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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

Production Update! Twilight Knight Crossover! Sculpting Update! Development Update!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

 Happy Memorial Day Weekend! (to ourselves and our fellow USA backers and fans!)

KDM 1.5 Production Update

Estimated Wave 1 Fulfillment Start: End of August 2017. 

Plastic production for the core game and update pack was finished as of April 2017 and we have approved the paper assets for production!

And one more, showing off the box a little more!

Possessed Twilight Knight : Oracale of Nozuki
As part of our deal with Sodapop (For Lantern year 3 Candy), we have our Pinup Twilight Knight crossing over into the Relic Knights universe in a unique way. I love projects like this, as it gives me an excuse to work on something a little different from the norm and collaborate with other studios. It was super fun to put this one together! Oh and the KD team is handling her sculpture, as well as the art. Sodapop / Ninja Division will be handling her manufacturing, and game content for the Relic Knights system. She will not include any KD game content.

You can get it here! Relic Knights Pledge Manager
*Please note that you will need to pledge for other Relic Knights items, they are not offering her solo.

Base Inserts

A lot of you have reached out to me requesting that the base insert packs be added to wave 1 fulfillment. I wanted to let you know that I am trying my best to accommodate what SEEMS like a pretty simple request. Please understand that all the timetables are pretty tight and it is likely I won't be able to do this. I am trying tho!


Right now production of the plastic components are underway and I am lining up the schedule so that we can fulfill these for the holidays of 2017. I do not have any dates from the manufacturer yet, but since its a straight reprint, it SIGNIFICANTLY reduces turn around time. So take that date 

Card Pack
Ah yes. The ever-elusive card pack! I have slatted this to be available around Jan 2018. If possible I'd like to move it up to coincide with Wave 2 for the holidays. The plan is to sell this via our web store, it will not be available thru backer kit.


We will be attending Gencon 2017 as exhibitors! Our Booth will be in the same location as last year and in fact, we got a little bit bigger!

New Developments

Personally I have been hard at work on the content for advanced Kingdom Death monster. The philosophy system has already been thru a host of alpha's and we are looking to start actively testing it's first prototype somewhere in June. It has been extremely satisfying to comb back thru everything and to embellish on the settlements growth via survivor development. The system is leaning more towards survivor's learning and contributing so the curve of powerful survivor's being developed is more in line with the escalation of the game and less of a random development.

Lion God Expansion, Expansion  - Silver City
Dungeon romp replaces the hunt phase. Currently have the Lost Knight up and running on the showdown board, but we are going back in and incorporating it's fight experience more into the dungeon delving element of the game.

Inverted Mountain
We are developing all the monsters for the Inverted Mountain campaign at the same time, so we can ensure that its the best campaign arc yet. Insanity is going to play a major role, with certain disorders being prerequisites to innovations, fighting arts and sometimes gear! Anna has been heading this up, here are some words directly from her!

"The Inverted Mountain campaign tells the story of a new kind of settlement. Waking in a teeming swamp, the survivors gaze up at a sickening light dawning over the summit of the Inverted Mountain that looms above. In this campaign, humans must do more than survive, they must ascend.

The strange light bathes the settlement, filling the soggy survivors' minds with strange urges. Called by the ever-present compulsion to climb the mountain, the survivors will need to harness the hallucinatory swamp. brain-altering parasites, and freakish delusions to develop a civilization with a single minded purpose.

The Inverted Mountain campaign uses Monster's massive rules to create a new settlement cycle. Innovations that reflect a different environment and survivor adaptations. New relationships between insanity, disorders, and new instincts for survivors to follow."


 project video thumbnail
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Here is the Pariah all cleaned up!

 project video thumbnail
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The Apotheosis Pinup went under more heavy tweaking. So much of the detail was lost in the scan, I saw an opportunity for improvements and well, I couldn't resist taking the extra time! I'd say this was more of a scan clean up remastering? 


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Oblivion Mosquito

The Oblivion Mosquito hand sculpture is finished!


We have also been hard at working making basic blackouts of all the armor! Once finished this will be used as a starting point for their "narrative" versions.

Lantern Year 3 Candy & Cola
Well, we couldn't have the Possessed Twilight Knight soda pop crossover without mentioning the other side of the arrangement!

In the Community:
(via Clark)

"Twist Gaming: Josh, Anna, Nicole, Matt and Aaron have partnered up with Twitch to bring you live play and commentary on a ton of games. They’ve been covering KDM pretty much since it came out so it’s great to see their success with their stream every tuesday they buckle in for a couple years of Kingdom Death. And they let you play along too. Through using a system of votes and automated rolls the views control one of the survivors! It’s super entertaining and sometimes Barash or I pop on for a session.

Instagrams worth a look:

@CraftworldStudio Has posted this iridescent Dung Beetle Knight! Well done right?! That armor looks great and the light effect on the pauldrons really bring the DBK to life.

@Mizugiwanohito Really slick Easter Knight I’m digging the greys here. A muted vision of the model but not diminished by the palette the painter chose.

@HMpaintworkshop is always cooking up some amazing projects. One of the great things about this painter is that they often show their progress so you get a real idea of their progress."



I'd also like to do a quick call out to @ShoshiesMinis whom has been painting up some awesome KD stuff to share on her twitter.


Also, the tablelords KD series is awesome!!

Oh! and here is the better half of the conviction romantic pair!





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    1. chang on

      :D :D so happy, this is looking so good. I will finally own this game... 2 more month :D so happy

      ps that dungeon rom thing is looking pretty neat, might be one of my 1st addons at retail :D

    2. Eyne Nacht on

      So much awesome in this update!

    3. The Ghost on

      That's really solid of Soda Pop to let us just get the Twilight Knight, almost makes me wanna grab an actual pledge.

    4. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      @azith - that is clearly the torso & helm of the Black Knight.

    5. Missing avatar

      azith28 on

      Ye Gods, what the hell is that huge thing hes holding up at the end..

      Poots, a small request. When you show us pictures of new Models in the future, can you also do a picture with say, the Phoenix model next to it to demonstrate size? I'm curious how large the Oblivion Mosquito is going to be.

    6. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @Msgt Keats, Yep I can confirm that. I reached out to them and double checked. You can pick her up without any complication via Sodapop / Ninja Divison.

    7. Keats on

      So I emailed SPM about the cross over and having to pledge and received this reply


      The Possessed Twilight Knight: Oracle of Nozuki can be purchased separately. A further purchase or pledge is mot required.

      There is nothing to worry about on your purchase.

      If you have any additional questions, please contact us again.


    8. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      KDM should have a mini painting contest at Gen Con.

    9. Martin Chapman on

      Fab update with answers for everything I wanted to know, just itching to play and paint minis. Roll on August...but no pressure!
      The card pack? Someone remind me what that was all about? Got kids, no sleep etc! Best regards to all at KD.

    10. John H. Shinholser on

      Oh! And I really love the segment on community content. Looking forward to KD eventually having full support for the community via a forum or the like, or even a White Dwarf style publication!

    11. John H. Shinholser on

      As a backer of the original kickstarter, I have to say this is the best post-kickstarter update I've seen from Kingdom Death. You guys have stepped up your communication game and I really feel like I have a feel for the general progress you've made so far. I'll be pleasantly surprised if you ship items by the deadline you mention, but am glad to hear an update on your anticipated schedule regardless.

      Also: the Oblivion Mosquito is bonkers. It might be my favorite monster sculpt in the whole game, now. You nailed the interpretation of the concept art. Great job to the sculptor!

    12. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      "Estimated Wave 1 Fulfillment Start: End of August 2017."

      Adam estimates (but doesn't guarantee) that Wave 1 (only) Fulfillment (i.e. shipping to backers) will Start (but not complete) before the End of August 2017.

      That is, by August 30th, the first container(s) of Wave 1 should have arrived in his warehouse(s), and he should have shipped the first few cores 1.5 / update 1.5 sets out to backers. The first backer might not even receive their item until September 1st.

      He is simply sharing that late August is what his internal scheduling suggests is the earliest likely date for him to be able to ship product out the door. Delivery is later, and it'll probably take him a couple months (or more!) to work through some 20,000 backers worth of product.

      Personally, I suspect that he'll probably have the first container ship to the US, with subsequent containers to Asia, with the European container arriving last, simply due to ease of control and transit times over water, so Europe is likely a couple weeks behind the US.

      I'm sure there will be further updates once things get moving. Plus, there will be Wave 2 to talk about, and I assume that he'll want Wave 2 product to arrive just as Wave 1 shipping wraps, so that he can keep his logistics team productive, without any gaps.

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      "Estimated Wave 1 Fulfillment Start: End of August 2017. "

      does that mean that the sending of shipping starts at end August, or that the DELIVERY end August? I quess its the first one, so how long approx does it take to ship from store to home? (im in EU)

    14. Deadication on

      Seeing how great the Mosquito turned out makes me SO EXCITED to see the final version of the Ivory Dragon. I loved the concept art for that one so much.

    15. Ander on

      So glad I have chosen mosquito! Looks awesome!

    16. Eyne Nacht on

      Great update.

    17. Bill the Raven on

      If the bases can't make wave 1, then maybe them making wave 2 would be a good compromise (if that is more feasible).

    18. Sebastien (Space Pirate) on

      So glad i decided to go all inverted mountain instead of abyssal wood or ancient extensions. This campaign is much more appealing to me.

      And the mosquito mini is minf blowing.

    19. Anthony Davis on

      i agree the mosquito is amazing.
      it's this type of artwork that has drew me to this game... plus i love gaming.
      but this update has giving me an a enormous amount of patience now knowing and seeing the type of detail that is going into this game and it's models.
      i look forward to these updates but can't wait for august.
      keep up the hard work.

    20. Fredrik 'Bloodsbane' Svensson on

      Endeavor and reroll tokens are a happy surprise.. I wonder what those blurred out settlement process entries are!

    21. Fredrik 'Bloodsbane' Svensson on

      @Lee Martin Whatever gave you that impression? Of course all the new content from the 1.5 box is added to the update pack, that's what it's for. In these photos, you see some of the paper assets that were mentioned as recently approved. That the plastics aren't pictured doesn't mean they're suddenly pulled from the box you'll receive.

    22. oeil dans la bouche on

      Mosquito had a really interesting lore, but the sculpt is really great. I really hope I'll be able to add it to my pledge later (didn't took any new extension, 'cause budget is limited ...). Silver city hunt phase seems really cool too. But that inverted mountain turned me on !

    23. Missing avatar

      Lee Martin on

      So it doesn't look like the Gold Smoke Knight miniature is included in the 1.5 update pack. Why oh why would you add a monster to the core campaign that is sold out everywhere and probably being scalped on ebay?

    24. Missing avatar

      Antti Kuusela on

      The Oblivion mosquito sculpt is mind-blowing. I am both excited and horrified at the thought of painting that.

    25. Deadication on

      Awesome update! I love seeing the prototype/playtesting board & cards. Do you typically use really simple cardboard pieces like that to playtest? I imagined there would be hundreds (or thousands) of pretty plastic minis on hand... :)

    26. Oliver Schaaf on

      Wow, that's what I call a nice update. So much information and good news. What a fantastic start into this day. <3

    27. Missing avatar

      Jonathan A on

      Silver City stuff looks kind of great. I always thought there was a lot more design space that could be done on the play area itself.

      Silver City update? Check.
      Inverted Mountain update? Check.

      But where is Abyssal Woods update? :)

    28. Miguel Leon on

      This update fills me with so much joy and so much sorrow.
      Joy because i will at least be getting the core game and gamblers box.
      Sorrow because i wasn't able to grab a single expansion and this update makes them look awesome!

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Bell on

      Awesome update! Any word on the armor kit painting contest winners? �

    30. Drew on

      The oblivion mosquito is so bizarre and so amazing.

      Am I right in thinking that the circle beneath her is about 100mm wide?

    31. Celestial Lucid Dream on

      Pledges open for shipping? Will other stuff be purchasable (like old expansions or dice?)?

    32. Missing avatar

      Caitlin Christian on

      Wow, the oblivion mosquito is amazing! I'm suddenly regretting my decision not to add it to my pledge manager. Ah well, guess I'll have to stalk the store in some distant future.

    33. Grlscz on

      The moskito is so amazing, I can´t even belive it`s actually a physical version. I thought the old expansions were great, but what we have seen of the new ones seems to bring the game to a whole new level. Congratz.
      On the other side, I think more than 3 month without a real update is just too much. I wonder if it would be so hard to chop the huge updates in more frequent mini updates and maybe show one or two new things every week or two. That way we could feel everything is moving along and get our small dose of KDM.

    34. nuke_morningstar on

      I like all the news! The only thing that worries me is the expansions are planned for 2017 holidays. It might not be a fact for US (or maybe it is), but holidays are the worst time for 'shipping' stuff. Especially internationally.

      Shipping gets slowed down, customs are full and problems with packages occur much often.

      @Kingdom Death: What's your take on this? :x

    35. Tristan on

      The mosquito looks amazing

    36. Missing avatar

      David Bousquet

      Oblivion Mosquito......?......?........ BOOOOOOOOOOOM........ - MIND BLOWN!

      Awesome update, awesome stuff to look forward to!

    37. Css on

      Tbh when i read it was from thomas david i kind of already expected it to look awesome.

    38. Css on

      @James McMillan i was iffy on the mosquito. I was an idiot and now i regret it.

    39. Missing avatar

      Richard West on

      Maybe I mis read or something but is the 1.5CORE game starting to ship in August or just the update?!?

    40. Eric on

      Wow, that was a nice juicy kick-ass update! Thanks!

      The actual pictures of the finished 1.5 update pack look super high quality and just got me even more excited. I'm also extremely happy that the production dates haven't seemed to have been pushed back too much further. I half expected him to say something like.... wait till next year...

    41. Keats on

      I must have misread that disclaimer wrong, I thought it was saying that they couldn't ship it with non kickstarter stuff not that you had to pretend to care about their kickstarter to get it. Asking SPM to push a refund my way if that's the case since I bought in when I saw it last month

    42. Coralline Algae on

      Amazing! This is going to be mind blowing when it gets to us.

      I would kinda like to see a few more of the females in normal shoes rather than heels, but it's okay either way. Walking on stone faces in heels seems almost impossible.

    43. Todd Ferrullo on

      I am glad to hear that Adam is trying to squeeze those base inserts into Wave 1 for August. I do hope that if can not, that at the very least, they show up with Wave 2 in December.

    44. Slagathor on


      What is that in the last picture and how do I buy it?

    45. John D on

      New Hunt board looks perfect - that's exactly what I was hoping for.

    46. Ben Hopfer on

      In this update regarding the Possessed Twilight Knight : Oracale of Nozuki they say "*Please note that you will need to pledge for other Relic Knights items, they are not offering her solo."

      However, on the Soda pop page its says: "Please note that due to the nature of fulfilling a Kickstarter this item can only be combined with other items from the Relic Knights KS category. Any order containing Relic Knights KS category items with items from other categories will be canceled and refunded. Please save us all time by not attempting to do this."

      Which is correct? I ordered it solo back when it first was announced. My understanding was that you just couldnt order it wither other non-KS items.

    47. Stack the Savior of the Twilight Order on

      What is the card pack mentioned above?
      "Card Pack
      Ah yes. The ever-elusive card pack! I have slatted this to be available around Jan 2018. If possible I'd like to move it up to coincide with Wave 2 for the holidays. The plan is to sell this via our web store, it will not be available thru backer kit."

    48. Paint'Riot Studio

      Candy & cola sculpt is nice !

    49. Paweł Szwarc on

      Thanks for great update! I'm starting to regret I haven't add Oblivion Mosquito to my pledge - the mini looks really great :-)