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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

Pledge Manager Closes March 23rd (9 days from now!)

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)


The pledge manager is closing March 23rd at 1PM EST.

Everyone will be charged for any extra add-ons they have made via backerkit starting then. Backers that have failed to fill out their survey run the risk of forfeiting their pledge. It is essential that all survey's are complete so we can lock in production numbers.

The pledge manager will reopen before wave 1 ships to collect your wave 1 shipping fee. I have yet to decide if backers will have the opportunity to pledge for more content when we reopen it. Please do not expect it.

Leftover credit in backerkit can be used to pay for your upcomming shipping fee's.

We cannot refund additional / left over backerkit credit at this time.

If you have any issues, please head over to our support page:

Support related messages that come thru via kickstarter have a high chance of being missed, do not seek help through it. I don't want to miss your messages! We want to help you!

What happens if I don't fill out backerkit? 

There is no longer a guarantee that some or all of your rewards will be delivered to you. Instead we might only be able to offer a refund with at least 10% removed to cover our non-recoverable fee's. (Kickstarter, Stripe, Backerkit, Production Fee's etc...) You MUST finalize your pledge otherwise we will have inaccurate production numbers. We cannot give backers with forfeited pledges production units that have been allocated to our retail release. I am begging you, please finalize your pledge.

Late Backers that fail to complete their pledge will simply be removed from our system.

I apologize but I do not have much flexibility room here. I cannot simply order "enough" and hope people finalize their pledges in a timely fashion. The project is very large and to ensure that everything goes smoothly I must be strict.

We will of course, always do everything we can to accommodate people with special circumstances. Please reach out via our support page, not kickstarter.

This is a very critical update, hence I have decided to wait on actual content progress and risk distracting all the important information above.

Thank you in advance for understanding.

Ah... well I can't really leave the update without anything fun. Here is a 1/8th scale Cockroach Queen! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jogi Sato on

      How can I consult if my pleasure is everything ok??? I dont remember...

    2. Cori J. Handsaker on

      Is there anyway to add on to my pledge now? Just curious as I wanted to add more pieces haha.

    3. Missing avatar

      snaketankofeden on

      @jesse... You say you received no e-mail... including your initial pledge?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      @DJP You're right. It's not right to hold anyone responsible for something out of their control.

    5. Css on

      It seems like the final warning email was sent randomly, if your survey says it's completed and you have been properly charged, you should be fine.

    6. T.R. on

      I got a "FINAL WARNING, you are at risk of forfeiting your pledge!" message after I got an email saying my survey was complete. I emailed and all I got was a ticket two weeks ago...No damn answer.

    7. McManor on

      And I have to add: Although I got all the mails, I checked the website from time to time. The amount of money I invest in this game doesn't make me rely on the fact that I receive an email but get active on my own. When talking about responsibility I'm responsbile for my cash in the first instance. So I don't quite get these rare "I invested x hundred bucks on a board game but never checked what's going on with it but kept sitting here, waiting for an email" messages we see here...

    8. Missing avatar


      @Jesse everyone who backed the game gets all the update emails via kickstarter. If you didn't receive an email at all since the campaign ended, then it's more likely that your email address is at fault. I don't see how this on them.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      haven't got one email about this. I have to come here for the news? A responsible business takes care of its customers.

    10. Css on

      This is the link for any issues you may be having with the pledge manager.

      Go there asap and hope you are still on time to find a solution.

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric Johnson

      Never received pledgemanager email.

    12. Missing avatar

      T on

      I never received my Pledge Manager email. Can someone please help?

    13. Missing avatar

      Ronnie RED on

      my link was broke what should i do?

    14. Labelle Rouge on

      Same to me. I received the frustrating email.

    15. Missing avatar

      J Young on

      Received the same email yet everything is complete.

    16. K.Lenae

      My pledge processed so I'm assuming I'm good to go. Can't wait for the next update!

    17. Daniel Rosini on

      I got this email too....

    18. WarWolf on

      Glad to see I'm not the only one getting that email, pretty frustrating.

    19. pinvendor

      Same as Benjamin. I assuming some kind of criss-cross with Kingdom Death mailing list v. Backerkit info? When I go to Backerkit shows everything is all set and locked down, so hopefully you guys have it right! Though if you suddenly generously unlock my ability to add and pay for more stuff later, I won't be unhappy.

    20. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Nicholson

      Got an email for a final warning, but filled out and paid the backer kit. Do I need to do more? If not, please fix your system.

    21. Labelle Rouge on

      Finalising my pledge few hours ago but no way i will wait for years to get the game. No way.

    22. Missing avatar


      @xeno112 they're collecting funds now.

    23. xeno112 on

      so do we know when they are going to collect? i hope its not until nxt week so i can get a paycheck in on it

    24. Missing avatar

      Jacob Dryearth on

      I just finalized my pledge because I'm an idiot but somehow it still worked

    25. Eyne Nacht on

      Dun dun dunnnn!

    26. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      The large model is very cool. 5" & 6" (1/12) are common for action figures, where a classic 12" GI Joe is 1/6 scale. 1/8 scale is 9", splitting the difference rather neatly.

    27. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      It's after the close time, and I'm locked for when Backerkit locks. I am rather surprised that there wasn't a 24-hour call sent yesterday with a last-minute call first thing this morning.

    28. Missing avatar

      Philip Tohver on

      Please allow us to adjust our pledges between waves, after we've had a chance to see the designs of what remains unrevealed at this time.

    29. pinvendor

      Looks like the idea for the suggestion I was contemplating was already made! I am in the camp of opening prior to each wave to allow adding on items from the upcoming wave. Completely understand about not adding items from the currently shipping wave or past waves, but upcoming waves seem fair game as concepts will be available and production orders not quite started until proofs approved! Please, please, please!

    30. Hippoeater on

      adding in my voice for the "please reopen and allow us to add more stuff at wave 1 shipping" <3

    31. Bryce Hansen on

      Just another comment to throw in for please please please re-open the pledge at wave 1 shipping. I saved my gaming budget for months just so i could drop the extra $1500 to grab all the gaming components and I would gladly drop the extra 500 for the pinups if I had it.

    32. Knightfall on

      1/8 Cockroach Queen get how??

    33. Missing avatar

      Sarah König on

      How can I tell if I used the pledge manager already? Since I get a little paranoid about these things :3

    34. Missing avatar

      Sarah König on

      How can I tell if I used the pledge manager already? Since I get a little paranoid about these things :3

    35. M

      I just want to throw my hat in the ring saying I hope it re-opens for add ons before the 3rd or 4th wave. I will pledge for all the new expansions at that time. $2000 all at once for a board game was just too much though. $1000 twice is much more manageable. Especially since I didn't know about the KS until late December. I had about a week to decide to spend $1000 on a board game. Nobody's fault or problem, just saying that's a big decision for a game.

      Anyway TLDR - hope to see the pledge manager re-open before 3rd or 4th wave, will add all new expansions in that situation.

    36. K.Lenae

      I'm okay with this deadline, but I really, really hope it gets reopened before the 3rd/4th wave because we have very, very little on specific details or models for these expansions, and I'm the type to want more info before I buy. At this point I am only grabbing some pinups and a few of the revamped old expansions. As excited as I am for some of the new stuff, I'd like to see them presented more coherently and overall see a more complete project.

      Which would likely be possible in a year or so before the 3rd and 4th waves go for production.

      So please consider it! :) Other than that, thank you for the thrilling KS campaign and I look forward to more updates!

    37. Joe

      @Henrique -

      To confirm your pledge, do the following:

      1. Go to to get your link to the BackerKit survey. (If you still have your original e-mail for the survey, you should be able to use that instead.)

      2. Answer any questions you are asked until you get to the Order Confirmation page. (If you've already filled out your survey, you should start out right at the Order Confirmation page.)

      3. Look at the top in the middle where it shows the pledge amount and level. There it also shows the status. The status should say "Answered". If it says "Incomplete", then you still need to confirm your survey. There should be a button on the Order Confirmation page to do this. And once you've done this, you should get a confirmation e-mail.

      For anyone who has made changes to his or her add-ons, make sure you've re-confirmed your survey. Even though you confirmed your survey when you initially filled it out, when you make changes to your add-ons, your survey goes back to the Incomplete status. You need to click the button to confirm your survey again in order to finalize the changes. If all you did was change the add-ons, your survey could still be in the Incomplete status.

    38. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      @henrique but you should have a link about it in your Kickstarter email

    39. Missing avatar

      Henrique Bernardes Rodrigues on

      Where should I go to confirm my pledge?

    40. Missing avatar

      Philip Tohver on

      The campaign is over and there's less then a week before lockdown. Any chance we'll see a design of the Lantern Parasite Queen before then? I'm wondering because if it's as grotesque as the wet nurse was, I'll have to think carefully about if it's appropriate for my group. Is it possible to play without it?

    41. Shaolin Manny on

      Those backer hands trying to grab everything ! :)

    42. Carl Beard on

      So how do we buy this one ;)

    43. Ray "AcroRay" Miller on

      OMG that 1/8 scale model!!!!! Plllleeeaaassseee make some larger-scale models of some of the KD figures available...!

    44. Missing avatar

      James Weaver

      I have to agree about wanting more information about the plastic board. It is something I'm very curious about, but I have not added for it because the price tag is a bit large to take on faith. Any chance for more information on it? Is it modular? If so, how many tiles per module? Any design information will help me figure out whether or not I want to throw money at it in the next few days.

    45. Missing avatar

      Richard McGillivray on

      @Starmourn - The earlier that the pledge manager gets closed, means that @Poots @ Co have the final figures to work with earlier, which means that there may be slightly less of a delay. Let's face it, it's been open for over a month, if people can't make up their minds in that time, then they'll never make them up, and if it's about having the extra couple of days for the next pay cheque to come in to be able to afford a little more, then they're playing a very dicey game with their finances.

    46. Jessica

      I too would like to see another update before the pledge manager closes so that I can make any final decisions I might need to.

      +1 to Wasa about wanting to see the male manhunter pinup and to Ken wishing to know about the 3D board.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jasmine Kendall on

      The Cockroach Queen looks great!

    48. Brandon Stoltz on

      Good thing I already got mine done. ^^ Had to give up any chance of getting the crossovers and promos, but that allowed me to get all the main expansions. Woot woot!