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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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    1. Katherine Arenz on

      When the hell is the first ship date??? I need to hear a projected date OR I NEED to start screaming on ALL of social media...IJS

    2. Arni Odinsson

      I look forward to seeing the gambler take shape.

    3. M

      I don't now if Adam checks these comments, but I wanted to jump in to say I hope there's at least ONE more opportunity to buy the new expansions (via pledge manager) before they start shipping. I discovered KD:M for the first time near the end of the 1.5 Kickstarter and backed for the core game and all the existing expansions. Unfortunately that was way past my gaming budget :) so I had to pass on the new expansions at that time.

      I've been saving since then and have more than enough (in case the cost were to be raised) to get all the new expansions and would LOVE the opportunity to do so!

      Thanks Adam for the game, and thanks for your time if you read this.

    4. Deadication on

      Are those the sculpts from the Pathfinder Add-On? They look awesome!!!


    5. Drew on

      Might need to make an Alucard survivor for fighting legion.

      Will bits fall of of it and turn into Zombies? That'd be a great reaction/crit effect.

    6. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      Dragon Goblin Armor is something Adam is adding to AW, right?

      I didn't see "Dragon Goblin Armor" in the original AW listing, so we're getting more figures and more stuff than we originally planned. Now I wonder if there will be (hybrid?) Spiral Knight stuff.

    7. Xero

      Thanks for the update Poots. It is really cool to see some of the process to designing the various models. I'm a whole new level of excited for the Gambler now. From the thumbnails it looks like the ball may be hollow and have something inside??? Ah I don't even know what that will mean in terms of the theme of the fight, but I am pumped to find out.

      Also the Pathfinders are looking sweet. I'm so glad that I added them to my pledge right away once update #37 announced. I know that at first there was only the one character shown at first, but every update since then that has added on more info about them has made me happier that I've added them on top of my Satan pledge.

    8. Drew on

      Ok, so the globe of bodies is going to be 100mm across. Is he still going to be on a 50mm base?

    9. Balgin Stondraeg

      Vertical or horizontal? They aren't square. They're oblongs.

    10. Mambo Kurt on

      could it mean 4th of august?

    11. Cory - okami on

      The 84 is the pixel size of those boxes.

    12. Balgin Stondraeg

      I'm so glad I pitched in for the Pathfinders of Death. Wonder what the 84 signifies.

    13. Fredrik 'Bloodsbane' Svensson on

      Love the Pathfinder iconics, love the Gambler and love the goblin armor. Good stuff!

    14. Michael Harley on

      Kinda nerdy annotation from me:
      I bloody LOVE how the Pixel-White Speaker ends her role in a perfect figure-4 ;-P

    15. Marcus Thomas on

      @Gregor yes, The gambler is a nemesis from the gamblers chest

    16. dragonDberry on

      This Gambler figure looks insaaaaane *_* ... so how do you even get the Gambler??? Is it in the gamblers chest????

    17. Some furf on

      I may have to magnetise that ball when I get it.

    18. eWave on

      @Adam Wilson
      Here are short introductions to the Pathfinder iconic characters. This is just the Paizo info; you'll find no mention is there about why Valeros is sporting a King's armor. ;)

      * Seoni (sorceress) -…
      * Kyra (cleric) -…
      * Valeros (fighter) -…
      * Merisiel (rogue) -…

    19. godgorF

      Lots of people spoiled by Poots' normal updates.

      If you can't tell, this update was intended just to pump the Paizo Kicksterter before it ended. Don't feel too disappointed here.

    20. Missing avatar

      Adam Wilson on

      Excellent stuff. The gambler looks awesome. I'm going to need another cabinet!

      I don't know much about pathfinder, can anyone explain what those characters represent? I'd like to start guessing what might be in store campaign-wise.

      Keep up the good work!

    21. Carnage on

      Lame update.....

    22. Justin F. on

      @Philippe Jean It depends on if Poots opens up the campaign manager to add-ons again. The initial campaign manager let you add things after the KS closed so ... maybe?

      He may re-open things for additional orders before each shipping phase but that's pure guess work.

      It could also be that everything is locked in now due to them finalizing productions lists or something like that.

      If it's the former watch out for the update about shipping phase one. I think Pathfinders are slotted for shipping wave 3 which is set for the spring of 2018 if things stay on track. If it's the latter, welp, you're SOL or going to pay a huge up-charge on the secondary market.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on

      The White Speaker pixel anim has me intruigued as well... those blocks look like very much like they're placeholders for some tile-based level art :P

    24. Wang Tang on

      I wish Jacques would stream himself sculpting

    25. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      Obviously, the Pathfinder crossovers look great. The Gambler is literally shaping up to be quite an impressive model, plus the colored Goblin Armors are lovely. I'm not sure what to make of the animation.

      Still hoping all is going smoothly for Wave 1...

    26. John D on

      Thanks for the peek behind the curtain - Jacques-Alexandre Gillois continues to bring (Kingdom) Death to Life.

    27. Last Of The Brunnen G on

      The word update should've had quotation marks around it this time around. But any communication is good communication I suppose.

    28. flyaturtle~

      You sir are a modern Leonardo Davinci

    29. Steve on

      Or 84 days from now until shipping? :O

    30. James McMillan

      Pixel animation...84...8/4? Announcement/shipping on August 4th?

    31. Coralline Algae on

      I'm very happy with what I was able to back for... but I wish I could've added the Pathfinders of Death. Those renders look so amazing.

    32. John C on

      Very cool stuff! Jacques-Alexandre must be a well trained artist, as it looks like he's got some Golden Section and Vesica Piscis stuff going on in there!

      Totally wish I'd been able to afford the Pathfinders of Death, now, too.

    33. Amy (Other Amy)

      Edit: Quote got erased by inept user. That was in reference to pleasing everyone.

    34. Amy (Other Amy)

      Ciro, if I could like that one thousand times I would. In other news, such an unexpected delight to open KS and find KD news!

    35. Todd Ferrullo on

      I was hoping for an update about shipping... or if you are still even on time for August shipping of Wave 1... or if the base inserts would be in Wave 1... or really any solid information.
      However, the Pathfinder sculpts are looking good.

    36. Luis Fernando Ramos on

      I think that if there was any logistical issues with the intended date for wave 1, Adam would have mentioned it on this update. No news on this regards is good news imho. a bit teaser of an update, but could mean the team has its hands full to keep deadlines for Gencon and Wave 1. Keep the faith in KD team guys!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Gary Concepcion

      @Paul ditto the pixel animation def has me intrigued

    38. Lynus Hope on

      I'm not fan of goblin armors, it look cheap for end game armors and I don't like the global look. A mix between, I don't know, a jester and a middle east armor ? meh ...
      Now the rest the news, the pathfinder 3D sculp and the gambler concept, it look just great, love it !

    39. Css on

      I find really interesting the approach to the gambler mini, wasn't expecting it to be carrying the ball of guys.

      I don't love the goblin armor, but i don't dislike it either, it looks a bit like spidicules armor (i think) plus feathers.

    40. Kevin Alford on

      Complications means we might never see it. Makes me nervous.

    41. Celestial Lucid Dream on

      I hope Poots you change the Goblin Armor. Not really feeling the concept.

    42. Missing avatar

      Fen on

      Thanks for the update! Love seeing the concept stuff.

    43. Philippe Jean

      @Justin F. I understand but it was possible to add it from the KDM campaign ??? These are not availables through the Pathfinders campaign only ???

      I took everything possible to take from KDM campaign and I wanted to make sure I'm cover with these ones, they are gorgeous sculpts.

    44. Css on

      Half of the backers want weekly updates saying nothing at all, and the other half rage when an update doesn't shake the world. Now go and try to please everyone.

    45. Paint'Riot Studio

      OMG no regret to choose the Pathfinder !
      the Gamber of JAG begin AWESOME !

    46. Berger on

      Wow - I'm not interested in Pathfinder, so the names are meaningless to me - but they look stunning!
      And the Goblin armour looks pretty darn nifty.
      And the Gambler - Oh. My. God.

      The only thing missing is a shipping / pm update . . . But at least Poots is still with us - no 1s rolled yet.

    47. Steven Zukowski on

      That was.... very much a non-update update... I appreciate the preview of the Gambler and the process to coming up with the master sculpt, very cool! And I do appreciate the info on the other kickstarter....
      But... Where is the campaigns of Death at? What is the current projections on Wave 1 timeline? This is almost more frustrating then no update.

    48. Missing avatar

      Paul Pichon on

      uhhhhh pixel animation you say...

    49. Justin F. on

      @Philippe Jean Unfortunately, any scuplts that are crossovers from other IPs have to be added on to any of the pledges. I think that it has something to do with how their revenue is going to work so they needed to be seperated from the bulk costs of the Stan Pledges. don't quote me on that though, I could be wrong.

    50. Tristan on

      I used to play Pathfinder a lot but then had to move away from my gaming group after getting a new job. I do miss playing it :(