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Kingdom Death : Monster's video poster

Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 7, 2013.

Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.

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    1. Creator SamuraiJack about 1 hour ago

      Chinese new year runs until 3/5 so there's nothing to report really.. nothing in china is getting done for anyone until it ends..

    2. Creator Corey Kershaw about 2 hours ago

      But even with all the people who dont belong, i finished my Zinogre Z set.…

    3. Creator Corey Kershaw about 3 hours ago

      So been in G rank in monster hunter for a while now and theres a lot of people that don't belong there. Like people still in low rank armor or who don't know how to dodge basic attacks.

    4. Creator Larry Barriere about 20 hours ago

      Everybody relax. We all know that this stage is alot of phone calls, and checking/double checking of stuff, keeping things organized, etc. There isn't really anything that needs to be said to update us until things are moving along smoothly. I'm actually not expecting a real update until he gets ahold of a fully boxed copy of the game for his review.

    5. Creator Vinsssounet 2 days ago

      There's indeed no deadline given for the next update, I think it was said something like "I'll get back to you sometime after the first week of march", which only means that there will be for sure nothing until then, but doesn't promise anything specific either after that.

      So right now we just wait and that is fine because it is stated so =)

      Let us rejoyce things are moving and next time we hear something there shall be plenty more concrete informations.

    6. Creator Nicholas Quinn Schauer 2 days ago

      No update of any sort was promised for March so I wouldn't expect anything; as much as one would be nice, my guess would be April after their prints are for sure organized as well as plastics. Just guessing though.
      We MIGHT hear something if the prints are delayed as they are sposed to be be proofed first week of march.

    7. Creator Scott Hockley 2 days ago

      @soybris - I can confirm that Adam is definitely alive and (I believe) well. I can also say that KD has been involved in a move to a new premises recently. So between moving and trying to push Monster closer to the line, there hasn't been either the time or energy to communicate with us, even privately. I had one very short email a few weeks ago, but otherwise nothing since December...

    8. Creator soybris 2 days ago

      Adam has disappeared? He had an accident? does not appear for this forum for a while, its strange and in his twitter account no messages since December.
      The last update gave me the impression of being made by other person, did not have the same style and is too short.

      I'll be going crazy but something does not smell right.

    9. Creator Mike Malley 3 days ago

      Cool. Here's hoping. Delays don't bug me, but I'd definitely like to have an idea when it'll be arriving.

    10. Creator Kyle Currie 3 days ago

      @Mike: No official word, but since they missed the major update a couple times, and said that they'd be handing off all the print materials by the first week of March, it's safe to say they'll have run out of excuses and will likely post an update.

    11. Creator Mike Malley 3 days ago

      Are we getting an update during the first half of March?

    12. Creator Kyle Currie 3 days ago

      Well, the end of February is upon us, and the first week of March is close at hand!

      The Great Silence has almost come to an end...

    13. Creator Steve 4 days ago

      Just caught wind of a new miniature KS, some of the models look really good. But there is a lot more in the stretch goals that haven't been unlocked and by the looks of it might not.…

    14. Creator Eric Montoya 4 days ago

      Alright. I added a few people from here. Do they have to add me too?

    15. Creator Corey Kershaw 4 days ago

      add them on your 3DS friend list and they will automatically be added in game

    16. Creator Eric Montoya 4 days ago

      I just got monster hunter. It's pretty fun. How do you add friends?

    17. Creator aredman 4 days ago

      thanks @Scott. That will get me started.

    18. Creator aredman 5 days ago

      can anyone point me to some good OSL tutorials?

    19. Creator Corey Kershaw 5 days ago

      after HR7 they unlock the HR thing and now you get points for every monster you hunt

    20. Creator Nicholas Quinn Schauer 5 days ago

      yea and don't get me wrong I'm far happier getting to see pictures of minis then knowing these mechanics its more of a "Why not say it" sort of question, some of these updates have been pretty comprehensive as far as pictures so a few more on going over mechanics and not just saying "Then the settlement won against X monster and Jerry went insane" like the logs do which doesn't say to much mechanically.
      While it certainly isn't a huge issue just something I realized while going over.

      Also found the Forum on BGG with some questions answered however the thread is from 2013... so yea again a lot has changed.

    21. Creator Chris Vazquez 5 days ago

      @Corey: I... wait... what?!?!?!?! Doesn't it just go to 10? What the hell are you doing?!

    22. Creator Corey Kershaw 5 days ago

      Now HR45 in monster hunter

    23. Creator Angelicus 5 days ago

      @Nicholas . I agree with you.... i think that the videos show the basics of the game and as long as it hasn't changed to much. I think the ground of the gameplay is withing my imagination. Though as you say, there are many question marks still jumping around. That would be nice to know, but at the same time is not really "needed" as they will show later on.
      And as Poots has a lot of people play-testing the game (as i understand it), the rules should be ok and easy to grasp after a few tries......... as it should be..... however i am very interested in seeing the rulebook (there are so many rulebooks that feels like they where randomly put together) and see the charts/tables for the different rolls (sounds like there will be many).
      I have shadow of brimstone and they have a chart that is 30 or somthing happenings in the table. And only a few weeks after i got it, a new chart was available to download with about twice the amount..... So i am just hoping that what we get is enough and will not need an "update" short after we get it.... Sad to have that beutiful rulebook and then have a lot of printed pages beside it (not counting the ones copied from the book, mind you :P)

    24. Creator Francois 6 days ago

      Adam has been clear from the start that while he would show us previews of the minis, he'd be very very scarce on gameplay details.

    25. Creator Nicholas Quinn Schauer 6 days ago

      Both gameplay videos were well at the start of the kickstarter, as is well evident, no need to get jumpy; I didn't say there was NOTHING. As for game logs; those have said absolutely nothing about actual mechanics that happened in the game merely what RESULT happened.
      Clearly MANY things have changed sense the few things that we have been told.
      I haven't seen the BGG thread but will look into it.
      Off the top of my head there are quite a few things that we don't know anything about.
      Terran and how it actually works
      How multiple monsters work ala spiders in combat
      How exactly benefits from innovations work (Cards as read seem to only add negative affects)
      How Nemesis monsters work currently (last we heard was the little about dice rolls plus years which was changed and clearly not all Nemesis monster work off such as Dung Beetle Knight)

      There are a lot of questions that could be answered without the revealing of what the actual story of the game is and to say that "we know everything" honestly boggles my mind.
      The entire fact that lantern years were redone honestly just goes to show that many things have changed and what we know may have also changed and is limited.

    26. Creator Daniel Magnan 6 days ago

      I was able to sell my Christmas pinup, minus game card and axes, for $40 on ebay. After shipping and ebay fees that is about $30. Since the pinup was $50 + $6 shipping, it ended up costing me around $26 for the card and axes. So I think it worked out pretty good. A little more than I would like to pay for the card and axes, but better than paying $56 and having a mini I would never use sit in a box.

    27. Creator Ceetee 6 days ago

      We DO know how the game works though. We have seen two gameplay videos, quite a few reviews of playtest sessions, an entire playtest log, and even when he completely redid lantern year system, he posted about it in an update, and before the campaign ended he even did a large Q&A on BGG which he directed people to from here at the time.

      If you go back and re-read the updates and watch the videos, there really aren't too many questions you can have left. I honestly dont understand why people keep trying to make that argument.

    28. Creator Nicholas Quinn Schauer 6 days ago

      @Larry, it's pretty common practice for games to show at least how the game works especially when it's a board game. I understand that this is being more marketed as a "campain" but I still feel like quite a lot of things could be further explained.
      For example a lot of people have been talking about Cohan, and its a good game to at least game wise compare as it uses "Scenarios" and there for revealing game play might ruin some aspects.
      Despite this there is quite a detailed explanation on how the game works unlike for this game.
      I respect adams decision to not reveal more about the game, but as a avid board gamer I completely understand why some might be a little worried how good the mechanics of the game might be.

    29. Creator Ernest A Carafa 6 days ago

      @Larry Barriere Well I wouldn't go that far, the main reason is it has been made clear that we won't be hearing anything for awhile right now. If that hasn't been made apparent then you can look at the trends the last year.

    30. Creator Larry Barriere 6 days ago

      @AGN1964. Everyone is always looking forward to updates. But really, it's not necessary to waste time sending a message about nothing.
      Regarding the stuff he could show us. I'd rather be surprised by most of it when we get the game. Why would you want the whole thing spoiled for you before you even get to see it in your hands?

    31. Creator Ceetee 6 days ago

      Well, just ordered the n3DS bundle from gamestop. Since it seems to be the only way for me to pick up the new3ds. They dont even seem to be restocking the regular ones, just making a bundle at no discount to move product. Really disappointed. I WANTED both of the games in the bundle (Majoras Mask and MH4), but was planning to get them digitally.

      This is a waste of a 32gb microSD :(

    32. Creator Corey Kershaw 7 days ago

      also why are Tigrex maws harder to get than ruby's D:

    33. Creator scott murray 7 days ago

      @ Corey
      Where do you get the time?

    34. Creator Corey Kershaw 7 days ago

      in other news im now HR7 in monster hunter

    35. Creator Ernest A Carafa on February 23


      If we hear from him before May I'd be surprised, so don't get any hopes up.

    36. Creator AGN1964 on February 23

      @Larry "Do you really need him to message us the same thing over and over again"

      Speaking for myself, yes, I would like to know that work is progressing well (or not, as the case may be). And I have even more interest in seeing the armour kits and monsters that we have not been shown yet. Judging by the discussions here, others seem interested in the game play elements and the art in the rule book.

      So between the kits, monsters, cards, rules teasers and art, there is plenty of new material that Adam could show us updates.

      However, I understand that Adam said there would be no updates until the expansion documents are submitted to the printers after the CNY holiday. I am really looking forwards to them resuming.

    37. Creator Larry Barriere on February 23

      @Murray what Pride said. Also, it's chinese new years so less to update.
      The project is coming to a head. There won't be as much information for us anymore as everything at this point is pretty much done. It's just a matter of packaging. Do you really need him to message us the same thing over and over again (ie: "packing is moving along nicely.")?
      There's no damage done providing you understand patience. Relax. This game is gonna be epic. We've received plenty of updates. Maybe that's the issue. He updated too often so people are taking it for granted.

    38. Creator Larry Barriere on February 23

      @Renaat Adam isn't posting because it's Chinese new year all month so he wouldn't have anything new to report until things get going again. He's probably not taking a break mind you, but he probably has a bit of free time this month (which sounds like something he doesn't get very often).

    39. Creator Pride365 on February 22

      @Murray Quarmby We have always talked about different KS on here as well as a lot of other things it is part of what makes this place awesome. I also dont think Adam is doing anything wrong by focusing on the print deadline that is coming up. That is what he should be doing.

    40. Creator Renaat (no more KS) on February 22

      Guess Adam is too busy now playing all the games he backed :p Seeing his backer history I often ask myself when he has time to play everything he backed. Impressive

    41. Creator Daniel Magnan on February 22

      Sorry, meant to post this...…

    42. Creator Daniel Magnan on February 22

      Ummm. KDM orders are NOT going out...…

    43. Creator Murray Quarmby on February 22

      @Rhys - I wish we could talk more about KDM. Unfortunately, with KD not posting anything here, and no other forum, there really seems to be nothing to say. I suspect Adam is not aware of the damage he is doing to the brand for the sake of five minutes a week on a single post - and I am most likely one of the strongest supporters of KD from day 1 and will continue to be.

      I continue to believe the product will be worth it, the silence loose impact and the wait justified.

    44. Creator soybris on February 21

      Any news from Adam poots? long time since your last comment.

    45. Creator RocK_M on February 21

      From the looks of things the KS shop basically has sent out all the late Black Friday orders besides the actual games themselves. I just got my email as well for the Satan Encore (woohoo!)

      And since the orders are lumped together the automated invoicing listed the game as included in the sent out stuff. The joys of automated invoicing I guess =P

    46. Creator Kyle Currie on February 20

      @Chris: Yes, sorry, I mean late backer Black Friday pledge packages. Not to be confused with the Black Friday pledge levels that were up during the time the project was live.

    47. Creator Chris Vazquez on February 20

      @Orlando: Wow, that's a well painted figure! (heh, double entendre)

      @Kyle: To clarify, when you say "Black Friday" you mean late backer Black Friday, right, not the first Black Friday when the KS launched.

    48. Creator Orlando_the_Technicoloured on February 20

      after that blip how about some Kingdom Death painted by Jen Haley…

    49. Creator Kyle Currie on February 20

      @Eric: I'll repost my comment from the BGG thread here:

      The game is not shipping yet. As of the last update, they were still coordinating getting all the plastic from the plastic manufacturer over to the printed materials manufacturer. That was stated on Feb 4th. And both of those companies are in China.

      So no, they did NOT manage to move the plastic to the other manufacturer, sort and put together game packages, put them on a boat, get them to the US, clear customs, get them to their warehouse, and start shipping them in 16 days. And then not update the KS community about it.

      Also, it has been clearly stated by Adam that all Black Friday pledges would ship AFTER all KS pledges, which won't be done for another couple months because all of the printed expansion materials haven't been turned in yet. They get turned in the first week of March, and THEN printed.

      Sorry to burst your bubble. Might want to edit the OP so that people who don't follow updates won't come in here and start spreading rumors that the game has shipped.

      EDIT: Also, no way all that got done right around CNY.

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