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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Josh (no not that Josh)

      It is now saying my order total is 36$ instead of 18$

      Did something change?

    2. E. D. on

      It never ceases to amaze me how consistently gorgeous the artwork and models are.

    3. Shaolin Manny on

      Scalpers gonna scalp, sadly. But it is how it goes those days. As long as people are willing to pay this will continue. Can't exactly blame Poots for that. He is as much a victim as the real fans. Keep it up and may your business continue to flourish.

    4. Scott Lim on

      Yeah I totally understand where you're coming from regarding having the community throw solutions out there for Poots to adapt one of them to his company. I believe he's overwhelmed with so much work producing the mini for the KS and he doesn't have much time to think/plan for the future of his company, I hope that whatever decision he makes, it'll be a great decision to the company.

      Unfortunately even if Poots go hunting these recasters down, that's true that some of these recasters are from countries untouchable by law and Poots would've spent too much time and resources chasing these people down, it's all just not worth it. Patent is just another word to protect your IP but if it lands in a country untouchable by law, then it's just another piece of paper that holds no power. :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      @Scott Not a big surprise it has to be said and at $17 it will sell even if the actual product looks like a squashed tomato simply on the overwhelming demand for KD:M. That said even at that price I will not buy. The whole reason I have been posting and poking the community for solutions that Poots may be able to exploit is that I have been employed by a company that met this situation a number of decades ago. It was attacked by IP raiders who copied the product and dramatically flooded the market with copies. In the face of this the company involved froze and failed to take any action believing the event to be a fluke. Right to the point it brought out a brand new line and within 4 weeks of release the copies appeared on the market. The company went under since it was one of the smaller players in the field. You will find one country above all others is untouchable by law when it raids all other overseas ideas regardless of patent. Thus I will not touch IP raiders nor feed the scalpers no matter how much I may want the item. I have a sneaking idea that the recasters will only target the resin based stuff which gives Poots a chance few others have. The reason? Look where the plastics are made........

    6. Scott Lim on

      Guess what, there's this mini called distracted and it's going for about $200 - $300 on eBay auctions/buy it now. I've decided to buy a recast that's $17 with free shipping and the seller has lots of positive feedback. I must say I don't support recasters but I'm curious to see how's the quality like, whether it's comparable with the original. If it is, then Adam will have a big problem.

      If he raised the price to $100 per mini, yes it will discourage scalpers from buying multiple copies and it will also discourage fans like us because $100 is a heavy price tag and they'll come off as just wanting which I believe that isn't their intention. Plus, if each mini actually sells for $100, it'll encourage many of the fans who can't afford to pay the $100 price tag to try recast models from China/HK/Russia which will not be healthy for the future of KD. :(

    7. Missing avatar

      Ravineel on

      Are we still able to put an order on the oblivion mosquito expansion before the wave ships for it? I needed a node 2 expansion, and im already getting Frogdog which is a node 1 expansion if i recall.

    8. Freeman Noob of the Lantern on

      I'm fine with limited runs... I think he could do a few more... there usually seems to be the Encore versions right away... so 500 limited signed + ~500? non-limited... so there's a lot of minis it seems already. I get email notifications about the sales... but literally when they go up. I know that these sales go up at certain holiday times of the year and that's great :D The frustrating part about it is... there's no consistent time they go up... and there isn't sufficient
      warning for those that need to plan to furiously decide and tryNbuy. I checked a few times early on Valentines day... as I've done all the other times... nothing... go to work... check email... OH SHIT... the sale IS up... go the site... 2 items left... It was about 1.5 hours from the time the email went out... Thing is... if they could just give notification of the time they're going up... I like others would at least have a fighting chance... I don't think this is hard to do... and it would at least eliminate this particular frustration... for the others... well... :/

    9. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel on

      Didn't even know about the sale until now, when it is way too late. Getting tired of waiting a full year just for a single cards worth of game content. I hate "limited edition" and I hate valentine's day.

    10. Iain McGregor on

      Here's my $0.02 (Even less because it's Canadian.)

      Either Adam should abandon 500 unit resin runs in favour of plastic kit preorders
      he should just raise the resin prices to $100 a figure. If someone is making money of KD resins it might as well be Adam and at $100 a pop a lot of people won't want to buy them. He'll still sell out in a short amount of time for what they are.

      I wonder in the 3D printed minis are a way to make some stuff available more often? He could hypothetically run 500-1000 unit batches.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      @Shaun sadly it would appear there are people who not only don't see the yawning chasm but are very busy trying to get everyone to believe it isn't there. Adam has a big challenge on his hands with this one that bear dangers with every choice he might make. I personally don't envy his dilemma and would not like to be in his place. Success can also be a curse. His business model is great for a product of normal level interest with backers less than 5k in number. The production set up is perfect for limited production low turnover items. In simple terms he is drowning in the motherload and hoping it is just the tide coming in when it is actually a tsunami. I wish him all the luck he can get.

    12. Shaun Hutton on

      Can’t be good seeing all these disappointed fans. Really hope he makes big changes like he’s said. Need to be one item per address in future, also needs to state the time of items going up for sale so everyone has a chance.

    13. Crimsonsun on

      I gave up on buying anything from the store sales last year, completely pointless the sales go up in the middle of the night and I've got no chance of getting them. I'll back Kingdom Death if it comes back to Kickstarter but as a normal customer Poots has lost me, limited runs on minis will only lead to exploitation by those able to grab them.

    14. Gerrit on

      The "fix" was that I had to pay $66 for shipping rather than $20 because my game had to be shipped separately after the regular kickstarter containers had already left the harbor. :/

      But that was that. As long as KDM wave 2 ships smoothly, I am happy. :)

    15. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Gerrit - Yep :). I hope that the pledgemanager of your other kickstarter can be fixed.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      @Scott Lim Thanks for posting that link to Ebay sales for product not yet vended even and yet already on Ebay and the main sellers are all American based..... and location traceable better still. Not exactly anonymous then. Couple this with a limit per customer of anywhere upwards on one per an account and you are feeding the beast and the evidence is clear. $80 for an item selling from store at $27 and a timing on the store to sell aimed at one marketplace and you have a very loud and clear message. Grats @Kingdom Death for creating a great marketplace for recasters and the death of your own game. It is clear you can locate these individuals and you can also take action to prevent scalping but you have done nothing. I find it hard to defend you on this and much as I love your product this has left a very bad feeling with me.

    17. Gerrit on

      Whew, thanks for the reassurance!

      So basically, there is nothing left for us to do. As long as shipping address and credit card number are correct, we can just relax and wait for that magnificient package to arrive?

    18. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Gerrit - I forgot to say, yes that is the shipping costs for wave 2.

    19. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Gerrit - Very understandable. I also have Order total $18.00. This, as you say, will indeed be automatically charged with the listed creditcard.

    20. Missing avatar

      Christopher Ulm

      Can the backerkit invite be sent out again to verify payments and addresses please?

    21. Gerrit on

      @ Cornelius: On the right side, I have a section labeled "balance". It lists
      Shipping Total $43.00
      Pledge Level $20.00
      Add-ons $23.00
      Order Total $18.00
      Hm, since I already paid $25 for shipping wave 1, are those $18 the full shipping costs for wave 2? And my listed credit card will be automatically charged with that amount, without the need to open the pledged manager and input the shipping cost beforehand?

      I am just super nervous because I screwed up in a pledge manager last year and didn't get that kickstarter game shipped. I don't want to repeat that. Especially not with KDM.

    22. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      correction: you can see the balance.

    23. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      we do not add the shipping costs, that does Kingdom Death. When you go to your backerkit and click on the button at the top right corner 'review' you the balance. That is where the shipping for the second wave is added.

    24. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Gerrit - Your creditcard will be charged on March 1st.

    25. Scott Lim on

      Here look, this was $100 on the KDM online store which is now sold out. A seller on Ebay is selling it for $390, so how will any of us be able to afford to buy it off the secondary market with such a price? So I cannot blame anyone for supporting the recasting market.…

    26. Gerrit on

      @Cornelius: I have seen that, but what does it mean? My address is the same, but shouldn't I pay for the shipping? Or is shipping automatically collected this time without me knowing how much it is? Can they just charge my credit card without me giving any input first? I assumed that we would get emails with backer kit invites to input shipping costs, but this doesn't seem to be the case?

    27. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Gerrit - From the update: Please ensure your backerkit address and method of payment are up to date as we will start charging for wave 2 shipping March 1st

    28. Scott Lim on

      @Tim I understand where you're coming from regarding scalpers and raiders, if we support them we hurt the IP owners but it's not our fault when we want to spend our money on the online store and everything is gone, a big joke like you said. I collect KDM miniatures because they're one of the most detailed in the market and I paint all of my miniatures and place them up on displays in glass shelves. I really hope poots finds a way to overcome this problem and like you said, having another KS just for the other pinups that we've never seen before will be wonderful. If he does, he will definitely have my full support. But you definitely can't blame international backers such as myself for feeling neglected when the Vday sales was released when we're all asleep on this side of the world. :(

    29. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I have cancelled my subscription to the newsletter.
      I see no point in receiving information of products that when I wake up are completely sold out.
      Is not as if Poots didn't know this is happening because it has been happening for years now.
      To make such ridiculous quantities that you know they will sell in a few hours is not caring a fig for your customers.
      And to make it worse, on Halloween I was quick to buy a miniature but, they send me another and I still don't have the miniature I wanted to purchase.
      I've been supporting KD all these years but, right now, I just want to receive the rest of the things I pledged for here and forget about KD.

    30. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      @Scott Lim I do think Poots and co have got a really huge headache with the success of the game and huge fan base it has created meeting production capability and marketing / store set up. The recasters are exactly who I meant by IP raiders in my previous post and sad to say where any fan base exists these idea thieves will be busy reproducing someone elses product to meet demand from those that do not realize buying from a recaster takes money away from the development of future items by paying those who steal ideas. This is a massive headache in the industry now and even the largest players are unable to combat the IP raiders due mostly to global location. It has been mentioned that there are almost 80 kits that have not been included in the KS this time around so maybe the solution is for Poots to run a follow up KS to produce in quantity or plastic mould the best sellers of these kits. A real fan which would be the majority of us would back this sinking the scalpers and the IP raiders. Saving this option another would be to commit to a schedual of re runs and make it known an ongoing intention to support the back catalogue with regular releases. The original 500 limit first release could remain for those simply collecting 'numbers' but would be able to satisfy demand for those of us who just really want the product and not some certificate that only matters to a reseller. I would have bought the special 'Till death' figure and the other special releases not because they were specials but because I love the figures but being five minutes late to the store opening these for sale to see everything gone is just a big joke. Hearing that two specials from one seller are already Ebay'd is just icing on the cake. Runs of 500 to 1000 at spaced intervals of 6months to never again to a fan base of close on 20000 people is throwing the door wide to people who exploit situations where demand exceeds supply by insane amounts. In Poots defence he is not exploiting his fan base. The figures are worth what he charges for them and is in fact as much a victim as the fan base that feels put out by the limited runs since he is telling others to come rob him blind. I will not feed the IP raiders. As a fan I want my money to go to the IP owner so he can re invest in more product development and the hard work Poots and his company put in is rewarded directly. This is why I am posting and placing the solution for this firmly in Poots control. I hope other fans will realise that the only people they are hurting by going to scalpers and IP raiders is the Fan base and the creators.

    31. Gerrit on

      So, nobody paid the Wave 2 shipping yet? When and how will we do it? I expected clear instructions in this update.
      (It turned out that the shipping that I paid was for the core game.)

    32. Css on

      @Gerrit maybe you paid the wave 1 shipping?

    33. Gerrit on

      Um, do we still have to do something before Wave 2 ships? I think I already payed the shipping fees through backer kit, but I am not sure.

      The female first hero is a nice surprise! I didn't know that we would get more than one first hero in that expansion. Great pose and facial expression.

    34. Joshua Kier Jourdan

      Since the store never updated for me, I never even saw anything to try to purchase.

    35. Juan on

      Thanks for the update. Kudos to Mr. Poots for giving up some of his benefit to lower shipping costs (.bow), new pinup for some pledges due to an effort in design and generosity, great new desings and art for some of the squires (they look epic),... The only thing that could be improved is the transition of the mosquito from resin to plastic, I hope at the end it can retain more details than the photos are showing. Fingers crossed and full faith in Poots :)

    36. Scott Lim on

      I'm glad too see I'm not the only one feeling frustrated with their online store, today was the last straw and I had to put my foot down. Poots, you've got plenty of fans who really love your game and figurines but if we're not able to buy them because scalpers are having multiple accounts and buying at max limit so they can jack up the price on the secondary market to sell to fans like us, I believe you're not doing a good job at controlling where your product is going and you don't really care as long your product is sold and you get your profits.

      And I'm sure everyone is aware of recast going around all over eBay at a much lower price compared to the store, I of course do not support this but if Poots, you're not going to control where your product goes, we have no choice but to buy these recast because looking for the original will be so difficult and it'll be double the MSRP price. Please do something about it!

    37. Jon on

      I really like the first hero figure. I was a little worried, because I picked up the First Hero as one of my 4 expansions, for game content rather than figures. Just in case I didn't like/got bored of the early game. So far I'm really enjoying the early game. So I am happy I like the figures too. Great miniatures, and useful game content on a (relatively) restrained budget. This game continues to satisfy me. That said anytime you want to open up the New Expansions part of the backer-kit again....

    38. Chinh Tran on

      Adam - please cancel multiple orders that are going to the same address to circumvent the 2 per customer limit. Perhaps then there might be stock left over you could put back up on the store for fans.

      Love what you've done with those squires by the way! The First Hero's smile looks too deranged/maniacal in the sculpt, IMO. Should be more of a smirk like in the picture.

    39. glang on

      Consider this another Satan backer that will no longer be purchasing from your store front until you take inventory serious. If i'm going to be spending four to five times as much on the one item I want from scalpers then I won't be buying frivolous things from you directly, like dice and resin models. I regularly purchase every store update for over a year now because I want to support Poots, but he clearly doesn't care about the ridiculous aftermarket that he's created.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ted Settlemire on

      Happy and Sad at the same time, feels like a game of KD:M if you ask me. Excited for the update and V-Day sale. Great news on the Wave 2 stuff but horribly disappointed with not being able to pick up some of the specials as I wasn't sitting at my computer all day waiting for the information. There were 19,000+ backers for 1.5 if that doesn't indicate that we need something more than a limited run of 500 I don't know what would. So many things were gone in minutes that it makes disinterested in any future specials. I love the game and am grateful to Poots for taking a hit on the shipping even though I was prepared to pay what he required but am very discouraged with the Holiday type specials. Please reconsider the limited print runs or make the item available that day (limit of 1 or 2) and make what you need to fulfill the orders...I'm happy to wait a bit.

    41. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      Great update! Pity the store release only ever seems to feed home market and the scalpers who Ebay. I am a big fan of your product. I went all in on the KS and bought everything I could. I then of course realised that it was not 'everything' and new and interesting items appear on your store at irregular times. I have bought a fair number of items since from your American warehouse paying what are considerable import and handling duties almost 50% as much as the items I am buying from you. This sale has finally cured me of buying any more. The speed at which the sale items vanished was stunning and I know there are a lot of fans out there but with a huge fan base and a limited run, limited availability and region warehouse restriction, buying from you is a very expensive and frustrating gamble. I look forward to all the remaining waves and love the game and minis to bits but for anything else you lost me as a customer. There is a line when a fan ceases to feel like their interest is valuable to the vendor. Sadly I feel I have reached that with your sales and store produce. I don't subscribe to giving good money to IP raiders and scalpers so I won't be going that route. @Kingdom Death I love your product and its vision. I loved your kickstarter. Your customer services are first rate with their support. But your store approach I give up on.

    42. Michael Pflug on

      Sadly, most Europeans didn’t have a chance to grab something from the sale, because it was in the middle of the night for us. :(

    43. Kenneth Raymond on

      +1 for the reopening of the backerkit before wave 3/4 so we can add more stuff. (I personally will add all of the wave 4 items I didn't add before. (I now want them all having played KDM a lot.)

      We even did a custom people of the dream campaign once we finished the main core campaign. (Where we had all of our gear from when we defeated the gold smoke knight, playing on the fact of how the normal campaign ends) and only fought the legendary monsters from the rulebook. It was glorious.

    44. portcullis on

      I could honestly look at the top Black Knight squire and the First Hero all day, they're f***ing hypnotic.

    45. AJ Carruthers

      Is it at all possible for us to be able to add on addition expansions to our pledge before the wave completes? Mainly because I would love to pick up the Black Knight expansion and Female First Hero as I had no idea what they looked like when it was available.

    46. Missing avatar

      therese toms on

      every update leaves me smiling like a Cheshire cat.

      i love you guys but i'm going to have to echo what others have said here. i used to be tough to get your hands on the new releases, since 1.5 it's become just about impossible i've had my finger on the trigger for days now but with the time difference and work i'm just not in the game. you would be a lot richer if you gave me even half a chance. it's incredibly frustrating and i refuse to give money to those selling these on ebay, you know who you are. especially with all the Chinese and Russian knock offs now in circulation.
      i would love to have my core box in resin but i've now been waiting years for that to happen and i fear when it does i won't even get a sniff.
      please please please find a way to make it better.

      doting acolyte of death emptynessisform

    47. Pierrick

      You just convinced me to get the first hero expansion, she looks so badass.
      Is it possible pour reopen the backerkit before shipping of wave 3 or 4 to include it ?

    48. Rami

      How do I update my address in Backerkit? I see my Wave 1 survey but nothing will allow me to update/change my address. Suggestions?