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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Daniel Magnan
      2 days ago

      I'm not saying there will not be any new content, but I think KS is pretty loose with those rules. I've seen projects for reprints of old board games that only had a small amount of updates and almost no stretch goals for exclusive content.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Ochagavía Gallego 4 days ago

      I think that is a reality: there will be new expansions and experiences, Adam told so. Now, aproaching the time when we will know which options he offers: male pin ups, ram expansion with dungeon mode, people of the fox... there are a lot of possibilities!

    3. CM 4 days ago

      Yes, that was what I was getting at. Even without stretch goals it won't be only the reprint.

    4. Francois 4 days ago

      New expansions, just to be clear.

    5. Francois 4 days ago

      @CM I'm pretty sure that if the main kickstarter item is an expansion and the reprint is an add-on, it's a viable loophole around that.

    6. CM 5 days ago

      @J Durrant- It really can't be just a reprint. It would require at least some new content to be within Kickstarters rules.

    7. Francois 6 days ago

      @J Durrant:
      I expect that he'll have a few expansions ready to go (4-5 but not 12 like last time), especially since all the core game assets are ready to go. He'll surely have less crazy low prices as well, as he might not want to lose a lot of grands again.

    8. Mike Malley 6 days ago

      What happened to our picture when you look at all the games you've backed? Or is it only missing for me?

    9. Missing avatar

      J Durrant 6 days ago

      I will be very surprised if this KS, after factoring in stretch goals, ends up just being a reprint of the core game. Pleasantly surprised though, as I'd see it as Poots learning and not biting off more than he can chew again.

      Personally I think I'd go for, reprint, some new single plastic minis and maybe one new expansion. Add the cost of shipping the expansion alone to the cost of it up front, that way 2 stage shipping is expected and prepared for.

      Save new expansions for future KS.

      @Andy ouch that's a bad situation, what parts are you missing?

    10. Marco Daeblitz on September 21

      @Mathieu: expansions already shipped some months ago. Only Lantern festival got pushed back. Further announcements regarding lantern festival probably end of September/start of october.

      You should contact the support team for what has happened to your expansions.

    11. Francois on September 20

      @Mathieu: ça fait un bon bout déjà que les extensions sont arrivées. Contacte les au plus vite si il te manque de quoi.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Perreault-Dorion on September 20

      I kinda lost track of the shipping progress of this Kickstarter. I've got my base game, but haven't received any expansions (yes I've pledged for a couple). When are they supposed to ship? The twitch game seems to have a bunch already.

    13. Kyle Currie on September 18

      @Andy & Lorna: Other than the Lantern Festival, there's not really any reason for him to do any update here. He's already said most/all news would be coming from his newsletter from now on anyway, except for the very last (#100) Kickstarter update.

      If you signed up for the newsletter, you'd see he just updated everyone on the Kickstarter:

      "Final KD:M Kickstarter Update still planned for Sept, but might slip to October.

      - Lantern Festival - Still planning announcements this month, might slide to October, really hoping it won’t.
      - Aya Painting Guide - Complete
      - Kara Black Skin Painting Guide - Complete
      - Digital Art book - Joe, Anna and I have been working on it!
      - Holiday White Speaker Nico Settlement Card - Going to add this to the printed card pack (along with the cards from the recently released plastic models, that many backers already have). These will be available for cost + labor + shipping.

      My intention is to have one final update for all the outstanding rewards listed above. While it was scheduled for September, a few things might push it back. Regardless, I want to ensure that Kickstarter 1 is %99.999999 wrapped before we launch Kickstarter 2."

    14. Balgin Stondraeg on September 18

      Aye. An Expansion Box would be much appreciated.

    15. Daniel Magnan
      on September 18

      @Andy the new ks is just to reprint the core game

      "Let’s go ahead and make it official. We will be launching a kickstarter to fund the reprint of Kingdom Death: Monster on Friday November 25, 2016 - Black Friday. I will be offering no details or glimpses, as I prefer to keep it a surprise. "

    16. Andy & Lorna
      on September 17

      Knowing that that they are about to start another Kickstarter when they haven't even completed this one doesn't fill me with hope or warm feelings. There have been no updates here in so long, and for a Kickstarter that still hasn't finished it's fulfillment this is a problem. I have spent over a thousand dollars and still don't even have an undamaged base game in hand. Replacement parts for defective/damaged components have still not been made available. I have a code I was given months ago for when the online store has replacement parts available for purchase. The Lantern Festival expansion has not been provided. There has also been no update on the challenge scenarios since "printed pack of cards will eventually make its way to our online store, available for free + packing and shipping".

    17. Michael Salt on September 17

      I do hope he uses the new KS as a chance to release some more expansions as well.

      I remember there being a Major expansion in the works called the Nightmare Fox? And the settlement could live in tunnels under its lair? I want to see that :)

      But if i have only ONE wish for an extra to add for everyone... It would be a second box to store all the expansion content in. I already have everything but i cant fit all the cards and it makes me a very sad panda...

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew Williams on September 17

      Only one lantern year after the first Kickstarter too!

    19. Balgin Stondraeg on September 17

      Oh I truly hope so.

    20. Michael Pruden on September 17

      It's coming!!! :)

    21. Balgin Stondraeg on September 17

      The Knight looks good. she's still not the long awaited Kingdom Death Paladin 'though :(.

    22. Balgin Stondraeg on September 17

      I believe there might be some alternate monsters & alternate nemesis monsters. What I do know is that Adam seemed to mention having a special pledge level for returning backers to only get the stuff they haven't got and any updated things as well.

    23. Angelicus on September 17

      i assume its a print of the updated rules and stuff. hope there will be a cheap teir for us who only need the updated stuff and not a whole new box

    24. Scragglefoot on September 17

      Just had the newsletter come through! New kickstarter starts 25 November!!!!!!! :D

    25. CM on September 13

      According to the August update ( ) the art book will "most likely" be taken care of this month. There is also supposed to be some sort of news regarding the Lantern Festival this month.

    26. Missing avatar

      CactusSmacker on September 12

      Did the digital artbook ever actually get sent out yet? I know it's supposed to be "last"

    27. Daniel Magnan
      on August 28

      @cadium Also, there will be no more updates on KS. You need to follow the KD newsletter, or just come and ask here I guess. One of the regulars always has the latest info.

    28. Jason Massatt on August 27

      It's being completely reworked focusing on towns/cities instead of settlements. The final Kickstarter update in September will talk about it in actual detail.

    29. cadium on August 27

      Hello, if anybody has news regarding the lantern festival expansion could they please enlighten me. There have been no official updates since Feb and it's making me a little anxious!

    30. Jason Massatt on August 23

      Nope. All full of perfect plastic goodness.

    31. SacredRoach
      on August 22

      Jason, I agree...but be sure to check the boxes too. One of my boxes was just a box...I filed a support ticket.

    32. Jason Massatt on August 22

      That was the fastest I've ever received a kd order, and the new plastic packaging is awesome. It still makes me feel a part of something special.

    33. Ronald Wanders on August 19

      Perhaps useful for us backers, it looks like Swan restocked their 52x52mm sleeves for the item cards, they're in stock both in the US and on a EU site that sells them.
      Get them while they're available.

    34. Xavier on August 17

      Got a response from KD about what wil contain the pack
      "Adam, hasn't decided yet, expect more news in upcoming updates."
      So right now anything can be possible

    35. Daniel Magnan
      on August 17

      @Paireon Perhaps after the next gencon. It sounds like the box set was a gencon exclusive deal ($20 per mini instead of $25) However you never know. Black Friday perhaps? That is always a special anniversary for KDM.

    36. Janitor on August 17

      Oh poots, you cruel mistress, adding those game add-on cards actually made me spend way more than I would otherwise. But hey, I finally get Percival!

    37. SVR The Boy on August 17

      It is my understanding that the card pack will be for Beyond the Wall, the White Speaker and Allison the Twilight knight only. Anything that was resin and now remade in plastic you would have to buy to get the cards.

    38. Paireon - Vampire Panda of the Old Ones
      on August 17

      Damnit, missed the box set. Anyone know if it'll ever be available again? Pinups of Death was made available a few times IMO.

    39. Daniel Magnan
      on August 16

      @xavier. It isn't clear. That is part of the reason I ended up buying the box set. To make sure I got all the game content.

      I dont think KD checks this comment area anymore. So if you want an answer you will need to contact them.

    40. Xavier on August 16

      Does the futur game play content is containe the ones in Beyond the Wall, the White Speaker and Allision the Twilight knigh or does does it also have the rest (fade, percival ect,)?

    41. Matthew Blecke on August 16

      @Toad - I saw those. It was interesting. Basically white primer with a grey/black wash. Reminiscent of statues. Quite unique. Didn't think to photo them. Lots of other new minis I hadn't seen before either. The new plastic boxing is slick too.

    42. Toad on August 16

      Anyone get pictures of the KD minis at Gencon, specifically the white with inked paint job. I really want to give that a try.

    43. Daniel Magnan
      on August 16

      I ended up buying the box set. I really only wanted 4 of the minis as I already have the rest, but figured I would end up paying for the missing cards and shipping again later anyway. So for basically an extra $75 or so I get 6 duplicate minis to use or sell.

    44. Daniel Magnan
      on August 16

      Seems they fixed if by adding a "Fade 2" to the store

    45. Daniel Magnan
      on August 16

      Yes but Fade is broken. I just get a blank page when I click on her so I cant add her to my cart.

    46. Matthew Pilgreen
      on August 16

      New releases are in the store!

    47. Edward Farkhiev on August 10

      I have to post here but I'm extremely upset with KD. I never got my Herald of death gift (which I was counting on for those particular items) and instead of giving me store credit for the value or replacement items, they gave me $30 to my Paypal (which I requested not be sent). I contacted them about it and they just said they're not going to bother with my request.

      That really blows.

      End rant.

    48. Steve on August 10

      Posted on the FB group, Techraptor did an interview with Poots where he discuses the difficulties in detail as well as a bunch of other cool plans. I won't steal their thunder, but safe to say there will still be a fair delay on the Lantern Festival (definitely beyond this year) but it does sound worth it. Details in their video and post here:

    49. Ernster on August 10

      So what is the status of lantern festival?

    50. Eric Johnson on August 9

      It is a sad day. Today is the first day since April that KD has not been setup in a living state on my dining room table. We have guests coming to stay for a few days and my wife put her foot down that I had to clear off the DR table so we could use it. Turns out the foam board design from the Files section of BGG worked superbly! I didn't sleeve my cards so it left me with enough space to pack in all my resin terrain, along with all the small and medium based figures. DK, Babyface, Lion-O, Spidey, Birdo, Sunny, and Lonesome Bush are all decorating my bookshelves.

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