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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

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Fighting Wise Abyssal Woods Has:
1 Dragon Goblin Large Quarry
Legendary End Boss Version of said Dragon Goblin
Human Form Nemesis Monster
Lotus Encounter Monsters
Luna Encounter Monsters
Spiral Knight Quarry / Nemesis Monster (depending on campaign type)
Flower Witch Nemesis / Boss
Disciples of the Witch Nemesis 



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    1. Missing avatar

      Levanter on

      It's Barriette the Butcher.

    2. Eyne Nacht on

      So...does the Goblin Guard fit into this somewhere?

    3. Eyne Nacht on

      @Daniel Monroe, Same here.

    4. Daniel Monroe on

      I'm hoping the abyssal woods expansion doesn't end up like the lantern festival expansion from the 1st kickstarter. That was a real let down.

    5. Wolfjaw


    6. Josh (no not that Josh)

      too many tabs open... wrong spot

    7. Josh (no not that Josh)

      Apologies if asked before. I am on the edge for the Ivory Dragon, I don't need any convincing on if I should get it or not. What I need to know is if there are any REQUIRED expansions packs for it like the Abyssal Woods has with the Flower Knight/Spidicules

      Thanks in advance for responding.... god my wallet..... my wallet is crying tears of blood....

    8. Marek Sorf on

      This xpac is heavily over my budget if I would run full campaing (250USD for this and knight + spider). I am still trying to figure out to buy this standalone somehow, while leavin DK xpac and some other stuff.

    9. Marek Sorf on

      @Marcus: it seems so. You should be able to add Dragon Goblin as a huntable quarry (two difficulties possible), human form Dragon Goblin as a Nemesis (so in this way it is similar to DK), also there is mini campaign as disciples and spiral knight should be possible as standalone nemesis.

    10. Marcus Thomas on

      Can you still use the death chicken expansion without either flower knight or spidicules? (i know you can't play the variant campaign without them, I'm asking if there's standalone content for the expansion on its own ;) )

    11. Lachlan Mcneill on

      this will be the first expansion i go for upon release until then im gonna get me spindspider and a flower knight.....when i recover from this.

    12. KaiStar on

      Ahh i was so hyped about this expansions until i found i need 2 other expansions to play it! im still pumped its a great expansion, im sad i just dont get to enjoy all of it....

    13. Retcon Raider on

      Sadly, I'm working with a fairly limited budget, and I was still undecided on which expansions to snag. The Abyssal Expansion made a difficult choice into an easy one! I've had my eye on the Spidicules Expansion for a while, anyway.

      Now, here's to hoping that the Pledge Manager will let me buy even more expansions when it goes live, because I'd love to have a bit more time to scrounge up spare cash. Must have more monsters, must have more death. :P

      Of course

    14. Travis Scott on

      Everything to date has been exceptional, however, 10 mil and the release was not something that was a free goal to everyone that has contributed a crap load of money to making this game the highest funded game in kickstarter history!

    15. Missing avatar

      Sascha Schewe

      Yes! Lotus Monster! :)

      Oh, also the rest of the expansion sounds damn cool!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jon boug on

      I have skipped all the content after reading the blurb on the Sparrow King to come type and tell you that this is AMAZING.
      The tale is the best and I sincerely hope it makes it into the official pages in its entirety.
      A must have expansion for me, and an amazing sculpt to go with it.

    17. Oblivion Mac on

      What a great expansion! Thank you Adam!

    18. Missing avatar

      CDDW on

      Unreal. So awesome. Love the witches. The monsters. The woods setting. This, Core Game, and Inverted Mountain...alone its like 3 games.

      And yes, this is a stretch goal. Again, its not a shop or a preorder. You're investing in the game and the funds you invested have allowed the creator to add more stuff to the universe. You have the opportunity to get it at a pretty great discount, and helped the team have the room to create such an awesome expansion that wouldn't have been available otherwise.

    19. Thuillier Loic on

      Seem we have typos here ?

      Goblin Dragon is described as a Node 3... like Phoenix/DK/SS/DBK... but they are Node 4.
      Plus Node 3 was describe before to accept one or 2

      Secondly, it seem at his level 4, Gobelin dragon extend the game of 5 years to be fight after gold smoke... I'm in ? because it's also saying "if you own ivory dragon"

      so some people think they need ivory dragon for gobelin dragon. I think it's just typo (long days, little nights)

      anyway, this extension extension campaign is amazing ! that and silver city is what I love the most. this one is full of things, nemesis, creatures, starting survivors, witches...
      helping others extensions to found a home is realy nice.

      what can be very interesting is if spiral knight et flower witche can be added in others campaigns (I think the spiral knight will be)
      this box contain 7 différents encounter !

    20. Yexil

      I'm extremely disappointed ... in all the backers (my guess is that the complainers are not bakcers) that have not taken the time to inform themselves about this campaign before pledging.
      Even a cursory look at the FAQ, which is ALWAYS at the bottom of a KS campaign page, will show that the first answer is Poots' definition of Stretch Goal, with the last edit being in late November.
      It clearly states that SG are add-ons that backers can increase their pledge amount for. Therefore NOT FREE!
      Learn to read and research before expecting others to take blame/responsibility for your own ineptitude. :) Please have a lovely day and we hope you fly KDM again soon.

    21. Missing avatar


      im glad this new expansion doesn't contain boobies or dicks(or yet to discover),.... the past few expansion are so hentai zzzzz,...

    22. Two Players Plus on

      This is the most insane amazing expansion ever! THANK YOU ADAM! Just the vanilla campaign took us roughly 75 hours to go through once. I cant imagine all the extra time to get out of this. The disciples of the witch AND the flower witch? We've been admiring those figures for a long time. Super stoked to see them as part of the game officially. Good show.

    23. Josh R.Zammit on

      Well this is a disappointment, this so called stretch goal that ended up just being another expensive add-on. I was excited when it was announced since I thought finally an addition to gameplay for all to enjoy, I was hoping for an awesome addition to the core game that was kept secret till now since there is already over 2.3k worth of add ons as of now, this would have won me over but I'm now very unconvinced at the value for money. If I'm not happy with the content from the gamblers chest can I just trade it over for this expansion since it seems like this is more the route to go for more game content.

    24. JokerLAn on

      Hi! Where is the SG? This is the promised SG?? o_O Seriously!?

    25. Missing avatar

      mathew freitas on

      I would get this for the witches alone!

      Already getting anxiety over painting the chicken, gonna have to practice my blending skills!

      Also, does Poots accept organs as payment? I only ask because I have this spare kidney....

    26. Missing avatar

      Riff Conner on

      Alexandre, are you familiar with the concepts of "business" and "products"?

    27. Peter Weber on

      Yes witches! Yeeeeeeeaaaah lol.

    28. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      This is a pretty amazing expansion, kind of a replacement for most of the regular game?

      Anyhow, there was a mention of the "Sprail Knight" - where is there a picture of what it looks like?

    29. Missing avatar

      Kalvant on

      I still love the disciple that's playing rock paper scissors with his cloak. I've got the resin around here somewhere.

    30. Missing avatar

      Arron Capone-Langan on

      Awww. Alexandre is upset that people are pledging for content to a product they like.

    31. Alexandre Bilodeau on

      I'm f@@@@ tired of this campaign style! That's not a strech goal at all!
      Again, asking for money and so many people happy to do it!

    32. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      @ Kurado
      Abyssal Woods is a new expansion, it's part of your BFGL pledge, you don't have to pledge extra for it.

    33. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      - Learn about the KS2, months before it goes live.
      - Save money, save money and save money.
      - Pledge for a BFGL, forget about which exp. I can and can't afford.
      - Enjoy every update
      - Facepalm at the saltiness of people all hissy and upset over the price.

    34. Georgie on

      Best Update Ever!
      Abyssal Woods is now a must buy for me along with FK and Spidicules. Will have to reshuffle a bit (may drop DK).
      I just love this TO DEATH XD

    35. Missing avatar

      fishduck101 on

      Adam...Please stop with all these updates...It all is amazing and I want them all!!!! No but seriously, thank you for an amazing campaign and thank you for putting us through this as its all amazing and good job!!!

    36. Kuraudo on

      Kinda disappointed. This expansion seem really awesome, I love it so much, but I can't afford more than a BFGL. I was expecting something more rewardful from a 10000% stretch goal :(

    37. jeep on

      @Morten/Lugus/P.Bowie that is correct. In fact this KS is great for this very reason :
      - if your get just de core game (or upgrade if you already have v1) you have one complet basic 25-LY campaign - for $200
      - if you buy Flower Knight and Spidicules, you then can get a second complete campaign - for additional $240
      - now if you get instead of that the inverted mountain package (Nightmare Ram, Frogdog, Pariah, Gryphon, Black Knight, Red Whitches and Inv Mount), that's a third campaign - for additional $395
      So really, what is proposed to us are three full campaigns at three different price levels; which is nice.

      The only problem is, Spidicules takes a lot of space so ... I'd like to skip it :)

    38. Renan Barcellos on

      Which are node #1 monster for this campaign?

    39. Jake Young on

      The way i took it you only need the flower knight and Spidicules expansions for the specific campaign of people of the bloom, it looks like all the monsters will still fit in a node system to play and hunt in your own custom campaigns.

    40. Laurent on

      A bit disappointed. Clearly, this addon is not for me. 1 I already have the witches (but good for those who hadn't), though not with rules, 2 this is the most expensive addon - I thouht the dragon expansion was expensive... 3 There are many things in this addon. That's why it's expensive. But I'd go as far as saying there are TOO MANY things. I was on the edge of thinking that about the ivory dragon (too many things), but for this expansion, it's clear.
      Anyway, plenty to play with already (way too much, actually, even without this expansion), so it's good for those who are happy about it :-)

    41. Martin Chapman on

      As well as an Arts/ active media project this KS is like any commercial investment. You are essentially taking a punt a la the stock exchange for monsters! The more you can invest then basically the greater the dividends when your investment matures. Because of the wonder of the creations depicted here we all want all of them as it's not often you get to buy into the mad gods amulet that is KD. I am sorry we can't all afford to invest the amount we would like but gripes in bad humour and resentment will not make you feel better. It sucks to say this but that's just life and you have to accept or get wrinkly and bitter. Play the core game and be patient as I picked up the Flower Knight expansion for £30 sterling inc postage on eBay a month before finding out this KS was going to happen. It all reminds me of when I was not earning at school and saw great miniatures I wanted but were unattainable due to price. A couple of years later in work woo hoo here they come. Keep up at this rate Mr Poots and I will detonate! ��

    42. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      @Morten/Lugus: That's part of the point. By including Spidicules (and likely having good reason to have it be present in the campaign), it makes a hit-or-miss expansion more appealing. Now the only old expansion that needs a boost is the poor Lonely Tree.

      All alone, off in his corner. Poor Eeyore. Lonely Tree. Ahem.

    43. Eric Johnson on

      @Ron Gallant: .................*spits milk out nose* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No.

    44. Missing avatar

      Fen on

      Better for it to be available than not available.

    45. Missing avatar

      Fen on

      Stretch goal = stretches your wallet. But anyhow this could take 4 years, so it's something to look forward to and save for if it turns out you like KDM.

    46. Lugus on

      From my point of view the main drawback of this expansion, which I find very nice, is the need for the Spidicules, as I don't want to need a giant box to store this monster.

      just in case you read this, how much would we miss if we buy this expansion without the Spidicules (and maybe also without the Flower Knight, I have limited ressources and I much prefer the Dung Beetle Knight)

    47. Nigel Phillips

      Lovely idea, but too much to cause me to up my pledge this much now. If there is a time when we can increase pledges, particularly if it is after shipping of the core game, then I would be very interested.

    48. Tom Akerman on

      Come on @Rascarcapac lets be real, the GC isn't free, you need to buy it on top of the core game. :P

    49. Missing avatar

      Ron G. on

      So... Is there any chance all this stuff will fit in the new insert? Just wondering...

    50. Jason Gardner on

      I continue to be stunned by the amazing artwork for this project. Awesome stuff! And that Death Chicken figure is ridiculously fantastic. I can't wait to see the paint jobs that people come up with for it.