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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      KDM Switzerland on

      @kingdom death
      Great update Adam. One request though - can the bone armor pinup be a standing figure, rather than sitting? Standing pinups can be substituted into the game, but sitting poses like this one and the Christmas Nico don't really fit into the game, which is unfortunate.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Joseph Bousquet on

      Thanks for the response, yeah I just felt overall it was a come down from the other updates, I for one was planning on adding another GC to my pledge because I have a weird collecting habit of buying 2 of everything (1 to keep in perfect condition and 1 to open and use) it sucks that it would cost people $150.

      As for everything else, you had a week off, before that each update had a expansion, pin-up previews, a GC spin, even more.

      I believe you 100% you are doing the best you can and we sure do appreciate it but to me these updates just feels like quite a come down after your return from vacation.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jon boug on

      It just added 3 pretty models and stuck some rules on them to try and force the people who want the game to buy those.

    4. Aaron Cooke on


      Love the new club proficiencies!!

    5. Krzysztof Olszewski on

      @Kingdom Death
      I have no problem with no combining option and I understand your point of view :)

      I just wanted to be sure that I wasn't doing anything wrong when I make another account to catch a Satan pledge for me and leave BF gold lantern on my normal account for a friend of mine who has no experience with KS :)

    6. eWave on

      @Kingdom Death
      Thank you for this expectations update. first because it compiles into one neat little package informations that was up to now scattered throughout the comments, and secondly because gives us up-to-date information on production hurdles.
      The _possible-but-not-certain_ Wave 1 shipping delay is on par with what I was expecting since you announced the initial production run numbers for the core box. You may get some flak thrown at you for this but no one could have predicted the success of this campaign and I believe delays would have been even longer had you waited for the end of the campaign to launch production.
      Keep up the good work. :)

    7. Will W. on

      @Kris O, You can get two different pledges from two different accounts, but they will not combine shipping on any of the items between the two pledges.

      You will be paying shipping on each pledge and submitting the shipping information for each as usual.

    8. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @Kris O., that is correct. We do not and will not support this. It's insane and lead to so so so so many issues last kickstarter campaign.

    9. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @Ryan Mrochuk, If you have a Black Friday Lantern or Black Friday Lantern Upgrade, then it’s +100 (since its your first chest). Its only for people that want multiple Gambler’s Chests.

      @David Joseph Bousquet, We just had two very value added updates yesterday. Including adding the Neko Knight (which was going to be a promo) to the Gambler’s Chest. I am sorry you feel that this update is a downer. However I am extremely confident in that I am doing beyond the best I can.

      @Jon boug, This update revealed something for the Core Game, added a crossover I am very excited about AND added a really amazing new hybrid armor set!

      @Hyp, that is correct. With the exception of the Black Friday Lantern Upgrade and Black Friday Lantern. These backers may still add 1 chest for +$100.

      @Nicholas, thank you. But just to be clear. If the gambler’s chest is ALREADY in your pledge level, nothing changes. This is really just for people that are looking to pick up multiple Gambler’s Chests.

      @Mary Post, I am sorry. And I agree it IS ALOT of money. If you are new to Kingdom Death, I strongly urge you to pledge responsibly. The Core Game is a massive amount of content. I see no reason for anyone to get more then that, out of the gate!

      @David Joseph Bousquet, With some of these crossovers I am sharing the revenue we bring in. It’s very common to pay the IP owner a fee. Bundling was simply off the table when the deal was created.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on

      Great update IMO. I know a LOT of backers think of Kickstarter as a place to pre-purchase shiny new things, but the harsh reality is there is no guarantee the project you put money on will deliver the goods when the campaign closes. Nice to know there is some book keeping and decision-making going on to keep things on track.

    11. Tsükï-chan Daifuku Koka Fukukoka Lalilul on

      Please hive us a core plus all expantions pls!!!

    12. Krzysztof Olszewski on

      Combining Accounts
      We do not support this nor will we combine pledges for individuals that have multiple kickstarter accounts or have bought pledges from other individuals, to make one uber katamari pledge level.

      THis means that there is no option of combining pledges not that it is not allowed to buy one pledge from one account and one from another?

    13. Richard on

      Love the update ... keep up the great work.

    14. DK for KD:M 1.5

    15. Terra-Fy

      Ah Katamari such an awesomely goofy psychedelic game ... now I wanna find my ps2.

    16. Steve on

      I've been critical of the last couple of GC add ons for not adding anything special (do we really need 8 survivors in white lion armour?) but this one is really cool! Good stuff.

    17. Missing avatar

      David Joseph Bousquet on

      I can see a LOT of people dropping their pledges because of an update like this.

    18. Steve on

      @David, pretty sure it doesn't say ANYWHERE that they include one of everything. There is a quite detailed list of what is included, and it is extensive and worth well above what you are paying. Don't want to put in extra money? Don't get the cross-over.

    19. Platypus Industries on

      @KD Good to see that consideration for the long term is apparent. If only everyone could understand the necessity to these changes. Everything present is the finest quality with amazing art and balanced gameplay, and for the prices listed it's unmatched in the industry, so to complain about anything seems rediculus. Just appreciate what your getting, change your pledge, but don't complain.

      I for one am proud to see this campaign throw off the norms that have formed in KS over the last 3-4 years. The array of miniatures and story presented is amazing and unexpected as only KD can be.
      Thanks Poots family and co. You rock!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jon boug on

      Its not even 'give me money' to me.. to me it says 'i care more about hot glueing pretty models than the actual game content'
      Which to me is much worse

    21. Joshua on

      I don't mind the price hike, but we waited all day for an update, there's quite a bit of things that could be revealed or other expansion details explained more in depth at least and all we get is this wimpy little update?

    22. Missing avatar

      David Joseph Bousquet on

      "Due to the IP being owned by another company, I cannot bundle them without extremely special permission!"

      ..... so get the GD PERMISSION THEN!

      You have people PLEDGING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS (for one of everything), and in return you will quite simply ask them for more?

      This is by far the most disappointing KD KS update.....

      it just screams, give me more money

    23. Raider363 on

      @Kingdom Death Very cool of you be upfront about the realities of a big KS project and the inevitable delays. Also I think the GC decision is fair. Really excited for that Butcher armor though... It looks freaking sweet!

    24. Sul-Karshak on

      Even at $150, I don't understand how the GC can be see overpriced, it's the best deal of this KS.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      @Jon Boug pretty sure the delay isn't because of the amount of content, it's because of the number of pledgers

    26. Missing avatar

      Dan G on

      Holy fuck there are a lot of people here who don't know how to read.

    27. Css on

      actually, we knew even before that, he always said crossover would not be included in any pledge level.

    28. Shane

      Lackluster? Weow.

    29. Will W. on

      @David, We've known crossovers would be strictly add-on since update #19 when Candy & Cola was announced.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      I am sorry it is frustrating though, those pledges are a lot of money

    31. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      If you're blowing $2000 on a board game and can't justify an extra $40 for the whole two promotional models in the entire Kingdom Death catalogue that your pledge doesn't include, that's a bit silly.

    32. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      @David the crossover thing was said weeks ago... so... no reason to rage now, also I believe it is in the FAQ

    33. Missing avatar

      David Joseph Bousquet on

      I was totally gung-ho about this kickstarter and was really happy with the first couple weeks, but now (a week plus of no updates for the holidays, and now lackluster updates screaming charging more and no free shit) really has put a damper on the "final days" I'm gonna sleep on it but I'm leaning towards dropping my satan's pledge.

    34. Missing avatar

      David Joseph Bousquet on

      It's reasonable that people pledging 1,666 up to 2,000 dollars pay an extra 20 for a crossover event with another company even though the IP and the game that it's being made for IS THIS KICKSTARTER..... come on you must be shitting me.

    35. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      @David ; The scope of this project is huge, and expensive. The prices for the products we're receiving is not unreasonable. The original Kickstarter was a financial disaster from what I understand, and I'm sure Poots is just trying to make sure that doesn't happen a second time. For the amount of content in the gambler's chest, even $150 is a steal - and that's just if you want more than one.

      Adam and the rest of the people who have worked on this project absolutely deserve to turn a profit, especially when there's already over 11,000 copies of the game (just the core game!) pledged for.

    36. Noptimus on

      It was awesome with som calrification on those points :) and the butcher mini seems pretty cool .
      If people would read what he is writing in the update they would see that the GC price has incresed so he can add more stupidly awesome stuff to it :)

      Keep up the good work :) (and add more catgirls ;) )

    37. Css on

      @Hyp yes, unless your pledge is a black friday lantern or black friday lantern update pack. And if you have a normal lantern pledge and want the chest, gold lantern pledge is unlimited so you can jump in there and still get the chest for $100.

      So in the end, the first chest will still cost $100, it's the second and further copies that will cost extra.

    38. Zadrin

      Why are so many people hating on this update? Its reasonable

    39. Missing avatar


      Seems reasonable. GC is insane value, and everyone can still get their first one for $100. Butcher armor looks cool, but I swear those dice avoid the rolls I really want to see. HMMM.

    40. Gazgoblin

      @Kingdom Death
      Good to see you have Philosophy of Responsibility!
      Keep up the good work!

    41. DK for KD:M 1.5

      glad to hear about the game add on , thank you adam

    42. BardicMonk on

      Thanks for clarifying all of that. Good to see slightly sober Poots before YOLO Poots eventually takes over this weekend. Get some sleep!

    43. Missing avatar

      Hyp on

      so if our pledge level dose not have a gamblers box the addon for one is $150 now?

    44. Missing avatar

      Jon boug on

      If the rest of the updates are going to be like this one, just skip them and work on shipping what you already have sooner.

    45. Eye of Tree on

      A very responsible well thought out post. A+

    46. Missing avatar

      David Joseph Bousquet on

      Wow, poots gets a WEEK OFF of updates, and comes back with, I am increasing previous priced add-ons and pledges and I AM NOT GIVING CROSSOVERS TO ANY PLEDGES, strictly add-ons, (give me MORE MONEY)

      Quite a bumming update and this could really put a bummer dent into this whole campaign.

    47. Missing avatar


      We could do with a wee bit more clarification on the whole 'wanderer' thingy. Correct me if I am wrong, but currently only the two crossover minis have been flagged as 'wanderers', therefore at this stage it seems as though one would need to buy them to experience the whole 'wanderer' thing... is anything else included in any pledge level a wanderer?