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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

Saturday Night Update! Crossover Candy & Cola, Gambler's Chest Roll #12

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

Hello! I decided to put together a Saturday Night update!

First up, our first Crossover project this campaign!

Right now Ninja Division (of which Soda Pop Miniatures is part of) is running a kickstarter campaign for a new game called Way of the Fighter. It has 45 hours left so we wanted to make sure our Crossover helped gain them some interest before it ended!


They have miniature versions of all the characters too! John Cadice (one of the main guy's behind Soda Pop, well to me THE guy!) said he was super proud of this little game and was psyched about me pushing it. There is also a special version of Candy & Cola for that game too (not a KD version, we are saving that for a future project...). Burning Soul Candy! To me, this is what crossover projects are all about. At the end of the day us game creators really do love the niche. It wonderful and extremely lucky  time to be both a tabletop game fan and tabletop game maker!

Anyway! Please go check it out! If it's your thing or looks like fun back em up!

Finally! Gambler's Chest Roll!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      @Dan d'Lyon. I could also think that these "milestones" is just another way to add a set class or archetype into the game. Similar to how role playing games have a fighter, a ranger, a wizard, a monk, etc. Quite restrictive. I mean it beats complete randomness, still not having the ability to personalize survivpors to a player's desire is not as fun.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      @Dan d'Lyon. So by my understanding you need work towards becoming a narrative model to be a unique survivor. Conforming to a pre-existing concept (gear + abilities + insanities + injuries), rather than freedom to create my own and see where their destiny takes them.
      Unless of course you can mix and match everything as you choose, but the description, nor the miniature, imply that freedom at all.

    3. Wiggam007 on

      @Rascarcapac - if you think basically waiting one day is interminable, you will love the fact that Poots has said he won't be updating over the holidays. Hopefully someone else in the office will take over, but it might be a long, barren week for updates.

    4. Timmo Warner on

      ETA: Pledge responsibly.

      (Though I sure didn't.)

    5. Timmo Warner on

      If you are into this Kickstarter for any serious amount of money to you, PLEASE read the entire pledge level, FAQ and Updates thoroughly.

      There are people asking "Is Candy and Cola included in my pledge level?" when directly below the art says "Crossover projects are not included in any pledge levels and are only available as add-ons."

      I'm not saying this to be a jerk, I'm saying it because you REALLY need to find these things out now rather than later on when it's over.

      There are people still discovering they only pledged for the update pack and NOT the full game.

      Really, read over what you're pledging and what you want from the updates to make sure you're getting what you think you are BEFORE it's too late.

    6. Joshua, Frogdog Protection Squad on

      So yeah I just noticed that the C and C isn't included in my Twin Satan's lantern pledge. That's ok, I'm not bummed out at all, I might add this in anyway later, depending on how the wanderer mechanic works and all that :D

    7. Rascarcapac on

      An update on Saturday night and the next in the small hours on Tuesday morning is just killing me. Pease Adam, no more pauses on Sundays.

    8. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      As I recall, Adam had to take out a loan to fulfill the first KS because he added so much stuff and seriously underestimated how much it was going to cost to ship everything. We definitely don't want that (having to take out a loan) happening if his print run is more like 30,000 base games instead of 10,000.... Plus, he's already adding a bunch more stuff to the base game as it is.

    9. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      @Markus I think that they lose money for what they sold to the backers, but recovers with the items in the online store.

    10. Markus on

      i dont know if KDM will pay money for every satan pledge (or loosing any $), i think its superior marceting!

      i read comments that KDM lost money with their first KS =) if this is true then it would be stupid to make a second KS and doing the same mistake again.

      My personal Opinion: KDM makes good money with us, maybe they could increase the profit by squeeze us. I hope KDM is fair even when this KS feels like a carousel

    11. Missing avatar

      KDM Switzerland on

      I have a Satan pledge, and I don't see a problem with this either.

      Personally, I don't feel this crossover is worth it, so I won't be adding it to my pledge. (It looks more like a pinup than an regular character, in my eyes).
      But even if I did want it, I'd accept that it's not part of my pledge, and pay the extra $20.

      Not everything has to be a major drama, guys. Pro-tip for a happy life: there's no point getting upset over things you can't change. focus on what you *can* change instead.

    12. japester

      Since Adam had to close the Satan pledges and reduce their numbers, it's pretty clear those people are going to get a ton of value for their money. If that was a revenue-generating tier for him, he'd have no reason to limit it. He'd want as many people as possible in there. Instead, he is probably taking a hit. So, no, it's not petty to have some items not being included. Right now, nobody in the Satan (or similar) tiers knows exactly how much value they are getting. Until that is known, the complaints are premature and comments about him being petty, greedy, unscrupulous, etc are out of line, IMHO. The only drawback for those higher tiers (and what kept me out) was the inclusion of non-gameplay bits (like pinups, shirts, etc). I can see where someone might only want gameplay items and isn't interested in selling their extras. Then they might consider the tier not a good fit for them. I predict we will see some major expansion and other reveals in the next two weeks that make those inclusive pledge tiers a LOT more attractive...

    13. Missing avatar

      Riff Conner on

      Considering that he's explained exactly why it's necessary... no? No, we don't have to admit that.

    14. S3NK3TSU on

      Just feels kinda shitty to drop just over 1.5k to have to add on one little mini. Seems a little petty and honestly some might find it insulting even.
      Personally, I'm not torn up about it. I knew that all crossovers would be additional. He stated it from the beginning so you (we) have no right to be upset.

      All that being said, you gotta admit it seems a little petty and unnecessary to exclude it from certain pledges.

    15. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      I might be able to help. I think.

    16. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      Take a look at the Wrath of Kings kickstarter. The Twilight Knight is very clearly labeled as a crossover model. Not tournament legal, but would have rules anyway. How is this any different? I'm a Satan pledger and this makes perfect sense to me that we would have to add for it. Terminology changes, and the original KD project was 5 years ago? This is simply a change in terminology that helps protect both IP holders.

    17. Jesse on

      @Kingdom Death: As you're partnering with Soda Pop Miniatures again (yay!), what are the odds you'll be including the original C&C into this kickstarter? I've scoured the interwebs for that miniature and it's just not available. Anywhere. If I'm going to kick in 20 clams for Lantern Year 3 version of them, I really want to be able to snag their Year 0 models as well.

    18. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      Read the full description of the narrative sculpts. In particular, the last paragraph of each one. That should clarify what they are about.

    19. Missing avatar

      StevenE on

      Fighting with the heel of her shoe... (sigh)

      Thank goodness for the Beast Armor.

    20. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      @Frank Wisnes. A lot of ignorant souls pledging on 'faith' alone.I started out with just $1 until I knew enough, then raised it to just the update pack. Lot of the stuff here that i don't already have is just garbage imo (pin ups which don't actually have anything to do with what this kickstarter's title states - the game).
      There's also a lot of vagueness to the additions of some content and without explanations, I'd feel pretty stupid being duped by yet again by what I think things might mean. So what if the stuff turns out to be good and I wont have it day one. This has been an incrediblely successful franchise so I doubt it will just cease to exist all of a sudden. XD I can always get it at a later point in time.

    21. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      Narative Sculpts sound like tacked on pin ups to the main game. That, or the concept is similar to named (unique) characters in every other game. So rather than making our own unique personalized characters over the course of a campaign we have have to conform to a preset existing one. Not an appealing concept.

    22. Adam Canning

      @ Rob. It is unfortunate that the 777 pledge gave the impression of containing all the new Game elements.

      The critical number now is $502. If adding all the expansions and other game elements to the Silver Lantern + C&C comes to less than that then I'm going to be unhappy.

      It isn't helped by there not actually having been any other Promo minatures revealed so far.

      And the way the original set got orphaned as far as rules go, with Adam suspending the development of the Challenge scenarios and gear that was to come with them.

      Things may look better after Christmas but this was an irritation.

    23. Sulucion

      another sick model in my gamblers box. im happy :)

    24. Rob Randolph

      I have to voice my opinion here as well. I'm by no means considering pulling my pledge, I'm pretty sure that over the next 13 days (as he's said he's going to have every major expansion up by then) that the 777 gambler's pledge will be worth it.
      BUT. Going for an all-in type pledge at the beginning and then finding out there's going to be extra new stuff that's not included feels kinda bad. It feels like I made a mistake.

    25. Patrick Stangier on

      @Joakim Järvinen
      One of the problems with the FAQ statement about crossover miniatures in the Satan's Latern Pledge is that it appears at the end of a list of items from the previous kickstarter and in a paragraph that is clearly about rewards from the previous kickstarter.
      This can give the impression (please note that I am not saying this is the only valid interpretation, just a possibility) that the statement only applies to the crossovers from the previous kickstarter (which would make sense as it would be an enormous hassle for Adma to renegotiate the deals for the old crossovers but would not be a problem for new crossovers).
      If the statement is meant to apply to all crossovers it could be made better by being in its own paragraph and saying something like "from the previous and current kickstarter".

      Another problem is that there are other pledge levels that include "all new* promos from this kickstarter". Those should not have to read an FAQ entry for a different pledge level if this is meant to be general information.

      Finally we have the problem that the crossovers were also labled as promos in the previous kickstarter. This can lead to certain expectations in returning bakcers.

      Combine these and we end up with the situation we are currently in. I do not care either way, but I think a clear, visible statement from Adma (which means not in the comments and not hidden among other stuff in an update) would prevent a lot of disappointment.

    26. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      That may be true.

      One of the other big reason I thinking is the unplanned Satan expansion (which is going to be bigger than dragon king expansion) that he has to give out with no extra cost to everyone with pledges that include all new expansions.

      There are 3409 pledges total (plus 7 for True form satan) that include all new expansions.
      That's a big loss for Adam.

    27. Eduardo Guimarães on

      I don't understand all the complains, Back in update #3 it was said that minis from other IPs cannot be part of the bundles, nothing new here

    28. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Erick - That explains it. Good that it doesn't bother you :)


      please 14.000+ people is just imposible. Kickstarter first rule..your pledge show its real worth a few hours before its will close

    30. Erick Lemcke on

      @Cornelius You're right. The Satan Pledge doesn't include the original Candy & Cola in the FAQ description. I was under the impression it did include it because of a comment @Adam made in the comments where he listed both Candy & Cola as well as Kara Black in the Satan Pledge. It was this one I believe:…
      Not a big deal to me anyway. I find the implied sculp for this one much cooler than the old one anyway.

    31. Frank Wisnes

      Few things makes people more pissed than being told to read the fine print. On the surface the Satan's Pledge level comes off as an all-in with lots of stuff from the first Kickstarter, and for people who want to make that investment it's a tempting offer. When you still have to go through the final list and figure out what's included and what's not, chances are there are items not included more interesting than some of what is included. Then you're better off cherry picking what you actually want than plonking down $1666 because it's easy.

      Due to the limited number of slots I doubt we'll see many people dropping their Satan's pledges before everything is revealed. At the moment it's a pledge made in good faith based on what's coming. Once everything is revealed people will vote with their wallets, and I think we'll see a lot of Satan's Pledge spots opening up as people downgrade to gameplay content only.

    32. japester

      Yeah, I agree with Nakano. I think this crossover basically spoiled the Wanderer mechanic a little early so it could help out the other campaign before it closed. If the rules are in the Gambler's Chest, then I would be amazed if we don't get at least one Wander as well.

    33. AGN1964 on

      The beast hunter is a nice mini. I still don't understand what the narrative part of "Narrative Sculpt" is. This just looks like another survivor to me, one with a fixed gear load out. I can't see a special story here. Having the extra heads included is a nice touch.

      This Adam's project and he can price it how he wants, but to me I can't think of a better word for Candy and Cola than "promo". Unless it's "mini-expansion", given the extra cards and events included. New promos and new expansions are included in the $777 Gamblers pledge. But Adam calls the shots.

    34. Plug Uglie on

      Love how it comes with extra stuff for your armor kits. Finally!!! Armor kits were my favorite and im running out of stuff.

    35. Nakano

      @Ethan Since Gambler's Chest comes with Advanced Rules Book, it would be strange to have just rules for Wanderers and no game material included using them. So hopefully we see a couple Wanderers to choose or randomize if there is an event for a Wanderer ti visit settlement.

    36. Plug Uglie on

      @Ethan Schaeffer i hope we see that monster during the campaign. Sounds awesome.

    37. Plug Uglie on

      Half of these narrative sculpts should have been wanderers in my opinion.

    38. Ethan Schaeffer

      I could care less about Candy & Cola. (I mean how did she last 3 years without breaking off her other heal...?)

      But I do love the ideas of the Traveller and the Wanderer. Do you guys think that we'll see this monster and mechanics if we don't pick up the playable add-on pinups?

    39. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      @japester lol Yes, I was thinking the same but not saying that because it may be to harsh for some.

    40. japester

      @Joakim +1

      Here's what I'm hearing:
      "I pledged a lot of money but didn't bother reading the FAQ."
      "I read the FAQ but decided to add qualifiers to it that weren't in it."
      "I didn't notice the asterisks after every category in my pledge."
      "I decided the Satan pledge was an all-in pledge, and it's Adam's fault for not agreeing with something I made up."
      "I'm paying a lot of money, so I deserve all the things. It doesn't matter if I get double or triple the value for my pledge--I have decided that if I don't get everything, it isn't a good value and I am being ripped off."

      My advice: drop your Satan (or other high cost) pledge if you don't see the value. That'll show him. And I'm sure nobody will jump right in and snatch it up within minutes. Because it's such a bad value.

      OR, wait another 3-4 weeks to learn exactly what you will be getting for your money. If I were running this KS, and I had items to reveal that weren't included, versus items that ARE included, I would show the ones that aren't included first. WHY? Because everyone will need to decide if they want to budget those in. This gives the Satan and other pledges more time to figure out what they want. Then I'd show the included items later in the campaign. Satan pledges are already bought and closed down, so there's no need to entice new buyers. (And no, this doesn't mean you are being ripped off. You can drop your pledge at any time.) But less people need to budget in the new items that are already included in the higher pledge levels.

    41. JayOBedlam on

      Hybrid armour kits are an excellent idea. Including pieces of extra kit on the narrative sculpts would go a long way to alleviating the fears of some about armour kits disappearing,

    42. Matthijs Corpeleijn on

      @Joakim: I don't understand why this comes as a surprise to people either. I read it exactly like that, and for whomever says that it related to the previous KS, I can't find anything in that FAQ answer that would even remotely imply that. I'm somewhat stumped..

      Let's hope that Adam makes it clear again, so that with the next cross over we don't get exactly the same thing again.

    43. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Erick - The original KS Candy & Cola is not included in the Satan pledge.

    44. Joakim Järvinen on

      In the FAQ for the satans level it says this "This does not include any gifts or the Survivor Level reward. These were neither promos or pinups. This also excludes crossover miniatures as I am not the IP holder of these figures.". It has said this since the start of the kickstarter. Cross-over miniatures are any miniatures that are not purely KDM IP.
      Adam has not invented anything new. Has been transparant since the beginning.

      @Arsonor This isnt a new categorie its old, its not adams fault you didnt read up.
      @Patrick Strangler. It is probobly a Cross-over promo however keyword in this case being Cross-over. Please see above.
      @Frank it only broke the spell becouse you didnt read up proporely please read the faq.

    45. Erick Lemcke on

      I have to say that I'm a little disappointed that Candy & Cola won't be included in the Satan's Pledge. I was under the impression that the Satan Pledge was an all inclusive for everything in this KS. I think it's important to say this in order for the creator to understand the feelings of the backers. That being said, I understand the crossover mechanik for minis may be more complicated, and I really like the idea of the wanderer and am also happy that we're still getting the original KS's Candy & Cola. So I'll probably be getting this one as an add-on as well. Keep the awesomeness coming and make the Satan's Pledge worth every penny. ��

    46. Todd Ferrullo on

      I find it amusing that some small number of the Satan's tier backers have become "entitled whiners" (added for emphasis) over not having Candy & Cola included in their pledge, especially since some of these very same folks were the ones calling the lower tier backers entitled whiners when the discount on the Flower Knight expansion was lowered to help effectively subsidize the Satan tiers due to the unplanned things that Adam is giving them (Satan twins, true form Satan expansion). I guess when the shoe is on the other foot, they do not really like it.

    47. Martin Bomark on

      Adam... Is there any way to get missing gear cards without having to buy the entire expansion again?

    48. Alpharius on

      Oo. I think this will be the first Add-On I will add at the moment! And the Hybrid Phoenix and Screaming Antelope armor looks great!

    49. Arsonor

      Okay, so how much will be "pay more" add ons? The price for Satan's Lantern is pretty high, but not out of line with what the content should cost, but I'm not a fan of new categories of offerings that aren't included. I hope this isn't the first of many.