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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$9.5M - 47 Hours Remain! Pathfinders of Death Crossover Project! The Unplanned Expansion...Revealed! Behold The Ivory Dragon! Pinup Smoke Knight Armor! Death Dice and Face Base Insert Packs!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

I will return later tonight to make the Gambler's Chest roll! 









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    1. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Satan's Final Form : i think the twins satan are include in.....we maybe have the confirmation it write "stuff i haven't tough yet".
      I hope they will be include in...

    2. Satan's Final Form on

      What do you think, need the twins for the Ivory Dragon?

    3. Brandon Stoltz on

      Seeing the item list on The Ivory Dragon now I can't help but wonder: Who is the Gate Guardian and how do you make the Ivory Armor Set if The Ivory Dragon is the final boss?

    4. Michael Knarr on

      About the Face Base amount you need for your stuff, I made a simple and ugly google doc ( to calculate what you need for Core Game 1.5 + All Current Expansions.
      I don't plan to get any new expansions on this KS, so I don't know if I will ever finish the doc.
      But it turns out, if you really want to have the inserts for ALL minis, you'll need 7 packs, because the numbers are:
      30mm: 63 (including Spidicules)
      50mm: 13
      100mm: 1 (not including Dragon King, cause that's 135mm...)
      So it's about the Survivors, really. But do you want to build ALL of the armor kits? That's a question you need to answer yourself. I for one might get three of the packs so I can base all the monsters. Cheers everyone!

    5. Fen on

      @Fen I am getting people contacting me quite a fair bit because they think what you are writing is being written by me. Can you please use a surname on your KS account as due to my involvement in BGG, TGN, Miniature painting, Reddit KD and the FB group I am the default Fen a lot of people think of and they are taking your words as being mine.

      Thank you.

    6. Yhorm on

      @Kingdom Death
      I have a question about the Stone face insert pack, are these pictures of preexisting ones or can they be changed because the biggest one is inaccurate if it has such large stone faces. The Largest one should have smaller faces and just more instead of bigger faces.

    7. Nico on

      Does anybody know when the dice are supposed to ship?

    8. Eyne Nacht on

      Yes, very, very Goya, Saturn eating his Children. I Love it!

    9. David Weiss on

      that ivory dragon art looks awesome; very Goya.

    10. SoylentRobot on

      i would be unreasonably excited for a KD pathfinder book

    11. japester

      Check the FAQ at the bottom of the main campaign page for details about when/how to pay for shipping.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dennis M

      @Fen Zaunig: I was just saying the Gorm reminds me of Blake's vision of the Behemoth.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sébastien Rogge on

      Will the stone face insert pack be shipped with wave 1 ? It seems logical but I prefer to ask

    14. Missing avatar

      Fen on

      @Dave (8 hours ago) Sorry i couldn't post a timely response but personally I think the flat base inserts are fine. I wouldn't worry about "pimping" up your bases with Stone Face inserts until after you've tried the game. Hopefully they will be in stock in the KDM Shop in a year or so if you're still interested in them. I believe all the core figures have flat bases except for the starting survivors.

    15. Ethan Schaeffer

      "Holy fuck!" is the thing I kept repeating as I laid my eyes on the true form of the Satan Twins, my Bain attempted to process what I was seeing.

    16. HamletMachine on

      Wow, the Ivory Dragon is blowing my mind.. And the dice are so beautiful?! Ah, so many good things! Great update, as per usual!

    17. Missing avatar

      Sinflon on

      Hmm, the second polygon article is quite good. Only negative point beeing the ofensive art style. I don't get why many people have a problem mainly with nudity and implied sexual abuse but are fine with any kind of gore, but I guess thats mainly a USA thing. Although in movies or series it often is aparently no problem. Beets me, it is a fair opinion and nood badly written.
      The more media presence of this kind the better for poots, free marketing is awesome.

    18. Fen on

      So - Ultimate End Boss Ivory Dragon? No Ivory Crafter Location ever? No way to make the White Dragon Gauntlets?

      I appreciate the William Blake aesthetic to the art, it can join the White Lion and Dragon King in the category of 'KD:M Monsters inspired by William Blake).

    19. Nakano

      Crossover minis look super nice! Ivory Dragon's style isn't quite for me, so far Screaming God is the only NE model I consider. Dragon King might be my other pick, but may pass as these ships in separate waves.

    20. Martin Gregory

      This is a terrible time to run a project, ending just after Christmas when money is at its tightest. I for one don't have any choice but to pledge at the most basic level and hope I can add more $$ later on when the budget stabilises a bit. There is just so... much... stuff I want. But I just can't afford it -right now-. If you're reading this Poots, fully understand that there are no promises, but I GUARANTEE you would get more money from me later on. Please keep that in mind down the track (pretty, pretty, pretty please!)

    21. Rascarcapac on

      What a nice nemesis! Ivory dragon hurrah!
      And hit location dice! At last!

    22. PonSquared

      3. It would piss off the entire community supporting him. Well, many people.

    23. PonSquared

      Yeah 12 million is nice, but 20 million is a lot nicer...

    24. PonSquared

      if Poots doesn't allow people to add money in the pledge manager:

      1. He will be getting millions of dollars less money then he would have been getting.

      2. People with pledges who don't add up to exact numbers would become a huge problem for him in either having to offer refunds or allowing people to add funds in the pledge manager.

      Everyone relax, spend what you can now and wait for the pledge manager for the rest.

    25. Solaris on

      I'm in love with the Pathfinders add on!

    26. Kirtswall on

      I have a similar question. Do I have to add the money for the shipping now or later down the line?

      The Ivory Dragon looks like a beast, looking forward to fighting it one day!

    27. Jürgen Frank on

      that pathfinder addon is awesome, but the base inserts are superboring, i wish there would be more different variants in the faces.

    28. Patrick Stangier on

      While Poots does know that a lot of people will want to contribute and add funds after the campaign and he will do his best to make that possible, he has been very clear that that is a no promises territory. Also see update #35
      So if you want to be 100% certain that you can get stuff beyond what is included in your pledge it is best to add the money now.

      That said I personally think that being able to add money in the pledgemanager will be very likely (but it is not, to stress the point again, certain).

    29. acidfix on

      Addon for just 30mm survivor sized bases please !!!

    30. Missing avatar


      So, just a quick question. I got in on the Black Friday deal. Didn't go for the Mystery Chest at the time. Do I just add 100 to the current pledge for it or do I wait until the Pledge Manager goes live?

    31. Missing avatar

      David Joseph Bousquet on

      A Pathfinder X-over....... my balls just exploded. <3

    32. Illegal Dustbin on

      Same for the inserts

    33. Illegal Dustbin on

      Would love to know if the extra dice will be shipping with the core game or not

    34. Lackey on

      oh my...i want to see Thomas David (the dragon king still blows me away) or Allan Carrasco tackle the Ivory Dragon!

    35. Balgin Stondraeg

      Well it's looking like Merisiel, Valeros, Seoni & Kyra.

      Merisiel is the enthusiastic "anything goes" action junkie. She likes knives, daggers, lots of blades. Valeros is a cheery warrior who worships the god of alcoholics. Seriously. Seoni is interesting - she seems to hail from the Shoanti tribes and has a knack for using magic while Kyra, the priestess, worships the goddess of the Sun (interesting in Kingdom Death where it's all dark, subterranean and gloomy).

    36. Sebastian on

      Any idea as to which wave the bases will ship with?

    37. Danny Goodnite on

      You removed the most interesting aspect of the prior checkpoint: the large coiled serpent around it's base

      Also the staff weapon removed looked promising too.

      Realizing it isn't finished, I suggest you revisit the older checkpoints....

    38. Bill Briggs on

      @Eric YJ Park, after the kickstarter, there will be a pledge manager that you'll use to say what you want. You should add the additional funds to your pledge, now, because they're not sure if you'll be able to do it in the pledge manager.

    39. Bill Briggs on

      @Roudinesco, they're base inserts. They give the bases some texture and character of their own. You put them in the base and then mount the miniatures on top of them.

    40. Missing avatar

      J Young on

      You will need to be an accountant to figure out how much to pre-pledge.

    41. Gila

      how do you get those? just add more money on my pledge? then how do you tell which one i want?

    42. Alwyn on

      @Kingdom Death Will the cross over be available after the kickstarter?

    43. Roudinesco on

      What are we supposed to do whit stone face plate ?

    44. Matthew Ecock on

      @scott steussy, your game/update and expansions should come with bases, but they will be smooth plastic.

      if you want the bases with faces for artistic/aesthetic reasons unfortunately it's at additional cost to you as an add-on

    45. Missing avatar

      Nevermancer on

      this ivory dragon is freaking awesome !

    46. Luke Roberts on


      Did you miss the picture of The Ivory Dragon there?

      A survivor is being eaten held in hand. The survuivor is 10 times smaller then the body as a whole of the piece of art, excluding the wings going up who knows how high.

      There was a miniatures based kickstarter a whikle ago, the guy did massive demonic mdoels for your games, his add ons were $100+ for the large models. It's not a first for kickstarter, it's just rare.

      Not sure if you have seen any of the currente xpansions, but the dragon king also is quite impressively huge and the game content is substantial all things considered. Yes, other board games can pack more in, but end of the day, the expansion is still value for money and will be at $150 usd when it's released retail.

      Also, we are not at 10 million dollars in support yet.

    47. Crystal Groves

      I hope we'll be able to get more dungeon crawler type minis, or at least be able to keep buying the crossover ones from the store, if possible.

    48. Missing avatar

      The Baron on

      Not enough people are talking about the Gold Smoke Knight Armor. Looks amazing.