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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$7.4M - Gambler's Chest Roll #13, Welcome the Face Stealing Oblivion Mosquito, MAN HUNTER MAKES ITS RETURN!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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Wooo!!! Gonna go look at XMAS decorations now! I wanted to say more in the update, but time just gets eaten up so fast! 

Gambler's Chest Official Word
There will be no changes to its price during the campaign. I made the math work, thanks to everyone for being supportive! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Perttu Vedenoja on

      Are we going to get a peek of a sculpt for this before the pledge manager closes?

      The concept is great, but I'd hate to add anything without seeing the actual product first.

    2. Eduardo Guimarães on

      The ingame content is pretty good IMO. Of course it's a lot of things so something here and there exists, but nothing major that i know of...

    3. Reed Wilson on

      @KingdomDeath I can't imagine I'm the first one to offer this, but I will personally proofread all your written content - rule book, all in-game cards, even these Kickstarter posts - before production and release. I mean this with all due respect. Not to be the grammar police, but the grammar (i.e. word choice, spelling, typos, etc.) I've seen thus far on updates and on in-game cards/rule books is pretty atrocious. I'd be happy to help improve the quality if you'd be interested!

      Honestly, though, other than that: I'm super stoked for this game!

    4. Rob 2.0

      Hello Everyone!
      I have been tracking things very close over the course of the KS and put together a list of everything along with price (some estimates had to be made until final numbers come in). Please feel free to correct or update me with any info I may have missed. I hope this helps clear up any confusion some folks may have had. Also indicates to me that you will be getting a huge value, let alone how much you save VS retail.

      Full Breakdown -
      250 Kingdom Death: Monster Core Game 1.5
      100 Gambler's Chest
      265 All 12 Current Expansions (Estimate 600)
      25 T-shirt
      225 All new expansions (Not completed yet)
      25 All new promos (Not completed yet)
      150 All new pinups (15 each Not completed yet)
      345 All Pinups & Promos from last KD:M kickstarter (15 each*)
      100 Pinups of Death - Series 1
      115 Pinups of Death - Series 2
      20 Candy & Cola

    5. jeep on

      @Peter Norlen you actually get additional rules and options with the CG : scouts of death and philosophy of death are new game options and there is an additional rulebook included in the GC. So the value in gaming terms is probably quite good, given KD/Adam's track record on this sort of thing

    6. Peter Norlén on

      I'm not debating value of miniatures when I say I think the GC is lacking in worth. I'm meaning to say that it's gameplay impact is low compared to buying other addons for about the same amount of money. I jumped on the GC early bird because even at $300 I was hoping for added gameplay.

      We still have 30 days to go, and several rolls to see out but had I known that the Gambler's Chest would mostly be promo figures/narrative sculpts I'd have probably gone for just the core game and 2-3 addons that, at least for me, should add more to the gameplay.
      I'll remain on the fence, but hey, I'm pledged and will remain so unless I feel that the value to me personally hasn't risen towards the final days.

      I'd hope for a few more adds to the Advanced Rules or variant monsters similar to the White Lion or Screaming Antelope just to add variation to the slog of early years.

    7. Martin Chapman on

      @John x2 That's a shame about the Forge God but I agree The King and The Scribe would be great to have in this Kickstarter aswould TheMountain Man.
      Do you guys know if the Chefs or the Doctors will be included?Were they promos etc from the last Kickstarter? Cheers.

    8. CaGeRit

      @ John he's from the holy lands up the butt and around the corner from the plain of faces. Adam said he wouldn't be huntable ages ago during the first campaign back before he knew the game would take off like it did. Too powerful for a handful of survivors to take down. He's been evasive ever since. I don't think it's planned for this Kickstarter, but I'd put money on it being a high level huntable or nemesis some time in the future.

    9. John

      @Martin we won't see the Forge God. He's not from the MONSTER universe I believe. I'd LOVE to see the King however, or the Scribe.

    10. Martin Chapman on

      I love the early potential of this monster would still hope for The King, theForge God and the Flower Witch for further expansions. I wonder if Mr Poots et al have considered Harpies or KDM derivatives, think they would fit nicely into the imagery. Well done for some lovely creative ideas it makes every day to see them.

    11. C on

      @AGN: Maybe Sergio is easy to please. :D

    12. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I wasn't expecting this mosquito.
      So Satan must be the 'Saturn devouring his son' image you showed.
      Does this mean we will see the Honeycomb Weaver and the Ringftail Fox?
      Well, I suppose I'll have to wait to know that.
      There's still a lot of time until January the 8th.

    13. Gonewild40K on

      Oh, and this narrative sculpt along with dead eyes are my two favorites.

    14. Gonewild40K on

      This is one of my favorite updates so far. Mosquito is creepy AF. So, when the larvae are moving around in a victim's brain- do they hear it? Must be painful. How about when the Larvae go gladiator? Ouch.

    15. Missing avatar

      Derek Rundell

      Oblivion Mosquito looks awesome here! Super excited to see this as a miniature, not to mention a little worried about it's assembly...

    16. AGN1964 on

      @Sergio "Let's be honest: Narrative Survivor minis are glorified pinups"

      I think they are sample survivors where Adam has picked the gear load out and the pose for us.

      I can't really imagine how one could say they are pinups.

    17. Lila


    18. Lila

      really hoping those are fingers and the whole doesn't look like.............. yeah..
      Very tempted with that one if so.

    19. poeticallybored on

      For anyone on the fence about the Manhunter: I wasn't really feeling this one last campaign myself either. even now, I still feel like the western theme feels out of place for the setting. Having incorporated this guy into my two last campaigns though... the gear that you can win off of him is so valuable. Granted, it's only a few cards, but they can make quite a difference.

    20. Steve on

      Since miniatures even without rules tend to sell out within 24 hours its not really a surprise that a lot of extra content is also miniatures... But they all also come with some rules to appeal to more people.

      I quite like the look of the bottom half of the mosquito. It will be very interesting to see how it translates into a miniatures. Good luck to the sculptor!

    21. Private Burgundy AKA Sergio on


      That's true. It's a great price for the content, the only problem might be many people don't have use for most of that content. Let's be honest: Narrative Survivor minis are glorified pinups, and not everybody cares about pinups.

    22. Missing avatar

      Chris Hibbert on

      I wouldn't normally comment but reading people's views on the gamblers chest makes me laugh at times. People say g they aren't convinced/not value for money....have you looked at a single miniature price on the kingdom death far the chest has approx 12 minis, if sold in the store that's approx $300, we are paying a third for this and there's still a load more rolls/reveals to be had

    23. Fontaine Christophe on

      Though I'm glad Poots revealed a new expansion, I have mixed feelings about this one.
      The monster's picture is great, though like other people said, the bottom half looks odd and over the top compared to the top half. I think for a node 2 monster, it might be too big (100mm base), I'd have prefered a 50mm monster like the lion or antelope (though gorm is 100mm, and node 2 if I'm not mistaken).
      Same for the armor kit, this one seems way too elaborate and advanced for a low tier quarry...I don't know.

      Finally, the description blurb. Where the previous expansions and showdown events gave you a short text about the monsters, I find here that it's too much. It was the same for the frogdog, the long description of the fart bubbles (or whatever) seemed like a desperate attempt at explaining how it worked (same here with the larvaes and stuff).
      I think it lacks mystery and I find it hard to tie it in the KD world.

      Anyway, I'm not entirely convinced by this expansion. Sorry Mr Poots, since I'm a fan of your work (proud bakcer here ^^).

    24. Private Burgundy AKA Sergio on

      Not crazy about the narrative sculptures in general, but I must say this one looks really sick. Love it.

    25. Peter Norlén on

      Find it odd about the "no changes to GC price during the campaign" as I'm on a Black Friday Gambler's Lantern. If he had buffed the base addon price to 120 or something then people would still pay for it, but the pledge would retain a more than decent discount for the box. Now it feels like you might as well have gone for another tier as the Black Friday pledge either has $50 discount on the core game, or something like $25 for both core box and gambler's box and then it doesn't really feel like that big of a deal.

      I'm definitely not convinced about the GC-value at the moment, but maybe that's just because money is tight and I expected more from an Early Bird pledge.

    26. japester

      The GC already contains more than just narrative figures. If you read the full description, each figure so far comes with gear, philosophies, fighting arts, disorders, settlement events, hunt events, etc. At least 20 by my count. And we aren't done yet.

    27. Missing avatar

      Antoine on

      I really hope that GC will contain more than narrative figs. Philosophy and Scout were greater ideas (more gameplay orientée).

    28. underAtack

      I have to say, that Mad & Mighty Striker mini is absolutely outstanding, and may be the very reason I decide not to drop the Gambler's Box! It is as powerful in appearance as it is intricate in its detail, and it is not often that a mini conveys such a sense of gravitas.

    29. Skye Williams on

      A new weapon could be a bug spray...

    30. Jd Crouch

      @Samuel Dimbylow, I absolutely love the armor, but you're right. Shouldn't be sitting on something that epic at LY2. Ain't right.

    31. Samael on

      @kingdom death, can we get an innovation to electrify the lantern hoard? That should deal with the oblivion mosquito.

      I'm also of the frame of mind that early hunt armour sets should look basic, you should have ornate armour until Phoenix level nodes. The settlement is too primitive at that point.

      Still loving it though.

    32. Foxwhisperer on

      @Oliver: This is KDM. All the models are supposed to be a pain to assemble. It's a part of the whole experience.

    33. Foxwhisperer on

      That mosquito looks like something that would happily live in the Xenoshyft world! At least the rangers there had plasma arc shotguns and such to combat the monsters. KDM survivors only have bone axes... It's a big nope and I can't wait to hunt the bugger! The only good bug is a dead bug.

    34. Missing avatar

      sam on

      Not really a mosquito since it lays eggs within a host rather than being a parasite itself. Should be renamed the Bone Fly

    35. Oliver Schaaf on

      The Mosquito artwork looks cool. Really like it but also looks like it will be a pain to assemble.

    36. Rascarcapac on

      Damn! I caught the expansion fever. This is what I call a great quarry. The armoured survivors are amazing. I'm eager to see what the mosquito pin-ups will look like...
      BTW, are the shop expansions ordered on Black Friday being posted before Christmas?

    37. Michael Harley on

      Everybody says they "Love the model". You havent seen the model yet! Just a friendly reminder. I am definitively curious what the model looks like.

    38. Benjamin Tieman

      @Poots Yes!!! Snes is the ultimate system! Mario RPG was pretty amazing.

    39. Deadication on

      Agreed AGN, the top half looks awesome, the bottom half seriously needs to be reworked a bit.

    40. Will on

      @John Clark: Right there with you. Currently, I'm only budgeting for the 1.5 update and expansions. I love the Pin-Ups and promos, but if it comes down to getting an expansion or three pin-ups, I'm getting the expansion.

    41. Azul on

      As always, this looks amazing. I can't wait to see what kind of content it brings to the game. I'll probably catch some flak, but more spellcheck on updates please. It makes people leery about getting a bunch of sweet content in the actual game that is riddled with errors.

    42. John Clark on

      Now, this is what I like to see. I am hoping that this campaign reaches at least as many expansions as the original, because that and the 1,5 update is what I am most interested in! In the interest of full disclosure, I do own the original and all 12 expansions, so I may be jaded in this respect.

    43. John H. Shinholser on

      After coming back to this expansion's art a couple of times, I think the concept for the Oblivion Mosquito might be my favorite released so far (only to be beaten, potentially, by the jungle monster there's art floating around for). Something about the way you've worked the woman's body into the natural outline of the male mosquito shape's amazing, especially with the face actually being the creature's mandibles.

      Really looking forward to seeing the sculpt for this!

    44. AGN1964 on

      Meant to say the content for the expansion looks good. I assume the Faceless Dwellers are little minis, like the spiderlings. Very cute!
      There are 5 armor concept art sketches and 4 armored minis. I wonder which sketches will become minis. They look cool, but I agree they are a bit fancy at the moment.

    45. Crystal Groves

      I actually like the bottom of the monster. Reminds me of an ant queen. Or a Xenomorph queen.

    46. AGN1964 on

      I like the top half of the monster, the bottom half does not do much for me.

      For those who are counting, Poots said 2 rolls on Monday when he said nothing on the weekend. We got 1 roll on Saturday, one roll on Monday. Seems about the same as two on Monday.

    47. Demian on with Update 20 added. Manhunter is a badass! Love the armor and the new mechanics too

    48. Brandon Stoltz on

      Now I thought the bug looking thing in the previous teaser was that lantern parasite queen. Oh well. This monster definitely looks hella interesting. Also, since it is a Mosquito (and I REALLY hate mosquitoes) I cannot wait to introduce it to the business end of a sharp weapon and stab it in its multiple faces repeatedly.

    49. CaGeRit

      Favorite expansion of the 2nd KS so far. Possibly new favorite expansion period.

    50. Alwyn on

      Love the update. Amazing work as always.