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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Dobby on

      @jeep, looking at the front page it looks like it's $15 for both, not $15 for each? Unless I am reading the Nightmare Ram Armor / Ramette addon incorrectly. Below the image it says you get two pinups for the addon.

    2. C on

      Are the two pinups going to be added to the GC or will they be an additional purchase or ???


      *goes off to search for "GC" in the comments*

    3. McDevil on

      @Martin Chapman Oils(real old ones) for airbrushing, not the best idea. Health safety.
      hell of a lot of heavy metals

    4. Martin Chapman on

      @eWave cheers bud. @all has anyone used artists oils for painting/airbrushing KDM minis. I use wipe off technique for horses to create highlights over white or tinted under coats but wondered if it would work on skin tones?

    5. eWave on

      @Martin Chapman
      All of the new expansions are included in the God Frogdog expansion, as stated in the pledge level's description.
      So unless it becomes too cost prohibitive (and we have no reason to think so for now), yes, the Satan expansion should be included in the God Frogdog pledges.

    6. Martin Chapman on

      @eWave @ Brian Decker thanks guys thought this was so. Would the big Satan be included in God Frogdog as it's an expansion? I'm inclined to think it would be...

    7. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Another amazing update.
      I like the pariah and the way he changes things a bit, although I don't know if I would like the showdown on the inverted mountain with my vertigo and all. 8-)
      There's still a lot of days until the end of the campaign so I hope there will be some more amazing updates ahead.

    8. eWave on

      @Martin Chapman
      The "God Frogdog" pledge level is just a slightly more expensive Satan pledge, but does not include the Satan minis (those are only included in Satan pledges).

      Cross-over minis are not included either, as they are not included in any pledge levels.

    9. Brian Decker

      @Martin Chapman - I think it's just an additional pledge level that encompasses all the Satan tier stuff at a higher price (to offset the point that Poots was getting worried about too many Satan pledges resulting in losing money on making them), but still much cheaper than retail will end up being. Since there are no more Satan tier pledges that are going to be added, this is the only way to get everything, as of now, and I'm assuming it will end up being cheaper than adding everything individually.

    10. Balgin Stondraeg

      I hope the four upside down survivors are all four of the starting survivors. They obviously won't be four Zachary's but having it be those four again would be a nice little tongue in cheek moment.

    11. Martin Chapman on

      Didn't want to sound negative so well done Poots etal for another great update!

    12. Martin Chapman on

      I am being thick here as have had no sleep due to little people not sleeping but what do the God Frogdog pledgers get for their extra pledge level other than a different T shirt and one big box instead of lots of little ones for their PinUps of Death2 over and above The Satans Final Form pledgers? Does God Frogdog get the Satan Twins??

    13. drone9 on

      While Bright Knives could show a bit more body tension, I still prefer her pose to any 'in the middle of striking the enemy' pose. The latter only makes thematic sense standing next to an enemy model which is far less often the case than standing at a distance. That is why imo most of those super dynamic poses are a rather bad fit for a gaming piece. They are fine for a display model though.

    14. Fontaine Christophe on

      @ Michael harley : as eWave said, I was not treating Poots like an idiot. I was a backer for the 1st kickstarter, and from Poots' mouth itself, he said that it was difficult with money since he got carried away, adding stuff to the game, making new expansions at ridiculously low prices etc...
      I benefited from those good prices, but seeing how much the expansions are sold today in the webstore, I was afraid that the new expansions prices were too low.

      I want this kickstarter to be a success, and I was just checking that because of all the other complains Adam wasn't feeling compelled to please the backers beyond what was reasonable financially.

    15. eWave on

      @Michael Salt:
      Agreed. "Standard" is the existing sculpt and will probably be used when the pariah attacks a settlement. "Serious" seems to be an upside-down sculpt (cape flowing "down"), for Inverted Mountain encounters.

    16. Michael Salt on

      @eWave: just to expand on your point a little.

      I beleive the two miniatures will be the 'standard' one that already exists (for the first fight) and then a new model that looks like the artwork from the update (for the upside down showdown)

    17. eWave on

      From what I'm reading, we get two pariah miniatures, each one corresponding to a given pariah state (standard "joking lol" and serious "I'll scoop your brains out before your very eyes"). Survivor will only fight against one pariah in a given encounter, with the pariah's state depending upon the encounter's set-up.

    18. eWave on

      @Michael Harley:

      I would say that most of the "do the math" comments are just people (myself included) cautioning Adam Poots not to get carried away and to take his time updating his business plan as needed.
      The Satan-level pledge rollercoaster was apparently just that, getting carried away and offering things that would have started costing the company money past a given volume of orders/pledges, before rolling things back a bit.

      We (the pledgers) just want the company to thrive and continue making awesome quality products without running itself into debts. :)

    19. Andrew Hayford

      This guy is channeling a little Del Toro. I like him.

    20. LegolaSS - Ringtail Fox Pinup on

      Got to say I am very please with the fact that you are giving us the option of getting the game content separate for people who already have all the pinups, I appreciate the kind thought to the original backers of KDM :)

    21. Sybaris of the Abyssal Woods on

      thanks for the replies. Wow, i didn't read that update correctly, so we actually get 2 Pariahs miniatures to deal with both encounters (!)...I really like what i am seeing (and will be receiving)so far :)

    22. Eyne Nacht on

      @Michael Harley, +1

    23. Michael Harley on

      @ Fontaine, I am really sick of reading ppls comments, telling Poots to "do the Math". It appears awfully condescending how ppl seam to just assume that Poots does not know his business. Yes, tha last KS was not exactly the best calculated, but the shere fact KD is still in Business, even with all the losses during the 1st KS, should strikingly demonstrate, that Poots learned from those mistakes and in fact is a formidable business man.

      I a 100% content, that Poots knows exactly how low he can go on a product. Stopp treating him like he would'nt. I can't even imagine how annoying it must be for him.

    24. Matthew Pilgreen

      @Justin - you're paying for any stretch goal given during any campaign. Normally, the games retail for 40-60% of what they're sold for on Kickstarter. That's not the case with this game.

    25. Justin Beard on

      Ian you can't really call them "free" stretch goals since they cost $100

    26. Matthew Snyder on

      So it looks like we will get a total of 25-31 miniatures when all of this is over for what amounts to $100 buckeroos--depending on what other gameplay materials are yet to be revealed. This is going to be a smashing good deal considering that these are all individual sculpts rather than repeaters like you get so much of with CMON and other Kickstarters. I'm excited to see what's behind that skull and chains box.

    27. tasky87 on

      @Ian i think they mean the remaining core box upgrades that have yet to be revealed

    28. Gisberto Nanni on

      @ pin up of dead 2 will be avaible to order via webstore after campaign ends? and there ate chances for a pin up of dead 1 boxset reprint too?

    29. Fontaine Christophe on

      I'm surprised also by the price compared to expansions like slenderman or Manhunter. I hope you do your maths thoroughly and doesn"t lower the prices just to please people.

      And btw, the latest additions to the GC are really cool (bone eater and double knives girls).

    30. Ian True Believer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Koen the Gambler's Chest is where all the free stretch goals are going. The core set's already in production, so there's no way he can add any more to it

    31. Fontaine Christophe on

      That's a solid update !! I was worried when I saw the Pariah shadow previewed, but with this update, you just blew my mind with awesomeness. The inverted combat system is intriguing and fun, and the models in the expansion are full of promises and I know you will deliver. Thanks and keep it up !!

    32. McDevil on

      Wicked cool idea for upsidedown fight.

    33. Missing avatar

      Viktor Halasz

      @Otherworldly - reading the details on updates help a lot. There will be 2 minis. One as shown standing and another 'serious mode' as on the picture

    34. Missing avatar

      David Joseph Bousquet on


    35. Tasker on

      @Starting Survivor and @Warren Garnes... It's not that I dislike the sculps so far (though there are a few that i'm not 100% sold on), just that nearly all of the poses have been dull and sterile. There's no sense of movement in the ones that should have it and the ones that are just standing still are doing it in a boring way.

      As for the thighs... I doubt there's a walnut in the world that could stand up to these pnes. Lol

    36. Otherworldly Games, LLC on

      I hope you haven't finalized the Pariah miniature, because changing his feet and cape to match the picture would take this sculpt from a "6" to a "10."

    37. Missing avatar

      Koen on

      @Poots , please don't forget to reveal the regular stretch goals. For those of us for whom the core game allready is a seriously huge investment.

    38. Mike

      Seriously guys, read the details and trust in Poots.

      The cape is not flowing upwards because that version isn't in the upside down mountain, there will be a second version of the nemesis included in the expansion.

    39. Jd Crouch

      Can I get a "Do You Even Lift?" inverted mountain poster plz n thanku?

    40. RocK_M on

      @Sybaris if you check the exoansion contents there will be 2 forms for Pariah the one shown so far is the "easy" fight and thrte will be a "serious" version which would be the upside down one!

    41. jeep on

      @Dobby you calculator counts the two Nighmare Ram Pinups as $15 both, whereas the frontpage of this KS says they are $15 each (even though the annoncement in update 18 wasn't really clear about that). Otherwise, very useful spreadsheet, thanks !

    42. kaosmagix

      @KDM: could this card pack also include card fixes in the new print run of existing expansions for current owners of the exps? (Like the fruit names And the most problematic card back color issue for Lonely Tree, etc.)

    43. goodhuck on

      @Sybaris, it's magick!

    44. Sybaris of the Abyssal Woods on

      @Kingdom Death: Hello, i really like this update. I do notice that the Pariah's cloak is flowing downward on the miniature, rather than being "upside down" as in the artwork. It would fit with the upside down survivors if the cloak was flowing in the same direction as gravity, the cloak magical or something?

    45. Luis G Rodriguez on

      As for the additional game content, for fans that already have your original pre-KS release miniatures that had been re-released including game content, it is my opinion that you should sell this additional material in the same way "promos"'are sold in the BGG store, just in your own store.

      I.e. You are re-releasing a Beyond the Wall miniature with game content, but I already have 2 minis in resin version (I totally loved it) but if I what the game content for her I will have to get a third mini. Not my preference.

      In fact I have almost everything you've ever jreleased, pre KS and post KS (only missing 3 figures so far), so I would end up paying quite some money like to spend extra money only to get few cards of real content.

    46. Plug Uglie on

      Man. Definitely not gunna be able to swing for all these expansions. Guess I'll just get the ones that are 50% off now and grab the others later on.

    47. Maxime Oracle of the Forest Walrus on

      @Edward , if you look at the listed component, there is two Pariah figure, one for each mode

    48. Edward Farkhiev on

      @Poots Sorry if this was asked but, will the sculpt for the Pariah change to follow suit with the art? Please say yes!

    49. Nathan Bryan on

      The high heels on the pariah is pretty funny. I wasn't expecting that when I bought it from the KDM shop. And really wasn't expecting it to be in the kickstarter. Guess the custom nemesis cards I was making for it will have to be for something else. Now I just want the Griphon to be released as a big expansion like the dragon king was. That mini is awesome and I couldn't buy it when it was in the shop.

    50. Dobby on

      @Nigel Phillips, I've begun to do that on my site already. It's been updated to include the information in this update as well!

      At the top there is a tab labeled "Node Chart".