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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

Final Day! Good Morning Update From Laptop With Brokenspacebar! Pinup Scout of Death!




Heading into the office soon! Getting my scout of death outfit on, so I can travel to the aftermath and recover the gear from battle I missed here last night while I slept and be prepared to explore the last corners of the Gambler's Chest!



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    1. Ed Leech on January 7

      He hasn't said you will not be able to add in the pledge manager he has said he is not confirming until after the KS ends so not to assume you can.

    2. Missing avatar

      The Captain on January 7

      @Christian: Except they won't know the exact numbers until the PM closes anyway since they don't know what people pledged for as add-ons. So it makes no sense to not let people add money in that first window before the PM first closes.

    3. Eric LAURENT on January 7

      and the Wet Nurse expansion please !

    4. Eyne Nacht on January 7

      The Sribe and the King...Please!

    5. Christian Morgan on January 7

      @Yig - Adam has said several times that you will not be able to add in the PM. The reason is probably that it makes the logistics more complicated. It's much better for them if they know the exact numbers up front and then they can produce to those numbers instead of ever-changing PM quantities.

      So assume that you cannot. And if you can it is a bonus.

    6. Dadcubed Of The Magic Hat on January 7

      The Gamblers Expansion incoming! I had a dream and everything.

    7. Yig, The Frogdog Whisperer on January 7

      @BoardGameMonster3 oh if i wanted a backer's opinion i wouldn't have asked him. Anyway he replied to 2 unrelated comment to this KS and he left. Then he gives us that pathetic excuse that he is focusing on the KS and doesn't have time to answer if we will be able to add funds in the pledge manager.

    8. Missing avatar

      BoardGameMonster3 on January 7

      @Yig - at this point, I think if they add anything, it will be a FrogGod type tier at $3000 ish. I'm sure they would still sell at that price, and hopefully make some money to help ensure this project is successful.

    9. Ben Waxman PA-C on January 7

      @Adam Poots: please more higher level pledge levels

    10. Missing avatar

      Steffen B on January 7

      I have to agree, I was never a big fan and sceptical of the female pinups, too fragile and horny for my taste. But the last two, butcher and this one are really gorgeous and I adore them to my big surprise!

    11. Yig, The Frogdog Whisperer on January 7

      @Adam Poots Is there any chance you will add more True form Satan pledge ? Been trying to get one for a looong time now.

    12. Cardoc24 on January 7

      I would think KD Seoni would be more akin to a White Speaker

    13. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on January 7

      @Jack Ordonez, its true! I am apparently spelling/grammar bulletproof! Those grade school teachers that just taught me to "sound it out" must be patting themselves on the back!

    14. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on January 7

      @Javier Arteagoitia García, I am using the "Iconic Core 4" provided by Paizo.

    15. Bored Online? Board Offline! on January 7

      Any chance the rest of the changelog will be revealed?

    16. Cardoc24 on January 7


      I know. I went back and looked at the original female scout. She was almost a pinup anyway lol

      Im hoping for a last minute Ringtail exp with pinup, The King Node 5 addition to GC with the Gambler, Bone Witch and possible Monster/human corpse mini reveal. Just my final hour wishlist.

    17. AGN1964 on January 7

      Hey Cardoc!

      So this is not a pinup with a bundled ring-tailed fox expansion? Shame. She's pretty, tho'.

    18. John di Battista
      on January 7

      @Adam did you cut and paste for all your spaces in this update?

    19. Cardoc24 on January 7

      Only 2 changelogs I think. 4 million and smaller mystery block

    20. sickhase on January 7

      @ drew... Only if you post a picture...

    21. Missing avatar

      Nicholaus Clinite on January 7

      So the last 4 changelogs wont be revealed, despite being unlocked weeks ago?

    22. Missing avatar

      Drew on January 7

      I'm wearing my sexy frogdog dress. Will that help?

    23. sickhase on January 7

      i thought you are wearing your sexy frogdog dress...

    24. Salvador Bernadó Sala
      on January 7

      Adam, when the campaign is over take a week or two of rest.
      You and your team then have a lot of work for the next five years. 8-)

    25. lee sangin on January 7

      History of board games!!!

      Thank you for giving me the Chance to buy.

    26. Sybaris of the Abyssal Woods on January 7

      Morning! What a nice concept. I wonder if we'll get more surprises as this goes near the end.

    27. Rascarcapac on January 7

      With all these gorgeous minis my painting workshop is booked until the next century...
      Spread the word: Adam is awake and back with a vengeance!

    28. Angelicus on January 7

      Wait.. is this the same outfit as pots is wearing to the office?

    29. Some furf on January 7

      When's Ringtail?

    30. Gabriel Thorn on January 7

      @SSebastian Gutierrez Sanchez I'm so jealous.

    31. Christian Dahl on January 7

      More stuff for the 1.5 upgrade to show as well I guess??

    32. Javier Arteagoitia García on January 7

      @KingdomDeath: Good morning, Adam, I hope you have a nice day over there :)

      Also, please, please, please, please, please, don't use Seoni the Sorcercer as the 4th Pathfinder crossover character... please, not a Sorcerer... it doesn't fit in what you have showed us this far of the KD:M universe, and I'd like to keep magic out of the game.

      I don't matter if you choose to have 3 x Females and 1 x Male, and I'd gladly have either the Paladin or the Barbarian as the 4th character. In case you wanna make it a Male, I think a darker version of the Monk would be neat.

      Also, I'm twisted between hoping you will release some last-day awesomeness and the fear of having to change my pledge again XD

      Btw, are you planning on selling the Abyssal Woods expansion later on? It's an AWESOME expansion but I already have like 600 dollars for this KS and don't want to expend much more at this moment.

    33. Missing avatar

      richard on January 7

      haha dude me too
      BFL Pledge FTW one mor expansion in the budget

    34. Sebastian Gutierrez Sanchez on January 7


    35. Foxwhisperer on January 7

      Must be a nice job to collect all the gear after TPK...

    36. Brian C - It's SVG BB on January 7

      Hey Poots!

      Thank you for being such a badass! THIS CAMPAIGN ROCKED.

    37. Eric Johnson on January 7

      Morning bakcers!

    38. Martin Chapman on January 7

      Very pretty miniature this will make. Love her sad but resigned face gonna stretch my painting skills! Let's go with a blast Mr P!

    39. Frank Wisnes
      on January 7


    40. Christian Morgan on January 7

      Every space in that message was lovingly copy-pasted from another document.

      We love you too, Poots.

    41. McDevil on January 7

      Damn sweet with another Scout from GC and Thief they cool and thematic.

    42. YayYoh on January 7

      Lets GOOOOO

    43. Kahuna on January 7

      @Kingdom Death: Is there still hope for a nice Gamer's Pledge Level?

    44. feanor2k on January 7

      Whoop whoop

    45. TheAwaitedKing on January 7

      Like this one:) It's a second I like after the Butcher:) Might not ebay them all afterall :)

    46. Eduardo Guimarães on January 7

      I wish i cloud draw like that!

    47. Yhorm on January 7

      You know with Poots bad grammar a brocken spacbar is not that much difference