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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Philippe Jofresa on

      Well, the shipping was announced, Halloween passed, then my birthday and now Christmas, and still not a single shred of evidence that anything is actually being shipped my way ;_;

    2. Matthias on

      I hope you fix the Butcher pin-up. The eyes are in completely wrong positions. And the hip and the thong aren't even close to the concept art.…

    3. Philippe Jofresa on

      @Ronald did you get some sort of warning beforehand? an email or something to let you know it was en route?
      It's almost Christmas and still absolutely no news...

    4. Missing avatar

      Murray Quarmby

      @Thomas - morphing pinups - you have to imagine 2 chicken drumsticks with two marshmallows balanced on top. That's where the pinup shape seem to be going :)

    5. Ronald on

      It’s arrived!!!! YESSSS!!!

    6. Ronald on

      @Mark congratz! I was out all day for school Nd tutorinf and am just about to get home now! Wondering if I received anything :3!!!

    7. Mark Alan Warburton on

      Mine arrived in HK Ronald! On my birthday! With my other KS, Shared Dream!

    8. Ronald on

      I’m going to be pessimistic and assume next week lol.

    9. Philippe Jofresa on

      Well, I'm in China (the country the game is made in, right?), and I ain't got shit. No email, no text message, nothing...

    10. Ronald on

      Except for Hong Kong and Thailand. Ironic since Hong Kong is the fulfilment center haha

    11. Kevin Alford on

      Just to update, Asian backers are mostly handled now, and it looks like everyone should have their stuff within a week or so. Virgop, NZ isn't part of Asia, so you must have a different problem.

    12. virgop on

      Still no 1.5 upgrade pack here in NZ.
      Any Kiwi fellow still waiting their Wave 1 as well?

    13. Missing avatar

      Bernhard on

      I must say I also don´t like the trend that all female models have such big thighs. A little more diversity would be nice.

    14. Ronald on

      lol it’s a blackhole! :(

    15. Kevin Alford on

      Two weeks later, and still nothing in Asia.

    16. SK on

      Yesterday I sent mail to them for asking about Asia Shipping. And he tell me back by give me a Link to update #60, this update. Is that mean nothing update and noting forward?

      Now it's almost 2 month since first shipping, but Asia not even Lock up our Address yet.

    17. Izlude on

      Alright just what the hell is going on with Asia fulfillment? Why is it that we still have no news whatsoever after having paid for shipping almost 2 months ago? When you pay $30 shipping fees for a $50 upgrade pack (Black Friday Lantern Upgrade), you at least expect to get the product on time and not be pushed into oblivion the way Asian backers have been.
      In 2 weeks Christmas holidays will start, and I will go back home to my home country from Japan for about 2 weeks, so no packages can be delivered to me in that time frame. Don't bother proceeding with shipping now if you haven't already because I can only picture the nightmare it'll be if undelivevered packages are sent back to the factory or even lost during the Christmas season.
      I personally don't care to be delivered first for Wave 2 as I DON'T expect anything for Wave 2, and I may not be the only one. The problem is with Wave 1, not Wave 2. And what about the improved insert tray that I read is not even part of the upgrade pack anymore? When will it be delivered? What wave? Will have I have to pay some crazy shipping fees again just for that?

    18. Ronald on

      @sephtapong dude you should just go play with your friend man.

    19. Ronald on

      Wouldn’t it make more sense fkr Kingdom Death to simply ship core games from other fulfilment centers to Asian backers? Tell the fulfilment center to compensate k/d for doing such a lousy job. Of course I’m not sure where the fault lies but there has to be an alternative to giving the backers the short end of the stick.

    20. Ronald on

      Zzzzzz....Clock struck 12am! It’s my bday and still no news whatsoever on the Asian backer fiasco! The fulfilment company has done it hooray! Denying me Kingdom Death before my birthday!

    21. SK on

      Yesterday my friend,Asian, got the core game from FedEx. He is a pre order guy.

      Now I, Asian backer, don't hope to get the game before New year and may be we will get it together with wave 2.

      THANKS Poot THANKS Kdm Thanks Fullfill company which Poot don't tell us what the name it is.

    22. Philippe Jofresa on

      Same here, still waiting. No news at all. Just a hole in my wallet for the shipping charges from, what, a month ago now? But no feedback whatsoever. Not cool.

      Me who wanted to buy more stuff during the backerkit opening, you can imagine I was not encouraged to do so by this whole farce :(

    23. LordEdmund

      What happened to ASIA distribution ??? Am I going to get my game before Christmas?

    24. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      During the lead up to wave one a number of popular figure painters revealed they had received some plastic sprue from KD and were going to do a tutorial Not seen anything since on this. Did any videos get made about painting Kingdom Death? There are rumours that Angel Giraldez is working on a third volume but it will almost certainly be Corvus backed so videos look the only option.

    25. Xris Wraith on

      @Corraline: I have to agree, the screaming pin-up was great before. I still like it, but the rework wasn't necessary or beneficial here,,,

    26. Redbrook on

      I hope there’s an opportunity to add more individual pinups at some point. A few I wasn’t especially interested in, like The Butcher and The Beetle Dancer, have great sculpts and I’d really like to add them without getting doubles by adding the sets.

    27. SK on


      Still nothing. I feel very disappoint now. Yesterday I saw he write down on his Twitter that He try hard to fix a problem that's occur everyday with Asia Shipping.

    28. Mark Alan Warburton on

      Kevin@ Nope - and I live in HK!

    29. Mark Alan Warburton on

      Kevin@ Nope - and I live in HK!

    30. Kevin Alford on

      Anyone in Asia get a shipping tag yet?

    31. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Pilon Vaillancourt on

      When are the credits cards going to be charged if we added things to our pledge during black friday? :O

    32. Coralline Algae on

      I wish there was some way we could get the original Screaming God Armor pinup. It's the one we pledged for. I'd at least like to hear a reason why they changed one of the best new pinup sculpts into a redressed clone of all the others.

      I didn't have a lot of spare funds to spend on pinups. She was an instant add for me because she didn't have the same figure as all the others. It's so disappointing to see what she became.

    33. Thomas on

      @Michael Yeah, the Butcher art was my favorite of the new pin-ups. But damn does the render make her look ugly.

    34. Missing avatar

      Luke Hardy on

      Anybody know if there is going to be a chance to buy the new box insert for those who got the first one? Or should I just start making my own at this point?

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael Hampel on

      that would be a lot of skew for a most frontal shot:
      just compare this:
      with this:

    36. Thomas on

      Though, a lot of my problems might just be the renders giving a scewed perception, and the final miniatures looking a lot closer to the ones from Pinups of Death 1 & 2.

    37. Thomas on

      I am just very very disappointed in the new Pin-ups. All the new ones thighs are much too large, and looks horrible. And many of them also have pretty lackluster faces compared to the art (See Butcher).

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Hampel on

      Most of the stuff is frickin awesome, thanks for the monstrous update!
      About the Pinups though, I undestand they are supposed to be kind of chubby. Some of them feel way out of proportion. I mean compare the silhouette of the butcher Pinup:

      with the 3D Render. Anyone?

    39. Philippe Jofresa on

      @Kingdom Death Dark Mediator was kind enough to send a little "you're all set" email this weekend (!), but I'm still waiting for anything from the shipping company.
      Now, I realise international shipping is a full time job, so I totally appreciate how difficult it must be if you don't have a specialist doing it in-house for you, but maybe it might be worth it taking someone temporarily if you're spending so much on us asian backers (I've no idea how many of us there are, but at 200$ a pop...)
      I'm asking around in my contacts here, but it's definitely not my area of expertise.
      But couldn't you just simply ask the people at CoolMiniOrNot? Like, pop up at their table at the next convention, or give them a phone call and ask how they sorted that out?

      Anyway, I hope the weekend gave you some respite from the madness and you had time to take care of yourselves before diving back in!

    40. Thomas on

      The Pinups from Pinup of Death 1 & 2 have a lot better proportions than the new ones do. They old ones just look a lot better, healthier and sexier. Most of the new ones looks mutated.

    41. John H. Shinholser on

      Man, I love these jumbo KD updates. They were enjoyable in the first campaign, and they're only more enjoyable now. Keep up the great work, Poots & Co.!

    42. Css on

      I still like the screaming god girl but agree the old version's body looked better, and more different. I don't mind the new face, it has deeper detail which may show better on the final mini, but the old one was good too.

    43. Eduardo Guimarães on

      Yeah didn't like the changes in the Screaming God pinup either. Her face now is uglier, and more to an angry state...
      All in all i like the pinups, and she was one of my favorites. Now she's just middle of the class :D

    44. Missing avatar

      Ax0r on

      So, a month after I had paid for shipping, I hadn't received tracking or anything. I was expecting a core game and extra rule book, but nothing.
      Two days ago, I submitted a ticket. I was advised that something had gone wrong and my order had been marked hold. I should expect shipping notification for two items shortly.
      I have since gotten notification for the core game, but not my extra rule book.

      Bizarrely, my core game is being shipped from the US warehouse, not from the distribution centre in Australia.

      Surely my game was on the boat to Australia and just didn't get shipped to me? Or has my order been broken all this time? This is something that more frequent communication might really have sorted out way before now...

    45. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Warglbargldorplglrgleeb... Oh, sorry, was spasming and drooling on myself for a bit there...

      Man, this update is just so ridiculously awesome. Makes me even more impatient for the rest of the stuff I've got incoming (e.g. EVERYTHING that wasn't in the 1st KS, or damn close to it anyway).

    46. Missing avatar

      Christian Villarroel

      I'm interested in the red witches expansion but I'm little confused on what other expansion do I need to enjoy it.

    47. Todd Ferrullo on

      Nice update but I could have really done without the red filter on the Witches Expansion stuff as it just makes it that much harder to see any details. For those with color blindness it is even worse.

    48. Bill Briggs on

      Oh man, everything is AWESOME!
      This is like 6 months of update in one post!!
      I hope the Gambler's globe is formed in such a fashion that I can take the top off and use it as a dice holder!

    49. Chinh Tran on

      I also prefer the old Screaming God pinup. I was going to get her but now she's only available as part of Pinups of Death V, and I really don't want 3 male pinups. Hope she's available individually later, otherwise it has to be eBay, sigh.

    50. Micheal B on

      I also agree with Coralline Algae .. The pinups are starting to look mutated and ridiculous with the huge hips.
      I much preferred the natural fullness that the original pinups had but these are starting to look silly