Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5

by Kingdom Death

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    1. japester

      You should have seen a shipping charge generated in backerkit after this update. My address and everything was all confirmed long ago, but I had to go in and authorize the shipping charge. It was processed, and I received a confirmation e-mail about the charge right away.

    2. Chris Taylor on

      Whelp, that was fast. UPS just dropped off the core game a few hours ago. Very, very happy!

    3. Chris Smith

      I still have not been charged for shipping. Backerkit says my order is locked down. Am I good or should I be worried?

    4. Drew Credico on

      @chris Smith I am in the same situation, I sent support an email.

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian Fox on

      Here's the response I got from BackerKit:
      "Make sure you clicked "place your order" that tells us you are ready to have your card charged. If you have done that then your card will be charged shortly! (If you don't see a "place the order button" that's a good sign you are all set!).

      We manually charge in batches so expect that to happen shortly."

      I don't have the button, so...I assume I'm good and will have my order handled in the next couple days. I hope?

    6. Missing avatar

      Glenn Wrightsman on

      I got my core game today!!

    7. Missing avatar

      James Horton on

      Any idea when Aussies might start to see their copies?

    8. Missing avatar

      Quoc Hoang on

      I am from Canada and I just got the emaio saying my order was shipped! Coming tomorrow!!!! Weeee!!

    9. Missing avatar

      James Barry on

      I just recieved my shipping confirmation for tomorrow’s delivery followed by a shipping canceled by sender notice via fedex?! Should I be worried

    10. Nas on

      Shipping charged on the 13th, received partially shipped status and no tracking number. Normal?

    11. Missing avatar

      Quoc Hoang on

      I just got a FedEx confirmation that the order was also cancelled. Is there anything we need to be aware about?

    12. Patrick Bradham

      My card still hasn't been charged and no shipping info for me.

    13. Carissa on

      I just got my 1.5 upgrade box, but not the new storage tray. Is this being shipped separately?

    14. Missing avatar

      Florian Schuck on

      Seeing a "shipment canceled by sender" on the FedEx tracking page. Was expecting the package today here in Canada. An update would be much appreciated.

    15. Missing avatar

      snaketankofeden on

      Just got my game in! Packaging worked great,no damage. I can't even express how impressed I am with everything from the printing to the castings for the figs. Very happy with everything!

    16. Josh Howard on

      Got my core game.

      Fedex damaged the box a bit, which is annoying, but everything within seems fine.

    17. John Pfeiffer on

      Got my core game this morning... USPS left it at the bottom of the stairs... Protip: It's a LOT heavier than it looks.

    18. Missing avatar

      Damien Weston on

      Any idea when Aussies should start to receive their copies of the game?

    19. Jeff N

      Got my 1.5 upgrade. Amazing quality. The thickness of some of these components is insane. And the quality of the printing, really nice!

      So, any recommendations for how to integrate the 1.5 Upgrade into the 1.0 base set? Do I just keep both around and with the content split between the 2 boxes? I can't imagine throwing away this awesome new upgrade box...

      Also, for us upgraders, were we not supposed to receive a new upgraded insert for the original main box? (perhaps I misunderstood the upgrade pack description)

    20. Sam Fong on

      Question about the sleeves available on the store, it seems the bundles aren't available while individual packs of 100 are. Will those be available soon? I like to know how many cards I have to sleeve as well if I do end up having to buy the sleeve packs individually.

    21. Missing avatar

      nicholas devinney on

      Ive been thoroughly impressed with this entire kickstarter. Youve exceeded every expectation. Thank you Adam.

    22. Santino Arturo on

      Anyone in AZ get their box yet?

    23. Missing avatar

      ventzlav Lion Knight Show Director on

      Hey fellow bakcers!

      How long did it take you to get the tracking number after your card was charged?

    24. CaptainCrumpet

      Anyone in the UK got theirs?

    25. Redmick

      No. Afraid not.

      But as soon as someone in the UK gets it...

    26. Crazy Bricks on

      Arrived Texas on Friday - already started building the miniatures. They are SWEET!
      : )

    27. Jamie Dobson on

      Darn it Poots I'm 7 years into the People of the Stars !!

      "He'll never have it here this year, we've got ages" Bah!!

      (Though seriously well done chap)

    28. KPanic

      Is there a full contents list that we can use to verify that we got everything?

    29. Kenneth Raymond on

      @Redmick and @George Young. I'm a UK backer too. I got charged for shipping last friday and today the backerkit says partially shipped. So fingers crossed us UK backers wont have to wait long.

    30. Dog with Glasses. on

      Got my 1.5 kit today and updated the game! Building the new models included as we speak.

      Just a quick question, I thought the new update was also going to come with a new storage tray? Or was that only if you were buying a new KD?

    31. Karl on

      Got my 1.5 upgrade pack today! Everything looks great!! sturdy insert tray... is that separate from the upgrade pack?

    32. Stephen Walkup

      Hey I just realized I owed you guys some shipping money and just paid it am I still going to receive wave 1 stuff?

    33. Missing avatar

      samuel m clough on

      My card has been charged for the shipping, but still haven't received a tracking number. is there any way to get a status update?

    34. Missing avatar

      Sente on

      Here in Belgium I received today my wave 1 (very) big box! in perfect condition! The material inside is very nice with a high quality! I can't wait to play for the very fisrt time KD:Monster. THX A LOT M. Poots and all the team!

    35. Kevin Alford on

      Can we get any kind of word for ROW, please?

    36. Alexandre Nocart

      Got it!!!!! Well arrived in FRance! The box is huge!!!! MERCI!

    37. Missing avatar

      Morgan Dahlberg on

      Just wanted to ask, has anyone in WA received their stuff yet? I haven't gotten anything in my email about estimated shipping date, or anything like that yet, so I just wanted to check and make sure.

    38. Missing avatar

      Henrique Bernardes Rodrigues on

      Please don't forget to mail me the tracking number! (...W.A.I.T.I.N.G...)

    39. Julian Elwood on

      Anyone in CA see theirs yet? Haven't gotten tracking yet

    40. Rafael Lewis on

      @Morgan Dahlberg - I'm in Portland, OR, and haven't seen anything about shipping yet either. I was like 19,000 something to pay for my shipping on Backerkit though.

    41. Missing avatar

      Arron Capone-Langan on

      @Julian Elwood, a buddy of mine got his in CA. I'm awaiting mine.

      There's 19,000 that have to go out. I understand it's going to take awhile.

    42. Lyndall Warren on

      I haven't gotten mine yet.

    43. Lyndall Warren on

      On my wave 1 it says (with whiplash). What does that mean? Is my order delayed?

    44. Missing avatar

      max tyson on

      Thanks for the extra packaging as it was needed looking at it :) just finished unpacking everything today looks amazing. And thanks to everyone who helped make it im over the moon with it.

    45. David Fernandez

      For Madrid the base game arrived via SEUR signed for today. Happy Halloween ! Can't wait for the expansions also (after Christmas I believe). I believe that the shipping agent was DPD (so probably originated from the UK but not certain of this).

    46. CaptainCrumpet

      @Kenneth hopefully not, still nothing in here though (UK) - i'm so jealous of you all :(

    47. CaptainCrumpet

      Just got confirmation from DPD my order with additional rulebook is on its way to UK Surrey

    48. Kevin Alford on

      When will I get my treasure, though?