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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$9.2M Umm... $9.3M!!! - Gambler's Chest Roll #25, Super Survivors Over 9M Upgrade! Honeycomb Weaver Expansion, Honeycomb Weaver Pinup, AND OUR FIRST STRETCH GOAL!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

1.5 Core Game Typo Quest!
Let's make the reprint the most error-free version we can!

Please submit your typo's to this document here, they will be moderated and approved by someone on the KD team. (not me, I am borderline illiterate!).


We will not be correcting any expansion rulebook typo's.

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 ITS 4AM!!!!! 

I had 2 interviews today, one with kickstarter and one with Circa News. So my whole work day was spent on that. So yeah. gonna crawl off to sleep for a few hours now. 

GOOD NIGHTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      Well... it's the first stretchgoal we haven't completed yet, but not the first stretchgoal. Actually, there are still 4 stretchgoals that should be revealed?
      What happened to those?

    2. Danny Goodnite on

      There's nothing inherently wrong with the B&W sketch, especially when you take into consideration the Kingdom Death art direction as a whole. In fact, @Clint Walker pointed out what makes this design stronger other the painting; it's absolutely more unsettling and organic. I will admit that I do still like them both, especially if this is to be the 10 / 100 year difference.

      Here's hoping the designs will not take a drastic alteration.

    3. Mr. Interesting on

      It's about time this game added a shemale. It's high time every gender is represented.

    4. Bored Online? Board Offline! on

      Awesome Adam! Keep the weird coming!

    5. jerome on

      I too think it might be the sparrow goblin

    6. Missing avatar

      Clint Walker

      i love this honey comb weaver. its so gross. i especially like the drawing...the lips look like more organic lips and the huge penis coming out of its mouth is much grosser. the painting has a more static rigid feel to it which doesn't have as much of an impact to me. either way tho i'm def interested in this multi-node monster.

    7. Divynx on

      Not a huge fan of the concept art so far. The overall art aesthetic of the skinnier one is great, but the stomach just comes off as a bit childish. Hopefully this can be sorted out with the actual model. I do love the concept of a dual node expansion and will always welcome more node 1 variety.

    8. Missing avatar

      montgomery lolen on

      Beautiful. But still awaiting the King.

    9. Missing avatar

      Isaiah on

      Everything about the Honey Comb Weaver is perfect. She's grotesque beyond words and I love her for it. I think the armor is my favorite armor you've shown so far (I always wear Smough's armor in Dark Souls). I thought I had my pledge nailed down, but I guess I'll need to rethink because I definitely want this lady.

    10. Rascarcapac on

      @Marek Sorf: definitely not the goblin, it's the wendigo-like creature at the end of the video!

      Great newexpansion Adam! I love the concept of the honeycomb weaver. Now there has to be a new vermin card for the baby bee and new Cooking recipe with that sulphurous honey! Yummy!
      When I saw this expansion was to be added, I began to hope for another one apart from the Wendigo (to be revealed) and Satan (partially revealed but already confirmed).
      What? not 1 but 2 more expansions? You must be joking?
      And those bone eaters! I'm gonna make an army of them!

    11. Missing avatar

      Craig O'Connor on

      @that matt, I concur.

      In fact, if we're going to be providing alternatives, I think we should have a giant penis with a vagina for a head, just to mix things up...

    12. Michael Pflug on

      @ that matt :D hahaha MOOOOAAARRRR PEENIIISSSSS!!!,
      Phallus god addon confirmed!

    13. Missing avatar

      Dan G on

      @that Matt - And that will teach me to read more carefully.

      Yes, please give us bigger, fatter, veinier, juicier penises.

    14. Missing avatar

      Dan G on

      @that Matt - You're joking right? You want him to appeal to the "sensibilities" of people who don't like his artistic vision? Why would he do that? If you don't like a particular monster then don't buy it. Besides, you haven't even seen the sculpt yet, so you don't know how its going to look in the final product.

    15. Mictlan


      In update 33, you can see that the content added along withCell/SDBK is a rulebook, 60 Game Cards, 20 Power/Gear Cards and the Savior Upgrade Cards.

      I would read that Poots is adding a Settlement Event and 3 Story Events. But who knows.....I suppose this will be part of the things to see in the next couple of years :P

    16. that Matt on

      To accommodate the sensibilities of a variety of bakcers, I hope that Poots provides for alternatives to the giant beehive penises on the Honeycomb Weaver sprues.

      Preferably those alternatives would be even bigger, fatter, veinier, juicier penises.

    17. Stiffleshanks

      Moar peen!

    18. rebisbear on

      looking at the 10M goal. I think that it is a god version of the pheonix.

      there are 3 base creatures in the core box and now each one has a god version
      White Lion = Lion God
      Screaming Antalope = Screaming god
      Pheonix = 10M goal?

      Also loving the honeycomb exp, penises, boobs and all, leave it all in, it in KDM, is it not?

    19. Missing avatar

      Vertseper on

      @Mictlan The original promo pledges only mentioned the delivery of the figures. This is just the same promo with rules and cards to be used as part of a campaign.

    20. Mictlan

      @Kingdom Death

      I'm confused. Is the content pitcg for the Super Sayan Showdown extra to the Super DBK shown before?

    21. Michael Pflug on

      @ Vertseper: Why posting this exact same rant here and on facebook?

    22. Eli Curtz on

      Not to apply real world logic to KD:M but a bee themed horrible nightmare creature should have 6 limbs, like the 100YR version. The 10YR design currently has an extra set of arms. ;)

    23. Missing avatar

      Kumquat on

      Always liked the design for the honey comb weaver, glad to see it show up as an expansion. Never really looked closely at the bees around here but that are totally cute with their little furry faces. Would totally buy a nightmare bee plushy.

      Will be nice to finally find out what the strech goal/teased creature from the video really is. Its always given me a wendigo vibe.

    24. Morten i MEMBER new hope on

      @Adam 4 super super survivors and 1 super nemesis + cards en story for 40 usd is super but teasing a nother mini nemesis and getting hops op and "noly" giving af storry event is disappointing also 600k whit 1 day to go .... seams great

    25. Captain Serious is serious. on


    26. Mike

      @Vertseper Kingdom Death is mostly body horror. If you're trying to think about what evolutionary path led to this nightmare design then you're probably in the wrong place & all of the monster designs are going to bother you. They bother us too, but that's kind of the point.

    27. Captain Serious is serious. on

      Yes!!!! Love the Homeycomb Weaver!!! The weirder, the better Poots! :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Vertseper on

      I understand monster needing penises, vaginas and breasts as they need to "procreate" if they are hermaphrodites or multi genitalia it doesn't bother me either... however I think this is rather excessive. I wonder what kind of "evolution" path this world came from to become so rather prominent in hyper developed nonfunctional sexual organs.

    29. Matthijs Corpeleijn on

      Well. Expect for the penises normally riding those Vespa scooters, that is :D (Nothing against Vespa penises, I mean riders...)

    30. Nocturne on

      @Angelicus Gamblers Chest slots aren't locked or unlocked. They've always been part of it (except when Adam has gone mad and added more) but revealed over time. It's likley we'll get several revealed a day now, or a manic last day.

    31. Matthijs Corpeleijn on

      I read that as "Lantern Power Scooter" and thought that would fit a bit odd. And where'd you attach the penises.

    32. Bobcat Black on

      FKin A, I was so happy to see another node 1 quarry option because I find the other options repulsive, but then I scrolled down to the picture and there's a blatant giant stomache dick. Really... I'm all for weird and horrific, but why does everything need a giant dick or something on it...

    33. Jon on

      least favorite expansion monster yet. only wet nurse or grandmother would be worse.

      but I need a death chicken! updated my pledge for all planned purchases, pre-chicken.

    34. Keil Nitz on

      no complaints, super stoked for the update in fact. this with two different boss sculpts?! awesome, the fox and the lotus witch (or jungle queen? whatever its called) are the last three on my wish list along with the 6x4 art as an aside as im not holding out hope for it. not to mention the GC roll got so many figures with one roll, 5 figures, unique sculpts and either a mix of male/female or even more figures 5 female and some male (not sure based on wording) chimera teaser. all great stuff. stoked for the final 48

    35. Angelicus on

      so we wont unlock all the slots in the gamblers box? o_O?

    36. Mike Ohio Marian on

      So we have 55 hours to:
      1. Reveal the next two stretch goals we already hit
      2. Hit 10 million so we can see whatever that biological mess is going to be


    37. GinjaNinja on

      Agreed, the Kinights and Pariah are certainly gonna be cool. But this right here, the Honeycomb Weaver, is the perfectly weird stuff that is KDM. The more things like this the better imo.

    38. Crystal Groves

      I really like the bone savages! Hope there's a mix of males and females.
      And I second the desire for the beehive to be at the end of the belly protrusion. I feel like it would "bee" more appropriate.
      See what I did there?

    39. Drew on

      Quick Question- since the Super Survivors/Dung Beetle Cell are "promo" does that mean that they won't be available after the campaign?

      They look pretty great to me, but I can totally see why they might not fit into most campaigns.

    40. CaGeRit

      Ok honeycomb weaver might be the expansion to knock the oblivion mosquito out of position of favorite expansion from this KS so far.
      Keep it weird Adam. Keep it kingdom death.

    41. McDevil on

      I dig bone eaters and wgot hope that number 14 is Bone Witch <3

    42. James Matchett on

      Too bad KS doesn't post gifs in comments otherwise I'd be putting in the How I Met Your Mother "That's a penis" gif

    43. Guillaume Bernard on

      Sexual body horror is part of KDM. Im not sure that some of the backers know what they're backing here. Part of what I like about this game is the uncompromised vision of the creator, I wouldnt want that to change.

    44. McDevil on

      @AGN1964 In my opinion you can't duplicate NS with AK. They just on different level. Just like "Starting survivors" and "unarmored armor kit.

    45. Rolling Solo on

      I would be very happy if a sprue was available that would allow a swap out of genital in some of the models. To bad the new expansions have been going a bit over the top.

    46. Jason Massatt on

      @lee Martin HAHAHAHAAA.... doesn't like instant death attacks.... maybe this isn't your game....

    47. Missing avatar

      Nevermancer on

      love the cannibals that attack your survivors on the way to the hunt (or on the journey back after nearly avoiding death from some giant monster ?)

    48. Justin B. on

      Turn about is fair play re: the Honeycomb Monster design. I'll be interested to see what the final production looks like.

    49. Fool, Optimistically Pessimistic on

      I prefer Super Sugar Crisp to Honeycomb ;)

    50. AGN1964 on

      I think the Death Chicken is .... the Death Chicken! It's coming...

      I really like the GC roll! Something different to NS sculpts that duplicate minis we can make from the armor kits. New minis and new game play! This is exactly what I hope for in the Chest.

      The Honeycomb monster(s) looks cool too. I hope the game play is good. Nice pinup as well for a great bonus.

      Great update!