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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)



The boy chose the Axe! He truly is an Axermen!
1.5 Core Game Rulebook artwork will be updated to replace the sword with an axe.

The Axermen Family is added to the Gambler's Chest!

 And for my selected TwithGameNight Reward....


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    1. Paul Johnson on

      Frak, wrong update lol.

    2. Paul Johnson on

      I mean, I'm sure it'll end up great, it's just, why would I pledge for this over anything else?

    3. Paul Johnson on

      So... what even happens in this expansion? I mean... there's nothing there. Just an assertion that it'll be great and a clarification for what node it's in.

      Atnas, which (supposedly) was worked on for far less time and was in a separate addon which most people were already buying, got two full paragraphs of design pitch. This, which is $100, has... actually no description at all.

    4. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @Luke Roberts, cool ideas! Tho, there is no undead or souls (as we commonly see in other fantasy settings) in Kingdom Death.

    5. Luke Roberts on

      @Kingdom Death,

      Adam, Can the '1xThing that will make it so you definitely DO NOT get the things above you might like" be Atnas's bottomless sack of children and assorted tools of the trade?

      To me, it'd be this sack you get when you defeat an Atnas for the first time. Atnas's Bottomless Sack and Gifts' would be where you spend an endeavour to you manufacture the '3xThings that you might like' by having a child of the settlement (an additional cost to the endeavour cost - a 0xp never been on a hunt survivor) crawl inside with the component parts of the 'things you might like' and then it's a roll on a table to see if the child finds one of 'the things you might like' or whether something else happens to the child and even if the child survives the encounter to re-emerge from the sack either with one of the things we might like, or something else, and even if the child doesn't survive or re-emerge, a skull resource could fall out instead or some ground bone (use it to make some sort of consumable that does 'something that may be useful' and will tempt you to make and consume it but it might also send you insane and knock you down for good measure).

      Of course, this means you would have to create resources that make sense to take into the sack as why would you not just crawl into the sack and hope there's something in there, so maybe Atnas has 3 levels - like most monsters/nemesis monsters - and each level is able to be fought only once Atnas has been put together and sort of like the butcher when it is slain it stays upright and doesn't topple but instead Atnas goes insubstantial and over the next year or two starts to grow where he was 'slain' on the outskirts of the settlement, until, a set number of years later the Atnas encounter begins again at level 2 and then at level 3. This could work such that the 3 things we might like are each able to be gotten once the respective level atnas has been defeated (level 1, level 2 and finally level 3 Atnas). To add a new level of awesome to it, you could start a level 1 Atnas off as survivor sized and based, then he grows to be on the medium sized monster base at level 2 encounters before moving onto the level 3 encounter at his full power and on the large monster base and at a suitably larger size. (Money/model wise - you only include the level 1 atnas, and make the level 2 and 3 one's a separate add on as an exception to the 'new promo/expansion' clause of some pledge levels, and everyone will understand.

      I suspect the misery and woe aspect would be snow based environmental effects, so level 1, the misery and woe could be that a light snow fall reducers movement of all survivors by 1 until atnas is defeated at level 3. The level 2 atnas environmental effect could be 'freezing temperatures' whereby, alongside the -1 movement from the snow fall environmental effect, survivors departing for hunts cannot depart without a full armour set to help combat the extreme cold. Additionally, monsters hunted gain the life 3 trait (or an extra 3 life points) to represent the temperatures hardening their bodies/icing their fur/feathers and them being evolved to deal and adapt to such things. Finally, any resources found until an Atnas level 3 is subsequentlyd efeated (so not this level 2 one or the hunts before it for normal monsters), 1 random resource gained at the end of the showdown (it could be a common it could be a monster resource) is instead not found and is lost on the return to the settlement to represent the negative effects of the extreme weather both in hunt form but also from the fluff perspective of the water freezes over so it's harder to get water, it takes more resources to thaw it out and get drinkable water because the snow is not really snow like we know it...
      Then of course we get the level 3 Atnas, and the level 3 Atnas could have an effect whereby a blizzard occurs when hunting him and visbility in the encounter itself is limited (and possibly increased depending on what has been consumed, or your level of sanity or understanding or something - understanding of what the snow actually is for example. This would make the level 3 atnas encounter different to the previous ones especially if you have a level 3 trait where atnas disappears and reappears next to a target of his choice or if there is a negative accuracy applied to attacks against him due to the intensity of the weather.

      My thoughts on what the snow actually is would be that the snow is indeed the ground up bones of all the children that atnas has slain or who have been tempted to crawl into his sack. But itc an't just be that, it needs to have a twist,a nd that twist to me would be the ground up bone powder snow is actually sentient and full of malice towards atnas for gridning the combined souls of the snow up but powerless to take vengeance on atnas and instead used by him as a weapon.

      Then we get the cool things like what can atnas bring against survivors, and then what sort of resources can be gained to then be endeavoured into the sack for things we might like.

      Atnas, could, like in the picture, have a warty/buboey tongue, and that tongue could be a lashing plague filled attack that doesn't necessarily directly wound a survivor/survivors but rather applies negative tokens to the statistics of survivors. I picture the tongue as being how atnas captures his children, he flies past in his patented atnas mobile and lashes his tongue out to wrap around and grab an unsuspecting child and to put them to sleep and make them weaker at the same time before shoving them into his sack to be ground up into snow later on.

      this tongue would also be one of the monster specific strange resources and could be used to make a 'bubonic tongue whip', a whip which has a chance to apply a debuff in token form to its' targets in addition to having a normal strength/speed/hit roll.The addition of an Atnas Mask to the mask maker would also be interesting.

      I now have a string of ideas on how to make and play an atnas and really want to help with the crazy awesomeness of it heh.

      Anyways, your thoughts on my initial take on what Atnas would be like would be grand Adam.

      Have a wonderful early 2017,

      Luke Roberts.

    6. Christophe JAMANN on

      Happy new yeah for all

      Brest regards

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric Stolar

      @AGN - LOL I was thinking the same thing. Frog dog is by far the worst (in this context) model that is actually part of the game.

    8. AGN1964 on

      @Leigabar Frogdog looks nice? What? You're going to fill the six vaginas with green stuff??

    9. Leigabar on

      I really like the axerman family. Previously Father & son now this. I really like the way it's going. I have high hopes for Atnas miniature. Hoping it will be grotesque & horror but without tentacles, penises and vaginas. Seriously this is what disqualify Sunstalker, Gryph and few others however Frogdog looks nice.

    10. Christophe JAMANN on

      The post for Today is ''8'5M" exceed and unlock a new strech goal the "nemesis" at the " super survivor" (see update 27) i'm waiting To the 2januar Adam post

      Best regards

    11. Missing avatar

      Ken R on

      Re: spelling, I thought "unfrogivable" in this one was subtle genius.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      *unitato and Jon simpson

    13. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      @unitaro the Ackerman family are the Christmas gift

    14. Jon Simpson on

      @unitato . that's correct your about the only one to notice in all the excitement

    15. Unitato on

      If Atnas is the TwitchGameNight reward, which is the Xmas gift? He mixed them both in one, but they are two different things.

    16. Jason Massatt on

      @Magentawolf The terrible grammar and spelling of the Poots is all part of the experience! Learn to stop hating and love the spells and someday maybe you too can be a proud Bakcer!

    17. Jason Massatt on

      @Steve The survivors don't know he's terrible.

    18. Magentawolf on

      I'm sorry, but can you please proofread one of these bloody updates before you post them?

    19. Eyne Nacht on


    20. Missing avatar

      NatherGein on

      @Steve to murder him and take his sweet loot. He probably has something amazing, but low chances of that item and high chance of death to get it.

    21. Steve on

      Curious what the incentive of putting Atnas back together is if hes just going to wreak havoc straight away? Its an odd sounding expansion..

    22. NotDomo on

      Can we get an Exploding Kitten Promo once we (and rightfully so) smash their Kickstarter record?

    23. Jason Massatt on

      @Rand Chua TL the axerman family is the family from the Principle: New Life artwork.

    24. Jon Simpson on

      whatever happened to michael wade , he trolled so i didn't have to. no i don't like the santa idea, great your getting a monster expansion..but sort of wish it wasn't this ...bah humbug

    25. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      ... The more I read these updates, the dumber KD universe is becoming. I'm bailing on this excess.
      This world that was created is becoming more mainstream than unique, including outright mimicking relgious/popular content - satan, santa, slender man, adam and eve, dragons, knights. Looks like the mind has reached it's limits on creativity and is falling onto old gimmicks.

      12 days to go... I'm not seeing much focus on the settlement phase; event diversity and relevance, activities, survival aspect (only hunters suffer from starvation and in a way that makes no sense at all). the lack luster, 1 lantern year = a month to several years span making no sense to the productivity that can be accomplished nor the number of events that occur in such a span. It's over simplified in an ugly way. An overhaul of this would be really appreciated to make the settlement phase more engaging instead of just a, prepare for the next fight affair.

    26. Jack the Grin on

      This is by far the most interesting update I ever got for a Kickstarter. Straight up.

    27. Martin Chapman on

      @Warren Garnes @ Ken Rumble thanks Ken for reminding me of the release schedule, the enforced patience that will entail will be perfect for learning the core first. @Warren, couldn't agree more as the sculpt is my wife two kids down! I really dig that real mommy proven fertility look! Very clever to juxtapose pin up and heroic proportions with very human naturalistic figures and a brave first in this genre if I'm not mistaken. Taken to an illogical conclusion the old wolf survivor will have a skull adorned bone Zimmer frame!

    28. Missing avatar

      David Hayes on

      Hell yeah Mr Poots! Very much looking forward to Atnas. Sounds thoroughly splendid :D

    29. Michael Pflug on

      + 1 for a KD look. I don't want atnas to look anything like santa, because i doesn't fit KD.

    30. Egil Töllner

      Atnas made me think of Rare Exports. It is an awesome series that any one that has been visited by the Atnas needs to watch ;)

      Feature length

    31. Nigel Phillips

      Love the look of the family. Personally I think the child's gender is indeterminate: little physical observable difference at that age, and hair cut and clothing are culturally variable. It would be good to see more of these more realistic body types

    32. Missing avatar

      Sterling Martine on

      @ShaneXD Unfruited! Well said. I can't disagree! My point wasn't as much with music (which your point is perfectly stated) but more with "commercial products" like video games and board games and movies and such...

    33. Stiffleshanks

      Art can be collaborative, also ephemeral. See: live music, theatre, dance. Even "solo" artists have help : muses, inspirations, mentors, editors, directors, producers, sponsors. There is very little that gets done in this world by one person alone, and that absolutely includes art.

      The nice thing, however, is that art - like beauty - is in the eye of the beholder. I happen to think good improv (jazz, theatre) done by a group of people is more "art" than what any one person can accomplish alone.

    34. Missing avatar

      Sterling Martine on

      @John di Battista You are totally correct. Which is why I said "generally"... in quotes even! The inference to collaboration taking away from art was a reference to corporate interests and inclusion. The statue of David (in the end) was ONE man's vision. The commissioners, funders, and influences were NOT PRESENT while the statue was being sculpted.

    35. CaGeRit

      @sterling +1ish
      While I disagree with you that art cannot be a collaborative process I agree that the main draw here Adam's creative vision unfettered by people who want it catered to them.
      And because we are on the internet.
      Is the statue of David not art because it was commissioned, paid for and influenced by people other than Michael Angelo who sculpted it?

    36. Matthijs Corpeleijn on

      @Sterling Martine: Bravo!

    37. Rand Chua TL on

      What do the The Axermen Family do?

    38. Missing avatar

      Sterling Martine on

      Sorry I forgot the title of my rant was : WHAT IS ART?

    39. Missing avatar

      Sterling Martine on

      A rhetorical question of course, but is it?

      In my opinion art is the uncompromised expression of an individual into some form of medium (i.e. a poem, a painting, feng shui, etc...)

      Art is "generally" NOT a collaboration and most certainly has no corporate interests and it absolutely does NOT waste a moment/thought about the viewer/hearer of said art and inclusion is NEVER considered.

      With that said calling a video game or a board game or a movie art is almost never applicable. Without a doubt all of these aforementioned things have art IN them to be sure. Concept art, music, script, story, etc. The contributions of individuals are the art we see in everyday mediums.

      Side note: I would argue that Undertale is the closest thing to art in video game form. To that point Overwatch is most likely the furthest thing to art in a video game form. However it is inarguable that Overwatch has some of the best art IN it. To be perfectly clear inclusion is a WONDERFUL thing in video games and board games and I personally don't care if my favorite game(s) is/are considered art or not. It's completely irrelevant to my/one's personal tastes/enjoyments.

      However I feel Kingdom Death: Monster is quite possible the closest thing to true art this community (or any community) has EVER seen in a VERY LONG TIME. I would argue the original D&D and AD&D books are just as close to being art as they have basically just ONE creator (Gary Gygax) and zero corporate interests. To be fair Kingdom Death: Monster is a collaboration of Adam's and his closest friends and acquaintances so it's not 100% art. But it's damn close!

      My next point is the concept of Kickstarter. This is a DONATION service. NOTHING is guaranteed. You are throwing your money at an artist and hoping things work out as the artist promised via the artist's vision.

      Now my main point of all of this is that I am having a 1st world problem with how SOME in this community feel entitled to bitch and complain to Adam because things aren't the way you want the artist to create them.



      What I/"most of us" are experiencing with KD:M is something truly rare and wonderful. I haven't felt such wonder and awe since I picked up the first editions of AD&D when I was a kid in the 70's (I'm 44, yeah yeah I was in elementary school at the time, pouring my wonder over the AD&D 1st editions every day)...

      At any rate I know I am preaching to the choir, and THIS fact makes me feel great joy that so many of us are experiencing similar excitement and encouraging Adam (and Anna) on their journey. KD:M is providing me/us with great hope and adventure for many years to come (I will fund every kickstarter until I die with 500 expansions and no room to walk in my house) and while criticism is always welcome, I hope the few that are uncomfortable with body horror, sexy pinups, frogdogs birthing pups out of vaginas in their cheeks and god forbid a Santa/Krampus nemesis would please just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DON'T DONATE YOUR MONEY TO THIS WONDERFUL ARTIST!

      Go away and leave this rare and wonderful indie game to the FANS.


      Merry Christmas and I LOVE YOU ADAM AND ANNA!

      P.S. Just want to open the minds of the few who don't know that many women have/are helping Adam with his vision. The core game credits show Anna contributing to game design and play testing (I believe she created the Gorm quarry), at least 4 women have contributed to the art, at least 1 woman has done some sculptures and at least 1 woman worked on the editing (my gawd Poots is a horrible speller). Furthermore the intimacy section is clear that new borns are conceived with CONSENT. I know this really doesn't pertain to the topic but felt it was necessary to point out.

      I love this game.

    40. Guillaume Bernard on

      A little bit disappointed by the reward pick. A seasonal theme nemesis ( which we already have more than enough to last many campaign) instead of something really needed like settlements events that we have so few we often see repeat in the same campaign.

    41. Deadication on

      +1 for more KD design, less of a Santa suit for the finished product. Maybe something like the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth? ;)

    42. AGN1964 on

      +1 for a KD:M themed monster, not Christmas themed. How many people will be playing this in December? It's just too strange to think of playing KD:M in June with a monster in a Santa suit.

      Let's go with Poot's nightmarish vision for KD:M.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ken R on

      @martin re: difficulty of sorting out nodes and addons for noobs, of which I'm also one, I think the waves of shipping will be very useful. We'll get the core game first and have several months worth of playing that alone before the old expansions come (if you got any of those), then several months with core + old expansions, then core + old + new, etc etc etc. So it def seems overwhelming looking at it all thrown together here in the ks campaign, but I think the schedule of delivery actually serves noobs pretty well.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jon boug on

      The movie Krampus which came out fairly recently actually had a Krampus design that would have fit right into Kingdom Death instantly.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jon boug on

      I agree with Kyle Bentley below. I would love if the Atnas/Krampus was not a parody/joke and instead stayed in the Kingdom Death style. I think a creature can be done that hints at the origins of the Santa/Krampus mythology without being our modern Santa with a demented look, eating kids.

    46. C on


      Would prefer the father and mother not look down and be standalone, but whatever.

      GO AXEKID!!! :D

    47. Missing avatar

      Kyle Bentley on

      I was hoping for something that wasn't clearly a Santa or Krampus take-off, but I think Poots will be able to come up with something that still fits into the Kingdom Death world, and a nemesis monster being added to the Gambler's Chest is certainly cause for celebration. The Axermen family is awesome!

    48. Bridget (Over Troubled Waters)

      Best. Content Pitch. Ever!

    49. Bill Briggs on

      Great Update, the family looks super, and that 'content pitch' is hilarious.
      we just had this conversation:
      "I truly can't wait to see how horrifying Poots can make an Anti-Santa. He should be like the DBK, and come with a huge sack-"
      Roommate "umm..."
      "and NOT a 'huge sack' like the Gorm!"

      Merry Axemas all you lunatics!