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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

I Delayed the Production of KDM 1.5

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

I have delayed the production of Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 to make the following changes:

  • The Showdown board is now shrink wrapped.
  • The Monster Control Panel is now packed within the folded Showdown board.
  • Shipping box upgraded to Heavy Duty Triple Ply.
  • Shipping box includes foam around the edges of the game.

Estimated fulfillment date is now end of September / Early October.
(Originally end of August.)



I had talked about rolling delays due to the sheer size of our campaign back in Update 35.

"Shipping Delays Due to the size of our campaign and the staggering amount of content presented. There is a very real possibility we will see delays to the estimated shipping dates. Right now, it’s looking like everything will be pushed back 1-3 months. I won’t know until the campaign has ended and pledges are confirmed, so I know how many more core games we need to produce! (Don’t worry the ball is already rolling on this, but I do need to manage expectations.)"

The choice to shrink wrap every game board was mine and thus the delay is 100% on me. If your at Gencon this week, come by to talk to me directly! 

Gencon - Booth #3003


We will be at gencon booth #3003. In the same dark corner we were at last year. We'll have some copies of KD 1.5 and the Update pack on display, so please come on by and check it out!

We will also have many miniature prototypes on display and a sort of challenge-demo with a level 3 Dung Beetle Knight that kills you before you can really see any of the new 1.5 stuff!

KDM 1.5 Pre-Orders - 25% off Retail

We will be accepting pre-orders for Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 at our booth at a discounted rate. These orders will be shipped directly following backer fulfillment.

Last Copies of KDM

We scrounged every warehouse and have collected our very last of the Kingdom Death: Monster inventory. We will be selling these at full price during the show. When you buy it, we'll take down some information from you because... we'll be sending you the 1.5 upgrade pack for free! (These will ship with pre-orders.)

Anyways, come by our booth and check us out!

Painting Contest 

Ah yes, honestly I've just been too busy to make the final announcements and award the winners! Ack! Don't worry we've hired someone to help me with community endeavors in the future. We will announce the winners and maybe even set up a new contest after we return from gencon.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Etienne on

      Any further updates as it's been almost 2 months of silence?

    2. Moundhy Joseph on

      Both Gloohmaven and Dark soul are now delayed. I never expect to receive KD:M before these games. And despite their delay, I still don't expect it! So let's be patient. We have to wait 'till 2020 to have the full game anyway.

    3. Tomasz Mucha on

      it is an early october and there's still no info about the shipping. Can you please make an update post so we know when to expect the delivery?

    4. Missing avatar

      Marty on

      Same situation as @ Henry Graham - havent had any info about shipping charges?

    5. Henry Graham on

      It is now early October should have I received an e-mail asking for additional money for shipping or something like that? I am just confused as to what should be happening...
      Hope to hear something soon. Thanks for you work guys.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian Lawson on

      Can't wait to get to play this with our group. Happy hunting :)

    7. poeticallybored on

      Protip: Don't have expectations.

      Not just Kingdom Death advice, solid advice in general.

    8. Ben Turner

      Any updates on the fulfilment date? Guessing it's delayed a little longer, but good to set my expectations on when that new delivery date might be.

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      @ Alejandro Garcia Higuchi - where can i find how many people from which country backed the project please? i only see the top 10 countries and top 10 cities..

    10. Infamous B on

      Roll that beautiful Bean Pootsage!!!

    11. Alejandro Garcia Higuchi on

      i'm still reallly worried about how are we gonna ship 6 of these to south america ...

    12. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      good decisions.. I purchased the original version and quite a few components including the box arrived damage so additional protection is a great idea.

      it would be good if the monster control panel can be upgraded too..

    13. Dave Wallin on

      The Monster Control Panel design is underwhelming compared to the other beautiful components. It looks like a placeholder or WIP. Understood that it's just aesthetics but I feel like I might just make my own! Can't wait to play!

    14. Akira on

      uh, thanks for the shrinkwrap? i hope you don't mind but i'm just going accidentally gouge my board while removing it and then throw it away

    15. Pretty Dead

      @Ron G - I don't see how changing the outer box and how a core unit is folded and wrapped would delay any other product. They'll probably all have their own individual delays.

      These changes all appear to ensure your box arrives perfect and the boards don't flop around from rough handling by the delivery people. The hefty weight and size of the box may have them convinced it's a shipment of IKEA furniture and toss around/stack other things on top of them, not realizing they're a bunch of dainty pieces of plastic and cardboard.

      My painting skills are still at only a "fair" level, this will give me some more time to practice. Keep trying to deliver the best experience possible there @Poots.

    16. Nikita Solodov on

      If a shrink wrap pushes shipping 2 months ahead - i can only imagine what some late tweaks and "upgrades" will do to the deadline. See you in 2018 with update #58.

    17. Shiver Carr on

      Since the game is pretty massive will the core game be delayed also. It sounds like this is all big enough they could be shipped separately? I freely admit this could be wishful thinking on my part.

    18. Edwin van Unen on

      The delay isn't a problem, nearly all projects here on KS have delays. But do like it a lot that the shopping box is upgraded, maybe I'm strange, but I hate it when the box arrived damaged (also with blu ray disks, cd's and other stuff), even though it's just the casing.

    19. Daniel Wickel on

      Not worried about a delay, as long as it is communicated. Though, I am wondering, after a successfull 1st Kickstarter and years of delivering this Game, why wouldn't Adam get to this Idea a bit earlier?

    20. Josh N. on

      Hmm - so I shouldn't have received a backerkit request to pay for the shipping yet, right?

    21. Chris Findlay on

      I would rather have a delayed beautifully packaged product then something shipped early and likely to be mauled in the shipping process

    22. Missing avatar

      Tairneach on

      Awesome update! Can't believe you found more core games. Will there be any individual models for sale at Gencon too?

    23. Missing avatar

      Ron G. on

      I'm fine with the delay. These changes are a good thing. The question is, does this also delay the expansion shipments as well? They are unrelated, but I imagine the same resources are needed to ship both. Just wondering.

    24. Missing avatar

      Erik Widell

      Oh. Well. All miniature games on KS are delayed. Can't say I'm surprised this one is too. Can't say I'm happy about it. But life goes on and I'm used to waiting. I'll just play something else meanwhile.

    25. Freeman Noob of the Lantern on

      Remember this week is Gencon. They may want to save some updates announcements for that :D
      As much as I've been dying to get the game now... was hoping all year to have it for a family vacation (that I'm on now) so we could all explore and play it together... but I definitely want to ensure the game comes all nice and pretty.

      Speaking as a (Video) game developer... I can say that as much as delays make people mad... rest assured... they are for good reason... I can also say that games that SHOULD have been held back for fixes adjustments also marked the death of the game... :/

      Looking forward to more... and I'm saving

      for when I get the GORM!!! :D

    26. Drew on

      I told my wife that Kingdom Death was delayed until October. And she said "Of this year? Wow, that's so much faster than I thought it would take."

      Keep up the good work Adam.

    27. VaultAge on

      @kingdom death : i see the box cover is black --> still a plan to have a golden cover for core game ?
      i would say i preferred the plain black... so much classy and esthetic (you know looks like a big black basalt monolith... like in 2001).

    28. Axel Hinze on

      That´s not an update...that´s a downdate o.O
      As you said in update 35: shipping will be delayed 1-3 month, so everybody was already sizing up the x-mas tree for extra space...

      where´s my WIP *shakes fist*

    29. Michael Riber Tolstrup on

      Nice improvements to the packaging.
      I remember my box having scuffmarks when I received it, this should do a lot to prevent that kind of thing happening in the future.

    30. Demo

      Although I am slightly disapointed I cant have the game NOW, as Id really like to get into it. I am overall more pleased with the fact my game will arrive safely, and pristine. I think it is the better choice.

    31. Bobcat Blue on

      I'll gladly take a delay if it ensures the quality of the delivered product. Looking forward to hopefully setting my hands on this thing in September or October. Have fun at Gencon.

    32. Ernest A Carafa on

      @Kingdom Death Delay as long as it takes to make sure shipping is done to best it can be. My first kickstart 1.0 KDM's tray was basically shattered when I got it and box dented heavily to one side. I think the foam inserts and wrapping will definitely sure up a lot of the cases where that would happen. I want to not I am not saying that to jab at KD, but more happy so see things were learned from the first Kickstarter. Is the same process being done to the 1.5 Update Packs? Or are they being delayed as well to keep them on same distribution track as 1.5 full boxes?

    33. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      Will the update packs be delayed too? Cheers

    34. Hippoeater on

      @Kingdom Death I'm totally good with this delay! I'd rather have you guys take the extra small bit of time to pack things properly and ship a great product undamaged :D Thanks guys! Super looking forward to everything next month/month after!

    35. Missing avatar

      Tairneach on

      Will you have any individual models for sale at Gencon too?

    36. Missing avatar

      Tairneach on

      Will you have any individual models for sale at Gencon too?

    37. Labelle Rouge on

      Hi. So as far as you plan to sell some games at Gen con I currently will get my game even if I answer the survey 4 hours later than the end of it. Am I right?

    38. Michael John Rawley on

      Thanks for the update! I'm happy to wait a month to avoid receiving a damaged product. Thank you for being mindful of the quality of product you are providing. My friends and I can't wait to play. <3

    39. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      @Tyler - that's kind of a nonsense standard you're holding Adam to, demanding an update the moment he determines that something could possibly happen.

      Guess what? The game could be delayed at any time, for any reason. There could be a shipping strike. There could be a problem at the plant. Another distributor could decide to wind down operations. The possibilities are endless. Demanding updates for things that are unlikely to occur and/or unlikely to significantly impact the schedule are a waste of everyone's time.

      OTOH, providing a timely update with a breakdown of the issues, resolution, and revised timeline? That's pretty reasonable.

    40. Robert Corrina on

      you might think that November is the 9th month as Nov means nine. but the romans wedged in a month for Julius and a month for Augustus, bumping the other months by two. so November has since been nine + two, or, eleven. so, do not expect KDM1.5 in the ninth month but in the eleventh. this will be the only factoid you remember when you wake up in a hell dimension with otherwise comprehensive amnesia.

    41. GC, Frogdog Kennelmaster on

      @Jon The haiku is strong with you sir. :)

    42. GC, Frogdog Kennelmaster on

      @Jon The haiku is strong with you sir. :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Fen on

      Packages are fulfilled when they leave the fulfillment center. Players are fulilled when they have a great session of KDM.

    44. Naiko Hatesyou on

      Thanks for the update. Can't wait for this! See you at GenCon^^

    45. Jon on

      Im disappointed
      but I will wait patiently
      as a blind stone face.

    46. Robert Lyons on

      Well, the delay gives me a sad, but it's not too long and it's for the best of reasons!

      I do have a question though. I'm pretty new to Kickstarter, so I'm always a little uncertain about 'fulfillment' dates. Is that...when the packages are going to start shipping? Once they've all been shipped? For example, does a pledge going to Germany count as fulfilled once the ship leaves China, or is it fulfilled once it arrives at, then leaves, an EU distribution centre headed for a backer's home?

      Thanks for the update and have fun at GenCon! Looking forward to the game!

    47. Ropya on


      You're new to this whole KS thing huh?

      Give it up.

      You're not entitled to information every step of the way.

      The ONLY thing KDM has to do is eventually get your the product your paid for, or refund your money.

      Anything above that is gravy. Dont presume to know what's on their side of the fence. So simmer down, and enjoy the ride.

    48. Feelitmon

      What's the old saying in video game development? You can only be late once, but you can suck forever. I am completely okay with this. Thanks for the heads up, and have a great convention!

    49. Missing avatar

      Tyler Demshki on

      @Zoxe minion of the Storm Knight There is a winning scenario here; transparency. Delays are terrible when they feel sudden and arbitrary, like this one.

      He should have shared this information the second he suspected it would delay the shipments. It's a lot less painful to temper your expectations a few months from fulfillment than a few weeks from it.

    50. Clayton Holmes on

      @Kingdom Death @Poots
      Thanks for the update! I'm a patient man and can't wait to receive this. What the team and you have done is amazing thus far. I can see the passion and admire it. So it's very understandable the time it takes and has taken to get this perfect. This quality is top notch. Great job. Wish I was at gencon this year to tell you all in person but hopefully this will do.

      Again thank you all and can't wait!