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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Cameron Youngs

      Tell me this has not shipped yet. I just changed my address :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      disregard previous message.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      4 months and no news. Anyone else get any notifications yet on Wave 2 postage?

    4. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      4 month between the base game fixed up with new rules and already existing "expansions" that don't need have anything new to them. Expect another year before the rest?
      My game has been slowly gathering dust since I don't know how I am going to store it without everything else I've ordered. I have no concept of space requirements.
      Not that I want the rest of the stuff yesterday, it's just getting tedious all of these drawn out processes.

      I did get my Wave 2 stuff. It's not that easy to figure out what is missing without pulling everything apart (including the minis from the trays). I mean the only reason I found out Spidicules was missing components way back when it was in the process of getting reprints was because I read online many people had missing limbs so I tried to put mine together and not surprising I was among those unfortunates (which has been also long ago fixed so it's not an issue).
      Would it be completely alright to do a component check after everything has been made and delivered or is it preferred errors are gotten out of the way sooner?

    5. MysticX

      Thx Fen, I just took this opportunity up and asked support for my "2017 black friday - current expansion bundle" and they quickly replied that they now will chase it manually.

    6. RedSarge on

      Waiting patiently in Canada!

    7. Missing avatar

      Fen on

      From the KDM news email: At this time, we need anyone that is still expecting Wave 2 rewards and has not gotten any notification from us, to reach out so we can take care of outstanding wave 2 issues. Once we are confident we've fulfilled 99% of backers, we will launch a sale for the remaining wave 2 expansions.
      Please reach out here with your concerns:

    8. Jonathan Woosnam-Li on

      Still waiting in UK. Has anyone received wave 2 at all?
      Perhaps things are still being processed.

    9. Dawid Chemloul on

      Any updates? Have any of the wave 2 packages been sent/delivered? or am I the only one not receiving any?

    10. Labelle Rouge on

      I'm in the same situation. No Tracking Number. No wave 2. I'm a bit worry.

    11. Allan Mcnab on

      I also do not, nor any notification, as long as I see I am not the only one I shall not worry.

    12. Missing avatar

      nicholas devinney on

      I'm trying to be patient, but its March 26, where is wave 2??!!

    13. Bob Iwan on

      @Sente No, a lot of us don't have Wave 2 yet. Don't worry about it until May :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Sente on

      Am I the only to not have my wave 2 pack? Do I have to worry about it?

    15. Missing avatar

      Łukasz on

      Please reopen backerkit before wave 3. I'd like to add some promos.

    16. Missing avatar

      Marty on

      Many a day I've spendt sitting on the curb in front of my appartment - rain pouring down on my soaked shirt - scouting for the mailman. He never has anykingdom death packages, nor does my backerkit have any tracking info. Wave 2 - why do you elude me so? x_x

    17. Kit Peteranecz on

      @Bob Iwan - Thanks! Except you have made my head explode :P

    18. Bob Iwan on

      The miniatures in the expansions. It's kind of a redundant description. Would a full-scale miniature BE a miniature? Or a statue?

    19. Kit Peteranecz on

      Anyone know what "Reduced Scale Miniatures" is referring to on the manifest?

    20. Missing avatar

      malik nouira on

      I am so disappointed to hear that people start receiving their wave 2 orders when I still wait for my wave 1. This is so disrespectful and unfair.

    21. Luke Esslinger on

      So any idea when wave 2 will ship? I was all ready charged the shipping, and with mail theft problems lately in our neighborhood, I’d like to try and plan something where I am home.

    22. Last Of The Brunnen G on

      " we are messaging them via the email they provided on backerkit and will give them time to complete any payment and address updates before shipping their rewards."

      The email I received (in the middle of the night)notifying me I had 72 hrs to finalize my address and payment info was followed about 4 hrs later with another email saying you guys had already tried to charge my card and it was declined??? I fixed the issue but no other attempt to charge the card has happened. I really hope this won't be a problem and you all resubmit your charge to those of us who weren't given a chance to update our info.

    23. Wrecks

      I contacted support regarding missing/damaged items from the Wave 1 shipment, and to this day it's still being deferred saying "We are still several months away from resolving these issues". Will things like damaged books, misprinted cards, or missing components, be resolved in the near future?

    24. Daniel

      I would love to be able to order some more of the stuff I couldn't afford when we had to make the initial payments.

    25. Missing avatar

      James Baker on

      Yay DraGormKing Smelted together Expansion MurderDeathKill insantinjury Table Roll Die Restart!

    26. Bill the Raven on

      Does this mean all the expansions are merged into a single box for the Vol 1 grouping?

    27. Philippe Jofresa on

      OK, so as much as I whined and whined about the debacle that was shipping for the Core box (paid 70$ IIRC; arrived mid-January), I feel I must offer praise, this time around.

      30$ shipping to Asia, given that I've half a dozen extensions coming (Dragon included), that's some serious gesture! Let's see if it arrives before the summer, though :P

    28. Chinh Tran on

      @Grau Geist - Update 62 says, "We are eating the shipping costs and providing everyone with the absolute lowest rate we can. It’s the same as our estimate, but consider every expansion beyond the first on us! (In a lot of cases this is 50% off, since the majority of you got EVERY expansion!) Similar to what we did with our first kickstarter, we are splitting the cost of shipping these expansions with backers!"

    29. Missing avatar

      Chanse on

      Just got charged for wave 2, ahhh this is happening!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      @Coralline - I don't think Adam is going to lose money overall - he should have bulk shipping rates and bulk logistics efficiencies that he factored into the flat shipping charge. If he needed more, I'm sure he would have charged it so as to not jeopardize the project.

    31. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      @Lila - If you're paying what was estimated at the time the KS closed, then there shouldn't be a problem.

    32. Coralline Algae on

      I don't think they are going to break even on shipping. Pretty sure they're going to dip into the red. These guys are going above and beyond. I ordered 5 wave 2 expansions and expected to pay $30, going by the front page shipping estimate. $18 is close to half off. I haven't seen a shipping discount like that on any other project.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ronnie RED on

      @Lila yeah its a flat rate , via...I'm sure a shipping agreement with the service, its a savings for the group that is passed on to us and the company, its't a way to save on shipping for bulk rate, spread evenly and there isn't a way to yank a single order from that to pay lower shipping. so either way the kiss you got for the original box set was like a 18$ break, it cost $38 to ship most methods at base rate, financially count it as breaking even, :)

    34. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @Lila, Depending on where in the world you are and what Expansion your pledged for, $18 may still be a fiscal loss for the KDM 1.5 kickstarter project. Technically speaking, we were not able to charge shipping amounts based on each individual and their location (which in many cases has changed between wave 1 and wave 2). So we opted to be as benevolent as possible and reduce the estimated Wave 2 shipping rate wherever we could. I will remind you that our lowest estimate was "$15 + $3 per additional expansion." If you feel your in your case you were overcharged, please reach out to us at so we can address your individual needs. We are doing our best to share the projects overall success while maintaining the fiscal and technical responsibility required to manage a project this large. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    35. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      Note: Expansions of Death Vol 1 - Backers with all 12 current expansions have had their items consolidated into a single item called Expansion of Death Vol 1.

    36. Lila

      Are you serious??? shipping shole game $20 but for one expansion I'm charged $18??

    37. Jared Bond

      Ah. Ok. Turns out I don't have wave 2. So maybe this will show up before wave 3?

    38. Daniel Liu

      It is possible that your Backerkit has not been updated yet.

      Mine shows, at the top, the two current charges and dates for the original Backerkit and Wave 1 shipping, respectively. At the bottom, it has the Wave 2 shipping cost and 'Update Credit Card Info' button option.

    39. Jared Bond

      Yeah, it says " Your credit card is on file." and it says "Your card was successfully charged" - and it won't let me change the card info (presumably because it thinks we're done, having been used for shipping charges for wave 1?

    40. Missing avatar


      @Jared Bond
      Search for: "Survey Confirmation", in your mail client.
      Select KD:M Survey.
      Scroll to the bottom.
      Click on the link below: "Use this link to return to your survey any time:".
      In Backerkit there should be the option to update your credit card on the right side below your order total.

    41. AGN1964 on

      @Jocob Thanks! I was sure that was the original plan.

      @NuMystic. I feel your pain, no one likes paying shipping. But that would require a lot of storage and logistics.

    42. Jared Bond

      How do you change your credit card???

    43. BoardGameGuy on

      @nuke_morningstar - the way I read it is credit cards start being charged 3/1. Shipping address will be locked in 72 hours (3/3)
      If card on file gets charged you are good to go. If it fails you have 72 hours to fix it along with updating your address.

    44. Missing avatar

      SleeplessKnight on

      This would have been more appropriate when wave 1 started shipping but better late than never!…

    45. McManor on

      @nuke_morningstar: "March 1st we >>>>will begin<<<< charging [...]"

    46. NuMystic on

      Really wish there was a way to voluntarily have Wave 2 items ship with later waves to save on shipping. There's nothing in Wave 2 I NEED right now and having to pay shipping 4 separate times really sucks.

    47. Stefan Amos on

      Will we be able to get our hands on more card sleeves?

    48. Missing avatar


      @ Gringe Commander
      Is it showing "Expansion of Death Vol 1" above wave 3? That's all wave 2 items combined into one position.

    49. Gringe Commander

      Just looked in backerkit (satans lantern pledge).
      Why is the wave 2 stuff not listed in the confirmation? Is this an error in my confirmation, or is it missing for other backers too?