Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5

by Kingdom Death

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    1. Jose Luis on


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      Lachlan Fraser on

      Is there any plan on being able to purchase the monster expansion kits with none of the regular monster, and only the pinup version?

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      Austin Harper on

      Wonder if we'll get Male and Female manhunters with the double-or-nothing

    4. McDevil on

      Damn probably now I need manhunter expension to my list :(... :)

    5. McDevil on

      P.P Slanderman pinup I neeeed

    6. Datcu Bogdan Alexandru on

      At this point it's clear @Poots is a masochist.

    7. chang on

      they won both? against manhunter and the double or nothing against knight?

    8. Steve on

      No risk... If you can beat the manhunter you are going to annihilate the poor Flower Knight.

    9. Daisy Swaffer on

      For those just waking up in Europe like me, from what I can tell from the comments:
      They beat Manhunter, went for the double or nothing and then beat Flower Knight :D

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      Steffen B on

      Will it go into the chest or will it be extra 15$ pinup?

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      Kumquat on

      Mailman hunter pinup!

    12. Alfred on

      Ahhhh... great news on a cold morning :) Now I Can go to work with a smile * prepares the bucket for milk bonanza *

    13. Daniel

      They started around 3 am. Sure i could help them.

    14. tasky87 on

      @McDevil yes SlenderWoman pin-up!!
      I'm super happy about them winning i want all monsters to have pin-ups and not just ones for the armor sets

    15. Rascarcapac on

      When you wake up with that type of news, it makes your day! Thank you Twitch guys!
      I think the male manhunter pin-up will be the greatest of its kind.

      BTW, concerning new expansions (spoilers):

      * 4 already revealed: nightmare ram, screaming god, frogdog, oblivion mosquito
      * 3 have been officially teased with pictures: Satan, the wendigo at the end of the video, the pariah in this update
      * 1 has been named: Frogdog God!!!
      *3 have been in the work for some time: the beehive queen, the ringtail fox, the jungle queen
      * 1 is supposed to reappear at some point in a revised edition: the cancelled lantern fest expansion with its amazing king figure
      That's an expansion galore! And we haven't seen it all yet!

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      Kevin Constable on

      Great news that they won! Well done guys!

      Just wanted to point out that there was nothing in that gamble for the little guy who has just invested $300-350. But have now given more to high end investors which I appreciate deserve more, but not at the risk of expense of other investment tiers.

      Just my opinion, ''tis all!

      Keep up the great work!

    17. GinjaNinja on

      Well it is called Gambler's Lantern so...

    18. AGN1964 on

      @Rascarcapac Great list! I have not heard of the jungle queen. Cool!

      @Adam, what a great gamble, it really paid off for us backers.

    19. Alpharius on


      Where did you hear/see the info about the expansions? Or is this speculation?

    20. Foxwhisperer on

      @Rascarcapac : Jungle queen? Is that same thing as the Lotus monster (the official name for it)?

    21. Sera Non on

      Where is the stream? The link in the post goes to a dead stream.

    22. AWolenkaiser on

      I also like the idea of a mailman/mailwoman Pinup. They are the ones who will carry this huge box home and deserve some love

    23. Stealthcat on

      @Sera Non The stream is already over. They won twice so we get a female and male Manhunter pinup as a result.

    24. jeep on

      @Rascarcapac there were also talks of expansions for the Storm Knight and the Black Knight, back in a KD website update from june this year (nightmare ram explansion and male pinups were also listed in this update), but we haven't heard of that yet. I do hope these two knights get turned into playable expansions, if only for their looks and design !

    25. Razoupaf on

      That's awesome. I hope for an epic death scene, whoever is the victim. And a detailed report.

    26. Ronald Wanders on

      @Sera Non : That twitch stream started at 2AM CET, it's long over. But you can probably watch the twitch VOD on that page.

    27. Rascarcapac on

      @jeep I already have these two resin knights but these expansions would be great too!
      @Kent: part speculation, part expectation from the pictures that were leaked on the web ;-)
      @Marko @AGN1964: by jungle queen, I mean:

    28. Sammy on

      Awesome news about the male and female Manhunter pinups!

      Good work Twitch crew

    29. Eduardo Guimarães on

      Is there a replay? :-D

    30. Paint'Riot Studio

      They win as i see on comment :)

    31. Foxwhisperer on

      @Rascarcapac: Yes, that is what I call Lotus monster... I'm not sure what's it's name is, or if it even has a name yet. It is #1 expansion that I'm waiting for and I will be very disappointed if it doesn't get expansion! I'm hoping Lotus monster + Flower witch + apprentices in a single forest themed expansion...

    32. Rascarcapac on

      @Marko This is also the one I am most eager about. Possibly linked to the witches. As previously stated by other backers, it would introduce a wood resource in the game. We'll see if this expansion is revealed at some point...

    33. Samael on

      missed the live stream (I'm in the UK) and I can never get the twitch VOD to work. Looks like I have to wait for the vid to go onto Youtube

    34. Skye Williams on

      @Samuel Dimbylow Here's how I do this (I'm too in the U.K.): 1. Copy paste the link - which sends you to TwitchGameNight. 2. Click videos (at the moment it is 56 videos) - Near the top and in-between 'TwitchGameNights' and 'Follow'. 3. Select and watch a video.

    35. Eyne Nacht on

      Oh, If only i didn't have a normal job and have to be up at 3 in the morning everyday...These Updates are way too late for my calendar, but fun nonetheless. :p

    36. Eyne Nacht on

      SO...what was the outcome???

    37. Missing avatar

      Jim Dice on

      They won. So two man hunter pinups

    38. Eyne Nacht on

      @ Jim Dice, YASSS! Thank you for the update. I just got the link open to review the plays.

    39. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      I hope the pinups keep the pilgrim hats. Not enough sexy pilgrim-looking things out now.

    40. AGN1964 on

      @Rascarcapac Thanks for the link, but once you gave me her name, she was easy to find.

      It's great art for sure, but does it have anything to do with KD:M? I mean, has Poots mentioned it? Or is this just "fan art"? I think the Snail Knight is in the same category. They are both really pretty and fit well, but I have never seen Adam mention them.

    41. Lugus on

      this is pretty clear on the Jungle Queen is an official commissioned work for KD:M, and this is a clear favorite for me as I love it's design

    42. Robert Scott Small on

      Hope there hunt go/went well. I hope we see the fox expansion later during this campaign.

    43. Rascarcapac on

      @AGN1964: The jungle queen is official, she was drawn by Lorinda Tomko who has also designed som cards for the game:

    44. Erik on

      Well I'm glad they won so the GC didn't lose a roll, mind you I couldn't care less about the "prize" for winning since it is not even included in the GC anyways. Some kind of bonus in the GC would be nice since gambling usually involved risk/reward instead of risk/nothing.

    45. Missing avatar

      Craig O'Connor on

      @Marko, @Rascarcapac, the Forest/Witch themed expansion is one that I'm currently holding out/hoping for too.

      I'm not too hopefully for it during this kickstarter though. The overarching theme of the expansions revealed (and teased) so far are all inverted mountain related, aren't they?

    46. Jason Massatt on

      @Paireon Sexy pilgrims gave me a chuckle

    47. CaGeRit

      @Rascarcapac Hold the phone. Snail Knight?

    48. AGN1964 on

      I felt sorry for Poots and the crew, so we took our KD:M minis out to Reb Lobster:

    49. Markus on

      how can i watch this twitch? is there a replay option?