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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)


This is it! I will be taking an offical break from campaigning starting tomorrow Dec 24th until January 2nd 2017! Next update will be a quick one on the 25th of December to reveal the holiday rewards. 

This has been an utterly insane campaign thus far! And I need the time to get a little R&R before we come back for our final week!!!!

Thank you all so very much. I couldn't possibly be more proud of our game and the backers, bakcers and fan's that support it!

Today's Gambler's Chest reveal is very close to my heart!!!! ANNA YOU ARE THE BEST!


For myself and on behalf of the entire KD Team, I wish all of you a happy holidays and all a good night!


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    1. edmie on

      a quote from Poots answering a question regarding the other new expansions are required/recommended for the inverted mountain campaign: "@Paul Johnson, required is required. I’d rather focus everything into making that experience as awesome as possible and not have to worry about what mixture of expansions each fan might have."

    2. Eduardo Guimarães on

      Interesting to know that Anna worked on the Gorm and the Flower Knight and these 2 are probably the ones with the best and coolest gameplay wise, for sure TOP 4 with DBKand Dragon, showing that she's really good in creating expansions. I hope she makes more cool stuff, and I even would like to know which of the new expansions she'll going to work in :)

    3. Jan M. on

      @Ondrej Likely it could be cigarettes, as the pinup art is stylized after Mucha alla the Art Noveau style, and Mucha did a lot of cigarette adverts.

    4. Kenny

      The yellow box looks like a pack of American Spirits cigs.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ondrej Klbik

      @Todd Ferrullo: my best guesses are the boxes are cigarettes, but I have no clue whether that makes sense (if she smokes or not).
      For what you call an award, I actually think that is Mr. Poots himself, holding aloft his soul child that is KDM :)

    6. Todd Ferrullo on

      So what the heck are the yellow boxes at Anna's hip and around the cat's neck supposed to be anyway?

      I am pretty sure that Anna is holding a KD award similar to an Oscar but holding the KD:M core box aloft rather than a globe.

    7. Anna Gramm on

      I will hotglue Adam's wife.

    8. Kai on

      @Christophe JAMANN reading back on the nightmare ram, the dungeon crawler system would add a nice touch... man i thought i had made my mind on it...looks like its back on the table. As for the green armor i believe it did have to be acquired through first edition expansions, which leads me to believe that the death armor is acquired through 1.5 expansions? I've decided to put all my eggs in one basket and go for all the new expansions. Here's to rolling the dice!

    9. Eduardo Guimarães on

      The discounts of the first KS almost broke the company, if there were not for the single resin sales there would be no KD now. That's not a wealthy way of doing business

    10. Markus on

      @Eduardo: 30$ discount for money you get your item in 2 years?

      you remember the discount for KS1?

    11. Missing avatar

      XZero38 on

      So with 9 reveals left and poots not doing anything till the last week does that mean a couple days of double rolls?

    12. Eduardo Guimarães on

      30$ is no big discount? I can't agree with that.

    13. Alfred on

      Markus, yes kickstarter is not shopping....

    14. Markus on

      50$ KS price, 80 shop price? thats no big discount :(
      and you get the stuff in 2-3 years :(
      but hey its not shopping its investing in the dream of KDM :P

    15. Greyskull

      @Neelz, yours is a great question. But you won't have an answer now because the creator has decided to take 9 days of vacation in the middle of a 8.4 Mil campaign. To be honest, I like Poots a lot but this is a very weird decision and an unprecedented one.

    16. Colin

      Since MAGE claims to have a definite number of sleeves needed for the whole game, expansions and all, won't subtracting the number of cards of sets already revealed let us know if there are any more expansions coming up. Just a thought.

    17. Christophe JAMANN on

      @Kai for me the "Ram expansion" is a good choice for custom campaings bécasse it's to introduce the dungeon crawling system in the game that opened good perspective

      My question is for the "green knight" expansion the crafting géar is possible only with another expansion from the last kickstarter no.?? Why is my interest for that the question is open

    18. Kai on

      @Neelz im in the same boat, the nightmare ram is the one that doesn't do it for me

    19. Neelz on

      What are the chances of all the required inverted mountain campaign expansions being sold as a bundle, possibly even in a boxed set?
      For those of you that have the game, any guesses on how easy it would be to swap out some of the monsters for Inverted mountain with another similar quarry? I'm in for all of all the components except for frog dog. He has no appeal to me.

    20. Missing avatar


      Wow, those are some fantastic designs!

      And thanks for sharing Anna's contributions to the project, I love hearing that kind of stuff!

    21. Ed Leech on

      It's clearly not going to be changed. I also find it very doubtful that when Adam returns for the last week that there will be no more expansions. I would expect Adam to still have a couple left that he had planned. For a start we have not seen the monster from the end of the trailer. That's clearly planned. I would expect some amazing stuff to come out in the last week which will really see the pledge total go up considerably.

    22. Michael Harley on

      Well, I wonder what the holliday reward will be since one jackass considered it a brilliant idea to challenge adam to change it with a box of salt or some nonsens.

    23. AGN1964 on

      @Tim Hall "Really like the new 4 arm model for the mountain man!"

      I am pretty sure the Mountain Man is not changing and the 4 armed dude is the Trapdoor Man.

    24. Markus on

      200$ including shipping is very very expensive

      are the cards of KS of such poor quality that they will be damaged very fast? i hope they are a bit robust and are made to take in my hands ^^

    25. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Merry Christmas everyone!

      Now to relax a bit before the final week; it's gonna be crazy, methinks.

    26. Samael on

      So many campaign variants, Poots has spoiled us.

      Hope your have a good week off

    27. Mellekai

      @Robert: To you a Merry Christmas too. Yes it is the last planned one. But I am sure that we are not safe yet. :)

    28. Robert Lyons on

      Merry Christmas everybody!

      Is the Inverted Mountain the last planned New Expansion for this campaign? As a brand ew player, the costs are piling up fast. xD

    29. Mellekai

      @ Christophe: Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones. Have a blessed time. :)

    30. Christophe JAMANN on

      Merry x-mass too all bakers/ bakcers/ fan's
      Merry x-mass too the entire Kingdom Death Team

      Nice work

    31. Ed Leech on

      @Mad Doc, to be fair they don't need permission.

      When the campaign first launched I went to post it. But I didn't because Adam mentioned he was going to release sleeves and whilst All my gear cards are sleeves in Mage (which is a lot as I have every expansion) I don't want to impact Adams KS in any way.

      I will want all my cards in the same sleeves so if I am honest I will continue to get Mages square sleeves but I would love to think all the new people would get Adams. Who knows he may end up simply linking in with Mage :)

    32. Foxwhisperer on

      I wake up to this... My hopes for Fox shattered and trambled under foot... But somehow, I cannot be mad to the mountain man... The expansion looks excellent.
      Now I go to mourn the lost Fox settlement...

    33. Egill Björn Thorstensen on

      Hah! +1 for the Icelander :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Adam Wilson on

      @Rene - I agree, seems like a Dragon King all over again where he underpriced it and sold it under cost.

    35. Renaat (no more KS) on

      @Rene but it seems you'll need all the other new expansions to play it. I'm seeing it as an increase on all the other new expansions. If you're not interested in (all of) the other new expansions then the value is moot

    36. Rene Lorentzen on

      Is it just me or does the expansion seem underpriced ?. 14 miniatures, 100+ game cards and only 50$

    37. Tim Hall

      Really like the new 4 arm model for the mountain man!

    38. Mad Doc

      You can get all the card sleeves you need (for every card size!) at the MAGE KS. Take a look. They'll create a special KD pledge for us too. Please help to fund this KS.

      By the way they have the permission from Adam to release those card sleeves.

    39. Thomas "Why Not Both?" on

      @kingdom death. Pls release the Trap door men in resin! Need alternate poses and like! Sure the pose can be done by heating the plastic with a heat gun, but if its a different look and size? Well, we have individuals then!
      Its why I buy the monsters in resin, because in plastic the scale is different. So a lvl 2 is bigger and painted such that you know its different.

    40. C on

      Forget the pinups. We need more humongous cats.

      Kitten Death: Meow Meow.

    41. Nigel Phillips

      I hope that the modifications to the trapdoor man sculpt include vestigial legs on the mid torso, so that it can be viewed as two bodies fused together.

    42. Nakano

      Thanks for the update. The break is quite long, though so it would have been nice ro reveal all unlocked contents so far. Sadly not yet any monsters in Gambler Chest and even the Core stretchgoals are now Narrative Sculpts... Hoped the focus been somewhere else. Happy holidays nevertheless.

    43. Missing avatar

      David G Pearson on

      Will the Bone Smith tweaks include changes to bone blade? Bone dagger and bone axe are much better for same or similar resources.

      Are the cooking rules getting changed in the new edition? Right now the resources required are way too high for the benefit granted.

      Here's hoping the Ringtail Fox is still yet to come. If not, I'll be going through the Kickstarter without a single expansion added on.

    44. Rand Chua TL on

      Wishing all A Merry Christmas!

    45. Eduardo Guimarães on

      So, no honeycomb weaver after all! I'm a firm supporter of her and I think she's worth an expansion, but I'm ok because we already have so many cool expansions! Great campaign !

    46. Redbrook on

      Oh my! I love the pinup rework! She looks great. I'll definitely add her to my pledge.

    47. AGN1964 on

      Happy Xmas everyone!

    48. AGN1964 on

      So the mountain man is not changing and the skinny dudes are the trapdoor men that might be getting better. If so, awesome. They are great models.

      Lots of content. The cost of this expansion seems very low, I mean, great discount!

      I think Anna is holding Adam in her left hand, and Adam is holding the KD:M box. Cute! So what's that peeking out of the bottom of Anna's left hand? This is KD, so it must be Adam's giant penis!

      Love the pinup.

    49. zzzzz on

      I just want to say... great update!! However, I feel the cat on the Anna mini looks more like a dog than a cat... or is that intentional? x__x