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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$8M - SUPER SURVIVOR GOD! Gambler's Roll #18, Black Knight Expansion, Pinup Black Knight, Live Streamers Sculptors!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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Also Hector Moran's Sculpting Stream for Sci-Fi Aya:

Annnnddd Jon-Troy Nickel's gonna start up his stream of the Flower Witch Pinup in about 4 hours he just said!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      @Marko Parviainen, well then makes sense to kill of the Hand since it's not impossible. No need to hold back on the monsters of the world if it means survival. There would be no bow out for the Hand. It turns it's back and all survivors ravage it's exposed form.
      This in turn woul dmake for an interesting twist to the story, negating the watcher and bringing to bear whatever the King decides to do. This is where the settlement begins to lay down fortifactions and traps and training up for combat (which they should be doing anyway). Go as far as to say, they could be clever in taming monsters for their own needs. Screaming antelope or white lion riding archers. How about pledging aligence to Dung Beetle Knights? They seem to have some level of human function.
      How do thos almost naked witches survive, or anyone for that matter, on their own in the 'wilderness'? A strong ability of humans and these things that mimic humans is the ability to conquor and adapt. Some how I don't think chickens, cows, dogs and horses fell out of the sky and were immediately tamed without any effort expended.

    2. Foxwhisperer on

      @Rainer Woreck: How does the king know about the village? He sends the Kingsmen to patrol the Plain of Faces, visit the villages they find and assess them (sometimes they are helpful and sometimes not so helpful). They then report back to somebody (the Hand propably). At later time the Hand himself visits the village (the King can watch through the Hands eyes IIRC...
      Why the King is even interested of some measely village in the first Place? Who knows? The survivors can only hope the King doesn't take too much interest in their affairs...

    3. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      @Rob, to avoid too much spoilerage, yes but I don't get why. Where is the grand plan or hint of it? It begins with the group of King's man (wierd you only fight one but not the rest), then progresses to the Hand which there is only one of. For what interest does the King have for these survivors? How is it the King even know the survivors exist? There isn't much in the way of hints to learn anything. King's people do stuff because game is somewhat lacking in the awesome story department.
      Here's hoping something within the game prevides methods of discovering information, even if that information is random every time you play a campaign, unless of course there is a set story like many of the inhabitance have.
      I would really like to learn about the cities that exist, how they differ, how they came to be. I love lore (as long as it is not rewritten continuously - or ever).

      Outside of the game, all there is is porn. Not all that interesting to me.

    4. Neoscream on

      I would love to see a 10,000,000 Super Survivor God Blue version of Aya. But maybe in Survivor ;)

      Love to see more Aya.

    5. Rob Randolph

      @Rainer If you've played the game, the first encounter with the Kingsman gives some insight as to what the King does with human settlements.

    6. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      I don't get the game world.
      It made perfect sense to live around the life cycle of the thing called the Watcher. The entire existance of these human mimicing things being grown to supply the watcher with food when it awakens.
      What does the King and his thralls have to do with this?
      If there are more established places, cities (given there is a king), why not either add them to his fold or wipe them out. To do anything else is pointless.
      Also, since there are other settlements out there, why is it impossible to make alliances, trade, etc.

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      Also, all the expansion teasers have a black BG, whilst pin-up teasers have a white one. So it's a pin-up, probably male Nightmare Ram.

    8. Gringe Commander

      Would be much cooler if we could top exploding kittens backer-numbers.
      Bit unfair to compare the $-sum, since ExKi backers pledged an average of only $40 compared to KDMs $500.

    9. Dyne1319

      soooo many new expansions i'm gonna be so poor in the new year :(

    10. eWave on

      Given the current numbers, it seems entirely possible that we will surpass Exploding Kittens' $8,782,571 campaign funding.
      My personal take is that the Kingdom Death campaign will rack in between $9M and $10M.

    11. Sahaphan Phuwamongkolwiwat on

      Cheer!! I support and hope this game will be the most funded game over Exploding Kitten

    12. Eyne Nacht on

      @eWave, Pretty sure you're right.

    13. Gaa Wing Lok on

      Sprinter definitely looks like he's doing a pirouette more than a sprint

    14. wikiro on


    15. wikiro on


    16. eWave on

      @Eyne Nacht
      To be clearer, I don't think the teaser is for an armor sculpt as the silhouette seems to strike a pose. Looks more like a pin-up.

    17. eWave on

      @Eyne Nacht
      Right, I forgot about that. We got a Screaming God male pin-up, but no Nightmare Ram male pin-up... And it sound more likely than getting the Satan expansion which Adam Poots may keep under wraps until the last stretch of the campaign.

    18. Eyne Nacht on

      A Nightmare Ram Armor sculpt coming up???

    19. Foxwhisperer on

      @Jonathan Metz : Lol! I'm a Finnish and I'm very proud of our "special lion"!

    20. Foxwhisperer on

      I'm a bit saddened that you can only build 3 knight armor figures... I have so far built every type of figure in my village as a set of 2 figures: male and female. It's a bit off-putting that this set is breaking the pattern. I guess I will have to build 2 male figures and 1 female figure and use that pinup as a second female! Lol!

    21. Demo

      Funny enough, I like the Black Knights art better than the sculpt. Because the art looks like the lion has giant buck teeth, instead of just being a sliitted helm. I am very fond of Finlands "Special Lion" and would love that as a sculpt.

    22. eWave on

      @Marco de Rivas
      The Sayan survivors are promos, and as such included in select pledges such as the Satan or Frogdog levels.

    23. Justin Beard on

      I love the campaign, love the expansions and love the pin-ups. Keep it up :)

    24. Michael Harley on

      @ Gareth: Niiicceee.... ;-D

    25. Gareth Johnson on

      @ John Mullins - Jealous of you! I personally love the asthetics of the models so I've no need to modify them. Think of all that additional modelling time you'll have converting things so they adhere to your own asthetic tastes. Wish I had the desire to convert everything and spend more time modelling stuff than I currently do.

    26. Michael Harley on

      U read about the feet ? Where? What?! *interest intensifies*

    27. Plug Uglie on

      Love the feet on the base. Remember reading about those once.

    28. Michael Harley on

      @ Marco de Rivas,
      1) read the pledge discripion and you know which pledges contain new Promo Minis.
      2) Nah, not really. Actually non of the current knights are bodyhorror in a sexualised way.
      3) I would say its 4 Survivors. Seams reasonable.
      4) 8.5 Mil Nemesis: Likely not.

      @ eWave: I agree, looks like Satan is making itself ready to appear :-)

    29. Michael Harley on

      @ Kingdom-Death: The (narrative) mini is nice, the idea great and the new gear set-idea awesome. However, if not alreay finalised pls consider his pose. He does not at all come across as a SPRINTING surviver. While the pose of being mid air, leaping into your enemy is awesome... It should be on a miniature with a different narrative background. This one might just be in mid-sprint. Don't you think?

      @ all, what are you zhinking guys?! Do you think that a KS should give you everything for free?! Given tha amount of content Adam appears to have planned for this expansion, 50 USD is a damn steal! Even the full retail price seems fair. I am no superfan that throws his money at KD for any given crap (I hate these guys, sorry) and I totally agree that you shouldn't get this expax, if you don't like the Mini... BUT: Yes, you should pay for it if you want it. And given, that it has rather much content (from what I read) the price is rectified. Become reasonable, for the Tyrant's sake.

      @ Japester +1 (and -1 to Charcoal Wolfman, you should educate about this community before forming an opion such as this. YOu say its not worth the effort for you? Well, thats ok, but don't complain if it flies back in your face then. Besides that, I agee on beeing a horrible, self-absorbed, hypocritical jackass.However, no one knows why John 'lonely virgin' Mullins keeps haunting this community if he is so much triggered by pussy, ass, dicks 'n boobs. I have theories... but i'll cut it here)

      @ Richard Gray: Impressive BK. --> Followed!


    30. eWave on

      Very nice update. :)

      I'm intrigued by the 8.5M power level nemesis. I wonder if it will require us to achieve $8.5M in pledge to unlock? Freeza/butcher mix anyone? ;)

      It took a while for me to wrap my head around the leaping narrative sculpt, but it's starting to grow on me.

      The Black Knight was something I was hoping for, so I'm pretty pumped about it. I'm not crazy about the reversed heels on the squires, but I can see how it would be thematic (the followers of the knight adopting the same feline/dog walking as their lord). The heels also bring some common visual elements to the whole.

      The armor kits look nice, but will apparently require some tough choices as it looks like the provided parts will only allow the build of two or three minis out of the 5(+?) possible combinations. But that is on par with armor kits, so no complaining on my part.

      I like the pin-up. It's fun and sexy without being crass. Once again, on par with Kingdom Death pin-ups as we know them.

      The teaser looks like the Satan expansion to me. This reminds me _a lot_ of the classic Baphomet pose for some reason (…).
      Wait and see I guess (and it may be something completely different). :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Marco de Rivas on

      As this post does not tackle the sexual nature of some of the minis, I feel it's almost offtopic, but it's a question related to this update.

      Are the super survivors contained in any pledge level? How many minis it contains for $40? Is this $8.5 unlock part of the Super Survivors add-on?

    32. Pierrick

      It would be great to have more details about the super survivor.

    33. Charcoal Wolfman on

      "...Then you have no room to talk about the 'gaming community' other than stereotypes and assumptions."
      Allow me to clarify: *Kingdom Death* Gaming Community. Specifically on this particular campaign. I'm not going off stereotypes of the gaming community, I'm going off what I've seen, and what I've seen is some backers getting put down unreasonably.
      Yeah, I don't know you, you don't know me, I don't know the situation. Let's cut that bullshit.
      You posted some vague comment complaining offhandedly about "a certain whiner" on here. You give no context, and I basically would have to sift through your comments to find out who this jerkoff is in the first place (and that's *if* you ever responded to him directly). If I failed to find him in your comments, I would have what recourse, exactly? Campaign comments? Update comments? Right now I'm on a cheapo laptop with finnicky scrolling that jumps all over the place. I'm not going to spend a freaking hour trying to get context.
      I have nothing but what you've given me, which looks like bullying from where I stand.
      I mean.
      What the hell is the point of your comment? You're being a random asshole for no reason.
      Sick of sensitivity? Stop being so sensitive, then. You're whining about a whiner, and now I'm whining about a whiner whining about a whiner. Let's just agree we're all horrible, self-absorbed, hypocritical jackasses, shall we?

    34. Missing avatar

      Joe Choy on

      Too much narrative & unique characters may make game too linear. More common monsters & armour sets pls

    35. Missing avatar

      David Bousquet

      I myself love dicks AND vaginas... wait I love my own dick, and uh yeah vaginas, ESPECIALLY on these miniatures! Don't forget the ass and boobs too!

    36. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      I'm so sick and fucking tired of seeing John Mullins whining about dicks and vaginas every time I come to read a new update.
      He calls other backers perverts for defending Adam's designs when he is the one who is always obsessed with genitals.

    37. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      I don't get why so many people are complaining about the price. Quite simply, it's called a 'boutique' board game. When last have you seen the words 'boutique' and 'cheap' in the same sentence. I love small and cheap games, but KD will never be one of them.
      Next, the KS was hinted at, and announced months ago. Those of us who followed and prepared, put money aside every month for what was to come, it's your own problem if you can't afford what's being sold.

    38. Missing avatar

      andyk on

      I really dont get this discussion about nudity in the game.
      Seriously, there is a metric ton of board games released every month. Quite some of them here on KS. ALL of them cater to kids or teens.
      So if you are so apalled by nude models go and buy some of those games.
      KD:M always had a unique approach and it IS NC-17.
      So deal with it or leave.
      I am so sick of this holyer than thou mentality that creeps up whenever there is a risque model revealed.

    39. Alpharius on

      @Charcoal Wolfman

      I am talking about a single person, not a collective. If you have problems with the sexual nature of some of these models and respectively disagree, then I'm fine with you. I would be glad to talk to those people and hear them out and chat about how this world seems to be. Hell, I used to be one of those people. When I first heard about this game, I saw the models and just cringed. I thought, "Why ruin the model with that? Why are there dicks everywhere? Come on..." This was from a standpoint where I didn't know anything about the game nor the world it takes place in. I did my research, gameplays, the scarce lore of the world, got a feeling for how things operated in that world, etc. And what happened? I lightened up and started to accept how things were. I'm just engulfed in the world of Kingdom Death and a dick here or a vagina there is just a normality now. Woopty do. We all have one or the other, we see our own multiple times a day, oh well. You should be used to it.

      My issue comes from people who constantly complain in the comments on each update, if not, then a good chunk of them. This person does not listen to anyone nor does he have an open mind about us initially trying to talk to him. We tried to get through to him, but it was met with hostility and insults. He even goes so far to insult the very creator of the Kickstarter campaign, Adam Poots, by saying he has some "hentai fetish." This is too far and he obviously doesn't belong here. This isn't the game for him, but he continues to be a complete dick about it all. A lot of us are sick of him. Plain and simple.

      I find it hilarious that you talk about me "alienating some of our fellow backers" while doing the same back, as you said with "gaming community." You don't chat with those people and you don't get to know what they are like, so you just stay away? Then you have no room to talk about the "gaming community" other than stereotypes and assumptions. What is this hypocrisy? If you read my comment, I did state "certain whiner." This, once again, is singular. And I will state AGAIN, if people have a problem with how some things are designed, then fine. That's your opinion and that's great. It would be boring if everyone has the same view on things. But when someone steps over that line and becomes a toxic commenter and is just outright disrespectful, then no. I don't care how they feel anymore, they can get out. I am sick of this whole sensitivity nonsense that seems to becoming more and more of an issue these days. It's time for some people, NOT ALL, to grow thicker skin.

    40. Audius the Fade Avenger on

      @annexation - amazing! I want to work on painting armor as well as that.

    41. Missing avatar

      Richard Gray on

      I'm so happy that the black Knight is being released as an expansion. Here is a picture of the resin one I painted, so it will be nice to give the plastic one a go �

    42. japester

      @Charcoal Wolfman
      I'm pretty sure he's referring to a particular backer who has only backed this one project and who's comment log reads like a dramatic teenager (such soaring highs and crushing lows--and oh, the indignity and rage! LOL). It's not about the people who might respectfully and calmly disagree. There are just a few who are raging about the core art design of this if they did , perhaps, ZERO research? Yeah, not a lot of patience with those sorts of folks. KD:M wasn't designed by committee like so many other games. It had a sexual body horror style (mainly in the expansions) right from the start. If people dislike that so much, go back the other 99.99% of games and leave this unique vision alone. That's not too much to ask.

      Oddly enough, you don't even know the situation, yet you throw all us "gamer community" people under the bus collectively as you take the high ground? How.........ironic.

      (I will say that my wife, after hearing about some of the monsters in this game, looked at the Black Knight and said, right off, "Where's the ding-dong?" So, she's learning. Ha, ha.)

    43. Charcoal Wolfman on

      @Kent Yes, let's continue to alienate some of our fellow backers because they have concerns, values, and opinions that do not reflect our own. If they voice displeasure about this state of affairs, let's be sure to label them "trolls" to make sure that anyone else who might have concerns, values, and/or opinions knows that any of this mutinous talk is nothing but vile dissension designed to stir everyone up, and they should keep that kind of drivel to themselves.
      To be clear, I don't know who tomb you are referring, but I see this kind of thing every once in awhile in the comments, and it serves as an excellent reminder for why I stay away from the "gaming community" in general.

    44. Crystal Groves

      Hey, I just noticed the narrative sculpt base is covered in feet. Is he on the other side of the world, I wonder?

    45. Alpharius on

      We also need more dicks and vaginas, Adam. Let's piss off a certain whiner. :D

    46. Alpharius on

      That blue, tattered, coat and belt reminds me of Oscar's armor from Dark Souls. x.x

    47. Missing avatar

      Arif Pratama on

      Adam please give more detail about the $40 super survivor pleaseeeeeeeeee

    48. John Mullins on

      Wow... a KDM monster that DOESNT have dicks and vaginas all over it? I didnt think it was possible. Nice... at least now there's 1 new monster I dont have to spend 2 weeks altering.

    49. Theo Vargas Amaral Bueno on

      It annoys me how much every little thing is always on the side... I mean, the super sayan survivors are a clear example of something that could be included, if not in all pledges, DEFINITELY in the Gamblers chest... talking about that, I'm still hopping AT LEAST the Double Lantern number will have some REAL game changing expansion feel to it, cause its the most expansive extra KDM ever put out in a KS and all we got so far are a bunch (and they are numerous) of narrative sculpts that, from what I gathered, will only be used in-game on very specific situations...

      I miss the feel from the original KS for KDM that when we hit a new record there was something for EVERYONE, not just another pinup that costs 15 USD, plus shipping, which is not as little as it might sound to people outside of the US...

      I do LOVE the game, and the content is always beautifully done, the art and the sculpts, the mechanics, I never complained about how poots took his time in the first KD to deliver the ULTIMATE game, but a lot of the feelings that we got then seem to be missing on this one. I guess it might be partially due to my dissatisfaction with the G.Chest... I would have gone for a pledge with Update + All New Expansions but at least when I got here, late on the first day, there was nothing open of the sorts.

      Anyway, I'm rambling, great game, big fan, currently frustrated, hope you can understand.

    50. Missing avatar

      KDM Switzerland on

      @jeep, I mean the super survivor pose revealed today - allister.
      It's basically the same pose as the normal starting survivor, but with red hair. Glang explained why it should be a more relaxed pose, so it makes sense. It's just that I was expecting something more visually impressive.