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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

So these two are not quite ready for prime time, but its just so thematically appropriate I can't help myself!

Today I am picking the roll, instead of rolling. We are going with the Gold #15, which is another 2 for 1!

Introducing THE WHITE LION GUYS! (Don't worry, I'll fully flesh em out after the campaign, they are simply not final right now!)


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We just started sculpting her yesterday, making upside down miniatures is AWESOME!

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Opps! I forgot to add this! Good thing kickstarter gives me 30 minutes to get changes into updates!


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    1. Kevin Alford on

      Why are the upside down sculptures flipped right-side-up? They'd be way cooler with their feet in the air.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael P. on

      @Mike Yes. He is not to be trifled with.

    3. Drew on

      @Mike *spoiler*

      The Lion God will throw a building at you.

    4. Mike Ohio Marian on

      For those that have played with the Lion God, is he as gnarly as the wording makes him seem? It almost sounds like hes worse than the Manhunter (who was a little much with that stride/ tombstone stuff...).

    5. Ed Leech on

      @Christian. I wasn't an ass with my comment at all so have no idea why you would take offence? I simply responded on something that is asked very often (only a few comments before yours someone asked similar and it happens on a lot of the updates as Adam forgets to put the box confirming it a lot) and every time it is confirmed that they are included.

      You say it isn't clear. It couldn't be more clear. It says all new expansions. This is a new expansion. I am sure before then end Poots will update the main page with a sheet showing what each pledge comes with so before you pay a penny/cent/whatever you will know, but honestly it couldn't be clearer and the history of the past month has shown that Adam simply forgets to add in the box reasonably often.

    6. eWave on

      @David Altieri
      Agreed. :)

    7. David Altieri

      I think what he was getting at is the Pariah is the one that includes the upside-down battle at the inverted mountain and this pinup is in the context of the inverted mountain battle. Sure, the pinups have no gameplay value to them but some of them are predisposed to a certain context, thus they don't make much sense to play outside of that context.

      It's a small thing, to be sure, but from players who actually do like to use the pinups as their game pieces, I could see how it would bug somebody, seeing as how world building is such a heavy aspect of this game. I don't think he's voicing a major complaint, just a small personal preference.

    8. Christian Cole on

      @Ed: I would ask because I would like to know and have it clearly spelled out. Yes, the Gamblers pledge levels say all new expansions, but is that just all new planned expansions and any after the break aren't included? It isn't abundantly clear, so asking if the $1100 more money I am dumping into this game and company will include something as awesome as this new expansion expansion kinda matters to me. Sorry I bothered you by asking a simple question...

    9. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      After all that has been revealed on this campaign, I'm totally speechless.
      The only thing I regret is all the time we'll have to wait until everything is released.
      I suppose more survivors will die and a lot of settlements will disappear before we get all the products from this campaign. 8-)

    10. Cardoc24 on

      While I appreciate the artistic talent, I never thought the various new pictures of armor types fit in with the overall Kingdom Death theme. However, the first two pics under the derpy Octopus are fantastic..especially the male armor. I really hope those are used for the silver relic armor sculpts.

    11. Drew on

      The Lost Knight has a twilight sword.

      I wonder what his story is.

    12. Drew on

      The gravity is going the same way for this pinup as it is for the upside down survivor fight (and the pariah).

      The artwork for the survivors is clearly place holder- it is the same one four times. So she doesn't need to have exactly the same pose as that guy- there can be four different ways to hold on with the reversed gravity.

    13. Rascarcapac on

      Nupdatophobia: the fear of not getting one's daily update.

    14. Ed Leech on

      @ Christian,

      I know we all like clarity but the pledges themselves are very clear on what each pledge gets. I am pretty certain you and I can both tell which pledge levels will get this 'new expansion'. Clearly Poots missed putting it in his update and it's always ideal to have it written on the update, but I'm unsure why so many people keep asking this when he misses it (happens quite often) as the pledge levels are very clear which ones get the new expansions, which the old expansions, which the pinups etc.

      Why would you question it?

    15. Ed Leech on

      I think I was to blame for the late update.

      Last night I said I had been waiting for the update but it was about 1am and I had to be up at 6am for work (UK time zone).

      Adam sent the update at 6am ready for when I woke :)

      What a nice man. What a legend!

    16. Greg on

      I think this update puts God Frogdog at about parity... unless my numbers are off. The ala cart pricing of the base game, all the 1.0 reprints (except Green Knight Armor), the pinups of death 2, 18x 1.5 pinups, gamblers chest and all the 1.5 expansions is $1760. The God Frogdog adds pinups of death 1 ($100 msrp when it was available), the 7 "exclusives" from the previous campaign (Anna, Adam, Aya, Paul, etc.), and Holiday Nico who was $20 in the previous campaign. Sound right?

    17. Christian Cole on

      So... is the Silver City included in any pledge level? It isn't clear in the update.

    18. AGN1964 on

      Ha ha ha I am wrong about the pinup. She's fine. She is in a different position to the survivors, not hanging on by hand.

    19. Matthew Ecock on

      Awesome update! Lion God was my most wanted reprint, and now I can get it and an expansion for the expansion :D 2017 is certainly off to a good start <3

    20. Drew Credico on

      Are the silver city and the inverted mountain included in the God Frogdog tier?

    21. AGN1964 on

      @Fool, Optimistically Pessimistic "that would throw off her plane of gravity in comparison to the other 'hanging' survivor sculpts for the upside down Pariah battle."

      I do not know what you mean.

      I am asking for the pinup to be in the same orientation as the art for the survivors in the Pariah update. There are two different drawings of the survivors, both showing them upside down (head down, feet up). The Pariah grips with his toes, not his hands, so he needs to be (and is) presented in the opposite orientation to the survivors.

    22. eWave on

      @Patric Koßler
      But but but... the Silver City looks so much dying-er than the Plain of Faces. ^_^'

    23. Patric Koßler on

      If he want to move there let him the end result will be the same :)
      You can Die everywhere. So it doesn´t matter.^^

    24. Drew on

      @Jess- the Nightmare Ram has dungeon tiles for the fight. I can't remember the name of its garden.

    25. eWave on

      @Frank Wisnes
      Sure... if you want to DIE!!! ;)

    26. synnym on

      "A new dungeon" so there are any other dungeons? The upside down mountain? Others?

    27. Frank Wisnes

      A city! Can we move there?

    28. Robert Scott Small on

      This reminds me of what the Lion God sort of promised to begin with in the last kickstarter.

    29. Fool, Optimistically Pessimistic on

      @AGN1964 - that would throw off her plane of gravity in comparison to the other 'hanging' survivor sculpts for the upside down Pariah battle. Having her in the same perspective means there's one more sculpt useable to represent our survivors in the fight.

    30. Sybaris of the Abyssal Woods on morning eyes failed, the pin up is fine lol.

    31. Sybaris of the Abyssal Woods on

      The new pin up is nice, although the Pariah expansion made it look better if the rings to hold the "ground" are on the miniature base rather than empty air, so we can believe that our game board is the ceiling instead of the floor. Otherwise it looks like the face floor is too close to the ceiling, she could use her legs.

    32. eWave on

      It's a pin-up, with near zero gameplay value. How does it requires the Pariah expansion?

    33. Missing avatar

      macko on

      I hope Adam add pledge witch include core game, gambler's chest, all current expansion and all new expanison only

    34. Missing avatar

      Ondrej Klbik

      I call a reveal of an expansion expansion expansion, moving from the Silver City to wherever a Ringtailed fox lives !

    35. Sebastien (Space Pirate) on

      Dammit, I love that new piunp, but it make no sense to have her if I don't have the pariah expansion. Add 55$.

    36. Alfred on

      Superb update! :) Keep up the good work!

    37. AGN1964 on

      Interesting update. I like the expansion. Unlike some, I prefer the line art for the sea creatures to the "not going to use this" image. I am not sure about the armor; like many of the other drawings, it seems too fiddly. The knight is great.

      I love the pinup, I think it's one of the best so far. But could you turn it upside down? It looks like she's falling, not hanging. She would look strikingly different next to the other pinups, head down, legs in the air (err... that came out wrong).

      The Lion narrative sculpts seem to duplicate minis that can be built from the core armor kits; we've seen this before. I guess in KD:M 2.0 you will have no armor kits and just these narrative sculpts. I'm am glad I got KD:M 1.0. I really like the armor kits.

      @K.E.I. Read the last segment of this update.

    38. Anthony Follower of the Forest Walrus on

      @K.E.I. At the bottom of this update Kingdom Death has added the ability to purchase the Lion God expansion for $40.

    39. Missing avatar

      Bob Dowd

      If Cat Party is a Frisky Dingo reference, I hope to see a Killface nemesis.

    40. Kjell Ims on

      I did not see the "Lion God" as an expansion in the KS? Only the Lion Knight Expansion? Can we add the required "Lion God" during the campaign? Did I miss it? Are they one and the same?

    41. Martin Chapman on

      Lovely update especially Silver City. Please don't get rid of the boggly eyed octopus chap as he is perfect as is! Still holding out for The King and Fox and Flower Witch but all in am seriously happy here. Thank you so much for all the fun of the ride and congrats on top KS status can't see anyone beating this for a while!

    42. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      An expansion expanding an expansion...


      Joking aside, this looks awesome.

    43. Chris Osapai

      I love the concept of this expansion, and those octopuses... hngggg awesome!

      Only thing is, wasn't "exploring a subterranean city" the concept behind the Ringtail Fox expansion? What gives?

    44. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      hmm I count 8 Gambler's Chest reveals to go, with the double lantern as 20.

    45. 77explorer on

      By my count we have between 5 or 6 standard Gambler's Chest reveals left, so does that mean we might get a double roll with today's update?

    46. Sera Non on

      Well you only have to fight it at the end I think, Lynus. And it's better than fighting the Watcher, which just erases your survivor from existence instantly if you hit it in the wrong location.

    47. Lynus Hope on

      The concept of the extention look really great. Explore a dungeon in KDM will surely be really interesting. I just hope it will be easy to substitute the lion god with an other boss: I'm not fan of the mini and all I read about say that's an incredibly hard boss.

    48. Sera Non on

      The underground city sounds amazing. Easily my favorite announcement so far.