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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

Wave 1 Fulfillment Update - Happy Halloween!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

Happy Halloween everyone!

We have updated our online build guide with many more models!!!

I wanted to chime in with a quick and more detailed status update of where we are with wave 1 fulfillment.

As of now, we have shipped over 15,000 packages around the world! That's not bad considering we started our fulfillment efforts about 2 weeks ago!

Fulfillment Centers Currently Shipping Rewards

USA Warehouses - handling USA and South America
Canada Warehouse - handling Canada
Australia Warehouse - handling Australia and New Zealand
UK Warehouse - handling all of the EU (excluding Germany and Austria) and the entire rest of the world.

Delayed Fulfillment Centers

Hong Kong - handling Asia
German Warehouse - handling Germany and Austria

Although containers were schedule to be delivered to each center at around the same time for as close to simultaneous fulfillment as we could manage. We ended up with some delays. I am hoping to see these start to fulfill early November.

Failed Credit Card Charges
We are running cards as often as possible, due to wave shipping being a new feature for backerkit (that they built just for us!) it's a little complicated and it takes their dev team some time to process it. As of now, we have only 500 more people to track down for their shipping fee! That's pretty amazing statistically! If you have updated your card and it hasn't been charged yet, or your card has failed, don't worry we are getting to you.

Late Backers
Late backers are at the end of the shipping que for each region. So far we have started fulfilling rewards for late backers being shipped from USA warehouses. Each region will follow as orders are processed and I continue to see the successful deliveries of packages to backers!

Pre Orders
Pre orders will be shipped following late backers. Most likely by region. I suspect this to start late November! Once these start to ship, we will close pre-orders leading up to our full retail release.

If you have an issue, concern or a question. The kickstarter comment section is not the right place to discuss it. Please respect everyone and message us directly, or best yet, submit a ticket here: 

We are standing by to do everything we can to help you. However, I will kindly remind everyone that we do not support the sales or transfer of pledges or issues that arise from that.

If your really stuck, you can escalate your issue with me directly, email me at adam.poots AT Please use this as a least measure tho!

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!

 We also had a halloween sale on the webstore!!


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    1. Philippe Jofresa on

      Thanks for the feedback for Asia!
      I can't fathom why it would take so long, although with 11/11 just having happened, it's probably not a bad thing to wait a bit. You guys can't even begin to imagine the amount of shipping going around China right now.

      But I was under the impression the product was built here!
      Imagine my surprise when I have to pay insane shipping charges, and wait after everybody else despite being a Black Friday supporter :(
      Can anyone shed some light on that? Am I supposed to understand the game gets made in China, then shipped abroad then back? I sure as hope I ain't gonna have to pay customs on top of all that now, coz I ain't earning european money anymore... ! ;_;

    2. Missing avatar

      Esko Vähätalo

      When will backerkit try to collect funds again? My card failed and after contacting support i changed to a different card. I havent got any notification of a failed or succesful charge since october 26. Its almost a month now. Im feeling like im in limbo

    3. TheCrankyOldGamer on

      So with the core shipping delayed so long, when is the next wave going to ship, then? The one with the current expansions? It's still labeled as "Winter 2017", and that's dwindling fast. I only ordered one; the Dung Beetle Knight, and it'd be really nifty if it came soon.

    4. Quiarcus on

      Just in case any backers in Asia missed this from the main comments section - posted by Kingdom Death 17 Nov 2017:
      Asian Backers. I am so sorry. Losing my mind trying to get this moving faster. Our partner (Floship) has a lot of red tape and it's been a insanely slow process. I've got one of the co-founders looped in now so its finally moving along. Next wave you guys are 1st. I am sorry I don't have a firm date yet, I am trying to expedite the now, finally approved, shipment of goods from the factory to their facility.

    5. Angus Lost

      It's beginning to look a lot like X-mas.... Any news on the Asian fulfillment business? :D people are dying all over social media and I am getting jelly.

    6. Quiarcus on

      Any further news on the Asian shipping? Still waiting in China :(

    7. SK on

      Still no update from HK?

    8. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      OK, so I'm a bit late, but got mine last week. Huzzah!

    9. Missing avatar

      Richard McGillivray on

      Got the core game :) and 3 days ahead of schedule.
      @George, DPD and affiliates are the couriers for everything being sent from the UK dist hub.
      People there are really pleasant and professional to deal with

    10. Eyne Nacht on

      Thanks for the additional builds Adam!

    11. Julian Elwood on

      Just received it! after tracking was cancelled I didn't get another number, so just keep your eyes out!

    12. CaptainCrumpet

      Just got confirmation from DPD my order with additional rulebook is on its way to UK Surrey, looks like DPD is the UK carrier.

    13. Jarikith - SpaceKatta Hero-U AGL589

      @julian Elwood, same here, got a shipping email with two tracking numbers on the 31st, then both were canceled 3 hours later.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Buckoltz on

      If I have been charged for shipping, should I have gotten a tracking/notification email as well?

    15. Julian Elwood on

      got my tracking number then it was cancelled! Still waiting on another tracking number...

    16. Qumad

      Two shipments for Wave 1? >:@
      I hope that the cost of the book (included shipping!) is marked with a value below ~40$ if not we who com from Norway will get Vat and Vat-handeling-fee for two shipments instead of only one.

    17. Daniel

      still hoping that the pledge manager will be reopened with a warning in fair amount of time ahead at some point, so we can add later wave stuff we couldn't afford initially.

    18. J-P Latvala on

      @PiM I finally got tracking numbers for core and extra rulebook. Two separate packets. So its finally on its way. I really hope yours is too!

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter Friche Rodler on

      Later backers in Denmark are starting to get their tracking number befor some of us "real" backers have not gotten our game or even a tracking number. How come this is happening? when this post state late backers get shipped last?

    20. Gary Ahouse

      @PiM I'm in the US, but my extra rule book shipped separately.

    21. Missing avatar

      PiM on

      Hello everyone. A quick question for the KMD team.
      Can we have a little more details regarding shipping for people expecting core + extra rulebook (Europe here-France)?
      Are they supposed to be sent at the same time? One package? separate? will we have 2 tracking numbers?
      I have not seen feedback from people receiving Core + rulebook so far (in my case no shipping email, status "partially shipped") so that is why I am asking.
      Thanks in advance!

    22. Missing avatar

      Richard McGillivray on

      Got my shipping notification last night :)
      Now let's see if they can get through local custom and excise within the estimated delivery time.

    23. Qumad

      To bad you send a e-mail informing us about the haloween sale after it's over :(

    24. Ian Duhamel on

      They are very professional concerning shipping issues. I email them and received my answer a few minutes after.

      Thank you again Dark Mediator for the quick answer!


    25. Mr.Keltz

      So ive seen the delay status of ANSWERED is the wait wait wait , but what does it mean if you're PARTIALLY SHIPPED for several days with no notification? And if you pledged $5 at KS end then upped your pledge in the PM does that make you a late backer?

    26. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @Magnus Benzein, Logistics is very much a business of blood, sweet and tears thats prone to tons of human error. I prefer to try and get ahead of that as much as possible so mistakes that might be repeated are corrected as quickly as possible. A great example of this, is what happened from our Canadian warehouse. A simple error lead to nearly 500 labels being misprinted and notification emails being sent out. All of those labels were voided and new labels printed. All in all, no big deal. However if we had made a big deal out of the warehouse starting shipping, we might have had mass panic here on the kickstarter.

    27. Brian C on

      Got my shipping notice yesterday -- so excited!

      Hope you guys at KDM HQ had a great Halloween :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Timo H.

      Thanks for the update.. so a little bit longer to wait for the Game here in Germany...

    29. MacenKrace on

      Just got mine Yesterday in EU. Time to assemble figures.

    30. Stephen Benton on

      i just want to say that adam poots replied to me directly when i had a question about shipping. AND he replied in like 15 minutes!! i fucking love this guy!

    31. Paint'Riot Studio

      No Upgrade pack for the moment in France :/ i hope it will come soon...

    32. Daniel Hmpf on

      well, guess where I live -_-

    33. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      @Jerry T it looks like core games have shipped before upgrade kits. I got my 1.5 core yesterday, but there are no news of the kits being shipped to any of my friends. So no worries yet. P.S. writing from Spain.

    34. Missing avatar

      Magnus Benzein on

      @Kingdom Death
      It would be nice if you announced when a warehouse has shipped to all backers that's answered the survey, that way it's easier to know when we should need to escalate things.

    35. Yevgeni on

      Got my package in Moscow yesterday, just in time for Halloween. I really like the quality of the product, the best tabletop game I got from KS. The cardboard, the miniatures, the book - all looks perfect. Of course resin might give you more crisp details, but plastic makes miniatures durable and you need it for gaming,

    36. Chinh Tran on

      Really pleased with how promptly Wave 1 was delivered. I was wondering when we might see a development update, however.

      Are Nightmare Ram & First Hero almost done?
      How are Inverted Mountain & Silver City progressing?
      Has Abyssal Woods & Campaigns of Death been started?

      That sort of thing :o)

    37. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      Anyone in EU received the update kit? I know some wjo have received the game in the UK. Should I be worried.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      Anyone in EU received the update kit? I know some wjo have received the game in the UK. Should I be worried.

    39. Tasker on

      Would have been nice if it had been preorder rather than first come first served. But hopefully I'll get one of those promos eventually.

      (Also wish they were available from places other than the US too as shipping/customs is a bitch. Lol )

    40. Alexander Kügler

      Hopefully german shippings will begin this or next week. I guess one reason because it was delayed, is because of that 2 Holidays this week.

      Thanks for the update on it!

    41. Jeff N

      +1 on any update regarding the new tray/insert for 1.5 upgrade backers?

    42. Missing avatar

      Jim Bailey

      @BoardGameGuy: I agree that simple math may give you the lower bounds (making the assumption everyone bought at least a core or upgrade), but some amount of us purchased a second copy (for Disaster Preparedness in my case).

      I too hope he is willing to share the numbers of cores sold after the Kickstarter, late bakers, and pre-orders have been processed.

      It’s always great to see an independent artist or engineer chase their dream and nail it.

    43. James McMillan

      Awesome stuff with the guides! Many phoenix builders will be thankful!

    44. Bizarro Bubbles on

      Just curious. Any idea of when the Watcher T-shirts may come?

    45. Coralline Algae on

      Happy Halloween!

      Thank you Kingdom Death Team for all your hard work!

    46. John D on

      I was half expecting a Halloween Bone Witch this year.

      Thanks for the 1.5 Upgrade, Adam - Happy Halloween!

    47. McDevil on

      HAve my core and I'm imprest. Thanx Adam.
      Have two question:
      Any chance to see Bone Witch sculpture in future?
      Who choice colors of sesional Dice?

    48. BoardGameGuy on

      @Anthony B - 19,264 backers. Some simple math will give you a good estimate.

    49. William Correll on

      Any chance of left over Gambler's chest?