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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

Expectation Management - Gambler's Chest Roll 24, Core Game Improved Club Reveal, Crossover Goth Amy, Pinup Death Armor!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

We are now the #1 most funded game on kickstarter! I am thrilled! I am humbled!

I am… overwhelmed with responsibility!
It’s down right sobering!
That’s a lot of exclamation points!

Now to get serious.

Gambler’s Chest Change Add-On - $150 Due to overstuffing and my desire to continue said overstuffing and the absolute need to be fiscally responsible: The Add-On amount for extra Gambler’s Chest is now +$150, with two exceptions. If you have a Black Friday Lantern pledge or a Black Friday Lantern Upgrade Pledge, you may add 1 Gambler’s Chest to your rewards for $100. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Basically, if you have one in your pledge level its all fine and dandy. But if you WANT / NEED more then the 1 you already have... The add-on price is now $150. 

1.5 Core Game Add-On - $300 (25% off retail) Adding multiple core games to a single pledge, will not save you on shipping. Each game is factory sealed into its own carton and it is too heavy to pack with another core game. As it would risk damaging both. Each must be shipped separately and we must pass this fee unto each backer. I am really sorry, but shipping is shipping.

Group Pledges
Our official stance is that we do not support group pledges. Each pledge will be treated as an individual user. We did our best to accommodate group pledges last campaign and we will not be doing so this time. I am confident that 99% of group pledgers are all awesome people, that I’d love to personally sit down and game with. Due to the size of the campaign, I have to make a firm stance and that is: it is something we do not support.

Selling Pledges
We do not support this.

Combining Accounts
We do not support this nor will we combine pledges for individuals that have multiple kickstarter accounts or have bought pledges from other individuals, to make one uber katamari pledge level.

Pledge ManagerUntil the campaign is over, the dust has settled and myself and the team have been giving the opportunity to finalize math, manufacturing deals and the post pledge manager, I will not be divulging any details about what you can and cannot do. I very much understand and respect everyone’s personal budget and I love that you want to contribute more after the campaign ends. I will always work towards accommodating as much as I can. My focus is currently on the live kickstarter campaign, not the post campaign pledge manager. Thank you very much in advance for understanding.

Shipping Delays
Due to the size of our campaign and the staggering amount of content presented. There is a very real possibility we will see delays to the estimated shipping dates. Right now, it’s looking like everything will be pushed back 1-3 months. I won’t know until the campaign has ended and pledges are confirmed, so I know how many more core games we need to produce! (Don’t worry the ball is already rolling on this, but I do need to manage expectations.)

Ok! Finally, onto the content!

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Just a quick reminder, the current CROSSOVER Projects are NOT INCLUDED in any pledge levels! Due to the IP being owned by another company, I cannot bundle them without extremely special permission! Thank you!


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    1. TheAwaitedKing on

      Love the Butcher Set! :)
      Bone Armour Pinup is quite nice. Might keep that one!
      I think I liked previous club specialization better though (but never played it to be honest).

    2. Missing avatar

      Jon boug on

      Sad update. The only interesting rules addon is a dumb crossover that you have to buy seperately.

    3. John D on

      Death Armor. cool

    4. Bill Briggs on

      Awesome, now that's a dynamic pose! The pinup is beautiful, and Amy looks great.

    5. Css on

      @Ryan Mrochuk if you have a black friday pledge without the chest you can still get the first one for $100. If you have a normal lantern pledge and want the gambler's chest, just change to a gold lantern pledge and you will still be getting it for $100

      Only the people wanting more than one are paying extra.

    6. Ryan Mrochuk

      So if your pledge doesn't include the gamblers chest, but you've added one on already, you have to add another $50 for it?

    7. Deadication on

      Wow, that update was kind of a bummer. :(

    8. Stealthcat on

      Poots you're staying up too late!!