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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$7.5M - Gambler's Chest Roll #14, Pinup Frogdog Armor, Pinups of Death 2, Gorm Reprint Confirmed, New Frogdog & God Frogdog Pledge Levels!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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Bone Eater!

Just a quick note, I am not 100% satisfied with his anatomy yet. We are going to give this another pass or two before it makes it to final. Thanks!

The Gorm is a node #1 Monster and its awesome!!!!



New Pledge Levels!

Frogdog & God Frogdog!
Both pledge levels include the Frogdog Shirt, which is NOT exclusive and can be added to your rewards for +$25

This campaign has surpassed all wildest expectations. It has melted my mind almost daily. Until we are at it's end, I am not ready to bundle just game-content. BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH WE WILL ADD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ONLY RESPONSIBLE THING TO DO IS TO CHARGE AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Honestly, the core game is massive. If your new to KD, it will give you a huge amount of gameplay! Just because I have gone insane, doesn't mean you should too!

Please pledge responsibly. Thank you.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Armin Kessner

      nvm just found the right comment with the answer xD

    2. Missing avatar

      Armin Kessner

      is there anything not included in the god frogdog pledge aside from the satan shirt?

      What about the satan addon? i dont really get it what kind of add on it is? pin up? promo? something special, only included in the satans pledge as the name suggests?

    3. eWave on

      @Reed Wilson:

      Seconded. I'm sure there are quite a few of us ready to help with proof reading, should Kingdom Death wish to reach out to us.

    4. Reed Wilson on

      @Poots @KingdomDeath offer still respectfully stands to help with copy editing of all Kickstarter posts and in-game content. I don't know about anyone else, but it lessens the value of the product a bit to have glaring grammar mistakes throughout...

      [Again: I still maintain that this is said with all due respect, and I'm still very excited for the game!]

    5. Coralline Algae on

      @Kanzen Hirukan - Probably, but we won't know for certain until Poots updates the main page and puts it with the rest of the add-ons. There's always a content list for everything there.

    6. Kanzen Hirukan on

      Does the Gorm expansion, already include the regen suit pinup?

    7. Jeff N

      I like the Bone Eater sculpt. Some tweaking and it'll be great. Needs to lose the Bump-It in the hair -- looking a bit too Fabio-esque. Face seems less skeletal than the art.

    8. Crystal Groves

      I really dig that you can see scrote on the bone eater. Not even a joke or anything, I actually like that.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andy Stanford

      @eWave: Gotcha, cheers. Here's hoping I can find $2k by January then ;)

    10. eWave on

      @Andy Stanford: Be careful that only the "God Frogdog" pledge holds the complete Kingdom Death game. The base "Frogdog" level only holds the Kingdom Death 1.5 update pack.

    11. eWave on

      @Andy Stanford: God Frogdog is just a slightly more expensive Satan's pledge. It does not include the Satan mini's (those are only included in Satan pledges), nor does it include the crossover(s) minis (which are not included in any pledge).

    12. Missing avatar

      Andy Stanford

      So Frogdog Pledge is everything? 1.5 core, Gambler, all old & new expansions, promos & pinups?

    13. Matlockheed

      Thanks! That's pretty good if it's accurate. It should definitely be included in the FAQ on the campaign page.

    14. eWave on

      @Matlockheed: Not _totally_ up to date, but is regularly updated.

    15. eWave on

      @Matlockheed: This may helps you =>

    16. Matlockheed

      So are the God Frogdog and the Satan Lantern Final Form basically the same thing? (w/ different shirts). Is there any possibility of graphics or listings of exactly what comes in each pledge level? This is a huge KS and it has an insane number of different pledges that makes some of the levels confusing (I'm at Gambler's Lantern 2nd form and each day I wonder with each release of info whether it's actually included in my pledge).

    17. eWave on

      @Andrius: I refer you to my previous answer on the subject, a bit down in the comments.

    18. Andrius on

      I am just curious, does Satan lantern pledgers will get PoD 2.0, because all these minis are old pin ups, and old pinups allready are included in Satan pledges. If answear is YES, does it means that Satan pledgers will get 2 copies of these POD 2.0 aka old pinups? :D

    19. eWave on

      @Andrius: Satan pledgers get both PoD 1 & 2.

    20. Andrius on

      Maybe I something missed, but Satan lantern pledgers will get both "things" - pinups from old KS and new PoD 2.0? Or just old pinups and no PoD 2.0, because old pinups and PoD 2.0 is the same? :) I ask just because old pinups are included in "Satans", and PoD 2.0 is included in "Satans" too... :/

    21. Foxwhisperer on

      Oo. I like the new pinup. 101 dogpoletians... Let's make a fur coat out of 'em.

    22. Quentin Westcott on

      It will be interesting to see how the Bone Eater scales with the game. Currently you want to rise up through the armor ranks when possible, but this guy seems to be all about the first tier.

    23. Gisberto Nanni on

      Adam this 'pin up of death 2' box willbe avaible on your store or it's a kickstarter exclusive? In case can you tell usthe retail price? Pin up of death 1 boxset will be reprinted too?

    24. eWave on

      @rock4chaos: Pin-ups are the same size as normal survivors, unless otherwise explicitly noted like it was/is for the 54mm minis.

    25. eWave on

      @Andrius: Not. Satan pledges included those miniatures from the start. Now, they are just available as add-ons for those who want them. It's like when a new expansion or existing expansion gets added to the campaign: Satan already has everything (except crossovers), the announcements are basically for everyone else. :)

    26. eWave on

      Regarding the Pinups of Death 1 & 2; As someone already posted, here are the PoD 1 =>

      The announced PoD 2 are different, and include miniatures released during the first Kickstarter campaign (ref.: , select "Promos" in the drop down menu).

      So, as you can see, two totally different products.

      As far as I understand, PoD 1& 2 are included in the Satan level pledges (as stated in the Satan pledge and PoD 2 descriptions).

      For those curious about the teaser, here is what the Pariah looks like:

      Preeetty creepy. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      rock4chaos on

      are pinups of Death same size as normal survivors? can I use the modell to play?

    28. Andrius on

      So, Satan lantern pledgers will get twice the same miniatures? Or not? :)

    29. eWave on

      @Kingdom Death:
      - Regarding the Bone Eater anatomy; I see less proportion issues on the render than on the sketch, but the right thigh (on the extended leg) does seem a bit thick, the open jaw looks very ophidian and the feet seem a bit big.

      - Regarding the teaser; as someone mention, it looks a lot like the Pariah, and I can't wait to read this guy's backstory.

      Am I the only one thinking about Dante's Inferno whenever the Inverted Mountain crops up ? :)

    30. Markus on

      @Andrius yes very confusing. i got the answer (main comment section) that KD 1 are 8 minis and KD 2 are 11 minis, but i think that this info is not very acurate, because both (KD1 and KD2 are satan) but its sold now as a new addon

    31. Missing avatar

      Sergi Rodriguez Fungueiro on

      When would the pinups of death II ship? Would they be included with the old expansions, or with the gambler's chest?

    32. Andrius on

      I'am wrong or these miniatures (PoF 2.0) was allready included in Satans Lantern pledges as pinups frm KS 1.0?

    33. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      @Sebastian: Poots is adding a lot of unplanned content to the KS due to the success, so the total value has gone up. Basically, God Frogdog reflects the true price (bundled), whilst Satan's is a killer deal.

    34. Sebastian Lillge on

      Mh, Frogdog Pledge has a different shirt and Pinups of Death - Series 2 more than Satans Pledge... Why does it cost so much more? Am I missing something?

    35. Michael Harley on

      Dat Sculpture... is RAD! I thought the last one was cool, but THIS one... damn.
      @Kingdom Death: Pls don't change that pose. Maybe define the legs more, but everything obove the belt is awesome, so is the pose with one leg up.

    36. Richard

      I know this will be lost in the comments but on the off chance it is read and my opinion counts... The Bone Eater looks amazing I really love that 3D rendering and would be hoping for the Skull Eater event (which seems a really strange thing to say considering...) in order to use the model.

      RE: Pinups of Death Box 2 it does look awesome but personally I really can't justify the extra $115 but the cards alone... THAT would be tempting...

    37. Foxwhisperer on

      @Thomas Lichtenberg: Pinups of death 2 are not new pinups. They are pinups from KDM kickstarter 1.0...

    38. Thomas Lichtenberg

      Am I wrong or should the Pinups of Death II be included in "Black Fridays Gamblers Lantern" Pledge too? It says all new Pinups, Expansions, ...

    39. S Buntenbach

      are the satan twins in frogdog ?

    40. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      @Herbert: Adam has said he'll be making them available separately. (He meant to add that information to the update, but forgot.)

    41. Alexander Cetinski

      Pledge responsibly? You can't tell me what to do Poots.

    42. Herbert Salades

      got already the pin up from the pin up of death box it possible to get the new cards aside?

    43. Elfo on

      You can literally grab him by the balls.

    44. Justin Beard on

      Best update so far! Sooo pleased

    45. Deadication on

      These have been great updates this week. Keep it up Poots, you rock!!! :)

    46. Rascarcapac on

      _ I'm just speechless. So far, so good!

    47. Napo on

      Prices are still fair i think. Though Frogdog comes with 100 cards and 3 armors (correct me if im wrong) and gorm with much less. Both for 50, both node 1. Though i dont like frogdog at all, so i have to stick with the worse deal. That feels a bit weird. :/
      Great updates though this week!