Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5

by Kingdom Death

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    1. Shane


    2. Dan Rasch Restorff Tønnesen on

      4 Pending are still missing?

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Duncan

      Haha, nice

    4. CaGeRit

      No more murder?

    5. Russonc

      fun one...

    6. Timmo Warner on

      Haha, this is a great idea.

    7. Berenduin

      Cool mini don't get the purpose of it for the game yet, but like it a lot! Can't wait for the rest!

    8. Mike Ohio Marian on

      Slow down POOOoOoOoOTs!!!!! (Don't tho)

    9. Keats on

      Dead "survivor"? I like it

    10. Missing avatar

      Dan G on

      I remember how upset people were when the murderer killed that spot. Those people were wrong, and should feel bad about themselves.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ronald Gardner on

      Did you mean to misspell victim to victem?

    12. Missing avatar

      Per.E on

      Way to give us the "lost" gamblers roll

    13. Missing avatar

      Tex Garnett on

      I just called this on the other post!

    14. Missing avatar

      The Baron on


    15. Sera Non on

      I really hope murder is being re-worked. It's very aggravating that you always lose your best survivor. If it was random it wouldn't be so bad, but...

    16. oeil dans la bouche on

      Great idea that terrain card as a goal ! I can suspect some interaction with scouts °-°'

    17. Yhorm on

      This is actually really neat, nice one Poots

    18. Little on

      And what if a woman is murdered? Where is her mini?

    19. GusGus on

      @Florian Widmer The figure is probably going to be the physical terrain placed on the board.

    20. Timmo Warner on

      Do we really need a "Murder" terrain card when we have the murdered miniature?

    21. Missing avatar

      Tex Garnett on

      @little did you just assume the victims gender :P

    22. Mirko

      @Timmo: i suppose is not easy shuffle a miniature with other terrain cards....

    23. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Maaaan, how you gon' be a survivor if you already dead? Smh

    24. Anthony Davis on

      I think poots is saying it's MURRRDERRRR!!!!!! I am so obsessed with how detailed these models look. I think I may have a problem?

    25. Bobcat Blue on

      get rekt, sausage nips

    26. Justin Boehm

      Agh! So what was 17 before!!!!???

    27. Pulpulskap on

      now we now what redrum means !!!

    28. Some furf on

      Good joke, Adam.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      @Justin I think he means it was always murdererd survivor, but when he happened to roll murderer twice he spontaneously came up with the idea to tease this one by "murdering" the spot, which ended up being the most controversial thing to happen in this kickstarter.

    30. Evil Midnight Lurker

      @Justin, 17 was probably moved to the new 4 spots.

    31. Cardoc24 on

      Do we get a pinup murder victim? Why does that question sound creepy? Nevermind

    32. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      The huge knife is a red herring. This person obviously died from a sudden and acute case of lantern-butt-fusion. ಠ_ಠ The horror.

      Also: Really love this! This whole campaign is just amazing.

    33. Missing avatar

      James Williamson on

      Murder witness or murder victor?

    34. Timmo Warner on

      @Mirko AH! That makes sense.

    35. Tyson Hughes on

      why you not on kickstarter live?

    36. Nick Knight on

      Do we get those skulls? I totally need those skull cap

    37. Seshia on

      @ James Williamson The figure is the murder "victem", this also comes with the Murder Witness disorder. Poots is sleep deprived, hitting crunch time, and screwing up typing.

    38. Coralline Algae on

      Awesome! This will be useful in stuff like Pathfinder as well.

    39. Brian C on

      This is my favorite update yet. Love these little side-story mechanics that may or may not happen during a given run.