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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. James on

      I appreciate the candid disclosure on your policies and stances. Awesome compromise on the Gambler's chest, and amazing project overall. Super-excited!

    2. Adnapoleon Choudhaparte on

      @Rainer Woreck
      What @Kuma said is correct. It makes more sense if you look at what the mastery bonus is as I can't concieve of how you'd trigger those conditions without the specialisation bonus.

      First you roll to hit, then you roll to wound.

      If you roll a lantern 10 (perfect hit) in your attempt(s) to hit then:
      On your FIRST attempt to wound, double whatever number is the final wound total (D10+weapon strength + inate str +/- any other bonuses). Then compare vs the monsters toughness and resolve reactions as per normal.
      Trap cards obviously negate any effects.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      EDIT - at least makes snese to me in the most basic manner.

      Can't edit my original post :/

    4. Missing avatar

      Kuma on

      @Rainer Woreck - None of those are correct, the wound attempt total is the the combination of the roll result and modifiers such as strength.

    5. CVO on

      Great update!

    6. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      Club rule: "double your wound attempt total on the first hit location".
      May want to reword this as I can read it three different ways, and clarity is important when it comes to instruction. I'll explain:

      #1 If I hit, when I roll to wound I double the number that shows up.
      If this is correct, you may want to reword it as
      "...double your wound roll result on the first hit location"

      #2 If it hit I do double the damage.
      If this is correct, you may want to reword
      "... inflict an additional wound on the first hit location"

      #3 If it hit I roll double the number of dice to wound that location.
      "roll an additional die when wounding the first hit location, each result applying seperately the same location."

      If none of these are correct, then you may want to word it in such a manner as it makes perfect sense.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Pichon on

      I would totally love a gamers latern where you get the core, gamblers chest and all the expansions

      I honestly don't care for the pinup stuff or anything else

    8. Missing avatar


      @Thuillier, I agree with your negative view of scalpers. However, there are a couple of listings on ebay that are even worse. At least a scalper puts their money on the table and takes a risk whether they can resell for a profit later - and the project gets the money. The ebay listings I speak of are selling an account and the buyer still has to pay the full pledge amount. Presumably, if no one buys the account, the seller does not cough up the money. So the project misses out on that income and that limited slot goes to waste for a backer who would have taken it. I'd love to see those accounts removed from those sellers, but I don't see how the project could identify them.

    9. Brittle on

      Like AGN1964 and likely many others, I was along for the ride with the first KS.

      Things were delayed. The wait was torturous. But the game Poots produced was astounding - one of my favorites ever. I'll take that trade any day!

    10. on

      A Gamer's Lantern would be awesone

    11. Xitomatl

      We need "Gamer's Lantern" pledge level -- core 1.5, chest, and all the expansions from old and new campaign, but none of the pinups, promos, etc.

      13 is nice number. $1,313 for that pledge? I'd do it.

    12. Deadication on

      I totally understand the price hike on the GC, but please please please can the last few Updates be AWESOME? This one was such a letdown.

    13. Dad-R-Cubed-1 on

      Stroke the Furby, pull it's tail you can even stick your finger in it's mouth. Great update, Thanks. :)

    14. Jon Simpson on

      so will the gambler chest come in fancy box packaging like the core game or brown box and packing peanuts :) ....

    15. Thuillier Loic on

      Thank you for this clear and pro update.
      Nice to see some people are on real and say reality, saying before the campaign is close this will have a little delay. with all this amount of players it was already clear for lot of backers you can't have anticipate at this point. and 1/3 months is nothing in KS.

      Glad to see you fully clear, honest on that. lot of project know they will never go to the date they say before launch the campaign. you did the opposite, and that's well.

      Glad also to see you "fight" the sealers in eBay market, trying limit them to buy all, create "pénurie" and selling after at outragous price.

      people who want a GC at 100 have just to take a pledge with that in it. all add ons in more will be at 150 wich is already nice, that will evite people to buy 10 for sell them.

      you're in the right way.

      one people need only one GC and one core game. it's for doing benefits, they don't deserve to be helped more. that's a way to offer us a better GC to the ultra large majority.
      few exceptions will suffer, but that's very few people (those who want only buy miniatures and not the game, but some will had pay 5$ pledge + GC for 105$ else)

      now I wait the last update, seeking if a Manticore or a fox appear somewhere, if a full gameplay pop, if Something crazy come last day (the fig seen is already that ^^)... and looking for the last rolls ;) maybe expecting some cards of hunt or to "buff" spedicules/loney tree for example ;)

      be ready for the 2 last crazy days for you and your team.

    16. Captain Absinth on

      I'm pretty much with everyone else who are saying this is was a sensible update.
      One thing I however question is the stated uncertainty about the pledge manager. I get that Adam does want to keep it under control and some sacrifices are necessary. Still the pledge manager will have money transactions as we have to pay for shipping and also to choose the add ons etc what we have pledged for. Seems to me it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to allow extra purchases in the PM.

    17. Martin Chapman on

      Like the vast majority I am saddened to see so much spoilt negativity surrounding such a great KS. Mr Poots is an aesthetic perfectionist, passionate about what he and his team create and deliver and unlike other unpractical artistic ventures combines with good business savvy and a moral ethic. This update is what I would expect from any sound CEO given the amounts of money pledged and the complexity of the business venture he has created for us to reap the rewards of. This KS is not a shop! The 9 million will very quickly be used up in production and organisation and no doubt Mr P,s very neccesarry living expenses!
      Quibbles about minor sums and the odd figure inclusion are piffling when one considers that we have all chosen to consciously spend sometimes large sums on what is, in the real world a total indulgence that could feed,clothe educate etc a large African town. Don't get me wrong this is an entrepreneurial venture in capitalist democracies and I wholeheartedly buy in to it all but I do think some people should show more respect to the principles of Kickstarter and put their gripes in perspective as KD is providing salaries and bringing a truly wonderful and unique Art/interactive media project to us backers. We should expect no more than we are given especially from such a conscientious and endearing group. Sorry outraged rant over. Well done great update look forward to more.

    18. William Correll on

      @Kingdom Death : Thanks for giving us an update. Also here's hoping to add on Frog dog pledge at a later point!!!

    19. Stephen Lea Sheppard on

      I've mostly stayed out of these comments but I just want to throw in another voice saying it's good to see this type of update. Adam, you're clearly following your bliss with Kingdom Death, and that's clearly what keeps it so noteworthy, and I find it reassuring to watch you take responsible steps to ensure that's sustainable.

    20. Missing avatar

      David Tolin on

      To clarify: When I say "everything," I am not included miniatures from the current expansions. The knights and nemeses will fit, sure, but most of the expansion monsters are huge.

    21. Missing avatar

      David Tolin on

      @Bill K - There is plenty of room in the core box for the base game cards plus all cards from all current expansions, provided you are willing to dump the existing insert and create your own. A couple of sheets of foamcore, a razor blade, glue, and 1-2 hours of work, and your box can fit everything (sleeved), except for the Phoenix and excess survivors.

    22. Missing avatar

      XZero38 on

      If anyone wants to see what a horribly run KS looks like go check out the Robotech RPG tactics KS. I am still waiting on my second wave from that KS and it ended YEARS ago. So a 1-3 month delay is nothing, and Poots is being upfront about the information unlike the Robotech KS which no one has any idea when or if they will get the rest of their pledge items, nor does any backer know of any timelines or what their pledge went to. I wrote that entire KS off as a loss and a scam.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris_stopper on

      @Tim it is Not true with the lantern unless you have Black Friday version. To get gamblers for $100 you need to change your pledge to golden lantern (which is exactly 100 more than lantern but includes Gc)

    24. Markus on

      the delay really hurts me :(
      i really want at least my core box summer 2017 :(

    25. Missing avatar

      Arron Capone-Langan on

      This will seriously be the most expensive thing I've ever bought. It trumps my freaking rent. Haha.

    26. PerniciousDucks

      @Bill Amazon has card boxes for things like baseball cards that would work fine. The minis are a different problem

    27. Bill the Raven on

      What do others recommend for card storage? I have an all in pledge, and I'm thinking about sleeving. Is there another card box anyone could recommend I could buy for all cards that won't fit in the main box?

    28. Missing avatar

      martianE on

      "to make one uber katamari pledge level" Love the reference.

    29. Lenny

      I understand the price hike on the Gambler's Chest... And relieved I was able to snag a Black Friday Lantern pledge.

    30. Missing avatar

      Drew Taylor on

      ...ever so briefly, I mean. Some cool concept art and a small paragraph about the Old Survivor and the bone club.

    31. Missing avatar

      Drew Taylor on

      @Robert Alan Ellis -- Update #31 talked about the Old Survivor and the Bone Club. That should help you. :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Robert Alan Ellis on

      Just wondering, the 1.5 upgrade pack revealed the "Bone Club and Old Survivor" which has not been mentioned in this post, any chance of finding out what they are :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael P. on

      @Paul No. You'll need extra storage for the cards if you have more than two or three expansions.

    34. Rascarcapac on

      @Victor Wee : 100% OK with you.
      +1 for the return of the KING (sounds a bit familiar said like that)

    35. Ryan Blackstock

      Is the Lantern Upgrade going to be delayed 1-3 months as well?

    36. Missing avatar

      Paul Pichon on

      saying hypothetically if I bought absolutely everything available would all the cards fit in the core game box?

      I am new to KD and know I won't be purchasing everything but I'll get the gamblers chest I think along with a couple old and a couple new expansions.

      thanks for a super interesting game my wife and I are going to play this a whole lot

    37. Missing avatar

      Victor Wee on

      @Kingdom Death : My group and I have been backing and following KD:M since the first kickstarter (missed the original forsaker, alas), and I've been a long-time lurker on the chat. I just wanted to pop in to say that I've got faith in you, and like some of those below - these sort of "sobering" updates actually increase my confidence in the project. The...level of entitlement some of the backers seem to have both frustrates and scares me - if anything I'm impressed with the degree of professionalism you can respond to them with.

      I'm not sure if Poots will see this, but I'm just here as a long time fan (seriously. I've been feeding christmas wishes and advance birthday dues into KD:M from friends and family alike) who wants to thank you for the quality of the work. I mean, I don't agree with everything in the campaign (the Twitch stuff was a little worrisome, and I'm still awaiting the King...). But the haters in any community will almost always tend to be more vocal than the quietly content, so I thought I'll just pop out to cheer you, Anna and the rest of the KD:M team on.

      And with that done, I'm popping back into my den.

    38. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      @Daniel ; I'm pretty confident that's exactly what that means. The result of that, of course, is that if you're planning on the First Hero expansion, there's now no reason to not back at the $195 level, as it functionally gets you the 1.5 upgrade pack (and as a result, the sweet hardcover rule book) for $10.

    39. AGN1964 on

      I have no problem with delays. Better to get it right.

      I like the idea that people get 1 copy at a deep discount! But won't people just back twice to get a second copy?

      This is a great pinup. Don't change the pose!

    40. Missing avatar

      Daniel O'Connor on

      So just for confirmation, as someone who is an add-on-only pledger (I'm in this for the minis, when I can afford the base game I'll be down), the Gambler's Chest now costs 150 for me, correct? I can't complain, since there's a crazy amount of content, but I'd like to be sure so I can alter my plans for which expansions I want, etc.

    41. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      And I love the responsible aspects of this update. Well done Adam and company!

    42. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      Remember, each core game is going to ship separately anyway. So it's not any more work having more accounts since each core will still need a shipping box, label, etc.....

    43. Bill the Raven on

      @Flo: his message essentially states that his focus is on the current kickstarter. He may try to allow for more funds in the PM, but there are no guarantees. You might want pledge for your essential items now (if funds allow).

    44. MoJoFlo83 on

      I dont understand please help me......will it be possible to add money in the PM or only during the campaign?

    45. on

      @glang - my point is that charging more for an add-on means that people will end up creating separate accounts. I would have thought it easier for Poots if there were fewer 'orders' but some of them contained multiple items.

    46. Bill the Raven on

      Aside from the two cross-overs, how many other wandering people do we have in the campaign?

    47. José Manuel on

      I really appreciate Poots' commitment and responsibility. This KS is really, really huge, and it's normal to reconsiderate all the logistic stuff, due to the overwhelming popularity of the game.

    48. glang on

      @BoardGameMonster It's nearly impossible to tell a duplicate account from a legit new user on Kickstarter, at least until the pledge manager goes out and addresses are collected. I'm sure Poots would love to do as you suggest, but I don't see how he'd be able to differentiate.

    49. Missing avatar

      Billy Crawford on

      Wow, this campaign has been a ride! So I wasn't into the promos at all initially, but now I see the coolness level of being able to make the small changes to your campaign along the way. Small, but significant enough to make it interesting. I'm in on these, very cool Adam.