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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)





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    1. Eyne Nacht on

      @Jason, +1 to that.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      The board is nice idea, but only if it includes the terrain pieces from the core game as well as the expansions.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      yeah i did not expect this board, couldnt afford the extra price so late in the campaign, really hope we can add funds in the pledge manager. Will give me more time to get another paycheck topay for this thing.

    4. Bill the Raven on

      I'm very surprised how many add-one were added in the last few hours, given that Poots wasn't sure we would be able to add funds later. I would have thought all the cost items would have been shown at least 24hours before the end in that case.

      Anyway, I was following it at the end. I was all in: Satan's Lantern, all X-overs, 3 base packs, and extra dice until this update. I'm really looking forward to the first wave. However, this last minute board update raises more questions than answers. I couldn't bring myself to add funds for it given how risky it seems to be (and how precious little info we have). Here are some questions/concerns:

      Basic Questions
      - In what form will it ship to us (3 sheets 1/2 sheets we place side-by-side maybe)? Will we need to assembly/glue these sheets (I'm guessing yes).
      - Will you show us a fully assembled prototype before we have to commit funds? Hopefully you will let pledgers order this direct from your website for the $100 ks price if they didn't add funds for this last minute add-on (or allow funds in the pledge manager).
      - Can you also show a basic painted version of the board? I want to point out that if one doesn't paint this board, the original gorgeous flat board would probably still look nicer with all the colors and shading for the faces, than an unpainted 3D board (YMMV).
      - How do we store it? Will it's box hold the sheets in it?
      - Us their a way to lock/clip the sheets together (for during play)?

      Functional Questions
      - How do you plan to give it enough contour to look cool, yet still keep it flat enough to allow these common gamer needs to work:
      - How will it support large based monsters (dragon) or complicated sprawling monsters (like spedicules)?
      - Will tokens get caught in the grooves (between faces)?
      - Will cards catch on the grooves?
      - Will the hunt track still sit on the board cleanly (without the other side of the hunt track board getting scratched or dented)?
      - Will we be able to roll dice on the board?

      Anyway, it is a cool concept. I didn't allocate funds for it because I'm not sure yet if I could use it. More details would really help. Kingdom Death has a proven track record for great models and wonderful expansions. When the Ivory Dragon expansion has just a picture and a page of details (no renders) that isn't a cause for concern to me since I know Poots and gang will deliver. However, I am not as confident as to how a 3D board will turn out from a usability standpoint.

      Regardless of what you do with this board, please consider a terrain add on in the future. Irrespective of confusion on the board, I had a blast in this kickstarter, and I can't wait for the core game!!! Thank you, and good luck!

    5. Missing avatar

      Greg Wilson on

      did not have time to add this to my pledge hope i can add it during pledge manager if not that sucks

    6. YayYoh on

      edit - quarter of the "2x3" size

    7. YayYoh on

      I would like to see the board have a base that maybe folds into upon itself for storage/easier transporting (folds into a quarter of the 2x2,3x3 size). This base could have a slightly raised lip around the perimeter of the board that would form the foundation for the modular tiles/terrain to inlay onto.

      This would allow you to swap out the specific sections that have modified terrain. It would be really nice if the tiles/terrain were slightly magnetized so that they would stay in place when layed onto the corresponding base.

      This initial version could cover the core terrain and then they could release the other modular terrain packs for the other expansions that would integrate with the base showdown plastic board kit.

      No doubt if they went this route that it would be an exquisite (i.e. expensive) option but everything about KDM is exquisite/unique/boutique already.

      I've already pledged money for this plastic board and I am looking forward to seeing what Poots and his team come up with.

    8. Michael on

      I have always loved this resin board for Krosmaster Arena: . I cannot wait to see what the final product will look like, even with a single coat of paint and a simple wash. This was an instant add-on for me.

    9. Banjo

      So obviously we will be able to add the board and remaining promo via pledge manager, ($100+$60) since it was only added while a lot of us were asleep, right? Would be very angry if we weren't able to, or the price went up just because it was post-campaign. Not quite sure why addons were added in literally the last few minutes,as not everyone is in the same timezone!

    10. Missing avatar

      Brandon Holmes on

      I added the money for the board but I may switch it to something else. I can't see how this will be practical but I don't want to miss out if he creates something cool. Hopefully we will get a better idea of what he has planned before we have to commit. I did find this picture from what I think is an earlier prototype of the game but if it looks like this (but larger) I don't want it:…

    11. TheAwaitedKing on

      A little salty that it was introduced so late in the campaign... I woke up and campaign has ended... didn't even had a chance to think about pledgind for it :(

    12. Todd Ferrullo on

      I love the plastic board. Since it appears that it is going to be modular I hope that they create additional pieces later that would allow switching it for say inverted mountain terrain or abyssal forest terrain as well as the plain of faces.

    13. Mike Gerth on

      for the people I saw talking about terrain take a look at this site ;).

    14. Missing avatar

      tyrone bachus

      Thank You so MUCH for one more male pin up! U guys rock!

    15. Mad Doc

      Looks like it's complete made out of plastic. I dont know how this will work. A sheet is indeed needed I guess.

    16. William on

      stupid question is that going to be a full board or just the center area that will be hard plastic?

    17. David Weiss on

      haven't allowed for many pinups but he'd be close it was like he was modeled on me ;)

    18. Missing avatar


      Acrylic sheet just needs a wee lip to sit into above all moulds. Engrave the grid onto acrylic sheet and do away with moulded squares.

    19. Bill the Raven on

      Yes, Terrain would be far easier to produce, and I think far more purchased.

    20. bugula

      @Bill K it is strange that a terrain pack hasn't been offered...

    21. Bill the Raven on

      @Alan: agreed. Far more info is needed on such a pricy over-the-top item before I consider it further.

    22. Bill the Raven on

      You definitely need to offer this later (maybe in the pledge manager, or a special purchase from your website) once we can see what the final board is like. It does not seem like it would work well. I'm imagining trying to move Spedicules on it.

      It would be interesting to see what it looks like with a single layer of paint and a black wash. However, I would much prefer an official terrain pack (that set on the gorgeous flat board).

    23. Missing avatar


      Oh sweet Hastur I love that pin up.

      Also, I have a weird affection for the Gambler Nemesis. I can't wait to see more of it.

      Also, I've backed a lot (probably too many) things on Kickstarter, but something about this one, I'm genuinely proud to be a part of it.

    24. Missing avatar

      The Captain on

      I sure hope that 3D board is available at retail eventually. I like the concept but would like to see a finished product and reviews by users before buying it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Nevermancer on

      is the game board going to be modular or one piece ?

    26. doremicom on

      anyone know if the gambler is a nemesis node 1 or 2?

    27. Missing avatar


      Clear acrylic or glass sheet on top of board.

    28. Alan

      The board is interesting, but there's no way I'm adding another $100 right now for a non-gameplay element without more information (modular? how many pcs? do you layer cardboard over it? how does this work?). I think a playmat might have been enough? The board seems over the top, even by Poots standards.

    29. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      1 sec.. This 3d board is not meant to be used with the cardboard terrain, is it? It would feel pathetic to put a cardboard giant face upon the irregular 3d carved stone faces... in other words, I assume that it will replicate all the game's tiles in plastic right?

    30. John D on

      Sascha Buczek, Ahh, just repaint the board every year or so (with New color schemes!).

    31. Gareth Johnson on

      A GW board is not as sharpely detailed as the shown KDM one. Rolling Dice on it, moving models, would wreck any such paint job. Then there's the practical aspect of setting up the board, cocked dice, overlaying models, card terrian.

      I am a big supporter of KDM, but for the first time, I think they've dropped the ball here. A material Game mat would be far more practical and wearing.

    32. Rascarcapac on

      Can anybody stop the madness? Guess not!

    33. Jake "Satch" Shearer on

      @Jaimie, a resin cap would be easy to do.

    34. Sybaris of the Abyssal Woods on

      Why heels on male pin ups? i mean are they intended for women or people who like crossdressing males?

    35. tasky87 on

      I'm also interested in this but need way more info about it

    36. tasky87 on

      I wouldn't worry about rolling dice on there since it doesn't look like they would land flat anywhere on it

    37. Alpharius on

      @PrintMonkey: What does linking Games Workshop terrain products do? Give us some context, my friend. Do you use it and dice don't damage it?

    38. Missing avatar

      Koen on

      Even with all the millions raised and number of meaningfull free stretch goals countable on one hand, I totally expect them to go broke again in 2 years. this board mold costs will not allow them to break even unless more then half the backers actually got it. He should have just added in an extra copy of armor sets and an extra white lion for everybody.. and leave this kind of board for the next kickstarter he'll need.

    39. Sascha Buczek on

      Not sure if the board is so good for gaming (i would be afraid to ruin the paintjob), but if i decide to get it i would paint it, frame it with a nice wooden frame and put it on the wall :D

    40. Jason Massatt on

      Poots! Where's the Manhunter pinup art? No rest!!!

    41. PrintMonkey on

      Also, if you are worried about rolling dice and ruining paint, go have a look here:…

      Nothing to worry about, trust me.

    42. Jason Massatt on

      Board looks amazing! I cannot possibly afford it... but amazing!!

    43. Alpharius on

      Ugh... I am so torn... Should I get the board... It will last a looooooooooooooong time and look nice... Should I not get it... It's not practical for the minis standing on it and it will chip for sure... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    44. Jason Massatt on

      Yes!! Gambler!!!! All my dreams have come true!!!!!!

    45. Jamie on

      How impossible would it be to keep them as tiles but essentialy 'cap' them with clear resin to give a flt surface (depends on how well the heights are maintain across all pieces I guess.

    46. PrintMonkey on

      For anyone asking about the 3D game board, as the update states, it is EXTREMELY EARLY work in progress. Think of what is pictured as nothing more than a sketch. They will put real work into making it playable. They always do.

    47. Bill Briggs on

      @Jake "Satch" Shearer, you ain't just whistlin' Dixie, bub. Would love to get a playmat option for the hunt and showdown board.

    48. Jake "Satch" Shearer on

      The board is indeed beautiful and will be absolutely gorgeous in person, but less practical than a play mat.

    49. Garend -People of the Poots... on

      I need more info on the Board to make an Informed Decision.. is there anyone here that can give me more info? Please please? Gosh.. that Board... I thought poots says no 3D terrains. :/ No 3D terrains and he goes and make the whole board 3D? Gosh..

      I want to have it.. but 100 usd is indeed a bit steep for it does not add any gameplay content.. sigh. I need more info.

    50. John D on

      I'm sooooo gonna paint up a showdown board.