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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$7.3M Gambler's Chest Roll #11, LETS DOUBLE OUR PINUPS TODAY!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrik Severinsson on

      For each reveal, I get more and more happy that I managed to switch from BF Gold Lantern to a normal BF Lantern. Feel bad for the ones still stuck with the Gambler's chest...

    2. Mr. Interesting on

      This video scared my mom.

    3. Quentin Westcott on

      The Unplanned expansion reminds me of Goya's "Jupiter"

    4. Missing avatar

      David Bousquet


      SHAME ON YOUUUUUuuuzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ

      p.s. I love what you have done with the place. :)

    5. John Mullins on

      @tasky you're absolutely correct.. and I'll gladly start being nice.. as soon as people get respect for thier different opinions, instead of being repeatedly attacked, humiliated, verbally abused and degraded.... because they dont like a fucking plastic model.

    6. Quentin Westcott on


      Goes on unless rant and "/drops mic" then attacks everyone about THEIR ego.


    7. Missing avatar

      Riff Conner on

      Like, maybe don't always leap to the absolute worst conclusion? Don't just assume that someone's a dick with no evidence?

    8. Nakano

      @Cortney Yeah you're probably right - better to wait, but also we should speculate even if it wouldn't change a thing (though getting this far in funding something special might happen!). I can easily drop $300 pledge and keep $200 pledge if needed - no problem. I'm in a perfect situation in that regards. However, even at the end, it might be difficult to say whether Gambler's Chest is a good buy for a gamer. I was following the first campaign, but couldn't tell whether it would be a good game until Gen Con reports. Anyway hopefully one update is worth waiting and gives a real wow effect for those getting Gambler's Chest. The first wow effect could be prioritized, though :)

    9. Angus Lost

      +1 for more hentai porn. An overfiend expansion for KDM! we could call it Long John!

    10. Ikalios

      Dude, you are probably not the best guy to tell us what Kickstarter is and isn't. Actually, you should learn that how people feel is even more important than money here and creators that don't care what their backers thinks get crushed by bad PR. Just for your knowledge. Now, on this case, everyone has his own reason to pledge here. And I think it is a good thing people can express it, it's feedback for the creator
      @John Mullins
      Telling people to shut the fuck up and acting like an one dimensional character who tends to overreact isn't what a call "a good thing". Please be more respectful please with the other humans being.

      On this, good night !! I hope we'll get explanation about what happened, I'm not a cool guy who buy a 5$ box of "nothing" (reference to cards against humanity, not saying this box is nothing...geezzz, don't get offended like this.)

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Holak on

      I'm confused. Typically one roll gives us one pinup. He has given you two pinups for the gamblers chest. I bet the square he got rid of had one of these planned; :-0 shocker I know. So why is everyone up in arms about something being graphically removed. Your still getting content. He has said time and time again that he's a showman, so why are you shocked when he puts on a show.

    12. Plug Uglie on

      Bit of a let down.

    13. Missing avatar

      Riff Conner on

      Good grief people. Firstly, he's already said that the contents of the Gambler's Chest are already decided and fixed. He's not taking anything away, he's just playing with the reveals, if you have been paying attention you have known this all along. Secondly, hello, taking stuff away would obviously be a massive douchebag move, and Poots is not a massive douchebag. So have like half a damn ounce of faith and calm the hell down already.

    14. tasky87 on

      You know john you call for people to be nice to others with differing opinions then you say some of the rudest things, that's not the way to get that to happen, sorry buddy

    15. John Mullins on

      @ Tasker you are 100% correct. For me, the money is sitting in my account, untouchable.. to me.. that's spent money. lol. No way its going towards anything else.

    16. John Mullins on

      Actually Angus, if you bothered to read something besides your own ego.. I did not once complain about the update, nor the contents.

      I merely pointed out people like you, constantly attacking ANYONE the second they don't immediately start tripping over themselves to grovel at your feet, and give a minor wake up call that not EVERYONE is going to agree with you, and people need to learn to grow up and respect other's opinions on a subject.

      Did that clear that all up for you, or do I need to grab my son's crayons to draw you a picture?

    17. Tasker on

      @Rich... You keep saying that people haven't paid anything yet. And technically you're correct. However, people still need to take it into account and put that money to one side ready for this ks to finish. Money that they could use on other things has to held back and not spent.

      So even if they haven't paid yet. The money is still allocated.

    18. Angus Lost

      Ah, welcome back Big John *clink* here again to regale us with your witty, energetic criticisms I see. So glad you could thrill us with your acumen, and poetic turn of phrase.

    19. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      I'm sure it's a 1.
      When panel 74-89 turned to skulls, many jumped to conclusion that they were removed only to find out afterwards that they weren't.

      From the animation, I'm almost certain that it's a dead survivor mini.

    20. John Mullins on

      @ Cortney ROFL.. you couldnt be more wrong if you were on the wrong train to wrongsville in Wrong County in the State of Wrong.

      Your stupidity is so arrogant it's almost blinding.

      "They dont WANT to make more money! Cause.... cause REASONS!"

      Please learn to coherently THINK before you speak again sheep.. your constantly bleeting is giving me a headache

    21. tasky87 on

      John is right, we do need more hentai porn

    22. Cortney Sauk

      @John Mullins

      This is KICKSTARTER, this is not a place to make everyone else happy. This is a place for people to make what THEY want to make and ask for people to help them make it. If you don't like it then don't get it, it's that simple. They DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK!

    23. Ikalios

      Hype went down so fast that I broke a knee...

    24. Missing avatar

      theRx on

      Man, Nightmare Ram's gonna eat well tonight from all this salt. : 3

    25. Cortney Sauk

      @Travis Entitled millennial's...

    26. John Mullins on


      And you people #$*tched at me when I said the Gamblers Chest was a total turd... now the wall is FILLED with comments of people going "ok, this isnt funny anymore."

      As for the rest of you people telling everyone with a different opinion than yourselves to "go away". Here's an idea, grow up. If someone doesnt like something, they have EVERY right to say they don't like it. Nobody is telling you to repeatedly "Shut up" when you're gushing over empty pointless useless models that add nothing to the game and seem to get more and more pornographic and perverted as time goes on. Not everyone enjoys Hentai like you freaks seem too.

      Here's a wild idea which may not have crossed your brains.. they have every right to post their opinions here, same as EVERYONE else. Respect it, or stfu. Plain and simple. So sick of hearing these mindless sheep bleeting about "go away if you dont love hentai porn!"

      Maybe, just maybe, the creator will READ those comments from people who are NOT enjoying sdomething, and MAYBE... just MAYBE.. add something in they WILL enjoy, and thus, boost his sales?? It's called supply and demand. Learn it.

    27. Missing avatar

      travis on

      @Andrew Iverson

      It is called the gambler's chest. If you don't like it, you are welcome to not pledge for it. I find it interesting that people get so defensive over something that was never even promised to them in the first place.

    28. Cortney Sauk

      @Nakano There's absolutely zero reason to even ask or speculate. They're not gonna tell us (duh, it'll spoil any surprise) and we have just shy of a MONTH left in this thing so who cares! If January comes and you're still not satisfied with the Gambler's Chest then change your pledge or drop it entirely. Or be like a lot of other people and just wait for the shit to hit the fan and get excited over what he does.

    29. Missing avatar

      Sven Wasberg on

      @ Adam Wilson:

      Tht is not true.
      He showed us a number of rolls, with the expanation that every roll would include an item for the game.
      While I don´t think that we will get nothing for 97, it is very stupid to do that kind of shit before a weekend without new rolls and then tell the crowd that everyone would like the next update.
      Not very empathetic by Poots.

    30. Demian on

      Update 18 handled - happy about plastic Ram Pinups!

    31. Jay Lark on

      I'm starting to sense that "spirit of the game" is "spend more money". It was fun for about the first day but I'm going to bow out now. No hard feelings to anyone, seems like it could be a fun game, but not my style. I'll just grab it for TTS if I'm bored someday.

    32. Asef Alani on

      Ok? So what does this mean? Does it mean that we've lost a slot in the gamblers chest? Wasn't today supposed to be special? I don't get it. Where is the special?

    33. Angus Lost

      hmmm not immediately taken with today... but I guess that's the way things go. Stupid murderer, doing all that murder stuff. Let's not roll 87 again, shall we?

    34. Cortney Sauk

      I love these little videos! Hate all the blubbering whiners on here though. Shut up and take your money elsewhere, otherwise just shut up and wait till January. If you don't like what he's offering then don't get it!!! No one is forcing you to back this project, no one is tricking you into spending your money... Also, my wife's gonna kill me come January

    35. flyaturtle~

      The Death spaces will each the adjacent 8 spaces. Thereby clearing room for an 8 space mega alien dinosaur laser expansion. It will be glorious and triple the value of the box.

      (Remember we can always pull our pledges anytime so nothing to lose. Personally, I am entertained and am loving the creativity behind all this.)

    36. Andrew Iverson

      I don't get it, does the video mean something that was in the gamblers chest is now not? I'll be honest, if that's the case, that's pretty shitty. Something gets removed from what we are paying for, and more stuff added to pay additional for? I get it's in the spirit of the game, but i'm not feeling this.

    37. Mike

      Um.... yeah?

    38. Nakano

      Surely we're able to get number 97 back or something equivalent (like already the XMas Gift). But unlocks of Gambler's Chest are getting quite repetitive sadly. Hoping that not all sprues are wasted on Narrative Sculptures.

    39. tasky87 on

      @J that's an interesting random comparison, but it is serious every crazy horrible thing Poots puts us through is the spirit of kingdom death. its meant to be great fun and great pain

    40. Twigbeard on

      weird, guess we'll have a big update monday?

    41. Sage Smith on

      I've got the toppings!

    42. Paulo - Reinhard von Lohengramm on

      take it easy guys... This is not over. Poots will never screw you or me. He likes to plays but he always fulfill

    43. Jay Lark on

      I get that this isn't a serious campaign, but funny? I guess if you find 3rd graders cussing out adults on COD funny this would be comparable... But I'd never call it funny. It's like a collective groan that's getting more and more stale.

    44. tasky87 on

      @Rich O man i hope so cockroach queen monster would be intense and awesome. though i was just thinking cockroach queen was just a new advanced disorder. so the idea of a monster in that vein would be great

    45. Darth Tearees on

      Mmmmm love me some butter :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Matei.Dragne on

      @Rich I'm with you. Want some butter for your popcorn?

    47. Darth Tearees on

      Most entertaining updates of any Kickstarter I've seen out of 65+. Love all the millennial whinage! Great entertainment!

    48. Darth Tearees on

      No one has paid anything at all right now. Quit whining and enjoy the ride, or, volunteer as tribute to be sacrificed