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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      Might have to covert Paraiah's cape flowing upwards (actually downwards) if we're going to be fighting him upside down.

    2. Rob 2.0

      @Peter You are correct, I must have copy pasted that wrong since in my notes I have it listed at 25 from the original kickstarter

    3. Deadication on

      Expansions make me so happy!! I love the idea of alternate sculpts or add-on pieces for the monsters, it would be so cool to incorporate with everything!

    4. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      @Jason, John
      For a second, I didn't get what you guys were talking about.
      So he's like a bat.
      Batman of the KD universe.

      I like!

    5. CaGeRit

      @budda Nope, just really strong toes.

    6. Jason Massatt on

      Man.. I can't wait to see those pinups.

    7. Jason Massatt on

      @Buddha Sounds in the description like he just has really strong toes.

    8. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      Lol upside down?
      Does the Paraiah have some kind of gravitation controlling abilities?

    9. Jacky Phoenix

      Very nice update today...
      Card pack ^_^

    10. Peter Weber on

      @Rob Another thing, the Green Knight expansion estimated costing $70 seems way off. Should be more like $15-20 unless Adam is changing something.

    11. Jason Massatt on

      @Patrick. They are the same size and are meant to be able to switch out reg survivors with.

    12. Jason Windedahl on

      I have all those pinups save one and I eagerly await it's return to the store

    13. Sammy on

      Upside down fight in an inverted mountain? I'm already getting vertigo! :D

    14. Rob 2.0

      @Peter W
      Thanks for the info. I went back and it turns out I misread what was said about Aya the Survivor, Paul the Survivor, Twilight Knight, Snow the Savior. I will include them on next update. As for the PoD2, you are correct they are listed twice, but I wanted to show that they could be purchased as an addon. Maybe move them to the optional section would be a better idea. Again thanks for the help!

    15. John D on

      Perfect, Thanks - good on twitch.

    16. Alpharius on

      Something about an inverted showdown just fills me with excitement! :D

    17. CaGeRit

      Will the cards for the GenCon models be in the pack? I already had the white speaker, percival, pinup sunstalkerette, etc. so I passed on the boxes with the cards with the promise they'd be made available later in a pack.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dickie987056 on

      Has anyone noticed how the majority of GC reveals have been low numbers? The curse of the KD D10s reaches as far as Adam's own personal dice I see...

    19. Mike Norris on

      Nice news on the card pack! :)

    20. Patrick on

      How large are the narrative sculpts? Are they at the same scale as a typical survivor miniature?

    21. C on

      @Nigel: Someone's doing this on BGG, but, yeah, a summary update would be helpful!

    22. Coralline Algae on

      @Tasker - Bright Knives is definitely not a pinup just because she has large thighs. You're right about the pose though. It really could be more dynamic. It's a nice pose, just not mid-battle.

    23. Warren Garnes on

      @Tasker- Big thighs means strong legs to kick monster ass~

    24. Bill Briggs on

      Yeah, I'm definitely hoping for some Attack on Titan inspired promos, and the Pariah sounds like the perfect opponent for them.

    25. Jon Simpson on

      another great update, getting priced out on the current expansions though..

    26. Peter Weber on

      @Rob Also missing the following from KS1:
      - Aya the Survivor
      - Paul the Survivor
      - Twilight Knight
      - Snow the Savior

    27. Demian on

      @Cornelius - I follow now, I'll list the Satan in plastic as part of that pledge level - thanks!

    28. Demian on

      @Cornelius - Twin Satan’s Lantern? it' there, they're grouped together

    29. Peter Weber on

      @Rob Not sure if you intend this, but you've listed all the pinups that are part of PoD series 2 separately as well, which looks wrong to me.

    30. Nigel Phillips

      Towards the end of the KS, can there be a summary of all the expansions, old and new, and their nodes etc. I am having trouble keeping the timelines and roles in mind. For example could you do Pariah in a People of the Stars campaign?

    31. Pretty Dead

      "Custom Campaign Nemesis Mode..." The first "your" should be "you're" or "you are". My custom nemesis would be typos. Unless.. OH MY GOD! It's a psychological mindfuck to make the Pariah's mental manipulations begin even now in the Kickstarter. Damn this game is well thought out.

    32. Scragglefoot on

      @sage of the great Frogdog
      I'll have to wait to get the minis and the rules for the showdown so its a project for then, can't really start without that info so ill add it to the list of KDM projects :)

    33. Timmo Warner on

      I absolutely love the upside down survivor narrative sculpt idea!

    34. Tasker on

      Love like the expansion and will more than likely end up buying it. But the narrative sculp is in yet another dull pose. I'm still waiting for the dynamic stuff that Adam promised. (And just how big are her thighs..? Thought this was a narative not a pinup..? Lol )

    35. Sage Smith on

      Tell us how it goes!

    36. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      @Lance Achermann, KD is just saying pinups of death series 2 is "all the pinups and promos from the first Kickstarter" which is why it is included in the Satan pledge already and not the gamblers pledges. It is just now available to other backers as well.

    37. Scragglefoot on

      It would be awesome to magnetize the upside down survivors and pariah bases to make an inverted battlefield they can stick to upside down! think I've got a project lined up :D

    38. Adam Canning

      Since it appears to replace the Butcher, I suspect Starting Survivors for the narrative sculpts.

      Now of course we need "I can't believe its not Mikasa Ackerman" Messenger of Movement as a Wanderer to help us in this fight.

    39. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Demian - I think that the Satan Twins is missing from the satan pledges.

    40. Krissa on

      Will the card pack include the belt of gender swap/strange spot cards from set 1?

    41. John H. Shinholser on

      See Poots: I had it in my head that I'd only be grabbing huntable monsters instead of nemesis monsters, this time around, since I like my current selection of nemesis monsters.

      ...Then you released Piton Fighting.

      Damn you Poots. :P. Great looking expac!

    42. Demian on with update 22, new navbar and existing retail release info.
      I see you New York!

    43. Rascarcapac on

      Upside-down survivor! Best idea in all the new expansions!
      The Pariah is such an amazing sculpt by Thomas David! And now he gets to do a second one! That's great!
      And the cards from previous pin-ups will be available in a deck! Excellent!

    44. Sage Smith on

      Okay, mechanic speculation time. On the Pariah its says you're getting inverted mountain ring token sheet. I think the way the upside down showdown will work is you have to move on lines of ring tokens, thus making it similar to a maze or dungeon. Also your move will probably take a hit as well. What do you guys think?

    45. CaGeRit

      Awesome update. Can't wait to see the Uber mode pariah.
      And man/woman hunter pinups.

    46. Rob 2.0

      Hello All,
      I have updated my itemized list based on this recent update. Keep in mind that some estimates have to be used and that this is just a personal thing I am doing and sharing in the hopes of helping others. Please do update me with anything that might be wrong so I can correct it for the next update. :)

      Full list -
      250 Kingdom Death: Monster Core Game 1.5
      100 Gambler's Chest
      305 All 12 Current Expansions (Estimate 600)
      25 T-shirt
      225 All new expansions (Not completed yet)
      25 All new promos (Not completed yet)
      165 All new pinups (15 each Not completed yet)
      345 All Pinups & Promos from last KD:M kickstarter (15 each*)
      100 Pinups of Death - Series 1
      115 Pinups of Death - Series 2 (included as part of All pinups from last KD:M)
      20 Candy & Cola

    47. Missing avatar

      Isaiah on

      @Eyne Nacht I have been waiting for the mountain man since I first learned about KDM. He is a beyond amazing sculpt and I'm really hoping he gets added.

    48. Cardoc24 on

      Wow. This expansion is amazing. Love the inverted mountain story and the upside down battle. Will the 4 upside down narrative sculpts be different? (Starting survivors? :) )Very impressed. I have never had doubts about this KS since backing your last one was such a joy, but I did not expect to be this stunned by some of the expansions. Awesome.

    49. Garend -People of the Poots... on

      @AnEnemy now you're asking the real question.... i am actually hoping for the red speaker. Since all the white speakers have lost their memory about Pariah.

      Maybe that's one of the new thing to get ready?