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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

Expectation Management - Gambler's Chest Roll 24, Core Game Improved Club Reveal, Crossover Goth Amy, Pinup Death Armor!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

We are now the #1 most funded game on kickstarter! I am thrilled! I am humbled!

I am… overwhelmed with responsibility!
It’s down right sobering!
That’s a lot of exclamation points!

Now to get serious.

Gambler’s Chest Change Add-On - $150 Due to overstuffing and my desire to continue said overstuffing and the absolute need to be fiscally responsible: The Add-On amount for extra Gambler’s Chest is now +$150, with two exceptions. If you have a Black Friday Lantern pledge or a Black Friday Lantern Upgrade Pledge, you may add 1 Gambler’s Chest to your rewards for $100. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Basically, if you have one in your pledge level its all fine and dandy. But if you WANT / NEED more then the 1 you already have... The add-on price is now $150. 

1.5 Core Game Add-On - $300 (25% off retail) Adding multiple core games to a single pledge, will not save you on shipping. Each game is factory sealed into its own carton and it is too heavy to pack with another core game. As it would risk damaging both. Each must be shipped separately and we must pass this fee unto each backer. I am really sorry, but shipping is shipping.

Group Pledges
Our official stance is that we do not support group pledges. Each pledge will be treated as an individual user. We did our best to accommodate group pledges last campaign and we will not be doing so this time. I am confident that 99% of group pledgers are all awesome people, that I’d love to personally sit down and game with. Due to the size of the campaign, I have to make a firm stance and that is: it is something we do not support.

Selling Pledges
We do not support this.

Combining Accounts
We do not support this nor will we combine pledges for individuals that have multiple kickstarter accounts or have bought pledges from other individuals, to make one uber katamari pledge level.

Pledge ManagerUntil the campaign is over, the dust has settled and myself and the team have been giving the opportunity to finalize math, manufacturing deals and the post pledge manager, I will not be divulging any details about what you can and cannot do. I very much understand and respect everyone’s personal budget and I love that you want to contribute more after the campaign ends. I will always work towards accommodating as much as I can. My focus is currently on the live kickstarter campaign, not the post campaign pledge manager. Thank you very much in advance for understanding.

Shipping Delays
Due to the size of our campaign and the staggering amount of content presented. There is a very real possibility we will see delays to the estimated shipping dates. Right now, it’s looking like everything will be pushed back 1-3 months. I won’t know until the campaign has ended and pledges are confirmed, so I know how many more core games we need to produce! (Don’t worry the ball is already rolling on this, but I do need to manage expectations.)

Ok! Finally, onto the content!

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Just a quick reminder, the current CROSSOVER Projects are NOT INCLUDED in any pledge levels! Due to the IP being owned by another company, I cannot bundle them without extremely special permission! Thank you!


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    1. PerniciousDucks

      Sounds like a hilarious plan to get a time and date to snag a BFGL pledge. Well done @Sara

    2. Javier Arteagoitia García on

      @KingdomDeath: Not surprised at all, and not disappointed at all :)

      As a re-backer, I had already expected a 6 months delay on each of the shipping dates, knowing the amount of extra content you tend to deliver, and my money is still on those 6 months (meaning the Core won't arrive till Chrismas 2017).

      The Gamer Chest is a little bummer, but it's totally understandable for those wanting an EXTRA GC. In the beggining I thought it was going to be more rules than figures, but seeing how many figures it has this far I'd still be pretty eager to pay a 150$ for the box.

      Not sure if you're still replying posts, but I wanted to know one thing about the Death Armor expansion: What type of monster bones are we going to need to craft it? Only basic bones? Only bones from Core Content? Bones from Core and some expansions (which ones if you can answer it)?

      It would really help me (and I guess other people too) to make up my mind about getting it or not.

    3. Ivan on

      @Danilo the "Black Friday Gambler's Lantern 2nd Face" already includes a GC so adding a second one is $150

    4. Missing avatar

      NoctisLK on

      So is that mean I need to pay $20 more to get the crossover content?

    5. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      That's a reasonable update, quite glad to see it up, makes obvious Poots commitment to the project and his company.

    6. Verne Ahyong on

      I'm can't wait to get my copy of Kingdom Death Monster!!! I can only afford the core game + $100 shipping to the Philippines right now, but will save up for expansions in the future. :)

      Out of curiosity, I wonder if there's a way of checking how many backers are from the Philippines?

    7. Missing avatar

      Sara on

      @DK for KD:M 1.5. Between your post and mine I can't tell if half these people can read, none the less care to. So being respectful in progress.

      Anyone looking to drop BFGL post time of drop.

    8. Missing avatar

      Page Phillips on

      @Sara - "So, without reading anything" indeed...
      What are you talking about? So you have a Black Friday Lantern Second Face? If you're not buying an EXTRA gamblers box as an ADD-ON it doesn't effect you at all. As for the cross-over model...Poots answered questions about it already, so read on. Bottom line though, it's got no impact on anything and you don't HAVE to buy it, so don't. Don't you think it's petty to be alright with dropping a grand on this but then to rescind it because you'd have to buy an extra mini that's got no bearing on the game?

    9. Megan Halsey

      So the $5 addon tier has to now pay $150 for the first and only copy of GC? Or just $150 for a second copy?

    10. Ivan on

      @Sara please let me know when you will drop your pledge so i can grab it

    11. DK for KD:M 1.5

      @Danilo - 2) 150 mate

    12. Danilo Bernocchi

      I have two question:
      1) Will be possible to add a "Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 Update Pack" as add on?
      2) How much is a "Gambler Chest" add on for a "Black Friday Gambler's Lantern 2nd Face": 100 or 150 ?

    13. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      @Sara ; "Without reading anything" is the main issue here. The $150 gambler's chest only applies if you're getting more than one, which there's really no reason to do unless you're just interested in scalping them. There's no good reason to be condemning Poots as greedy for trying to discourage scalpers (they'll still be there, BTW. The gambler's chest is just too good of a deal).

    14. DK for KD:M 1.5

      @Sara ... I suggest you actually read it - unless that's sarcasm.... I cant tell in written word as easily

    15. Missing avatar

      Matthieu Dertilis on

      It is very easy to summarize this update : you are getting an even better deal with your initial GC due to unplanned bonuses, but the deal stays the same if you want another one (unplanned add-ons = more expensive).

      People went mad when the unplanned nemesis was added (mrsp of nemesis expansion : 40$), so, yeah...

      It's positive for everybody interested. Just not as positive for people who want to double their deal...

      Good work and good luck M. Poots :)

    16. Michael Harley on

      I like the fakt Adam took a stand against the abusers and scalpers.

    17. Larry on

      @kingdom death hey Adam might i add great job atm entirely stoked for this as a massive dark souls/ rogue like fan.

      Quick question any chance of stuff from the website coming to the kick starter like warrior of the sun or the wet nurse.

      just wish to make sure before i order them from the store is all.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sara on

      So, without reading anything GC cost $150 over and above the normal $100. And I have to pay more for more stuff. I am so disgruntled and looking to get rid of my 2nd face pledge, those of you that have BFGL and are also looking to get rid of their pledge PM me with the time frame you'll do it. Take the stand and let Poots know he is not getting your money so he can see exactly when you drop it. If you have other pledges don't read this you don't matter to me.
      @David Joseph Bousquet. Your my "and I'll have a diet coke" game-brother. Head high man.

    19. Roberto on

      An expected update, taking in consideration GC's content. I prefer good planning to void promises and so far, this seems to move on the right path.

    20. Gregory M Auld

      Everyone else might be bummed about this update, but it is by far my favorite update to date. Nothing boosts my confidence in a project more than a creator actually reality-checking their planning and logistics when the scales of production start to change. I work in Manufacturing Quality and to me this update shows more actual professionalism than every previous one combined.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jon boug on

      @nicholas i appreciate that. It is an odd kickstarter in this way, that poots has to balance between appealing to the gamers and the model-lovers.
      I only worry that too much focus on one will hurt the other

    22. BoomTown on

      @Kingdom Death are you gonna start doing double GC rolls?

    23. Gazgoblin

      Death Armor Wallpaper…

    24. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      @Kingdom Death, Oh! No no no I am not disappointed, you are doing awesome and I am very happy. Thank you so much for your concern for your backers. You rock ^,^ glad you guys are being responsible!

    25. Elfo on

      @KD any news on the gamers only pledge level?

    26. Brad Kim

      @Kingdom Death, Aww.. I loved your gift last time. I'm so happy that whips are getting more love in 1.5 update. Other games need to include more variety of weapons like whips. :P

    27. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @Brad Kim, yeah! I could never forget you!

    28. Missing avatar


      @Paul Pipeline
      It isn't supposed to, and neither does the male one obviously.

    29. Brad Kim

      @Paul Pipeline, Two extra heads that comes with are extra head bits that you can be used with other armor kits.

    30. eWave on

      @David Joseph Bousquet
      Cross-over minis net money to the IP owners. If Kingdom Death bundled them in existing packages, they would lose money. We are already getting quite a few freebies thrown at most pledge levels, let's not get greedy. Going overboard didn't serve the Kingdom Death company too well last time.
      I would agree that this particular scenario (cross-over minis) should have been better described upfront at the beginning of the campaign, but this is now the second such minis. Having to add it for all pledge levels shouldn't be a surprise;

    31. Foxwhisperer on

      I'm still sad about the Fox expansion not in this Ks, but otherwise I'm happy with this KS. Upping the price of the GC is fine considering everything that is included in it. And the GC still costs $100 if you choose your pledge level correctly.

    32. Samael on

      @kingdom death, excellent update. It is showing us that you are being careful with the campaign and trying to ensure it works well and delivers on your promises (I know from the last campaign that you would) by being financially sensible.

      At the start of the campaign satans were limited and gamblers chests were part of a pledge. The backers demanding more satans and free access to the chest (how is that a gamble?) and you agreed.

      You then stopped adding satans due to cost, now increased the cost of the gambler, again due to cost. So backers got what they want, but you ensured that you could fulfill your promise with the money given.

    33. Missing avatar

      Paul Pipeline on

      How is a female head supposed to work with that body? Yawn.

    34. Brad Kim

      @Kingdom Death, I'm really looking forward for these updates everyday. If you're same as your first KDM kickstarter campaign, I'm confident that there will be a lot more added to what is already a lot. :P Keep up the great work!

    35. Razoupaf on

      So we have a child-eater as a nemesis. Can we make make a whiny-people-eater now ? Not sure I wouldn't let that one roam free.

      Thanks for the updates! I missed those, and I'm gonna miss them once the campaign is over. You've been my daily dose of horrible happiness :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      @Jon ; For me, the models are one of the biggest draws. Being a hobbyist and painter by nature, I'm stoked to see what I can do with these models. I'm actually really excited about the influx of narrative sculpts, since in my experience the armor kits, while functional and a super cool idea, are also kind of fiddly, and look a bit goofier than the artistically-rendered narrative sculpts.

    37. Missing avatar

      Page Phillips on

      @David; Glad to see you calm down a bit after getting an official response. As someone who already owns all of the initial KD release stuff, just wanna put out that yesterdays update is massive news, as Lion God was regarded by many to be the weakest expansion. This not only add a new campaign cycle and gameplay spin, but loads of game content and models. I hope you can see that eventually. As for todays...well, not every update can be a home run, and if you wanna hit a grand slam you gotta load those bases first.

      (PS, doesn't Poot's and his crew/fam deserve a christmas/holiday too? Lots was loaded on the hype train up until then. Campaign be damned man, have a heart.)

    38. Missing avatar

      The Baron on

      If the Pin up keeps sitting like that. She will get Skulliosis

    39. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      There is nothing wrong with Poots offering rewards only if pledges are increased, this isn't a shop remember, and the funds raised in this campaign have to last until the final wave of rewards are posted out in 2020, that's a lot of wages, sculpts, commissions and product that has to be paid for and carefully budgeted over a long time out of one lump sum.

    40. Fredrik Puhakka

      Reasonable and responsible update. I'd rather see a few toes, including my own, stepped on than the project falling apart. Now back to wishing for more settlement cards and sleeves!

    41. Ivan on

      I liked the update and just want to give you my support Adam, I am new to the KD:M world and I like your vision on it, and the best thing is that you do what you feel right about it. (not that you would need anyone validation for that but still)

      about the price increment and the crossover thing, I think people is being quite selfish, yeah might be right that some people are spending lots of money on the game, but the quality and quantity they will receive is crazy. even for a frogdog god pledge the real value goes a lot higher than the cost

      keep up with the hard work

    42. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @A.J. Brandon, there is nothing wrong with negativity or people expressing their views. I felt it was better to start to manage expectations and clear a few things up now, rather then later. We are the #1 funded game on kickstarter. And I will deliver the shit out of this campaign!

    43. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @Kris O., if you personally have multiple accounts that is totally on you. We will treat each one as an individual.

    44. Draxx on

      @KD no more paired maces... part of me is saddened by this considering I already built so many of them as dual wielding.

    45. PerniciousDucks

      From update 4 on November 25th regarding crossovers and the Satan pledges:

      "Poots: I can't include crossover miniatures in this bundle as I am not the only IP holder for them"

      This has always been the case

    46. Klutz on

      @Tsükï-chan Daifuku Koka Fukukoka Lalilul Ancient Gold Lantern ($750) + All New Expansions as add-ons is a total of $1355.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jon boug on

      I may be far in the minority, but for me the models are the least interesting thing about kingdom death monster and i would buy the game without them if i could in a heartbeat.

    48. Richard on

      Except they are add to the GC for no price increase for the first one.

    49. A.J. Brandon on

      Poots please don't listen to any of the negativity. You've been doing great-thank you for all the work you've put into the game and campaign. Night!