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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Gringe Commander

      Update in the GC would be nice :)

    2. Michael Steel on

      Little worried about no updates for nearly 3 months?

    3. Sarish124

      When is the GC coming out ? Wasn't it supposed to be June ?

    4. Sera Non on

      I would like a timetable for Wave 3.

    5. Missing avatar

      T on

      This is a ridiculous update. Please update us on when we're going to see the products we backed.

    6. Berlin.To.South on

      Poots, you should show us a minimum respect, due to the fact that kdm made 15.000.000 $. Do not just make some dumb commercial for the gen con. How about an update for those who've supported the 1.5 ... a minimum of respect should be possible, even for you dude.

    7. Chinh Tran on

      @ Robert - You mean backer expectations crushing Gambler Poots? :-)

    8. Robert Corrina on

      am I the only one who sees the sad Atlas? am I the only one who sees the sad, desperate souls making up the weight that is crushing him? Symbolizm, yeah?

    9. Missing avatar

      Conor Terry on

      I'm sad that it's taking so long for updates, but I understand why. He can't give an update unless he's 100% certain, otherwise, if anything changes everyone points at his update and calls him a liar. With designing the gameplay of a bunch of micro expansions and full expansions, there's definitely a lot of changes that might happen. and noone wants a repeat of the Lantern Festival.

    10. Chinh Tran on

      There's probably one after Gencon.

    11. Coralline Algae on

      Update seems a little light.

    12. Todd Ferrullo on

      Rather sad that for a KS campaign that probably made in excess of $15 million (counting the PM) that Adam cannot be bothered to provide an actual update in 5 months. Either be too lazy to write updates or too cheap to hire a project manager to do such; but for a campaign that made this much money, both is rather unsatisfactory.

    13. Jekheal on

      Hello, I am a French baker and unfortunately I could not be present at the gen con :D
      Could we have more and better photos. The gambler mini look like awesome indeed the picture update wasn't really good and we can't see any details.

      Best regards,
      French citizen of the world ;)

    14. Leberschnitzel on

      that would be very strange, didn't get ANY update about Wave 2 things!

    15. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      This has better not be a complete update, cause that's just plain bullshit.

    16. Missing avatar

      Erik Widell

      It's nice to know you're alive Poots. But most backers aren't going to GenCon, and neither would you, if it wasn't for us. So please show some respect to backers in your updates and give information that matters to us. Production progress, updated timelines, expexted delivery dates. That sort of stuff. Leave the rest to your followers on facebook or twitter.

    17. Missing avatar

      Rickety Wrecked on

      No update on completion of Wave 2.
      No update on Wave 3 or 4.

      What's the point? Would have better to leave it in silence than to tease and not produce. As an investor, I request a better update.

    18. Missing avatar

      Simon WATEL on

      What would be also great, is a complete review of KDM at the gencon. With plenty... « hundred !! » of pics of all the stuff !!
      I can’t go there, it’s really to far away ...

      Please Mr A.Poots it would be sooo cool !

    19. Drew on

      This is one of those moments where I kind of wish I was going to Gencon this year.

      I'll be at Reapercon. I'm sure Adam and Kingdom Death won't be there, but there will be a lot of KDM fans.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jim Bailey

      Imagine if the Gambler created similar the Phoenix, but instead of the hands each person above is individually placed.... Poots gives up +5 insanely :-)

    21. Tasker on

      Why do I get the feeling that it's going to be another year of people going to GenCon getting to see and find out about stuff before the backers do..?

    22. Tasker on

      Months of waiting and that's all we get..?

    23. Todd Ferrullo on

      Seriously, that's the entire update after all this time? What happened to the "I will have a revised timeline for wave 3 by Gen Con"?

    24. eWave on

      @mathew freitas
      In a GenCon video, Adam Poots mentioned that the store should be restocked roughly a week after GenCon. Expect to see Fade and Percival white boxes back in stock (among other things).

    25. eWave on

      @Michael Harley
      For GenCon picture (and anything Kingdom Death related), I highly recommend the "By Lantern's Light" Facebook group.

    26. eWave on

      @lars laaser
      Yes. As far as I'm aware Wave 2 has been completed for a while now. I personally got my expansion package a few months back.

    27. chang on

      wth?!? thats no a mini! i better statt looking for where im placing that LOL

      ps i cant go to gencon with "is on the other side if the ocean" problem lol. any chances you guys would be in Pax unplugged? would LOVE to see screaming god in action; need to decide which new expansions im ordering lol

    28. Missing avatar

      lars laaser on

      Wave 2 is completet in eu?

    29. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      Update on wave 3 please. I like seeing the shineys but I like getting them a thousand times more. Maybe it is just me but the lack of updates and the wait for just these few lines and one very nice picture makes me feel Poots is forgetting something......

    30. Kevin M. Brown on


    31. Christian Dahl on

      Just hope they also will sell the new stuff from the EU warehouse

    32. Michael Harley on

      Its the same for us Wester Europeans, @Mathew freitas.

      Lit. a) Puny update...

      Lit. b) Hmm nice, working demos of 2 more expansions. Nightmare Ram would have been more interesting, Though

      Lit.c) Is anybody goig and taking a shitload of pictures? And if so, whree will you upload them?

    33. Eric M. on

      Ahhh disapointing update after so long without any news...

    34. JediMaveric on

      Most disappointing update to date.

    35. Missing avatar

      mathew freitas on

      Hello! Is it possible to know when the store will be restocked?
      Issue is for us aussies it usually happens in the wee hours our time, and by the time we realise its got new goodies everything is gone. :(

    36. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      More pictures of KS stuff. Also, any status on the GC production / delivery?!?

      Inquiring minds want to know!

    37. Ben on

      Very informative.

    38. Brandon Stoltz on

      That gambler mini looks pretty dang cool...... I cannot wait to kick The Gambler's ass. Eagerly awaiting the gambler's chest and the expansions sir!

    39. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th on

      you know I did :P

    40. Missing avatar

      David Bousquet

      Did anyone else, when they received the e-mail notification update immediately run to the KD web store in panic mode!?!?!!!!! LOL!!!!

      Good luck at GenCon Poots and Team! We look forward to all the new KDM INFO!!!!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Dorsey Larsen on

      Really enjoying the game, from 1st ed on through until what may come with the gamblers chest, witches and the class sculpts.
      Love your work, please keep your game coming.

    42. Adnapoleon Choudhaparte on

      Is that the resin original sculpt of the gambler or is that the smaller final production sample we'll be getting?

    43. Llez

      Oh, that's the whole update :') k. Gambler looks great tho.

    44. Last Of The Brunnen G on

      No Gamblers Chest Update = Don’t care.

    45. annexation on

      The Gambler looks incredible, worth the price of the GB by itself. Can't wait to see it and everything else at the booth!

    46. Celestial Lucid Dream on

      Too bad I can't be there this time. :( I want to go at least once to meet the Poots! :(

    47. Missing avatar

      Andrew M on

      That model looks outstanding.