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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)



The boy chose the Axe! He truly is an Axermen!
1.5 Core Game Rulebook artwork will be updated to replace the sword with an axe.

The Axermen Family is added to the Gambler's Chest!

 And for my selected TwithGameNight Reward....


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    1. PY on

      I can only hope we get 100% spellcheck this time around, in the finished products.
      Thats all I wish for out of this, Poots.

    2. S Buntenbach

      Happy x mas poots and all

    3. Alwyn on

      I honestly didn't expect a whole expansion in the gambler's chest, at least as a twitch reward. This is an awesome addition!

    4. Missing avatar

      Bradley Johnson on

      Reminds me of putting together the Demi-Lich in Baldur's Gate II. Had to be cheesy and set a bunch of traps on top of his spawn location in advance to kill him, but I don't think Atnas will be that easy...

    5. Samael on

      Thanks for the extra Killy nemesis, just what kingdom death needed

      Now go back to your holiday and teach your boy how to swing an axe into a white lion's skull

    6. Deadication on

      @PsychoticStorm I'm hoping that the final version won't actually be wearing Santa clothes or anything. But I *LOVE* the idea for this fight.

    7. Redbrook on

      Merry Christmas to Adam and all the Poots! I LOVE this update! The whole axe family looks amazing! The dad is a departure from most of the KD men, sort of a biker Viking kinda thing, and it works really well. I really like that the mom has mommy hips, and it's neat that the kid has a bit of baby fat. They look like they're from a really successful settlement.

      Looking forward to fighting (and loosing against) Atnas! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

    8. Joaquin

      Wow! That twitch reward is bonkers!

    9. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      The Family looks great, the Antas has be conflicted, while I have confidence Adam will make sure it will fit in the universe, the image feels quite iconic and out of place.

      The pitch of the monster though is amazing, crafting your own nemesis and then fighting it is design gold and would be nice to see the same concept been expanded.

    10. Jürgen Frank on

      i think we should work that guy out? right?

    11. Missing avatar

      Adam Wilson on

      @Todd Ferrullo the wonderful thing about models and glue is you can put them on whatever base you want.

    12. Drew on

      Holy crap. Is that guy just in the Gambler's Chest now?

    13. Sean Martin on

      Hi Poots & Co.,
      I just wanted to say that I love this update. I'm really stoked that you chose to do both a model and additional game content despite how much extra work it will be for you guys. I can't wait to see what ends up coming with this,
      Merry Christmas!

    14. Deadication on

      Holy crap, that is remarkably close to my hope for the Krampus nemesis! Well done, Adam!! Merry Christmas everyone! :)

    15. Felipe Silveira Bulhões on

      lol, now we will see the gambler's chest only in 2019/2020 lol

    16. Berbs42 on

      @Kingdom Death - YES!!!
      Merry Pootsmas!!
      The Krampoots hath arrived!!!
      Kingdom Deathmas is here in spades!!
      And our Glutonous Holiday Feast has already begun!!
      WE <3 POOTS!!!

    17. Todd Ferrullo on

      Sadly, I expected this to be chosen for the Twitch rewards even though either of the other two were much better and overall more useful gameplay elements. I assume that the Axerman family is the X-Mas bonus chest reward. I do hope that they each come on their own base rather than another non gameplay scenic figure like Father and Son (or possibly even Anna the Gourmet Hunter)

    18. Kevin "vCJD" on

      Hoppy Bah Humbugble, and a Very Merry Deathmas to Poots's, one and all.
      Atnas is going to be nasty....

    19. Maxime Oracle of the Forest Walrus on

      Well, for all of those who where wondering if the GC was really whorth it over 2 regular expension, i think this settle's it :)

    20. Jean-Sebastien Fortin on

      @kingdom death.... fairy TAILS.... was that intentionnal?

      Happy holidays too all and Poots

    21. Jean-Sebastien Fortin on

      @kingdom death.... fairy TAILS.... was that intentionnal?

      Happy holidays too all and Poots

    22. McDevil on

      @Michael Harley why?

    23. Vaughn Allen on

      @kingdom death. Merry Christmas to all of you

    24. Steve C on

      Poots and crew,

      If you read this,

      I love you,


      Merry Christmas from Tucson

    25. Yig, The Frogdog Whisperer on

      Im already damning the day this was voted as a possible reward, dont worry. Could've been something way more cool and less goofy.

    26. japester

      As a KD:M noob, can someone explain this to me?
      "The boy chose the Axe! He truly is an Axermen!
      1.5 Core Game Rulebook artwork will be updated to replace the sword with an axe."
      The boy? And is there an iconic piece of sword art in the old rulebook?

      Atnas sounds like a great bonus. If he's unwinnable, maybe we'll house rule that some of his nastier reaction cards can be ignored if the target lulls him into a stupor with a Christmas carol. LOL.

    27. Tom D.B. on

      Happy holidays to all.
      Love the family and new nemesis!

    28. Michael Harley on

      The Axe Family'S woman looks terrible.

    29. James L

      Child eater... Bloody autocorrect... :P

    30. James L

      Awesome update Poots. Love the family and love the twisted idea to intro the child water at the same time! Merry Chrimbo everyone �

    31. Guido Gloor on

      If you require any more inspiration, there's a child's eater fountain here in Bern, Switzerland:

    32. John H. Shinholser on

      Merry Atnasmas, everybody! Now go put your favorite undead abomination together and watch it chase (and eat) your kids around the house!

    33. Michael Knarr on

      Merry Christmas! It's great to get more serious game content in the GB. I'm gonna bump up my pledge to include it now. Spend some time with your closest Riends!

    34. Paint'Riot Studio

      Merry Chrismas Nemesis !

    35. Edward Farkhiev on

      Boy do I want that to be Krampus...

    36. John D on

      Thanks, Adam - Merry Christmas.

    37. Alex L on

      Merry Christmas!

    38. that Matt on

      BRB, eating until I die.

    39. wouter

      Merry Christmas!

    40. TWIST Gaming on

      OMG, Atnas is everything we ever wanted. Thank you @kingdomdeath and Merry Christmas!

    41. Benuker on

      Buon Natale!
      Merry Xmasssss!!!
      Super nice nemesis, the Atnas guy!!!
      Tnx for the great job!!!!!

    42. GC, Frogdog Kennelmaster on

      Happy Holidays Bakcers! I'm gonna go eat my kid now.

    43. McDevil on

      Marry Christmas Mate. Like your style :)

    44. Eric Castro on

      Merry Christmas! �

    45. Rascarcapac on

      I love this family. Thank you Adam and merry Christmas to all!

    46. Missing avatar

      kyle on

      Definitely wasn't expecting that as an xmas gift, or even as a gambler's chest freebie. Wow. This campaign had been quite a ride.

    47. BigDumbJay on

      Poots, It's... perfect! Merry Christmas. No go enjoy the holidays with your family. XD