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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$11.6M Crossover Hyper Light Drifter! Welcome the Death Drifter! TwitchGameNight Live Streaming KD Marathon! Gambler's Chest Reveal 31, Final Changelog Reveals, HUNT BOARD NOW A BOARD! Gambler's Chest Reveal 31 Shadowstalker!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)


Streaming a marathon!!!








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    1. TheAwaitedKing on

      The new drums are much better!

    2. Missing avatar

      Dracil on

      Adding this in the last couple hours was a stupid idea. So now I'm missing this add-on.

    3. David Altieri

      Y'know, with all of the indie game character crossover shit happening, seeing this has actually made this the first time I've actually WANTED a Shovel Knight crossover to happen. Please Poots, make it happen! PLEASE!

    4. Plug Uglie on

      yay! Love the drums.

    5. Angelicus on

      i would say death armor, since the drifter isnt "real" kingdom death, just a cool extra thing. Doesn't really fit the kingdom death theme.

    6. HeliosFaust - Knight of the Ringtail Fox

      Arghh... Death Drifter or Death Armor?

    7. Missing avatar

      CJ Eldridge on

      3D terrain would be pimp. Even card fold terrain :) whats the new board gonna look like

    8. Michael J. Kniotek on

      Hyper Light Drifter crossover? C'mon guys, I'd like to at least have some financial future. Hahaha! I definitely need this add-on.

    9. Chris Z.

      Are we done adding things? LOL It's bittersweet changing my pledge to include more and watching my wallet bleed and my girlfriend shake her head.

    10. Drew on

      We use the hunt board, and we'll definitely be using the new one.

    11. John Pfeiffer on

      You say 'very WIP' on the Shadowstalker, but I think she looks amazing already, especially with that very dynamic action pose! I second the request for more angles! :D

    12. Humanoid Typhoon on

      Damn it Poots, this is down right unamerican! My pledge is now $1786 because of this addon! Missed your chance for $1776!

    13. Angelicus on

      @Raising Spirit - would assume so since it says it will Encourage all non-deaf survivors.

    14. Rascarcapac on

      This was meant to be the "first crossover content". Guess Adam changed his mind...

    15. Coralline Algae on

      Shadowstalker rocks!!! Please post more angles of her. ♡.♡

    16. Raising Spirit on

      This drum plus leader figthin art will increase all survivor speed? Even the one encouraging

    17. Larry Barriere on

      the real board for the hunt table it an amazing thing. cant wait!

    18. Lachlan Mcneill on

      Far out this is what happens when i when i sleep totally fantastic. love the Magma sculpt ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      Jas bains on

      I said no more crossovers... then you crossover with my favourite game of last year... bravo sir.

    20. Michael David on

      So yeah instant $20 added to pledge.
      @Poots, Don't forget about Pinups of Death 2 Cards Only Pack, Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. John D on

      Thanks for the Hunt Board, Adam.

    22. Angelicus on

      @timmo - true, but if thats the goal, then it would be good to have the settlement table on the other side of the hunt board then :P

    23. Timmo Warner on

      @Angelicus The old hunt board did its job well, but in comparison to everything else seemed kind of flimsy. It's just good to have it as high quality as the rest of the game!

    24. Missing avatar

      Sven Wasberg on

      Now I want a crossover with Undertale.
      Just imagine you could befriend Monsters or have an ultrahard fight against Sans. :-)
      Not very realistic, but it would be more than awesome.


      I backed HyperLightDrifter too .! Sweet!

    26. Eric on

      I LOVED Hyper Light Drifter!! Instant upgrade of $20 for me. That is a very cool crossover.

    27. Deadication on

      Hyperlight Drifter is a great indie game, available on Steam and Xbox One (probably Playstation Store too, not sure).


    28. Angelicus on

      dont get why people are hating on the hunt board, it did its job well enough. But hey, im up for any improvement. I am guessing the change has something to do with the mini monsters you can encounter during the hunt

    29. Nocturne on

      Hyper Light Drifter was one of my favourite games last year, this is an awesome crossover.

    30. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      I've always really liked Hyperlight Drifter's style. Great updates!

    31. Rascarcapac on


    32. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      Very great additions. The Death Drifter look amazing, I don't know the game, but I will search it.

    33. S Buntenbach

      Who is hyperlight drifter?

    34. Michael on

      Thank you for upgrading the Hunt Track. That was the only component in KDM that did not look premium. I was going to mount mine on to board, this is a lot better.

    35. tat2artst on

      unexpected but awesome crossover. now we have 4 sci-fi type characters to face down sci-fi flower knight yay! now I have to go add $20 to my total

    36. Robert D Piechocki on

      New hunt board makes me so happy - original was a tad flimsy (as I well know because I damaged mine during what I thought was safe storage!)

      <3 Poots - Signed, a happy bakcer

    37. GinjaNinja on

      Nice, I love Hyperlight Drifter

    38. Thantastic on

      All great news.

    39. Angelicus on

      @ Richard Sands - 20? Either you mean 20 as in the Atnas expansion (evil santa) or you mean double 10s (lanterns) which is the "bonus poots was cheating thing). Only 7 and last cheat is missing. if im not missing something

    40. Dad-R-Cubed-1 on

      The Two Faced Gambler was in my dreams. I'm sure it's coming!! Argh.

    41. Deadication on


    42. Illegal Dustbin on

      ok this cemented me getting all the crossovers, wooo

    43. jeep on

      Shadowstalker might be WI, but it's a great WIP. Very dynamic, keep it that way !!

    44. Missing avatar

      Richard Sands on

      Very cool! Not sure that I'm bothered about the hunt/settlement board, but the bonuses are great! Still want to know about 7 and 20!!! Not sure I'll survive another few hours without them!

    45. Ryan Blackstock

      When do we get to see the Seoni (Pathfinder) mock-up?

    46. Games & Cards UK

      Replacing the hunt board with an actual board rather than a cheap and flimsy piece of card is the best change so far. Hopefully this means the settlement board is still on the reverse and is also now a board as well.

    47. Eric Johnson on


    48. Jared Bond

      Wow! What's left to reveal? The final expansion? :)

    49. tasky87 on

      mmmmh hunt board update.... tasty
      also 20 more added yes give me more wanderers