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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$11.3M - Final Gambler's Chest Video Roll! 1.5 Update Pack As An Add-On (Price Corrected)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mike on March 18

      I'm pledged for the core and an extra rule book but why would the adding pack be more beneficial if not for an additional $35?

    2. J.H. Thomas G on January 7

      @Spr0de It is an add-on for people who have multiple copies or simply want more. Most of the pledges have 1.5 upgrade included

    3. Missing avatar

      Spr0de on January 7

      Im confused. Do I get all the 1.5 Upgrade pack here if I pledged 60? Whats the 75 add on mean?

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephen Stanton on January 7

      KDM isn't a hobby, it's a calling.

    5. Qumad on January 7

      @TeenaBee I agree, it would be nice to have some time to looke everything over before having to carve our pledges in stone.

    6. Qumad on January 7

      @Joe, I think @flyaturtle was asking if he got the (empty) Box (not the content) with his upgrade pledge.

      Ps. Is the plastic tray new? I did not think we got that for the Upgrade pack earlier...

    7. HerpDerpMcGirk
      on January 7

      Im an idiot and read that wrong. Bill is right. The Core 1.5 includes the update.

    8. Bill K on January 7

      Yes, the core base 1.5 game includes (by default) everything from the upgrade pack.

    9. HerpDerpMcGirk
      on January 7

      No, Christopher. It's just the updated cards etc. Look for anything that's listed as 1.5 Core to be the base game.

    10. Missing avatar

      Christopher Ulm
      on January 7

      Kinda dumb question, but the core base 1.5 include the 1.5 upgrade pack?

    11. Bill K on January 7

      Maybe one on top of the other. I guess they are not likely stackable without some modification.

    12. Bill K on January 7

      Could two Vac trays fit in the same main game box?

    13. Unitato on January 7

      @Michael Guirdry No, instead of giving us whatever it was the double lantern spot, we got 4 new ones.

    14. Michael Guidry on January 7

      So do we get whatever the double lantern was before he cheated?

    15. Missing avatar

      Ian Galloway on January 7

      Jared Bond, I don't think that's the case, He's probably loose a lot of money I think that's just the picture that was chosen. I would LOVE to have that dice tower though.

    16. Chris H on January 7

      I'm not entirely sure what the reward for the double lantern roll is either

    17. Jared Bond
      on January 7

      @Joe - He's asking if it comes with the *box* - i.e. how is the stuff going to be packaged, and an extra box would be useful for him.

    18. Joe Collaborator on January 7

      @flyaturtle The 1.5 Upgrade Pack DOES NOT INCLUDE THE CORE GAME. The $75 addon upgrade pack is an addon for those of you that already have the Core Game v1.0 which upgrades it to 1.5.

    19. Stephen Smith on January 7

      So, what was the actual reward for a double lantern roll?

    20. flyaturtle
      on January 7

      @KD does Upgrade pack include a KD Core box? I hope so. It would be totally worth it to have it just for the extra rulebook, tray and black box to put all the expansions in.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tex Garnett on January 7

      Poots is the amazing! I really wonder what 17 is, will it be a victim will it be something for the murderer. Poots the suspense is killing me :D

    22. Jared Bond
      on January 7

      Wait, so we now get that cool dice tower that's pictured in the rewards chart? That was the penalty for cheating??

    23. Pulpulskap on January 7

      more magic on the GC!!!! even if i was curious about the numbers 7 and 17 ! i ve really loved that campagne, best was the mario witch game pass!!!! just awesome ....

    24. KD. on January 7

      That's so fake man... You didn't rolled that double lantern (where is the roll? I only see the result), then you said you rerolled and got the 69, so... where is that roll again? You cut the video before the roll is made. If you look at the video of the 69 roll the camera doesn't even focus at the same spot. Hahaha! You didn't got me ;)

    25. Missing avatar

      KnightQC on January 7

      Best update ever... Haven't posted yet, but I have too. Poots is the greatest mastermind ever.

    26. oda on January 7

      LOL great!

    27. Carl from Sweden on January 7

      Does this mean that 7 and 17 will remain locked?

    28. Hahelloh on January 7

      Do we get an original box with the upgrade pack 1.5?

    29. Christopher Young
      on January 7

      Awesome glad I added GC funds was only going in update fur now but GC is fantastic

    30. Josh (no not that Josh)
      on January 7

      so.... what is #7?

    31. Thomas on January 7

      @Jack Ordonez he will probably reveal them slowly after the campaign has ended. Or just as it ends.

    32. Evil Midnight Lurker
      on January 7

      @Joseph, the 1.5 upgrade isn't part of the gambler's chest rolls.

    33. Nickel-Eye on January 7

      will MSRP of 1.5 stay at $400 like 1 or will it bump up with the additional content it will have?

    34. DavID on January 7

      @ Orlando

      I really think the Bone Witch will be in space 14.

    35. Yhorm on January 7

      How is the "Poots cheat penalty bonus" unlocked?

    36. Rascarcapac on January 7

      Can't stop the magic!

    37. Tristan High Cultist of Cthulhu on January 7

      This day is gonna get nuts

    38. Missing avatar

      Kieran Hall on January 7

      I'm assuming that the 1.4 changes for lantern hoard and butcher are included as part of this too - can you clarify please sir Poots? :D

    39. TeenaBee on January 7

      Have all add ons been announced at this point?

      If no.. with 5 hours left, I hope the final reveals are soon so that we can pledge accordingly. If there is a chance no extra money can be added after the campaign, I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs time to finalize their pledge and would like to know all add on content before making decisions. (I thought I had decide 2 days ago- but the new reveals changed my pledge amount slightly).
      I've enjoyed the updates. Not complaining. Just saying at this point if someone works Saturday's they might all together miss any final updates before the campaign ends.

    40. Alejandro Castro Madrigal
      on January 7

      @joseph the upgrade is for those with the core game already, it was in some pledges but not as an add on. The extra content comes with the gamblers chest without needing to add more funds.

    41. Ian True Believer of the Ringtail Fox on January 7

      So, when I called double lanterns as the first roll result I was right?

    42. Orlando_the_Technicoloured
      on January 7

      Dear 'Dice Roller' Poots,

      with 4 extra rewards feel free to cheat this way every time!

      (fingers crossed for a bone witch mini we can all love to hate)

    43. Jacob on January 7

      The value of the GC keeps multiplying; how do they let you keep getting away with this, Poots?

    44. Thantastic on January 7

      Full YOLO, apparently.

    45. Joseph N
      on January 7

      Video didn't load on mobile >< now I see it

    46. Missing avatar

      Abraham Garcia on January 7

      Ahhh, so in true Kingdom Death fashion, he cheated the roll. :3c

      Even Adam does it!

    47. Last Of The Brunnen G on January 7

      I love these updates that aren't.
      Just like the stretch goal that isn't.

    48. Nathaniel Wright on January 7

      That's is how you know it was going to be a great success of a campaign.

    49. AcesofDeath7
      on January 7

      Great update! Poots Cheat Penalty!!!

    50. Joseph N
      on January 7

      So the last part of the Gambler's Chest... isn't available in the Gambler's Chest? Like you announced the upgrade as an add on and nothing new for the GChest?