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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. boxfetish [Mr. Safety] 6 days ago

      @Tj beaton

      Go to pledge manager here:

      Then click on the 'Edit Shipping Info' button right below the shipping address they have for you,

    2. Missing avatar

      Tj beaton on

      Hey how do I get in contact with the Creator I just moved I want to know how to get my pledge ship to the new house?

    3. Missing avatar

      Erik Larsen on

      How about an update?

    4. Michael Steel on

      tomorrow will be 5 months to the day during which time we have had several updates on the website about new stuff we could buy but no info on what going on with the stuff we have already paid for which stinks to be honest if it was a complete blackout then I could to be honest understand but not even a comment on the kickstarter in the updates even a yes we are still working on it more to come when we have it line would be nice.

    5. Missing avatar

      Gary Fish on

      So it's been almost 6 months with not a single update on anything, I understand delays happen for all kinds of reasons. Any sort of update would be appreciated to let us know stuff is still in the works. Instead of just half a year of silence.

    6. Cyber Golem on

      Just learned about this - my condolences Sir. I too have lost my Mother, and know exactly how hard it is to miss your friend. I think about my mom everyday. Take care Sir.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      I am still monitoring this and two other kickstarters for info. On all three selecting the comments page shows no comments at all. Blank. I can only see the updates and comment here. Anyone else having trouble or know why this might be?

    8. Adam Canning

      Hopefully the new decks of oversized cards will match one of the already existing card sleeves.

      Otherwise the game side of this is sounding good. Poots is a perfectionist strikes again of course.


    9. Garend -People of the Poots... on

      Condolences on your Mother's passing, may her memories lives on.

      Perhaps as a rememberance for her, you can do something in the KDM game.. like an Item called "Mom's cooking" or etc something for all player's to also remember their deceased / living parents as well.

      everything is uncertain, only death is certain.

    10. Ashley Eidsmore

      So sorry to hear about your mother. :(
      It is a beautiful thing that she was able to share in your success as proud as she was before passing.

      Thank you for the kick ass update and wishing you a wonderful holiday!

    11. Robert Scott Small on

      Sorry for your lost Adam.
      I need to look through the full post but did anything go up in price if I had already pledged for it?

    12. Alejandro Garcia Higuchi on

      my sincere condolences Adam. Keep striding forward.

    13. Richard

      I'm sorry for your loss Adam

    14. Thantastic on

      Condolences to you and your family Adam.

    15. Theo Vargas Amaral Bueno on

      This update was amazing... Lost my dad two years back now, the week before my birthday, the week after my sister's... Good luck to your family, and congratulations on all you have accomplished.

      You truly made quite the exciting update, can't wait.

    16. Grlscz on

      @Ionut The pledge manager opening for black friday is hardly a surprise. It happens every year.

    17. Jynk

      Condolences on your mother's passing. She sounded like a great lady.

      Will the pinups be able to be purchased individually? I only want two and don't want to have to buy two sets for the two I want.

    18. Crimsonsun on

      Until midnight est time

    19. Jason Kimmerling on

      Anyone have any idea how long the pledge manager will be open?

    20. Crimsonsun on

      @Alex your fine.

    21. jeep on

      @Matthias, a storage solution would be good indeed but I don't see Poots giving that to us. On the plus side, the GC box, once emptied of the minis that will go in a display cabinet, and of the rules that will go into the main box, will provide a nice receptacle to store a lot of cards and components.
      @KingdomDeath : two questions :
      - will the miniatures that are currently packaged in the KS be available on an individual basis (or maybe bundle for 54mm+30mm versions) in the shop
      - any news of the monsters/lore that was briefly described in update 45 ? Or is that on hold/postponed for the moment ? (given the current scope of GC I'm not sure we need that anyway : I'd be ready to forgo that part of the GC for now if that means we get the rest (AKDM, narratives, Atnas, Gambler etc.) earlier)

    22. Missing avatar

      Fen on

      @Alexander, yes you are still good.

    23. Missing avatar

      Alexander Bogayevicz

      I have some confusion, if I pledged for the old campaigns of death price at 40 am I still good ?

      Sorry if it’s been asked many a time

    24. Lawrence Cicchetti

      On the meat shield card you're is misspelled twice

    25. Missing avatar

      Etienne on

      Could we please add the Advanced Kingdom Death: Monster into the Campaigns of Death?


    26. Matthias on

      Dear Poots,

      800 USD backer here.

      what I want more than any new expansion is a new empty KD expansions box where I can properly store the new expansion cards and minis in it since the core box is full and bursting with content already.

      Thanks for considering a stylish storage solution!

    27. Crystal Groves

      Did the honorable berserker change? I thought he originally had his helmet on? Is it a variant head?

    28. WarWolf on

      Found the answer sorry for the previous post. Thankfully it is in the gambler's pledge. Boy did that pledge pay off big time.

    29. Crimsonsun on

      @Ionut Adam always goes big for black friday and if the pledge manager is ever going to reopen it will be on black friday weekends just keep it in mind for the future, and with wave 4 still being 2+ years off I'd guess you may see it reopen next year no harm in preparing just in case...

    30. WarWolf on

      Is the Campaigns of Death expansion included in the gamblers Pledge? Thanks in advance

    31. Missing avatar

      Ionut Andronache on

      Thanks @Nakano for your answer.
      I guess you are right, the question makes sense for Wave 4 (which is the one I'm most interested to add the new expansions to my collections).

      Though I'm happy and grateful for seeing the pledge manager open again, I'll need a bit of planning ahead to actually be able to benefit from it. Not sure if this surprises open of Pledge Manager reach their full potential of motivation backers increasing their pledge.

      In my case, I'm interested in all Wave 4 expansions, which are a total of 1.100$. I might consider actually going for it because of how much I enjoy KD but for me to have this amount available right away without any planning before it not quite feasible (not even mentioning being in the month of Black Friday).

      Maybe is just me!
      Hope my feedback will be relevant.

      Kind Regards,

    32. Frank J. Gonzalez on

      Sleep tight, Donna.

      Thank you for the update, mr Poots. I take it none of the big version pin-ups will be added to the individual pin-ups, correct?

    33. Missing avatar

      Łukasz on

      For how long the pledge manager will be open?

    34. John Pfeiffer on

      Adam, my most heartfelt condolences for your loss. Thank you for the update, the work you're doing continues to amaze.

    35. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      Sorry for your loss. Thank you for the update and the photos of all the developed hard plastic items. From what you have said it appears most of the wave 3 work is complete at least figure wise. It is your vision of how the advanced game play will slot into 1.5 that is preventing any waves from shipping further. Though I liked the update and such I cannot give this a like sadly. The idea that there is now not even a guess at a time scale for shipping after months of not even one small update but vague hints on other social media platforms assumes all your customers to be wealthy masochists who enjoy being treated badly and paying for it. I was looking forward to getting some idea when wave 3 would ship being a God Frogdog backer and it is more the figures collections I was hoping for than the gamblers chest considering at least half are already existing tools. Instead not even these figures will be released until some time 'in the future'. The clear open endedness of that statement means this could even go one for 5 or 6 years without result. You need to add a better time scale and give us some clue how far developed the advanced version is. As for those that think this is harsh. Tough.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ines Lory on

      Do I need all the listed expansions in the text to play the inverted campaign?

    37. Rand Chua TL on

      Thank you Adam for your hard work. On giving us this long and detail update!
      Take care.

    38. Nakano

      @Ionut Too early to say for Wave 4, but if yes, expect higher prices once development proceeds. For wave 3 this is probably the last chance.

    39. Yexil

      Made me cry!
      So sorry for your loss.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ionut Andronache on

      I just saw the pledge manager is open now
      Will there be any other chance to adjust our pledge in the future, for wave 3 and 4?

    41. Missing avatar

      Ionut Andronache on

      Condolences on the loss of your mom Adam.

      I was just wondering, also considering the delays of waves 3 /4 and the excitement build up with this update, will the pledge manager reopen for anyway who will want to change theirs?

    42. Robert Corrina on

      "wassa wrong, sempai-kun? could it be that you're craving my -REDACTED- ?" -- the nightmare ram 2018

    43. Heather Curtiss

      I'm sorry for your loss... your mom seemed like a great gal. <3 Also, love all the art and sculpts in the update!!!!

    44. Solaris on

      OMG those Pinups... <3

    45. Missing avatar

      Riff Conner

      I love everything about this
      PLEASE proofread the cards for your/you're and other such errors. With the amount of work and polish you're putting into this game, it's like serving a fine steak on a torn-off pizza box lid.

    46. John H. Shinholser on

      >Watches the video of the Gambler's ball.
      >38 second mark.
      I see what you did there.

    47. Drew on

      So... did Atnas get eaten by a Crimson Crocodile?

    48. Roberto on

      Sorry to hear about your mom :(

    49. Akira on

      so does it look like we'll still have one more chance to get wave 4 add-ons next black friday? (i just spent a fortune at the kingdom death store, which seems like will arrive within a few weeks?)

    50. Akira on

      any chance of this going into 3 waves of shipping? maybe something will be done and ready to ship next summer in wave 2b? the Gambler is incredible. great work all around, just can't wait to get some.. well i can, but you know what i mean. you got a good heart AP! thanks to your mom for raising you!