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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$9.8M - Pathfinders of Death Update, welcome Valeros! Two Gambler Chest Reveals! (Because I want need to rest up tonight, instead of making videos until 5am again!) + Twilight Knight Deserter Pinup

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    1. Plug Uglie on

      "been along time since anyone has sen this guy" ? what does this mean? Who is the cool guy and what set does he come with?

    2. Jay Lark on

      Can someone explain why this was labeled the "First Stretch Goal"? What's different about it from any other previously unannounced add on expansion?

    3. Missing avatar

      Drake Coker

      Concerned about Food being a Language consequence. It's already too easy to miss out on Paint (i.e. Dash) if you have poor draws and that is certain doom for a campaign (having experienced that a couple times now!) It would be nice to have some way to eventually insure all the survival actions.

    4. David Altieri

      Looks like the stretch goal value got buffed and we all still absolutely wrecked it lol


    5. Jason Massatt on

      @Alan food now, cooking with Anna. Food and cooking are different.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Bell on

      Bring the Deserter back! I missed him! � Awesome update though!!! �

    7. Captain Serious is serious. on

      @Koen, ease up. He knew we'd be way past 10101010 by the time it ran out, (I'm sure that in the next-to-impossible event that we wouldn't have reached it, he would've gave it to us anyway because he is a good guy) he likes to have fun and poke at the people who are way too serious about life (you). :) smile and have fun. (Also we hit that stretch goal about ten minutes after you posted your complaint).

    8. Jason Winterfeld on

      @Koen I believe the reason Poots pushed back the stretch goal is that he was projecting to announce it at the end of the campaign and didn't think we would reach that much until Saturday. Honestly I think in today's update he will push it back again. Reason why if you watch the intro video the model is revealed in there. So it is planned we have unlocked it, he is just keeping the suspense up for the show. I think he is doing a wonderful job with this campaign.

      And it isn't just for the rich. I wish I could pledge $2,000 but as Poots said please pledge responsibly. So I did, with my meager $450. I want more but financially can't afford more. So I will get the rest of the expansions as they become available for full retail, that much I am sure.

      This update was amazing if you are getting the gambler's chest as that it added so much content to the game! New food innovations will make the gameplay different, and they will be so much more of an impact then a narrative sculpt and a fighting art. But if you aren't planning on getting the Gambler's Chest then honestly most of the updates don't mean anything.

    9. Missing avatar

      Josh S Talley on

      I love all the cool stuff coming! Keep up the great work!

      Anyone else really want to see a PF setting book for KD? It could have contradicting stories to help keep the lore mysterious. I'd buy it in an instance.

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Pichon on

      also this isn't the first stretch goal there are a bunch and they were all met within a couple hours so Poots has slowly been releasing the info on the stretch goals

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Pichon on

      stretch goal unlocked?!?

    12. Robert Scott Small on

      I want the pathfinder barbarian done up for KDM.
      Also any numeric meaning behind 10101010?

    13. Missing avatar

      Koen on

      Worst update so far. The only update that excited me so far was 36 with the announcement of the first stretch goal at 10 mil. and this update ruined that. I asked at the very beginning if this was a game meant only for rich people and you told me not to worry, there was plenty more to come. This is the first stretch goal and you pushed it back :( though i can not fault you because it does seem that the more you charge the more people are buying it. It still dissapoints me.

    14. Dyne1319

      already at $600 USD for all the add-ons I want Ugh this is going to be so painful

    15. McDevil on

      herb ghaterer - O helo baby :)
      Looks like cool special stuff left in GC
      btw On Poots place, I will hunt whiners from past about GC, and charge them duble for it. :)

    16. Rascarcapac on

      This KS will make history in the way it was led by Mr Poots. Students will write PhDs about it later on...
      Now that we have the herb gatherer, can we get the mineral picker please?

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      @Alan: We got more!

    18. Martin Chapman on

      Clever marketing update think it will reach and then some as people add to pledges or take the plunge. Love the add-ons this persuaded me to extra pledge. Love this KS sooo much!

    19. Illegal Dustbin on

      @Nils It's very easy/possible to be rolling more than 6 dice to hit with daggers, katars, paired weapons, ambidextrous etc.

    20. Missing avatar

      Alan ODonnell

      I thought we all ready got the food techs under Anna the gourmet hunters unlock. What gives?

    21. Jason Winterfeld on

      So the Pathfinder models (at least what the sillouettes are of) are as followed:

      Seoni - Sorcerer
      Kyra - Cleric
      Merisiel - Rogue
      Valeros - Fighter

    22. Warren Garnes on

      Here's hoping that some day Paizo does their own promo and does a Kingdom Death Bestiary for Pathfinder.

    23. Sybaris of the Abyssal Woods on

      Pretty sure the stretch goal will be hit regardless. 10101010 = lolololo...that's poots trolling :P

    24. Christopher Bragg on

      @Nils: yeah man, not sure what you're saying ... But I'm for the dice if people would like more on the table :)

    25. Christopher Bragg on

      @ Gary: Due it being an IP outside of KD, none of these items will be bundled into a pledge level unfortunately, only as an add-on.

    26. Missing avatar

      Gary Concepcion

      And I second the monk as a fourth for the crossover!

    27. Missing avatar

      Gary Concepcion

      Soooo I have to ask and it's more wishful thinking but the pathfinder crossover isn't included in any pledge right? :'(

    28. Joseph N

      Woo, fell asleep early and missed this get posted but woo! Death chicken has a number, a few great figures, and some interesting cards.

    29. AGN1964 on

      Fine ladies in this update, Death Chicken in the next update! Cool!

    30. AGN1964 on

      @Cornelius It's not a KD update without typos. Poots forgot to change yesterday's caption.

    31. Gonewild40K on

      That lady has a plant tentacle creeping up her leg...

    32. Justin B. on

      Super stoked about the Pathfinder crossover, and even more so that Merisiel and Kyra made the cut. I will probably double down on this add-on purely for the figures.

    33. Noitamies on

      Javier, maybe she is useless mage to make game harder? ;) ... It's already shadow of mage and cleric, I don't think Adam is changing anything. And: Fighter+Thief+Mage+Cleric is fantasy format strongest comb? ... This pathfinder crossover is interesting, could get this with same time as Gambler's chest 2018...

    34. Javier Arteagoitia García on

      @KingdomDeath: Please, please, please, please... don't use the mage as the 4th PF crossover... so NOT fitting in the KD:M. I would rather have the Monk or the Barbarian.

      The Cleric, however, I find it's a neat choice.

      My top 4 would have been:
      - Valeros (Sword + Dagger with special rules)
      - Barbarian (2H Sword)
      - Monk (Fist Weapons)
      - Cleric (Scimitar + Shield)

    35. Hasnul Firdaus Khalid on

      The showdown board as add on please.

    36. Russonc

      some have been asking from the start for dice add-on... Like the bases, not necessary, but some want them so... Adam provided...

    37. Paint'Riot Studio

      Nice monroe evocation !
      can't wait to see the stretch and the next update for gamber chest and 1.5 changelog !

    38. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I too second the idea of John di Battista for special food for every monster.
      Let's have a barbecue party on every settlement!
      Maybe there should be a new settlement location too, the monster kitchen. 8-)

    39. Nils Dieckmann

      @Christopher Bragg: I see that... But since we use a dice board for rolls the dice get passed around. I still think some ppl might like that add-on.

    40. Skye Williams on

      @KHYEKRIS Can't see why not. Two that was already revealed, another two for what is for Friday's "roll" and then another (should be the last two) would be Saturday.

    41. Tzitzimime on

      For the sake of emphasis, I just want to point out the exquisite menu that John di Battista laid out there below. Monster-specific gourmet cards, exactly as he imagined, would be a worthy addition we could all agree on.

    42. KHYEKRIS on

      Does any chances that all unrevealed/hidden contents of gambler chest will be unlock before this campaign ended?

    43. Noitamies on

      OR "indestructive material" used in Too many bones - read their KS updates to find out if interested ;)

    44. Missing avatar

      Evan Hissey on

      @malik nouira OMG that would save so much money!

    45. Missing avatar

      malik nouira on

      I have an Idea that would make all KDM players very happy : PLASTIC GAME CARDS, like the one used in poker. That would cut us the cost on sleeves and on the hassle to finding the right sizes !

    46. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      The Storm Knight Pinup is announced in update 37

    47. eWave on

      @Elly Dundee
      The Twilight deserter is an existing figure ( ).

      I wonder if the Silver city Lost Knight is an evolved deserter...
      Or maybe it is just a tease for an upcoming Twilight Order add-on?...

    48. Christopher Bragg on

      @ Nils Diekmann - The benefit of additional dice is purely to allow each player to have a dice pool of their own instead of sharing across the table, totally up to you if you deem that needed :)