Carafa 2 days ago

      @ Sanuel Those won't be sent until the next update with the full info on fulfillment as far as I understand from reading.

    19. Creator Ronald Wanders 2 days ago

      Haven't seen many messages about that confirmation mail yet Samuel, so I'm assuming they're not being sent out yet. I certainly haven't received mine yet. ;)
      They should be coming in the next week I imagine.

    20. Creator Samuel A 2 days ago

      Thought we were talking about the shipping address confirmation email mentioned in the update. Anyone else not get one yet? Before I email Adam or someone? Just in case it's still on going due to the holiday.

    21. Creator Steve 3 days ago

      I'm backer number 5642. Yeah there really must have been a lot drop out given there are only 5410 backers!
      *Hoping it doesn't ship in backer order*

    22. Creator Skibble 3 days ago

      Hurm... Backer #3749. You know unless it changes every time I upped my Pledge there must have been ALOT of drop outs.

    23. Creator Daniel Magnan 3 days ago

      @Samuel I'm guessing #73 is your KDM ks backer number. We are talking about the order number at the kd store.

    24. Creator Mad Clown Miniatures 3 days ago

      @Joe: Yeah, Halloween Twilight Knight in plastic would be awesome!

      I love the artwork in KD, especially the work of Lokman Lam. The gatherer in the latest update really grabbed me and I decided to have a go at her myself. Here is my progress so far. I am using marker pens and fine liners.

    25. Creator Samuel A 3 days ago

      I'm #73 so I'm sure it has no bearing on confirmation ordering.

    26. Creator Jason Massatt 3 days ago

      Happy 4th Kingdom Death!!!

    27. Creator CashWiley 4 days ago

      Not sure order # has much to do with it, since I'm right after Daniel at 13774 and no shipment notification.

    28. Creator Joe Kiyoshi 4 days ago


      I want everything in plastic. I have the Satan Twins, but I'd gladly buy them in the plastic quality with game mechanics added.

      Kinda wish that Halloween Twilight Knight was plastic too.

      Plastic plastic plastic...crack.

    29. Creator Corey Kershaw 5 days ago

      Ammo Slave Encore up if anyone missed it

    30. Creator Balgin Stondraeg 5 days ago

      Yeah, those emails tend to arrive about 3am over here in the UK. By the time we get out of bed and check them we international customers notice how quickly things have managed to sell in a handful of hours. I managed to get an order in this time 'though :). The confirmation email tells me that I'm only order number 14229. It won't affect much as the international shipping option available doesn't involve too much by way of tracking information. I'll just have to wait about a month really. Six or seven weeks at the most.

    31. Creator Daniel Magnan 5 days ago

      The crazy thing is I opened the email just seconds after it appeared in my inbox, skipped reading anything and just went straight to the store to see what was in stock. 12 mages were already gone.

    32. Creator Ronald Wanders 5 days ago

      mine was 13983, so I was pretty close to the start of the sales then. :D

    33. Creator Ronald Wanders 5 days ago

      and I replied Matthew. ;)

    34. Creator Daniel Magnan 5 days ago

      FYI, order number is 13769.

    35. Creator Daniel Magnan 5 days ago

      Wow, my store order shipped already! I've never had it ship that fast. Of course it probably helped that I happened to be checking my email when the kd email appeared in my inbox. Was in the store and completing my order within a minute.

    36. Creator Matthew Blecke 5 days ago

      @Ronald - sent you an email :D

    37. Creator Ronald Wanders 5 days ago

      @Matthew: no problem, throw me an email at r.f.wanders at gmail dot com if needed, and I'll get back to you. ;)

    38. Creator Matthew Blecke 5 days ago

      @Ronald - thanks! I will definitely keep that in mind. I'm excited for this one, though I won't be able to keep up with Bailey...

    39. Creator Ronald Wanders 5 days ago

      Matthew : Should you not be able to get hold of one, I wouldn't mind selling you mine (no markup obviously, though I may ask a little for shipping). :)
      54mm models are very intimidating, and I'd rather give mine to an artist that I know can do it justice than paint it myself. I'm more of a 28mm guy as it is (I basically grabbed one ASAP, but didn't see she was 54mm until after paying). ;)

    40. Creator aredman 5 days ago

      Any one know where I can find a 54mm White Speaker? With the new 54mm Distracted model I have renewed my search for the three models I dont have.

    41. Creator Mad Clown Miniatures 5 days ago

      @AGN1964: It's amazing what Googling for Lokman Lam / Kingdom Death can bring up!

      This is of course total speculation but knowing Poots levels of secret planning I wouldn't be at all surprised if these were already produced and in his warehouse. A part of me can imagine a shock plastic release once fullfilment begins... (Satan twins with one shot challenge or Savior set, anybody?)

      Worth keeping in mind that this is just speculation and I doubt it would have had an impact on the fullfilment date. Still, speculation is exciting! It makes you wonder what other sculpts are already scanned and optimised for manufacture...? ^_^

    42. Creator Matthew Blecke 6 days ago

      So I got an update from FMP - they don't have their allotment in yet, and they don't know how many they'll be getting. So any orders on their site are basically pre-orders, and may not get filled if they don't have enough stock.

      You can try that, though you may be better off stalking CMON's shop over the next few days if you're really after the new releases/encores that were just released.

    43. Creator Balgin Stondraeg 6 days ago

      It's very rare that I'll order multiple copies of a Kingdom Death miniature. When I do it's either because I have two rather different colour schemes in mind and fancy painting both or it's a case of quality control. Since the figures will be travelling halfway around the world (and are rather delicate) I'll be able to paint the better of the two and then do something interesting on the other one. Like experimenting with some new paints.

    44. Creator Matthew Blecke 6 days ago

      @John D - we are. But I've got that already, and more coming haha

    45. Creator John D 6 days ago

      I thought we were SUPPOSED to have more than we could possibly finish in one lifetime - I've been doing it wrong?
      (same applies to boardgames, now that I think about it)

    46. Creator Matthew Blecke 6 days ago

      @David - too true. Plus I've got Journey on the boat too. Lots of stuff coming. And only a few years late. And I STILL have lots of stuff undone.

    47. Creator David Powell 6 days ago

      I know, I've been trying to avoid ordering more, especially considering all the KD stuff we'll all have once Monster delivers. But I couldn't pass up the Distracted (or a second shot at the flower witch).

    48. Creator Matthew Blecke 6 days ago

      @David - yeah. I've been trying to avoid mini purchases as of late. I have so many to work on, and babies are expensive. But I took one look at Distracted and the wheels got turning!

    49. Creator David Powell 6 days ago

      Hey Cash and Matthew, I'm still around! =) Yeah, I'm super excited to see Adam release another 54mm figure. And then I saw the actual sculpt, can't wait to get to work on it.

    50. Creator Matthew Blecke 6 days ago

      I'm hoping I get a reply from FMP so I too have a copy. I got my patron to pick up the tab again haha

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