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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

Log in to your Backerkit account, finalize your address, and pay your Wave 1 shipping fee!

Wave 1 Consists of the Following Rewards:
- Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5
- 1.5 Upgrade Pack
- Hardcover 1.5 Core Game Rulebook

USA & South America Fulfillment

Shipments are begining now. The sooner you confirm your address, the sooner I can get your Wave 1 rewards out the door!

Everywhere Else

We estimate beginning shipments by the end of the month. Currently we are waiting for the transport ships to arrive in their ports and for the inventory to be moved to their respective warehouses.


Right now, it is CRITICAL that everyone confirms their shipping address and pays their shipping fees. Once you confirm your address it will be LOCKED, there WILL NOT be an opportunity to change your Wave 1 address. Please make sure that you’ve included apartment numbers, spelled everything correctly, and that your address is in English.

We will confirm your shipping addresses again for future shipping waves.

Our support team is available to help you at


We do not support the sale or transfer of pledges. Neither do we support the sale or transfer of Kickstarter or Backerkit accounts. Do not do this, we cannot help you with this in anyway!

Wave 1 Shipping Fee

I have lowered the shipping costs for many regions. I was able get slightly better shipping rates and I decided to eat the difference!

When Will I Get My Treasure?

I am doing my absolute best to coordinate everything so everyone receives their Wave 1 rewards as close to one another as possible. I am handling it myself, as no one cares as much about getting these games into your hands as I do. (Well except for maybe you guys!)

It's pretty insane. I am working with 10 warehouses and total of nearly 20 40-foot-long containers being shipped around the world—and that's just for Wave 1!

I ask for your patience and understanding. If any issues arise, you can rest assured that I’ll aggressively work to resolve them. My goal is to have everything shipped by the end of the month. That is not a promise, though. As often occurs with logistics, a minor delay can lead to much more downtime. In fact, here in the States we were held up by a week due to a driver shortage.

At the end of the day, I am still honored, humbled, and eternally grateful that Kingdom Death has developed as it has. Maybe one day I'll show off the original Twilight Knight sculpt from back when making just a single miniature felt impossible.

Now... nothing feels impossible!


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    1. Thomas Lyons on

      @Adam - it appears that I didn't fill out the initial survey (although I am sure I had, as it had all my add-ons correctly in the backerkit). It isn't giving me the option to pay for my shipping, what should I do now?

    2. theGunslinger

      Thank you fellow backers for the advice on expired card info. I placed order, went to confirmation page and scrolled to the bottom and was able to edit my payment info at that point. Strange way to do it, but it worked!!! Stoked for this game :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Kenneth James Koty on

      don't see any way to pay for shipping

    4. Krista
      on that Poots flying in the sky?!?

    5. Thomas Lyons on

      I've logged in. But it isn't letting me pay for any shipping.

    6. The Inner Geek on

      I'm so excited for the 1.5 update for my game. My group is getting ready to start a new campaign so the timing is SWEET!

    7. Missing avatar

      Kenneth James Koty on

      where the hell is the shipping information on kickstarter?

    8. The Redheaded Pharmacist

      @tasky87- That's my understanding. Payment will be charged as they begin to ship which starts tomorrow. As long as the card you had on file that you used in March is still valid they will just apply the shipping fee to that account.
      I just realized I have a vacation week coming in a couple of weeks where I'm not going anywhere. It sure would be nice to have this game arrive that week when I have extra time to play it! Hopefully these games will be sent out quickly.

    9. Krista

      YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! Let the celebration commence!!! =D

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike Kohlhepp on

      Also got the 2 checks and the CC will charged message...hopefully OK...

    11. MrG0bi on

      my status is "answered" it's ok ?

    12. James on

      Thanks for the CC change info @Kingdom Death @Fango.

    13. tasky87 on

      Also got the, Your credit card will be charged when the project decides to collect funds.
      email after i submitted my address confirmation. no buttons or options to send another payment since the one from march. guessing ill get an email saying i was charged for shipping tomorrow?

    14. UtmostGent on

      Don't know what kind of black magic you are casting so we are only paying 20 for shipping but thanks a bunch Adam!!!!!

    15. Benjamin Walter

      Done and +1 for Tracking Numbers please

    16. Deadication on

      +1 for Tracking Numbers please, when the time comes. Or do we have to sign for these?

      This is so expensive I really don't want this box just sitting out on the front porch all day. :|

    17. Missing avatar

      David Bousquet

      Thank you Adam and everyone at Kingdom Death!!!! We all eagerly look forward to receiving our 1.5 cores!!! Thank you guys for everything you have done for the gaming community in brining such an amazing original concept to life with beautifully produced minis and content.

    18. Missing avatar

      Fen on

      Poots you are the Man of La Mancha "To Dream the Impossible Dream"

    19. The Redheaded Pharmacist

      I'm worried my wife will adopt the Homicidal Philosophy at our settlement when she sees this box arrive. Wish me luck everyone!

    20. lee sangin on

      thank you Adam.!!!!

    21. SveinAage on

      Ahh great - will love this game :)

    22. Jay Lark on

      So excited for this!

      Of course... Today would be the day I can't seem to login into Backerkit...

    23. John Cosgrove

      Adam, you're the Elon Musk of gaming :-)

    24. Missing avatar

      David Bousquet

      There is no way this will be shipped out USPS (cost), I expect them to use UPS or FedEx ground. (I work in the shipping industry)

    25. Missing avatar

      J Schu on

      @poots for USA will this have tracking numbers and will this go out USPS or another carrier.

    26. Jacob on

      Thanks for the discounted shipping!

    27. Dad-R-Cubed-1 on

      @Mike, you got all this is green with three green ticks;

      Survey is Answered
      Rewards and Add-ons are Locked
      Credit Card is Charged

    28. Eyne Nacht on

      Thank youy Adam for an awesome update.

    29. Mike Ohio Marian on

      So we can confirm the the “answered” status is sufficient? I’m not sure how to progress past it

    30. Benuker on

      Thank you dude!!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      @Benuker The box is 13" x 25" x 5.25" (33 cm x 63.5 cm x 13.3 cm) and about 17 lb. (7.7 kg).

    32. Benuker on

      One question...
      Can somrone provide me the size of the box snd its weight? I sm thinking about shipping it to my brother’s place in usa and then make him deliver it to europe when he comes to europe...

    33. Dad-R-Cubed-1 on

      Good job. Extremely good bloody job!

    34. MementoMorrir on

      GO! KINGDOM DEATH TEAM GO! Can't wait to get this game in hand, keep up the amazing work!

    35. Fango on

      @Eric, @Tabris: hit confirm on the pledge survey, then go to 'View Confirmation' and scroll down to the credit card info, It should now have an option to update.

    36. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @Eric Castro, backerkit tells me that you need to “confirm” the current card. And on the next page you will be able to change it.

      @annexation, thats an amazing story!

      @CM, we can dig up bacerkit info, people just need to message me and tell me the email they used when the campaign ended.

      @SfC, we’ll deal with that later.

      @Bran, no. We’ll deal with that in a later wave. If people want em of course.

      @Lisa Fjoryn, sorry Lisa shipping into CAN is an entirely different country. We are fulfilling USA and South American orders from our 3 USA warehouses. If we fulfilled CAN from the USA warehouses we would have had to double or triple the shipping fee.

      @Peter Cuadra, the backerkit team is going to push charges to cards as often as they can. They don’t quite have multiple shipping waves built into their system, so this is requiring a bit of finesse.

      @Bruthor, please send me a direct message. You should have gotten a survey sent via backer kit when the campaign ended. There should be no reason to create a new account.

    37. Baylock on

      is it normal that the amount due is still showing the same value on Backerit after submitting and receiving an "update" email?

    38. Tsükï-chan Daifuku Koka Fukukoka Lalilul on

      i ALREADY SUBMIT MY iNFO!!! so when it closes the shipping phasE? im pretty exited!

    39. Missing avatar

      Tabris on

      So my credit card on file with Backerkit was stolen, and I was issued a new one. There appears to be no option to change the credit card used for the shipping charge, and there is no help section on Backerkit. I have inputed the new credit card number into the option on the page, but it is not appearing as a check out option. Can anyone help?

    40. Missing avatar

      The Captain on

      @Eric: I just did what annexation said.

    41. Eric Castro on

      @annexation Thanks!

    42. annexation on

      @Eric I was able to place the order then revise the credit card immediately afterward. Don't think it will charge until it actually ships.

    43. Eric Castro on

      The backer kit wants to charge the shipping fee to a credit card I no longer have. How do I update it?

    44. Evil Midnight Lurker

      SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE -- (pitch rises past the ability of dogs and cats to hear, Lurker's head explodes. Squee continues, Goblin only knows how.)

    45. annexation on

      Really appreciate the reduced shipping! Not sure I've ever looked forward to getting any game more than this one, and that's coming from a guy who made the folks at Toys R' Us dig Chrono Trigger out of the truck on opening day.

      Paid $75 bucks for that game. They had to write the price on the box so register bro would know what to charge.

    46. CM on

      @Bruthor - Check your old emails for one titled "Survey Confirmation -- Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5" that will give you a link to your existing backerkit for kingdom death. If you never completed the original backerkit survey after the kickstarter ended there is a good chance you are SOL at this point.

    47. Daniele


    48. Missing avatar

      David Rance on

      Steps if you are having trouble logging in to Backerkit or finding you survey form...

      Click link in Update.
      Click Login.
      Under "I'm a Backer", click Find Your Backer Survey Here.
      Type in "Kingdom Death" and click Find.
      Click Kingdom Death 1.5
      Type in the same email you backed with on the kickstarter.
      Backerkit should send you an email link to your survey.

      At least thats what i had to do.

    49. Colby Brown on

      Will we receive tracking numbers from the warehouse? I plan on sitting outside all day waiting for the game. No way I'm letting that thing even touch my front porch!

    50. Missing avatar

      SfC on

      Adam, what was the final determination on the new insert? Is that included in the shipping Now?