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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$7.3M Gambler's Chest Roll #11, LETS DOUBLE OUR PINUPS TODAY!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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    1. John Mullins on

      @Joshua Oh gee.. another guy who comes in an hour later and acts like he's a forum crusader for justice.

      Here's a hint. Nobody cares. Literally NOBODY is talking about it EXCEPT you. If that doesnt tell you something, I have NO idea what to do for you dude.

      As for my comment, (and the last time I will address you again, count on it.) There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with anything I said. You perhaps should go read it again, as I attacked nothing and no one EXCEPT those who were shark attacking those with different opinions.

      Again.. yer the ONLY one talking about it.. that should tell you something.

    2. Missing avatar

      Antoine on

      BG Gold Lantern pledge was just a trap :-/

    3. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      If your idea of coming to the comments section specifically to stir some shit, then yeah loads of fun. Your very first comment in this update was packed full of shit talking and then your try and act offended when people rebuke you. You're the definition of a troll.

    4. John Mullins on

      anyways, Im off to bed. Its late, and I have to go earn that pledge money for January in the morning! lol Had to pick up a few double shifts to cover.. still worth it.

    5. Missing avatar

      xenoanubis on

      @plug: depends on whether the A. Those already shown are safe and B. If murder can only be triggered once per murderer (so a max of 4 lost) or is re-triggered whenever its rolled (which makes the loss possibility infinite and the 74-88 range a thing to be feared.)

    6. Missing avatar

      Dan G on

      @tasky - I know! It even fits in universe! Just gotta make sure it gets a great sculpt!

      @Mr Interesting - You're welcome. ;)

    7. tasky87 on

      @Angus yep right there in the description, and yeah but hey its Satan prolly a grower not a shower lol

    8. Missing avatar

      Steffen B on

      and pantheon was below 1 $ per mini. No doubt these look nicer, but don't go all the way to 25 $ value please

    9. Angus Lost

      @tasky are they? it doesn't look like they are packing much heat in those bikini bottoms...

    10. John Mullins on

      @Joshua Sarcasm dude... sarcasm. We're kidding around and having some fun. It's ok. Unclench yer sphincter man. It's FUN... ya know.. that thing we used to have back in the day? lol

      @Steffen it was in the comments on one of these posts.. I cant find it again, although others have stated seeing it as well, so I know I havent gone crazy yet.

    11. Missing avatar

      Steffen B on

      for descent I get 15 good looking minis ( not cheap looking at all) for 25 $

    12. tasky87 on

      @mr. interesting LOL love ya

    13. Missing avatar

      Steffen B on

      You can not call 25 $ for a single mini a reasonable price. Maybe in small production numbers, but at 10.000 copies it is a lot cheaper

    14. Plug Uglie on

      @xenoanubis i hope it dosnt work the way you are suggesting. i for one would not be cool with losing 6 things to the murderer.

    15. tasky87 on

      @Dan well good news the Satan twins are herms so they are already pretty darn close depending on the type of futa you want lol

    16. Missing avatar

      xenoanubis on

      Also we're at 12 minis as of right now so 180-300 value now without the philosophy of death rules (50 bucks expansion value maybe?)

    17. Missing avatar

      Steffen B on

      That would be good (@ John). The creator didn't answer my question about it though. Where did you get the information?

    18. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      And since when is a woman's body pornographic or perverted? Someone had a repressed childhood...

    19. Mr. Interesting on

      I'm really surprised how knowledgeable everyone is with this hentai stuff and now that Dan Gillette has brought it up, futanari. I've never even heard of this stuff. I need to get my shit together and up my cartoon porn knowledge. I'm sickened with myself.

    20. tasky87 on

      @ john i saw that too, yes the GC is an add-on meaning any level can add it to their pledge, but i don't think if you have a level that has it that you can drop it. so that's why it would be good for people that don't want it to have more pledge options that don't include it.
      i think just that option alone would solve a lot of the commotion around here

    21. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      Rip off? Jez there's some spoiled brats in this Ks... do us all a favor and just leave if you don't like it. What do you think will happen by coming to the comments section and throwing a tantrum?

    22. Angus Lost

      oh hells no. I am just having a good time. I love this place. if I didn't I wouldn't be here. I dig poots's vision, if I didn't I wouldn't back. I am neither angry, nor claiming to be better or morally superior to anyone. I have great seas of dark native perversity, so morality and I rarely meet. I am just enjoying the ride, man. And if, near the end, I don't like where it looks like it's going, I'll pull out. Easy peasy. This is really a low stress situation. No lives are at stake, I will b able to make rent regardless, and I had a really nice curry today.

    23. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      One is a pinup of a survivor wearing a nightmare ram armor.
      Another one is a pinup version of nightmare ram monster itself.

    24. Missing avatar

      Sean Thompson on

      More fan service please!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      theRx on

      @Jacob Lee Whakahau People are angry that "something" got murdered by the murderer, despite that it's probably going to thematically appropriate to what was going to be revealed, and not realizing this is Poots' style of humor.
      I mean the core game has the word "ding dong" in it, c'mon.

    26. tasky87 on

      @Xeno well we don't know what the others are, all we know is the murderer kills other spots (maybe) so the other skull could do other horrible things :insert Kermit YAY:

    27. Missing avatar

      Dan G on

      I'm with John 100%. What this campaign needs is more pornographic and perverted hentai models. Can I request a futanari Satan variant while we're at it?

    28. John Mullins on

      @tasky87 I saw it in the comments, (I swear I did.) someone put up a "pledge calculator". Now Im not sure if thats official or not (heck I cant even find it anymore.) but the GC was one of the selectable add ons... so here's hoping!

    29. Missing avatar

      xenoanubis on

      So just to clarify: If a death square is rolled once, it reveals it, if that number is rolled again, it kills another slot. Fun. Also as far a value, the gambler chest is set at $100, which pays for 6 minis using the KS prices and 4 using store pricing. The 4 Murderer alone make up most of the value, so you wouldn't lose anything in value unless we drop below 4-6 slots.

    30. John Mullins on

      Oh No Angus.. not YOU.. you've only commented on EVERY post about my "whining tantrum" how many times now? But oh no.. YOU arent trying to act like you're some sort of moral high ground.. as you CONTINUE to post attacks against me.


      Grow up

    31. tasky87 on

      @Steffen also we may get some new pledge levels at the end of the campaign so keep an eye on poots comments since i bet if he does offer new ones there will be some that don't include the GC that might be more fitting for you

    32. Angus Lost

      Hey, if we are all going to start playing nice, I can do that too, BJ I'm not the one who's been hurling epithets and calling names. I have also never claimed any sort of moral high ground, to be fair.

    33. John Mullins on


      From what Ive learned, at the end of the campaign, you'll get the choice of what you want to pay for, and Im 99.99% sure you can opt out of the Gambler's Chest.

      Once I learned this, I was alot happier about this KS!

    34. Mr. Interesting on

      @Fergus - the murderer can't be stopped because in KD:M Obama banned all guns, so only criminals can get them. The question is: can Trump save KD:M from the murderer? Adam will continue with this riveting story tomorrow.

      Enjoy yourselves.

    35. Missing avatar

      David Bousquet

      and also, why the resculpt for another nightmare ram pin-up, the first one was a nightmare ram armor pin-up,

    36. Missing avatar

      Steffen B on

      I'd really like to downgrade to BF Lantern, but now it is impossible?? Besides the initial goal there was no good addition to the gamblers chest and this update confirms that it is kind of a rip off. There should be a possibility to downgrade as BF Lantern can upgrade for the same price.

    37. John Mullins on

      And there goes Angus, showing everyone how he's so morally superior.. continuing to attack and debase others because ... *shrug* at this point.. Im gonna say ePeen shrinkage.

      Everyone moved on like 10 minutes ago dude.


      Grow up.

    38. Wayne W on

      The combination of the brutal messing with and typical over-drama from the snowflakes during this KS is hands down the most brilliant and awesome thing I've ever witnessed on KS. Oh, and the GC is going to end up being the deal of the year for those with some real stones. LOVING THIS!

    39. Fergus on

      OH NOOOOOO... WHYYYYYYYYY??? What will happen next? Will we be able to recover from this bad roll, or is it lights out for our party? Can this murderer be stopped?

      Ha :) Very fun. Hope people have a good weekend. Looking forward to what comes next for KD:M :)

    40. Missing avatar

      David Bousquet

      The dude kills a spot in the gamblers chest but then gives you TWO pinups for the (discounted) price of ONE.

      .....and yet the mouth breathers only cry about the gambler's chest. :P

    41. Steψhen on

      The Gambler's Chest just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Great entertainment!

    42. Jacob on

      I'm lost and don't want to read 3 pages of angst-y comments, can someone TL:DR for me? Just standard KS stuff or?

    43. Angus Lost

      Oh big John, biggest big big man we love you because you are so very big. I must have mistaken the sentiments opined by one so very big. Your great words were not criticisms, but mighty enbiggening compliments. Fraptious day for all us stupid, arrogant, hentai loving freaky sheep! Thank you BJ. I am quite sure you grab your children's crayons more than enough already, no need to do it while thinking about me. cheers. Hooray for BIG JOHN!

    44. Eryth on

      Well now... if you're unable to take the creator having a bit of fun with the campaign reveals, you're definitely going to have a fun time when that murderer kills everyone in your settlement in the game.

    45. tasky87 on

      @John, I agree, but this is the internet and people are quick to go to extremes against others that disagree with them. most folks just need to calm down and wait until we have all the answers for this kickstarter, but that will be hard for some with 28 more days of poots messing with us lol

    46. Plug Uglie on

      That moth centipede thing is creepy

    47. Mr. Interesting on

      @Patrik Severinsson - you're finger blasting yourself by dropping the Gambler's Chest. It'll be worth more than your car by the end of the campaign. I recommend keeping it. You're welcome.

    48. John Mullins on

      @Angus Shit, if that actually happened I would buy a copy for every person I know.. I'd even sign and buy you a copy. :P Dont think I wouldnt either.

      Actually... come to think of it..

      man what a stretch goal THAT would be.. one person gets turned into a KD Monster?! People would be THROWING money at this dude.

    49. Jacob on

      I was saving my dosh for expansions only but this is an a-freaking-mazing deal and those drawings are awesome! Thank youuuuu Poooooottssss!!!!!

    50. Missing avatar

      David Bousquet

      oh ya and @poots, when you write, "NO WORDS TODAY!!!!!!"

      you kinda just defeated the purpose of..... no words today...... :) <3