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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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    1. Yhorm on

      I'm so happy about being able to get the promos of death, i love this update. Thank you so much Poots!

    2. David Gekiere on

      KDM; a nightmarish world drenched in bones, blood, pus, and sexy, sexy humans.

    3. Missing avatar

      Thomas Våge on

      Could very well have extra parts for the armour kits included though, like the recent black friday ninja.
      That being said, I sure hope for a full armour set for this, with some not-too-subtle Skull Knight vibes to go with the totally-not-Guts Messenger from last time.

    4. Some furf on

      No, it says clearly that the Bone Armour set comes with two narrative sculpts. These are fixed-pose models, which have, at best, one or two optional pieces. They are not armour kits like in the core box, which you can pose and equip however you like (But usually end up looking a bit awkward).

    5. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Bone Armor is likely an Armor Set like the Green Knight Armor, meaning that it's not compatible with armor kits, for figure building at least.

    6. Missing avatar

      David Russell on

      ''It's confusing, but armor sets and armor kits are different.
      Armor sets are just narrative sculpts and armor kits are interchangeable with other "armor kits" like the ones in the core game and old expansions.''

      I am not sure i understand what this statement means - will this new expansion set come as individual pieces you can craft and add to your survivor bit by bit or are you saying its a one piece you have take all at once ?

    7. Todd Ferrullo on

      I really love the new female scout (she may turn out to be my favorite figure in the GC). However, I am a bit confused by the Bone Armor expansion since it states that it comes with two Narrative sculpts. So why are so many additional weapons shown? Does it also come with a sprue for the armor kits or will these Narratives have changeable weapons?

    8. Patrick Sandoval

      @RabidBlackDog, that will be the case, Poots specifically said so in the update above, below the figures of Aya and Paul.

    9. RabidBlackDog on

      I really hope the cards and stickers for Aya and Paul are going to be available in the card pack

    10. Anna Gramm on

      Man that Death Armor really pushes my buttons. I guess it will be imperative for the popular people of the skull campaign. Great design, I am really interested in what recipes you need.

      Not gonna complain, but when I backed the gambler's chest before anything but the scout was revealed, it hoped it would be more like this, containing different goodies, sometimes miniatures, sometimes special dice and sometimes even such a mini campaign. Well it turned out to be different, still not bad, but I don't know if it is for me, I can convert myself. I don't need 10000 narrative sculpts.

      Still have time to figure out the best offer for my subjective case.

    11. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      Just went through earlier posts.
      I guess there won't be a separate armor kits for this expansion.

    12. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      It's confusing, but armor sets and armor kits are different.
      Armor sets are just narrative sculpts and armor kits are interchangeable with other "armor kits" like the ones in the core game and old expansions.

    13. Fontaine Christophe on

      That Death armor...mind blowing !! One of the best artwork of this kickstarter imo. I prefer this kind of armor than the black one in the red witches extension. This one here looks like it belongs to KD.

      Scout of death female looks nice also.

    14. Alessandro S. on

      I like how these latest updates are going, good job Adam!

    15. Rodrigo Helder

      @John H. Shinholser @Chris Reiswig I agree with you both. I pledged a lot of money on the first KS. Basically I took everything there; every single pin-up, promo and expansion. I feel a bit cheated that there are now extra cards that come with certain models that the original backers missed out on. Same reason why I feel conflicted about these grand statements that certain current expansion will be reprinted. The ppl that took the appropriate pledge in this KS like Ancien Gold Lantern, were already getting them as part of their pledge. And a lot of backers from the first KS already have them. I'm in for the black Friday 2nd face this time. But somehow it doen't feel like I'm getting a really good deal on that pledge. And yes, I realise we still have days to go. But the the grand reprinting statements just somehow distract. Every time I see another one I just think; what a waste....

    16. Foxwhisperer on

      Isn't the Death armor (2 figures) the armor kit for Death armor already?

    17. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      @Kingdom Death
      Adam you mentioned before that you're releasing armor kits separately.

      Will there be one for Death Armor expansion as well?

      If so, will it come with all of the gaming components or just armor kits?

    18. Foxwhisperer on

      I'm of two minds about this expansion... I like the armour more or less, but I feel another "slot" is wasted on this. There is only so many new expansions coming and now with another one revealed, one less possible expansion coming.
      I kind of feel that this expansion "stole" the slot for storm knight or Ringtail Fox or something else I've been waiting... I'm getting desperate!

    19. Chris Reiswig on

      @John H. Shinholser, I'm wondering this as well. It's also why I'm very leery about pledging for anything in this KS that's not an expansion. I bought all the promo's in the last one under the assumption they had gameplay content with them and when KDM did a 180 on that it's making me not want to pledge as much as I would have on this KS.

    20. Lachlan Mcneill on

      @Kingdom Death will the Scouts and advance rules be available later for purchase or is just going to be a gamblers chest thing?

    21. Michael Pflug on

      @ Dragon King: Not every expansion is a new Monster. This one just brings a new armor set to the game, like the green armor expansion does.

    22. Deadication on

      The Bone Armor looks amazing! I'm a little confused about how that's an expansion though, is there an enemy included whom you would fight for the pieces of the armor?

    23. Illegal Dustbin on

      Also I assume that all these new promo sets are still included in satan pledge, ya?

    24. Jason

      @kimgdomdeath Any chance to get an update with Changelog ?

    25. Illegal Dustbin on

      Holy crap, I was in love with the idea of the scouts before, now they get even more things, awesome! The idea of going out actually prepared makes much more sense.

      And a huge bone-update bringing more stuff for people of the skull, woooo!!

    26. Drew on

      I meant that you can construct Green Knight armor with the extra 10 years you can add to the campaign.

      It would take going on some riskier hunts (and succeeding) but I think it can be done.

      And aside from that- you can really do fine without the full set. Especially with Bone armor (last campaign, we beat the watcher with a survivor in the bone-only build).

    27. Coralline Algae on

      @Ahren - That's right. You get everything listed under rewards. You can see it in the image above or better on the main kickstarter page. More will be added.
      I keep a trunticated list:
      Gambler's Chest
      ^Philosophy of Death
      ^Nightmare Adam mini
      ^Sci-fi Aya the Survivor mini
      ^F.White Lion - Twilight Sword - Narrative
      ^Last Axeman Standing - Narrative Sculpt
      ^Scouts of Death Advanced Rulebook Upgrade
      ^Scouts of Death mini
      ^Murderer mini
      ^Bow Master of Deadrock Narrative Sculpt
      ^Bloody Sword of Deadrock Narrative Sculpt
      ^Male Romantic Adventurer Narrative Sculpt
      ^The Screaming Hoarder Narrative Sculpt
      ^Dark Eye Narrative sculp + adv. fight art
      ^Cockroach Queen Narrative Sculpt
      ^Beast Hunter Armor hybrid Phoenix & Antelo
      ^Mad & Mighty Striker sculp + fighting art
      ^Bone Eater Narrative Sculpt + Bone gear
      ^Bright Knives Narrative Sculpt
      ^Father & Son Narrative Sculpt
      ^Cursed Spear Narrative Sculpt
      ^Honorable Berserker Narrative Sculpt
      ^Scouts of Death Female Narrative Sculpt

    28. Ahren Osterbrink on

      I pledged the extra $100 for the gamblers chest. what exactly does that mean i get extra? Do i get all these things that are rolled?

    29. Balgin Stondraeg

      Green Knight and Bone Armour? I'm up for the challenge (although I haven't managed to craft a full Green Knight armour set yet).

    30. Demian on with Update 29. Really happy to read that there's going to be a content pack

    31. AGN1964 on

      @twentyandsix Thanks. I need to learn the new stuff!

    32. AGN1964 on

      @Paireon Awesome idea. Then you have four survivors in special gear.

    33. Michael Pflug on

      Please make percival, fade and before the wall available as add ons in this KS!

    34. John H. Shinholser on

      Hey Adam:

      Now that you're releasing the last Kickstarter's promos with all the cards, will you be making the promo cards available to backers from the last Kickstarter? We're still waiting.

    35. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Wow, this update is once again awesome.

      EXTRA HARD MODE: try and craft both Green Knight AND Bone Armors in the same campaign. Then die, die again trying to make it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jindianajonz on

      @Jacky Phoenix: The stickers were included with White Speaker and Allison the Twilight Knight. They were placed on events that came with the core game to augment them and give access to the new gear cards that also came with the figures.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jindianajonz on

      @Krissa, it looks like they match what was already in the white boxes. 6 gear cards, a settlement event, and two stickers match precisely what came with White Speaker, Allison, Beyond the Wall, and Chirstmas Nico.

    38. Krissa on

      Just to clear things up: are any of the cards that come with promos of Death brand new? Or were they all available with the white box promos? I'm really hitting my pledge limit and as much as it pains me I might have to choose between the frogdog shirt or this if any of the gear/settlement cards are new/unreleased.

    39. twentyandsix on

      @AGN1964 It's based on faceless survivors in Oblivion Mosquito expansion.

    40. AGN1964 on

      Anyone recognize what the pinup is based on? It's cool concept art, but can't place the core mini she reimagines.

    41. Jason Windedahl on

      I just hope the card pack comes with all the gear cards, SE, and paste ins that I'm missing otherwise from being part of the first KS

    42. Rascarcapac on

      Give us pin-ups in death armours, PLEASE!

    43. Rascarcapac on

      These death armours sure look great!
      And a new pin-up to boot!
      This is going to be a fantastic Christmas! I just wonder what kind of awesome gifts Santa Poots has in store for us on Saturday night. Chest roll+New expansion+pin-up(s)+ surprise?

    44. Jacky Phoenix

      what is Story Event Stickers?
      Settlement Event card, Gear Cards, Story Event Stickers ... Are they included in Card Packs?
      sorry for keep asking these question...

    45. Bridget (Over Troubled Waters)

      Excellent. I was hoping that we'd have both gender options for the scouts. That's one more item to scratch off my wishlist.

    46. Coralline Algae on

      Whoa! I was 100% going to skip the Death Armor expansion until I read that it's possible to make it with any level 3 monster bones. That means it's possible to go after with just the core game... or ANY combination of expansions! Great great great!

    47. Keil Nitz on

      large art cards is an awesome addition. i would pay for large art with all the pinups/promos from this KS as well, to have it be available would be a dream. the art is half the reason i buy from the shop

    48. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @Sven Wasberg, of course!

    49. Missing avatar

      Sven Wasberg on

      @ Adam: What´s with the different weapon-options of the death armor?
      Will they be included in the expansion?