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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

Expectation Management - Gambler's Chest Roll 24, Core Game Improved Club Reveal, Crossover Goth Amy, Pinup Death Armor!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

We are now the #1 most funded game on kickstarter! I am thrilled! I am humbled!

I am… overwhelmed with responsibility!
It’s down right sobering!
That’s a lot of exclamation points!

Now to get serious.

Gambler’s Chest Change Add-On - $150 Due to overstuffing and my desire to continue said overstuffing and the absolute need to be fiscally responsible: The Add-On amount for extra Gambler’s Chest is now +$150, with two exceptions. If you have a Black Friday Lantern pledge or a Black Friday Lantern Upgrade Pledge, you may add 1 Gambler’s Chest to your rewards for $100. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Basically, if you have one in your pledge level its all fine and dandy. But if you WANT / NEED more then the 1 you already have... The add-on price is now $150. 

1.5 Core Game Add-On - $300 (25% off retail) Adding multiple core games to a single pledge, will not save you on shipping. Each game is factory sealed into its own carton and it is too heavy to pack with another core game. As it would risk damaging both. Each must be shipped separately and we must pass this fee unto each backer. I am really sorry, but shipping is shipping.

Group Pledges
Our official stance is that we do not support group pledges. Each pledge will be treated as an individual user. We did our best to accommodate group pledges last campaign and we will not be doing so this time. I am confident that 99% of group pledgers are all awesome people, that I’d love to personally sit down and game with. Due to the size of the campaign, I have to make a firm stance and that is: it is something we do not support.

Selling Pledges
We do not support this.

Combining Accounts
We do not support this nor will we combine pledges for individuals that have multiple kickstarter accounts or have bought pledges from other individuals, to make one uber katamari pledge level.

Pledge ManagerUntil the campaign is over, the dust has settled and myself and the team have been giving the opportunity to finalize math, manufacturing deals and the post pledge manager, I will not be divulging any details about what you can and cannot do. I very much understand and respect everyone’s personal budget and I love that you want to contribute more after the campaign ends. I will always work towards accommodating as much as I can. My focus is currently on the live kickstarter campaign, not the post campaign pledge manager. Thank you very much in advance for understanding.

Shipping Delays
Due to the size of our campaign and the staggering amount of content presented. There is a very real possibility we will see delays to the estimated shipping dates. Right now, it’s looking like everything will be pushed back 1-3 months. I won’t know until the campaign has ended and pledges are confirmed, so I know how many more core games we need to produce! (Don’t worry the ball is already rolling on this, but I do need to manage expectations.)

Ok! Finally, onto the content!

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Just a quick reminder, the current CROSSOVER Projects are NOT INCLUDED in any pledge levels! Due to the IP being owned by another company, I cannot bundle them without extremely special permission! Thank you!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Rodrigues Gomes on

      Damn, and here I was hoping to get at least the core game soon-ish....
      Oh well I'm sure you have tons to manage and is best to ensure quality to keep the fans pleased and coming for more as they always have. I wish you all the best.
      Hope you can manage most of the production without big delays or problems.

    2. on

      I completely agree, nerdwerds. If it takes an extra 6-12 months to get everything done right then take the time instead of rushing. People will whinge if it's late, but they'll be truly irate if it's on time but broken.

    3. nerdwerds on

      GTA Vice City was delayed three months. It ended up being the darling of the GTA series and everyone remembers it as the best GTA because Rockstar did a lot of things right with that game. Nobody remembers it was delayed.

      I don't care about delays. You're always going to have people who want their game NOW and you can't help that. You're delivering an amazing high quality product that is customized, and you have a proven record of delivering what you say you're going to deliver. I'm cool with waiting because I understand that you treat all of this responsibly and professionally, and I understand reality. Sometimes shit happens but in this case, awesome happens: the production size increased tremendously and that means it takes more time to do EVERYTHING. More time to produce, more time to package, more time to ship. I would rather you take your time and get it right, rather than rush out a game with mistakes and flaws because some people were impatient. Do what you need to do! Nobody will remember the game was late once they play it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ken R on

      Looks great, Adam, and all reasonable -- can't wait to see the game!

    5. on

      Price increase make sense, but I'm confused by one thing...

      The update says "1.5 Core Game Add-On - $300 (25% off retail)"

      Why is it more expensive than a standard "Lantern" pledge? Surely the extra copies should be $250 each?

      Otherwise you're just incentivising people (to the tune of $50) to create multiple KS accounts and pledge multiple Lanterns instead of just adding to the one they have. And I would have thought it less work for KDM themselves to manage fewer pledges?

    6. Fool, Optimistically Pessimistic on

      Pretty astounded at some of the behavior in these comments since the update. Sure, not everyone is expected to be happy about every part of the kickstarter and the updates + level setting that was just condensed from comments (over the past weeks) into one location.

      Not being happy about everything vs. raging unrealistically about certain elements and making pseudo-threats about dropping pledges, however, blows my mind. Example: Accusing of a money grab over $20 Crossover sculpts which have been communicated as NOT being included in any pledge level from the start of the campaign.

      Air concerns, yes, voice opinion, yes. Back, or don't back, both are appropriate decisions based on your particular situation. But behave like an adult instead of embarrassing yourself and the rest of the backers.

      Pledge within your means, and if the opportunity occurs or exists later to add funds, leverage it or don't as best suits you.

    7. C on

      First time backer here. Glad to have a glimpse of the business side of this KS (and Poots), which we don't often see. KD:M is over *twice* the size of CMON's Zombicide Black Plague KS. IMO, a KS this size cannot make individual requests like much smaller KS would.

    8. Rob 2.0

      Yo, if anyone at the Satan level plans on dropping cause you are baby, please let me know. I totally would love to save the extra cash from the frogdog god tier.
      This update is 100% in line with the entire campaign so far and I am honestly surprised it didn't happen sooner. Base price for all of this so far is around $2,300 and that is discounted. The retail is close to 4or5. Plus the GC is so crazy filled.

    9. Cardoc24 on

      I'm pretty sure Poots has been clear about the pledge manager from the beginning: Assume you can't add anything because he won't promise it will happen. I seriously doubt threatening to drop your pledge will change anything.

    10. Icehawk101 on

      @Justin Boehm How would you feel if you are one of the ones that did not make the cut for the first 10,000 and had to wait 1-3 months to get your game while others already have theirs? Probably not great. How would they determine who gets first wave shipping and who has to wait for more core games to be produced? Delaying slightly so that everyone's game ships at the same time is the right way to go.

    11. Missing avatar

      Christian Schicke

      Some news on sleeves before campaigns end would be nice.

    12. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Tim : your better option is to find a BF Lantern if i well understand the last update and you can add it for 100$ or pledge for BF gold lantern,exactly the same !
      have a look here

    13. Missing avatar

      Charlie St Clair

      I'm not happy at all with response to increasing pledge amounts in the pledge manager. @Kingdom Death, if your intent is for we backers NOT TO BE ABLE TO ADD ITEMS in the pledge manager that needs to be disclosed BEFORE the end of the Kickstarter. Most of us simply cannot afford to give you such a large amount of cash upfront. I strongly urge you to consider that and soon. This will probably affect if I keep even my main pledge now.

    14. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      I like that she is sitting/lying on a Throne of Bone.

    15. Justin Boehm

      I really hope that the already in print 10,000 copies get sent out to backers when ready and don't delay shipping 1-3 months to just wait for more to be made, that doesn't make any sense. Doing 2 waves not only makes sense from a backers standpoint, but from a workload standpoint you can spread the shipping work over time.

    16. Curtis Kam on

      I hope for a seperate single for the messengers since I just want the courage one.

    17. Alexander on

      @Kingdom Death: I too would love to have the Death Armour pinup being modeled standing up instead of sitting/lying down. That way it can be used as a survivor in a showdown!

    18. Grlscz on

      A good solution for a problem that was obvious. With the incredible amount of content that the GC was receiving it was too sweet for the second market sellers. I could picture people adding 4-5 copies to their pledges. I´m surprised you could keep it at just 150$.
      Still I expected some expansion or major surprise. I guess we will have to wait till the last day.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sente on

      About the shipping delays can we expect a priority done to the 1.5 core game please? We are many like me to not have the game at all. It could be great to send it on schedule even if it implies to add delays to the other things...

    20. Tim on

      @Shihayazat @Jean-edou Artwork
      Ah ok, if I can still get one for $100 on the Lantern pledge level then that's fine with me :) I just got thrown with the wording of "if you have one in your pledge level". Cheers guys.

    21. Missing avatar

      Emanuel Martins on

      These price changes are exclusively if you want extra core games is that right?

    22. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Seems perfectly reasonable to me, especially looking at just how many minis are in the chest. Everybody still gets the case to have or add the first one for the regular $100, while there is very little reason to add more than one chest to an individual pledge (though I'm sure some painters will be tempted to do so anyway).

      So it is mostly the scalpers that are 'getting hit' by the extra cost, or just a tiny bit less profit for them.............kind of ironic how that's bundled with an update related to a promo model from scalping-promotors galore CMON ;-)

    23. Russonc

      Waking up to a nice update. Honest and smart, I like it!

    24. Missing avatar



      It is part of your pledge...
      The raise is only for a second copy.
      Lantern can upgrade to Gold Lantern to receive it.
      Those BFs are mentioned because they are limited so one cannot simply upgrade to a higher tier.

    25. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Robert - The Gamblers Chest is part of the Ancient Gold Lantern pledge. 'Basically, if you have one in your pledge level its all fine and dandy.'

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Hampel on

      "Basically, if you have one in your pledge level its all fine and dandy. But if you WANT / NEED more then the 1 you already have... The add-on price is now $150"

    27. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Tim : what pledge have you ? i think adam done a little mistake on update and speak for lantern and BF lantern to add 100$ for one Gamber chest. after the second will be 150$ for a second.

    28. Robert Lyons on

      The only thing in this update that bums me out is the news of delays. Still, that's expected for Kickstarter, and I'd rather get the news now than a month before the delivery date.

      I do have a question about the Gambler's Chest though. The Black Friday Gamblers are safe, but how about us Ancient Gold Lantern noobs? Do we have to add $50 to our pledge? Since I'm getting a lot of the new content piecemeal and have to keep crunching the numbers between updates, I'd rather know if I'm safe!

    29. Missing avatar


      You noticed that the raise is only for a second copy?

    30. Tim on

      Have to admit I'm pretty gutted about the price rise on the Gambler's Chest, I'm probably going to have to drop it :(

    31. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Chantal Noordeloos : you speak of a female narative sculpt ?

    32. Curtis Kam on

      @Kingdom Death Okay.......... Quick question, will you change the messenger set into individual pieces. I really wanted to get 4 or 10 of messenger of courage and why call them false?

    33. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Chantal Noordeloos : as it a mix with the lantern armor,you will already have female body in the core box !
      @Adam : Thanks to confirm that i said since the beginning about the pledge manager !
      Is last pinup inspired Game of throne ? it's that inspired me the back of her picture :)

    34. Chantal Noordeloos

      All sounds fair enough. Delays are always a thing with big games, so I was already half prepared for one (though I remain hopeful, because I can't wait to finally play this game!!) As for the faux butcher narrative sculpture, I'm assuming there's a female body too?

    35. Eduardo Guimarães on

      I second more stand up pinups! So we can use in the game (and more male pinups too!! :-)

    36. Lachlan Mcneill on

      Congratulations Kingdom death on a truly amazing thing I look forward to my first lantern year my first survivor death and my first failed settlement and my first successful one.

    37. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Kingdom Death: Will there be other wanderers besides crossover figures?

    38. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      @Kingdom Death
      Great update! I fully support this! All the backers who are not buying extras (for whatever reason) are getting the A+++ treatment. This is a great solution in order to go all out and bring us the most that KD can and not sink the ship in the process.
      This will hit mainly people who bundle together trying to save on shipping (just pledge seperately!) or the ones who try to scalp later at 2-3x the original cost. Any other should really have no reason to buy extras, and if they do, then the extra cost should still be worth it.
      The level of entitlement on the comments is incredible.

      Adam, full speed ahead! Do your thing and be responsible! Make money and make us happy!

    39. eWave on

      Seconded! :D

    40. Javier Arteagoitia García on

      @Sara: I'm totally ok about the extra GC price increase, but maybe it wasn't clear on my messgage :P

      About the Death Armor, thing is, on the first KS I wanted the Green Knight Armor, but since it required an expansion I didn't buy (the Flower Knight), I decided not to get it. It was clearly stated before the campaign ended, and I don't think it was that much of an effort from Adam and the gang.

      In this case, I don't really need to know which exact expansions we will need (although it would be nice), but I'd really like to know if we are going to need expansions, or if we are going to need new expansions (not planning on buying any new expansions myself).

    41. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      A male death armour pinup would be awesome.

    42. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      Thanks Poots for another great pinup, the cool Imitation Butcher and the crossover. I just added the $20.

    43. Todd Ferrullo on

      Nice update, the only thing that surprises me is that there was only one GC roll. We now have 7 rolls left and only 3 days so I guess that multiple rolls per day are coming and that there will be rolls on the final day (which is not usually a great idea as it is better to have everything revealed before the final 24 hours)

    44. Christopher 'Bear' Adams

      Fantastic, honest update. Better to pledge on a kickstarter that lays its cards on the table before it ends so we know what we're getting into. Gonna be a fun few years! :)

    45. eWave on

      @Ed Leech

    46. AznofHK on

      nooooooo i pledge $5 just to get the gambler's box for the cool models. still a great deal though i guess

    47. Missing avatar

      Ricardo on

      Hey how will u guys kno the address to send it to

    48. Ed Leech on

      @David, (very late response as I got a long phone call during typing)

      I am sure everyone with a brain would rather people dropped pledges and the pledge total dropped below exploding kittens if it means that Adam can fulfil the Kickstarter. Would you rather get 'one of everything' which was never stated anyway, but actually receive nothing because the company went bankrupt if their data tells them they can not afford to deliver the Kickstarter on the current prices. Everyone assumes $9M means huge profits but it doesn't, and it certainly could be a loss of he is charging too little.

      Do I want to get more stuff for less? Of course. But do I understand and appreciate that the business must succeed for me to get anything? Yes. Do I also think Adam deserves to make a good profit for his hard work? Yes.

      There is such a sense of entitlement by some people and I just don't get it. I understand people wanting free stuff etc but seriously.

      We have not paid anything yet so we should appreciate being told anything like this now rather than later. Like many have said for most people there is no change other than a possible delay in receiving goods. You can still get a GC for $100 and from the very beginning it was made clear cross over promos would need to be paid for no matter what pledge level.

    49. Missing avatar

      Philip Junek

      Any plans for a male death armour pinup? Please.

    50. Missing avatar

      Sara on

      @Javier Arteagoitia Garcia. About bone armor. That bone armor is still in the works much like all the other expansions. He COULD tell you, but if he changes his mind, ie invisible spidercules, manhunter attacks during hunt phase, its up to change until the last day its printed. And then it would be false info. Kinda like why so many card mistakes due to not getting the publisher on the same page.
      As far as the GC goes, you'd be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't want to one they are getting for the pledge they choose. Making it $150 for the second is more than the right choice. I'd go further and make add-on a core game limit one. Make them get a retail pledge...hmm it would be on another account but still, more costly core games for cheap. I don't see enforcement of retail until he sells core games in his own web store.