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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$8.2M - Gambler's Chest Roll #21, Campaigns of Death Expansion, Spidicules Expansion Reprint Confirmed, Pinup Pond Scum Armor, False Messengers, Beasts of War Re-Roll Magazine

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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"Hello Backers of Kingdom Death Monster!

The Team here from Beasts of War!

You may have seen our videos exploring the first 5 lantern years of this beautiful game, where our team learn about the KD:M facts of life, "It's all fun and games, but very quickly Life, Love, Brutality and Death will come to slap you round the face!!!"

We have a beautiful digital magazine we publish for our backstage subscribers on and we'd love to give you guys a Kingdom Death Monster Special Edition of the current issue with a great feature about KD:Monster in it!

You can download it for Free Here:


Lantern Year 1
Lantern Year 1


Lantern Year 2
Lantern Year 2


Lantern Year 3
Lantern Year 3


Lantern Year 4
Lantern Year 4


Lantern Year 5
Lantern Year 5

We hope you enjoy it!

Also Be Sure to Check out those 5 Lantern Year Let's Plays!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Beasts of War!!!!"


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    1. Eric LAURENT on

      Will you need the 12 current expansions to play with Games of Death or only a few ?

    2. Missing avatar

      ToshiKDM on

      @AGN1964 Two things I'd like to say:
      1. Based on the description of the Campaigns of Death expansion, I think that the 3 survivor minis are each based on one of the pre-made campaigns. They -are- named Narrative Sculpts, not just armor set/survivors.
      2. I think you're misinterpreting what is meant by "custom campaign" in this update/expansion. Or rather, the way I understand/expect it: it's just changing which of the existing events happen when and what monsters can be hunted/are encountered when. As an example, it -could- be that one of the pre-made custom campaigns is simply replacing all the base quarries+nemeses with expansion versions, like swapping Gorm for Lion, Spidicules for Antelope, Manhunter for Butcher, etc. I don't expect it to have guidelines on how to create your own monsters, because, as you mentioned, that would prefereably include making custom AI, HL, etc.

    3. Drew on

      @Dan d'Lyon- the three current alternate timelines can already incorporate the other expansions into them very easily (Slenderman is an issue if there isn't a Kingsman to replace, but that's easily solved via the Node system).

      I expect the three campaigns to be playable with and without every expansion. I would also like some rules for making variations on current monsters.

      Part of me would really love to see a variant of the Hand of the King whereby he can be fought as a final boss encounter (it would be really badass).

    4. John Pratt on

      I don't know what to get anymore. I give up.

    5. Drew on

      Well, there would be two troubles with including all the new expansions here:

      1- They aren't finished yet, and some of them might change node between the campaign book and the expac release. I'd rather have the information be separate than wrong.

      2- There will be more expansions than the ones previewed in this campaign. I mean, KDM isn't about to be finished, so it isn't possible to have a book that features everything forever no matter what you do.

      I'm sure there will be an online resource with all of the expansions and core monsters matched to their nodes. Really, there kind of already is one. So having it all on one spot isn't an issue for me.

      - On creating new monsters- they're complex enough that I don't think there could be anything like hard rules to create your own. I think there are some patterns that you can glean (for example- most Nemesis monsters take two actions in their turn, while hunt monsters take one).

      The amount of work that would be required to create a new monster is pretty massive (you'd need to make a hit location and AI deck- plus maybe hunt events and resources, plus gear that you make from the resources).

      In addition, they're all very unique, so it isn't like you could create a formula for them.

      I'd like rules for leveling them up past LV3- because I'd love to be able to make any monster into an end boss nemesis (I want to play a People of the Frog Dog campaign).

    6. AGN1964 on

      The Gambler Chest mini is great. I like it when we get minis that do not look like you can make them from the armor kits (the Scouts were great too!) The pinup is cute - it would be funny if she was sculpted with Karen Gillan's face.

      The Campaign of Death could be brilliant or meh. It's hard to tell. Here's what I would like to see:
      1) 4 survivors minis or a clear explanation for why there are 3. (I am more interested gender balance than head count).
      2) Node and difficulty information for ALL expansions. I do not what to flick through this book and ~10 other individual books to plan my custom campaign. I'm not asking for full rules for the new expansions, just the node/difficulty. One big table would be very helpful.
      3) This is the important one: if I am making custom campaigns, I want blank cards for my own gear, resources, fighting arts, innovations, settlements, AI, HL, HE, etc. To be honest, every card. The best way to do this is an editable digital file, say PDF. It's okay by me is these are a little low-res, so that are clearly not official KD:M cards. It would be nice to have a little art - crests, the pretty banners at the top of some cards, etc. Again, not the existing ones, as I am not asking for a KD:M pirating kit and if there were a little plain/low res, again it's fine. I just want to "theme" the cards, not rip off KD:M.
      4) It would be great if there were hints for balancing new Monsters. What's a new campaign without a new Monster, right? Now you can see why I asked for AI, HL, HE cards templates above, ha, ha, ha. There are lots of minis we could use as new monsters, from KD and elsewhere.

      Of course, I could gather the node info myself (for the new expansions I have), make my own templates (crap ones, 'cos I'm no artist), and play my Monster over and over to balance it. But if I am buying a kit to make custom campaigns, I would like it to have the material to help me do so.

      The Ancient Butcher sounds cool. I trust Poots to make a great mini here, and a nice armor set to go with it. Can't wait to see the result.

    7. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      @Brandon Holmes
      I would expect the campaign book to include all of the expansions at one point or another during the included campaigns. Otherwise Adam would be saying that some expansions aren't as useful or fun as others.

    8. Bizarro Bubbles on

      Here is a breakdown from a website that I was looking at on their take of the nodes.

    9. Missing avatar

      Brandon Holmes on

      Really hoping we get an answer today about whether the the new campaigns from Campaigns of Death will require any specific expansions. I realize custom ones will be up to us, but I'd hate to not buy the Lonely Tree for example only to realize I need it for one of the 3 campaigns in the book.

    10. Todd Ferrullo on

      @Martin Chapman: +1 for stone face base inserts

    11. Martin Chapman on

      Hi @Adam thank you for a fab update! We are being belted round the face with expansion after expansion and am busting with excitement. Have to add I would like to see the Flower Witch released as a re vamped promo or expansion as it's one of the most beautiful rendered sculpts in your catalogue and the background would be amazing. Is there any chance you can throw in more of the Face bases for us to re do our older models or some other scenery? Once again great work and thank you and the team.

    12. Seth on

      @Chris Burton You absolutely are wrong. Just by looking at the other creatures introduced as new expansions we can extrapolate what nodes the old expansions are. I agree that it'd be helpful if Poots would clarify for people who don't want to read into things, but the information is there if they want to put two and two together. Example: the Gryphon is node 4. Based on the info and when it would be expected to appear you could easily fit Sunstalker, Dragon King, Dung Beetle Knight and maybe Lion God into node 4. Gorm is very clearly a node 1. Oblivion Mosquito is node 2 and mentions Lantern Year 2, so we could assume the Screaming Antelope is the base node 2, and Spidicules is thereby also node 2.
      It's very easy to assign them nodes because even if there wasn't a specific named system around it in the first place it's clear the game was designed with that framework in mind anyway.

    13. Missing avatar


      @Chris Burton Just read the Text of that Hardcover Pitch again. It clearly states this is a guideline for CUSTOM campains in which you can use the 12 current expansions. You still can use the old expansions as they have been stated in their current form. You most likely also will get some Information in the Updated 1.5 Core Rules.
      The campain book includes Information on how to categorize the old expansion if you plan on using campain nodes instead of the old system.
      Now here comes the most important part. Poots quite literally states that the 3 campains can server as an example on how to build custom campain, but that this is his own personal take on things. No one forces you to use them, you still could homebrew your own setup as you like.
      And You can be quite certain with all the reprints that in one or another way players still will get the information which node is suggested for each old expansion.

    14. Chris Burton on

      @Baylock. I am not wrong. The existing expansions are not compatible with the new node system that all the new expansions are using. Being told what lantern year you can insert the expansion is not the same as being told what node level it is so that you can plan your campaign to be effective. As several other people have already mentioned they are being put off existing expansions because they do not list the node level which means you do not know if you are getting multiples of the same node level which you may not want. Also I was not whining I was asking a question perhaps you should learn the difference before you go around denigrating people because there interpretation of something is different from your own. If you don't need the expansion book it needs to be explained better how the old expansions integrate with the new node system. If you have information that contradicts what I am saying please post it. If it is just your interpretation of what we both read it is no more likely that you are correct than me.

    15. Gisberto Nanni on

      Adam will the false messanger and pinup of death 1&2 be avaible via your webstore after campaign ends? Orthe are kickstarter only exclusive bundle?

    16. Lozenger on

      Love the campaign book, but also wondering what expansions might be necessary to play them? Also very interested in the 2 short format campaigns!

    17. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      You don't have to make an account to download the pdf, after you clicked on the download image you go to the Beasts of War page, there you click on the download button beneath the first image.

    18. Samael on

      @kingdom death, I know you are probably asleep, and deserve it, but I have a question.

      I love the campaign book, but I know that some people won't, because it "might" include expansions that they do t own, thus have reduced game play for them. Now I am seeing it as an ideas book, it gives you some campaigns, and ideas on how to make your own.

      However here is my quesToon. Are you planning on releasing campaign packs?

      For example: deadlands swamp campaign, requires, base game, frog dog oblivion mosquito and dragon king to play
      Includes unique campaign record sheet, three story events,1 hybrid armour kit, some gear cards and new AI cards for the swamp dragon king.

    19. Missing avatar

      therese toms on

      yeah baby.
      really happy to see a KDM and beasts of war group hug
      warren give us a wave.

    20. Samael on

      Love the ancient but her expansion. Hybrid armour, new monster, new story events and a book. Glad my settlement has developed pictographs recently so I can use it

    21. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      I'm curious about what pledges the campaign book is included in though. Satan and Frog seems obvious. It should be included in gamblers as well as it's a new expansions but there are no old expansions in the gamblers pledge. I'd take an ancient butcher and how to create your own campaigns any day though!

    22. Fontaine Christophe on

      Do people actually read the updates ?

      No one mentioned the ANCIENT BUTCHER model that will come with the Campaign rulebook !!

      For those who don't know about the messengers, the internet is your best friend here. Either on the KD website or on the vibrant lantern one, you can find a lot of information about a lot of things. And on many other sites too. Take some time to find them out (easy) and read them ! :-)

    23. Rascarcapac on

      Campaign manager!
      Ancient butcher!
      Sounds great!

    24. CaGeRit

      While the least flashy update yet I think this will probably be one of the best in terms of fun-value.

    25. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      As it says new expansion the campaign book will most likely be sent with the new expansions. I'm a bit sad though that it won't have any of the new expansions. Hopefully we'll see another campaign book in the future but for the new expansions Or at least an FAQ on where you can swap old expansions for new ones in the campaigns, node for node.

    26. Renaat (no more KS) on

      ... and hopefully all the new campaigns won't include the gorm..

    27. Renaat (no more KS) on

      As someone who's already got 10 of the old expansions, the question is what wave will contain the campaign book?

    28. Tyler Hunter on

      I think the custom campaign rule book might be the best one yet in terms of expansions. I always wanted a system to make smaller leaner campaigns to focus on specific fights/strategies.

    29. Foxwhisperer on

      @Nocturne: I'm not that interested in the Chimera atm. I want the Fox people to show up! Poots is either trolling us by holding the Fox expansion last or he's trolling us by not making the Fox expansion at all... (after teasing us with that people of the Fox picture for so long).

    30. Nocturne on

      Well there's still whatever the heck the monster at the end of the introduction video is to reveal yet.

    31. Michael Harley on

      @ Dr. Manhattan: The Messengers had (have?) Beta rules on the KD Website, free to download. Those downloads had single player scenarioas in them, as well as extra gear and survivors for your settlement.

    32. Larry on

      website for help calculating costs on pledge levels atm.

    33. Wouter Dhondt on

      Doing nothing special. Had to create an account when pressing the link. After that, when pressing the download button I'm redirected to the backstage pass page (after the warning of 6 downloads a day limit)

    34. Foxwhisperer on

      By my count, Frogdog level still has $70 missing to make it viable. So I'm hoping there's still another big $75 expansion left to reveal: People of the Fox!
      Please! We want the Foxtail Ring!

    35. Joakim Järvinen on

      @wouter hmm? i managed to just go to the site click download and got the PDF without any need to login or buy a pass. You seem to be doing something funky

    36. Wouter Dhondt on

      Free download if you buy a backstage pass doesn't sound free to me so I'll pass. Like their videos though.

    37. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      @ Dr Manhattan- The "False Messengers" are characters released as optional campaign enhancements. Think of them as "lesser expansions" if you will. That's not to imply that these additions are any less meaningful, but perhaps due to time, or development constraints; they didn't receive the flowery manual, and stately art treatment. If you're interested in more details though, the older PDF files for their scenarios are still available under the "Rules/Downloads/Scenarios Beta" section on the Kingdom Death website. Hope this helps dispel any confusion.

    38. Alpharius on


      I understand, but you don't have any of the cards necessary to play though.

      And I have a Satan pledge, so I'm going to have everything any ways. :P

    39. Jason Massatt on

      @Sybaris and Andy Adam has already said the the flower witch is not happening.

    40. Arni Odinsson

      @andy quiles I'm excited for group fights as well. It seems like a welcome change from the boss fight scenarios.

    41. Jason

      Still nothing about the change :(

    42. MullenIX on

      The Narrative sculpt and Pinup designs look amazing.

    43. Andy Quiles on

      @Sybaris +1 for flower witch, my wife loves that model, personally I think the group fights would be really cool, like a witch and two disciples, though my heart is really hoping for the white knights to be a duo encounter, like 2 v 4.

    44. whiskey-one-eye

      @ Nick Yesterday he said "I'll try to arrange for another armor kit production run for the new year. I dont think there is time to organize that during the course of the campaign."

    45. whiskey-one-eye

      @ Nick I am pretty sure he said they would be done after the campaign and not during, so available in the store later. I think you can find it in one of his comments...

    46. Nick Knight on

      I'm starting to get worried, where are the interchangeable armor kits? I know Poots mentioned them in the past but we're nearing the Christmas break and they still haven't appeared.

    47. whiskey-one-eye

      Very cool. I like the campaign book. I also really like all of the narrative sculpts.

    48. Sybaris of the Abyssal Woods on

      It's a really nice update all in all (still hoping for the flower witch, but hey, campaign is not over :P).

      Oh about the Spidicules name...

      Testicules (french name for balls in plural form)

      Spidicules: the odd mix of both that lives in the world of KDM it seems. This is all speculation of course, but it looks like a testicle with legs to me...and teeth O.o

    49. Missing avatar

      44th on

      I'd gladly pay for a nice hardcover book with all the pin-up artwork. Just tossing that out there.