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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

SLOPPY UPDATE - POOTS NEEDS SLEEP, Gambler's Chest Roll #17, NEW GRYPHON EXPANSION!, Sunstalker Expansion Reprint (that i forgot to post!), Lonely Tree Expansion, 2 x 1.5 Core Game Reveals & a New Pinup!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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*Yes, we will fix the card with the wrong name and hook up anyone that needs it!



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    1. Samael on

      Just had a thought, shouldn't there be two settlement locations in this expansion?

      One for making grphyon gear and one to replace the lantern hoard.

    2. Missing avatar

      Akeem on

      Typo on Heart Flute card :0

    3. Eyne Nacht on

      @Dyne1319, I would agree with eWave though, if you have to choose...go with KD:M!

    4. Eyne Nacht on

      @Dyne1319 , The best thing you can do is cut into your grocery and entertainment budget for the month and get everything from both! ;)

    5. eWave on

      Drop Dark Souls - the quality between the two products is not even close. ;)

    6. Dyne1319

      this is gonna kill my wallet. Worst part is dark souls pledge manager closes at the same time as this ends. oh god the decision.

    7. Martin Chapman on

      Holly shamole! A tad under 2 grand and Mr Poots et al are on 8 mil! Eeek! Thought this KS would be good ride but this has gone crazy up 40+K over the weekend. I think the last two updates pushed it as they were brilliant. Hope has always been a big part of KD as in real life and now we have sentiment (not mawkish) that strikes a chord. What with the winning big hitters like the Gryphon and hopefully Tha King etc the team are running a firework display with the best and visually impressive at the last third. Going to have to work to get GC boxes done in 19 days but we know we are in the hands of a showman here!

    8. eWave on

      @Markus Takanen
      True. But Adam Poots seemed pretty exhausted when he made the last update (no teaser, announcing "Spidicule" instead of "Lonely tree", ...), so we can assume that he just forgot to add the relevant text to the announced expansions re-prints.

    9. Markus Takanen on

      @tasky and more But if you note on the new expansions announced earlier there was a small box saying included in "xxx and yy pledges" and it is included on the kingsman pinup but not the gryphon. But if you read the wording yes:-)

    10. eWave on

      @tasky87 / @Markus Takanen
      Right, I forgot this one. Thanks for catching that. :)

    11. Luke Roberts on

      @Kingdom Death, (and Rob Randolph)


      Addressing Rob's comment here:

      " Rob Randolph 2 days ago
      For us the risk of missing out on resources was always too great to opt to use the heart flute. Especially when you can fuck up and lose somebody during a showdown too."

      Rob, you're missing the point of farming nemesis monsters here. Because that's what the heart Flute enables - farming nemesis monsters.

      It's not about the resources only. it's about the advancement of your most valuable existing resources - your own survivors and the settlement as a whole.

      The true strength of the Heart Flute is that it allows you the ability to get more encounters into a single year then normal and thus multiple weapon proficiency levels in a single year. Instead of 1 per lantern year, you can get 2 on a survivor each year. This cuts the time to mastery to as little as 4 years without other factors contributing. If you're power gaming, then you are looking at between 4 and 6 masteries within a space of 4 years depending on whether you are also looking at utilising the 5-6 player rules. This is with the KDM v1.5 card as revealed in the above update.

      My suggestion to kieep it balanced is:

      Heart Flute:

      Fighting art rules as above for v1.5 card

      Roll 1-2 The Survivor is Dead.

      Roll 3-5 Flat Note. Add a nemesis encounter with a level of your choice to the following year's

      Roll 4-5 Special Showdown a nemesis Monster of your choice and level immediately. Rules as per the v1.5 card above.

      What this does is make the Heart Flute balanced. There is a chance of death for the player which is higher then a 10%, making it more risky (especially with low population settlements) yet not overpoweringly so - you will still take the risk because the benefits are potentially great. There's a 30% chance you don't hunt a monster next lantern year and instead fight a nemesis monster. Bare in mind after that encounter you can return to the settlement and play the heart flute again for a special encounter with a nemesis monster so you are still farming weapon proficiencies, albeit, vs more powerful quarries with less physical resource rewards. And finally you have a 50% chance of special encountering a nemesis monster of type and level of your choice. You have 50% good, 50% bad results, of which 20% are very bad for you (potentially - it gets down to who plays the heart flute after all - you could use it to get rid of troublesome members of the settlement, me, in my currents even swordmasters campaign, I've got the King's Cursed woman playing the heart flute. She is the only one defeinitely as good as dead so it makes sense to use her, bare in mind it puts me at 5 survivors only otherwise so yeah.

      Rob, to your other suggestion about increasing the nemesis monster level after a heart flute encounter or normally next time, I believe this is over complicating things and more, it punishes you far more then the advantages one can acquire with the innovation. With the rules as above you have potential pitfalls that make using the flute a risk, but there is still positive potential - it is the knife edged balance that epitomises kingdom death monster as a game. Future nemesis monsters are already going to be higher levels, so rules wise it is going to hurt even more if you increase the levels further for using the heart flute which in turn decreases people's willingness to even both with selecting it as an innovation in the first place. Yes, you can farm nemesis monsters with the heart flute, but those encounters are never guaranteed. The Butcher WILL pull a Hack city on you when you least expect it and the most memorable hack city I've had was where a level 1 Butcher stripped 3 armour points off all locations on one of my sword masters and then proceeded to cause an additional 48 serious injury rolls, my survivor made it about 12 rolls in without dying, the remaining 36 or so rolls was horrible.

      the heart Flute is also one of those innovations where it rewards you for thinking outside the box.

      Did you ever want an entire group of almost Kingsmen Survivors to face the Watcher? Use the heart flute to face Kingsmen and get a different survivor each encounter to last blow it and get king's cursed. Doing it in such a way that 6 survivors have 4 levels of the regal armour across their body, and potentially all 6 with King's Step to face the watcher - that's both thematic and awesome in one. But, it needs to be balanced without being over complicated.

    12. Jon Simpson on

      another great update, i hope poots can keep up reveals like this shame that big pledges are out of my reach for me at the moment . i do find it silly how offended some people get by the content , this is a mature game with the artists given free reign, in that regard it more like art than a lot of other board games folks are used to. quite honestly if anybody can get upset by this then seriously you haven't lived enough...there's a lot more serious stuff out there

    13. tasky87 on

      @eWave Pariah is also a new expansion that is included in BFGL

    14. Missing avatar

      Aaron J. Weber

      @John Mullins

      I think what is funny about your opinions is that you are ignoring about 80% of the rest of the figure.

    15. Missing avatar

      Aaron J. Weber

      Playing as people of the nest sounds pretty legit. I would love to see more come of that.

    16. eWave on

      @Markus Takanen:
      Other new expansions - I'm looking at you, Black knight ;) - may be announced before the end of the campaign.

    17. eWave on

      @Markus Takanen:
      Which ones are you talking about ? The Lonely Tree and Sunstalker expansions ? Those are existing extensions, not new ones, and as such are _not_ included in the Black Friday Gambler's Lantern.

      New expansions are:
      - First hero
      - Nightmare ram
      - Screaming god
      - Frogdog
      - Oblivion mosquito
      - Gryphon

    18. Markus Takanen on

      @all or poots Sorry if this has been answerred but I can't see if the last 2 expansions are included in the 777$ pledge(all new expansions) in earlier pics it was clarified. Regards

    19. eWave on

      @Frank Blackowitz:
      That is true. But some components like the newly revealed $1.5M and $4M changelog stretch goals probably weren't planned at the campaign's start. The number of copies needed to fulfil the campaign's pledges may not have be anticipated either.
      But the six-month gap between the end of the campaign and the planned shipping window for the first wave should be sufficient to take care of those concerns. :)

    20. Frank Blackowitz on

      Moreover, I think it was already mentioned that the core game has already gone into production.

    21. eWave on

      Shipping of the 1.5 core game is planned for summer 2017. I believe that even with the unforeseen success of the Kickstarter campaign, six month should be ample time to produce everything - especially as the core game models already exist. Only the Gold Smoke knight will be new, and its model seems already finalized.
      So, I wouldn't worry too much. :)

    22. Nakano

      @eWave Yes about the new 1.5 core upgrades - especially the 4 million one as reaching it may not have been anticipated before the launch. But hopefully it's shipping part of 1.5 and if including it causes a delay, then that's fine.

    23. eWave on

      Are you talking about the new edition changelog ? If so, then yes, it should ship with the core game as it is part of the 1.5 update (and hence part of the 1.5 edition).

    24. Nakano

      Regarding new core stretchgoals, are those able to ship with the core game which was already in production? If not, hoping that shipping is with Gambler's Chest then to avoid any extra, unnecessary shipping costs.

    25. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      @Ethan Sams, oh that thing is an R. I see.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ethan Sams on

      @Rainer Woreck No that's not right, it allows a survivor in that situation to change a monster reaction on a hit location to a Failure reaction, meaning that it only happens if the survivor fails to wound. This is particularly useful for Reflex hit locations with punishing reactions.

    27. Philippe Bolay on

      I LOVE the madness in this game. It is so blasphemous and freudian and.. and.. Sexual without even a speck of sexy in it. If this would all end up nothing (God forbid) I would be okay having spent my money just for the ride along the campaign seeing all these new nightmarish manifestations take form. LOVE it!!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      I wanted that exact gryphon model... Please don't George Lucus this.

    29. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      Would I be correct in understanding the Heart Flute converts a monster's cirtical into a failure? The image is a bit blurred for me to make out what those icons depict.

      Still don't understand the need for Pottery to have Barber Surgeon. If anything, Blood Letting should lead into this location given that it's a practice they would perform. Heck, I'd almost be inclined to say Blood Letter is something you may only innovate if you have Barber Surgeon.

      #Cowgba, survivors aren't that disposable given how much focus is emphasised on them in the game. Yes they die easily but that doesn't make them disposable.

    30. Steve on

      @Charles Miracle, I didn't quite get skewer either... I'm not completely sure but I THINK it means that if you have hit with 2 attacks, and wound with the first, then you will automatically wound with the second as you skewer it.

      @Mullins, do you have the KDM base game? If you think the lion has the only genital in it then you probably haven't read much of the rulebook...

    31. Missing avatar

      Joe Choy on

      Think I prefer the griffin sitting pose from the sketch. The figure while having a dynamic brutal pose is great but may be impractical on tabletop & will take up much space when assembled. Great pinup from different artist

    32. Timothy Roller

      Ear Gely settlements sound horrific.

    33. Brandon Stoltz on

      People of The Nest huh? Now I can't help but wonder what the final boss would be for this one. The Gryphon itself or something else?

    34. Chamoxil

      @Cowgba: totally agree. Great way to express what makes this world so compelling.

    35. Kevin M. Brown on

      the best part of the pinup is the hands on her boobs. LOL!

    36. Missing avatar

      Cowgba on

      I feel that the claims that KDM is too sexual in its imagery (along with the claims that the game is sexist) miss the entire point of the game. Kingdom Death is a world without human dignity; nudity and uncomfortable sexual imagery only serve to fuel that atmosphere. Besides, Poots is very open about KDM being a nightmare horror world, and humans robbed of their humanity, body horror, and disposable survivors are all part of the setting.

      Having said that, I will agree that my personal favorite KDM sculpts are ones like the Nightmare Ram, the Screaming God, and the Oblivion Mosquito; creatures whose anatomy is familiar yet wildly alien and it takes a long close look to take in all of the weird anatomical structures. I like to think that maybe the creatures don't actually look exactly like the sculpts. Instead I like to imagine the monster's forms are so incomprehensible that the art represents survivors trying to understand the monsters by relating them to things we are familiar with (like human limbs and faces). Basically the equivalent of looking at a pattern of leaves in a tree, or a carpet with an unusual design, or a piece of burnt toast, and seeing human forms where there are none because our brains are wired to identify human features.

    37. Sera Non on

      Kingsgirl gives me a severe boner.

    38. Timmo Warner on

      If people can look at the Kingdom Death monsters and think "sexual fetish" rather than horror... well, I think that says more about them than KD.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey on

      I think a really cool weapon for this game would be a Lantern Shield from history. They can be fantastical and odd, or rather simple according to accounts. I think the lantern aspect would fit nicely into the setting of Kingdom Death: Monster.

    40. Missing avatar

      Aaron J. Weber

      @therese toms, Thanks you for the elegance.

    41. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      KD:M takes a great deal of inspiration from Japanese Horror, which in turn casually uses sexual imagery and relishes in body horror.

    42. Missing avatar

      NoctisLK on

      great job but gaming balance is also a important thing
      please don't let the game become easier
      just make it more deeper more strategy and keep the great work goes on
      also I think monster encounter event could be consider
      give a chance to player (some kind of sub-mission)/force them to fight with another monster that they don't expected
      or add a encounter event that players will encounter some NPC, tribes or clans and let players decide to attack them, trade with them, ignore or be friendly with them
      for example, if players decide to attack them, players could gain some resources, some buffs/debuffs and add a "vengeance" event card into the event/AI deck

    43. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      @ Samuel Dimbylow, it says select one so I don't think the rolls are missing.

    44. Missing avatar

      Charles Miracle on

      I'm not really understanding how the new Skewer ability works. Can someone please break that down for me?

    45. Missing avatar

      therese toms on

      always the question of sexual content. horrific violence is ok but no sex please.
      unless your celibate then the thin veneer of social acceptability is nothing but a farce.
      KDM deals with the human condition in extreme circumstance, sex and sexuality is one of the most dominant aspects of the human experience. it deals with the issues other games dare not approach, it is what it is because it makes no compromise in time, cost or content.
      KDM spans tender moments of immense beauty and compassion, to moments of brutality and hedonism. one thing KDM won't do is ignore it.
      ultimately it comes down to perception, if you see it as sexual then you are projecting. the moment is only sexual if you see it as such. anger is in my experience is a sign of frustration. if you were free from sexualising objects then you would be feeling compassion for those who tread this path, not anger.
      peace and love and kingdom death monster

    46. Samael on

      Are drums missing the rolls? Or are you suppose to get to choose what you want? And get to choose a good result! It just doesn't feel right not having risk.

    47. Samael on

      I love the twisted horrors that Poots comes up with. I think I prefer the random hands over other body parts, but gary are all amazing

    48. Cheshiremonkey on

      Stay the course, Poots! Might I suggest a a slime monster? A giant gelatinous boob, perhaps?

    49. Bruno V. on

      @John Mullins I think the genitalia being limited to the add-ons has more to do with Poots knowing that not everyone who's interested in the game wants that kind of content in it than with his fetishes getting out of proportion. That, to me, shows good business sense and respect for the game beyond the miniatures. And clearly there are plenty of people who will gladly pay for that kind of creepiness, so having the two options is pretty much a win-win scenario.

      As for me, making expansions/add-ons that I would be embarrassed to display simply makes it easier to hold on to my money :P