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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)



The boy chose the Axe! He truly is an Axermen!
1.5 Core Game Rulebook artwork will be updated to replace the sword with an axe.

The Axermen Family is added to the Gambler's Chest!

 And for my selected TwithGameNight Reward....


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    1. Warren Garnes on

      Axermomma's slightly chubby frame is super cute. Need more chubby girls in this game~

    2. oda

      Happy Holidays everyone! Love the update, especially the narrative sculpt!

    3. Morten i MEMBER new hope on

      This sucks ..... now i need to her the GC

    4. Jason Massatt on

      @VaultAge Atnas is just Santa backwards. Not really an anagram and not a contraction.

    5. Roberto on

      Man this gamblers box is huge.

    6. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Yikes, the Axermen family is awesome, but that Anti-Santa is likely gonna haunt my nightmares for quite a while. Which is also awesome. Thanks for the gift, Adam! Merry Christmas to you, Anna, and the whole KDM team!

      And now for a bit of music the Axerman family made me think about (WARNING - Dangerous levels of old-school metal):…

    7. Shane Full on

      This is great, it I do wonder if the Axerman family will still be improved. I love the dad and mom, but the kid doesn't seem young enough to me. The expression doesn't seem like a child's expression (though I like that he looks mean) and the face could be more useful.

    8. Raider363 on

      Wow! That's freaking awesome!

    9. Raider363 on

      Wow! That's freaking awesome!

    10. japester

      @Sterling Martine @Ronald Wanders
      Thanks for the explanation, gents! That's a cool little update. As much effort as I put into understanding this game and KS, a LOT still goes over my head. But I don't mind. Adam is effectively selling to two distinct crowds (noobs like me and people who already have everything), and the updates usually hit one or the other pretty well. :-)

    11. Martin Chapman on

      A lovely update the female figure is beautifully natural. I must say that I'm not bothered if you can't use them in game as I can make a fine diorama from them. Atnas will be cool but as a new KDM player I am finding all the possible campaigns and nodes rather overwhelming. Can anyone suggest a forum to set this all out in order for the new and old content? Not really worried as a mad collector and will add KDM homework to my infant sleep deprived brain. Merry Christmas @Adam and staff and to all the rest of you patiently waiting for KDM to land!

    12. VaultAge on

      i wonder if atnas is a contraption of santa anagram and atlas titan ? it would be good to have a sculpt look like the goya masterpiece.

    13. Nick Knight on

      I hope the models looks kinda like Krampus with Hoofs and chains underneath a cloak!

    14. F74N on

      happy holidays and new year and things!

    15. Crystal Groves

      Happy Holidays, riends and bakcers!

    16. Samael on

      An Old survivor sits before the lantern hoard, the settlement children sitting infront of him.

      "Now young ones, as we see one of the lanterns light fade and die, you might want to wish upon it asking for a rawhide headband, or a new zanbanto.

      WELL DON'T, otherwise Atnas will come in the night and kill you and eat your flesh. Be thankful for what you have. If you need something go out and kill a. Instead and craft it for yourself."

    17. Missing avatar

      Kyle Beveridge on

      Beautiful family. Merry Christmas everyone

    18. Missing avatar

      CDDW on

      As a new(ish) father myself, any chance of a daughter model in any of the family stuff?

    19. Missing avatar


      Great stuff Poots & Co, thank you for a malevolently dark and captivating game. Good fun. Happy Holidays!

    20. Abel Sánchez on

      I think Poots is on a sugar fueled nightmare right now

    21. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      @Michael Guidry, the core game is in production right now to make the summer deadline, it's not really practical to add things to it and keep that deadline so all the stretch goals beyond what was planned are being added to the gamblers chest per earlier quotes from Poots, sorry it's frustrating

    22. 77explorer on

      Merry Christmas, Poots!

      And the only other thing I want for Christmas is that the Campaign tab to get brought up to date!!!

    23. Michael Pflug on

      @ Marko: There is a little girl in the base game! Look at the 1.5 updates!

    24. Michael Pflug on

      He gave us Atnas the child eater, and a child in one update. I see what you did here... :P

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      This is the greatest fucking present I could hope for! I just wish it was summer already so I could play Kingdom Death for the first time! Thank you @kingdom death

    26. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      Merry Christmas

    27. Yhorm on

      Merry Christmas

    28. Brad Kim

      Merry Christmas everyone!

    29. Foxwhisperer on

      So now we have two boys and no girls to send against the butcher...

    30. Alexander on

      Really love the sculpts, but would it be possible to have the parents look ahead instead of to the ground? That way it's possible to use them separately

    31. Deadication on

      The whole Axerman family just looks amazing. I keep wandering back to the page to look at them again! :)

    32. Deadication on

      @Salvador I don't think this is related to the Satan expansion. Adam said that would be a VERY LARGE monster, and this one is 50mm.

    33. Joe Martineau

      I really like the design of the woman. I'd actually buy some pinups if more of them had curves like that.

    34. Missing avatar

      Sterling Martine on

      @Salvador Bernadó Sala SANTA ATNAS SATAN... see what he did there?

    35. MoJoFlo83 on

      yeah thats right...but do they have Cards with them or are this just only minis or?

    36. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Merry christmas to everybody at KDM.
      We've seen a nightmare Anna and a nightmare Adam. Will be see a nightmare Asher too? 8-)
      Is Atnas related to Satan in any way?

    37. Ronald Wanders on

      @Flo1983 : The Christmas Gift addition.

    38. MoJoFlo83 on

      Whats the "Axerman Family"?

    39. Ronald Wanders on

      @japester : Assuming you're still here to read it, on the same page as the Intimacy Event is a little boy, in deep thought. Sitting with a sword leaning on his shoulder. I presume that will be replaced with an axe-wielding boy in the new version. :)

    40. Shane Full on

      @KDM: This is so awesome. I love the axerman family, as others have pointed out the mom is an amazing and powerful miniature (though they are all great). Anitas looks incredible: thank you so much for including this extra expansion in the GC. Awesome and incredibel ;Merry X-mas!

    41. Jason Miller

      @Michael, I tend to agree. I'm still on the fence about the GC. I don't give a hang about the figures, and I'm not keen on waiting until 2018 to get the stuff from the chest that I actually want. That said, as it stands, I'll make over 100% of my money back by selling off the figures.

    42. Todd Ferrullo on

      @Adam Wilson: Having assembled figures for more than 3 decades, I do realize that but of course Adam has to actually provide said individual bases in order to glue the figures on them individually; since I am not aware that KD:M bases are available separately.

    43. BoomTown on

      Awesome, absolutely incredible.

    44. Missing avatar

      James Dickson

      @michael The Gamblers chest isn't just minis - every one comes with new gear, philosophies, disorders etc. As well as KDM advanced rules, and scouts. At the moment it is probably equal to many expansions, and will only get better. It already has a nemesis and probably will have a monster in it as well.

    45. Michael Guidry on

      I really wish Atnas was added to all pledges as opposed to gambler's chest. It's kind of frustrating watching all the stuff added to the gambler's chest when I'm not getting it. There's not much in the gambler's chest I want and it's not a good value unless you want all the mini's, at which point the value is stupid. Which makes it even more frustrating knowing that game related stuff could have been priced better if not giving away so many models in the gambler's chest...

    46. Humanoid Typhoon on

      One of the best female models you've ever done!

    47. Humanoid Typhoon on

      One of (if not the) best female models you've ever done. Bravo!

    48. Roberto on

      Happy holidays to everyone!

    49. Missing avatar

      Sterling Martine on

      @japester In the core rulebook under Principle: New Life there is an image of the mother and father sitting away from their child. The child is crawling towards them to make a choice to choose a sword (fight) or a ball (play). This is a reference of course to the Shogun Assassin movie (Lone Wolf and Cub)...

      Side note: all these references Adam uses to his influences give me nergasms left and right.