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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$7.3M Gambler's Chest Roll #11, LETS DOUBLE OUR PINUPS TODAY!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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    1. Tias - RTF dream lives on on

      When someone moves out of BFL pledge that will be the plan my man. Hell if the GC continues to disappoint I might even just downgrade to the regular lantern pledge at 250 and get 1 expansion, like dung beetle knight or screaming god.

    2. Beagle on

      If you don't like the value offered in the gambler's chest....don't buy it!

    3. F74N on

      Donald trump won an election trolling America, so Adam is going to win kickstarter for sure

    4. Samael on

      Love the update, murderers have to murder (and if it is one of my past settlements kill more survivors than the monsters did and get declared the settlements leader)

      I'm glad Poots is spreading out the add ons, rather than give us all the expansions and pin ups at once and slowly revealing the change log for the core game (which would be the free stretch goals in a normal campaign).

      I'm not at all worried that a square was murdered. Either Poots had always had a murdered square appear after the murderer came up, or it will be bundled with another square or we might roll up a flesh monolith.

    5. Missing avatar

      Cowgba on

      @Nakano - I think people might be underestimating the gameplay value of the GC just because Poots hasn't gone too in-depth on the Philosophies, Advanced Disorders, or Scout rules. It seems to me like the narrative minis are the showy part of the GC and the cards that come with them will be the real gameplay "meat" of the GC. It's also worth pointing out that at typical KDM miniatures prices, even at half-price, the currently revealed minis in the GC already exceed what everyone is paying for it. Not to mention we've revealed less than half the box at this point, so the value will only go up.

    6. BoomTown on

      Is that two pin ups for 15?

    7. eWave on

      @Ed Leech: +1

    8. Yug the Juggernaut on

      Looks like the Gambler's Chest truly is a gamble! Awesome!! I like it!! Some stuff might get taken away, but IMO it's already worth well over $100.

    9. Dad-R-Cubed-1 on

      more lol comments. Nice art keep it coming Mr Poots. :)

    10. GinjaNinja on

      Poots, just get some sleep mang. The ravenous hordes will still be here on Monday buried under a pile of hyperbole post, which by the next update will be buried under twice as many sane posts about the update.

    11. Nakano

      I wouldn't value a mini as high in Gambler's Chest than some. I would like to think for $100 extra included in most pledge levels, it roughly has half the contents of core game. Meaning Narrative Sculptures and 2-3 monsters. Don't have to be huge. Not necessarily an alternative campaign, but that would be sweet!

    12. Petter Mordt on

      This is just amazing. Poots does the same thing as he did when the skulls appeared and the same people that cried then cries again?? I guess there are some really slow learners here. Seriously, calm down (again!). You still haven't lost any goals, the murder killed something in the other stretch goal (hint: dead survivor sculpt maybe) He's having fun and I for sure are enjoying it :D

    13. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      Another stalling update? I understand the need for them but this one was boring.

      Good work on steering the comments though.

    14. Ed Leech on


      This Kickstarter is ultimately an update to the original game and a restock as the first one completely sold out.

      The first Kickstarter people who pledged were essentially putting faith in Poots and taking an anmount of risk.

      This Kickstarter there is no risk really. There are so many videos of the game and how it plays that if you spend time to watch you should know if you will like the game. Beasts of war have played the first 3 years and are updating 1 year a week so should be up to about 7 years before the end of the campaign. On YouTube people have uploaded entire campaigns. There is really no reason to be uninformed.

      If all people want is the base game there are pledges for it. If people want expansions there are pledges for it or you can add on the ones you want at the end.

      Most of the hate is over the gamblers chest which so far offers a ton of models that some love and some hate. It also offers game content. If people want it they get it for good value. If by the end of the campaign people do not see the value, they can drop down a pledge.

      Ultimately what I think people don't like, is that currently if they want to drop the Gamblers chest they will only save $50 because the Black Friday cheaper prices of the core game are all taken up. I have no idea why people are complaining about that really as it was a choice people made on Black Friday of what to pledge for. We didn't know what would be in the gamblers chest so didn't have to go for it. Anyone can drop down and save $50 can't they? More gaming content could be on the way. For all we know a monster may be added on the last day as a big reveal.

      I get why some do not like not knowing all that is coming now, given the funding level, and I get some people just want game content, but you are able to drop it if you don't want it.

    15. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      @Angus Some concern about the GC is that it s more full of minis than of new game mechanic and cards that go with them. The GC was presented like the Advance KD:M box. But if it will be full of 'convictions', 'advance disorders', and 'philosophy' I will be happy. That said I like the concept of narrative minis, it just seems that they don t add a lot in terms of gameplay even those coming with new gameplay elements.

    16. Luke Roberts on

      @Marian Hilgers,

      the gamblers chest is literally that, we'll know what it is as a whole at the end of the campaign and that's fine. Right now it includes functioonal play pieces as wella s rules which expand on the core game but ar enot essential. A lot of the players of the current generation of kingdom death: monster games gote xpansions and went ham on them without truely exploring everything the core game has to offer. Me, I'm one of the incredibly few people who after inner lantern and symposium are picked up will get drums and work down the music innovation tree because by gods can you buff campaigns that way but most people don't rate it. that said, I've all the expansions but have yet to get to any of them and have instead played some of the alternate campaign variants in the back of the rule book. Seven Swordmasters is awesome and insanely challenging, one playthrough because everyone was a man satan came to visit, made them all love sick, they missed the hunt they needed to get masteries on multiple weapons and the following hand fight wiped them all as a result instead of not, live and learn start again half men half women. The game has a lot of replayability, and just getting the core game is well worth it. It is challenging, but there are rules variants that make it not as brutally hard. Stick to the core game it is quite awesome even with just itself.

    17. Tias - RTF dream lives on on

      I was relatively excited about the gamblers chest when I first pledged but then as the reveals come in it turns out most are narrative sculptures which I don't care too much for. If each one had an art card it'd be a different story as I simply love all of the art for KD:M but it looks like only the sci-fi aya sculpture does. Now the murderer done gone and murdered a potential sculpture or card or whatever(value decrease) it's getting even less enticing. Coupled with the fact that BFGL tier has nothing that incentives you to stay in it, it's much safer to downgrade to BFL if the chance arrives as you can always simply buy the add-on without paying more money than the BFGL tier does that is forced to get.

    18. Luke Roberts on


      adam Poots has already addressed translation requests witha firm it is nowhere near as simple as the backers are making it sound due to 1) how huge the game is (you are looking at the rule book all the gear and equipment and settlement cards all the other game cards, all the monsters all the expansions etc, and there is a lot of that) and 2) because translations lose the desired effect of phrasing between languages without being picked to pieces and there simply is no time for that for the company, its' size and its' working budget.

    19. Angus Lost

      I think I liked the cockroach queen's base more, but it is pretty sweet.

    20. Angus Lost

      @florian I think the issue for some people is they don't see the gambler's chest as full of game play elements, and some of them would rather have just the expansions and the core game, or just the new expansions and the core game, or or or... I would hate to be Poots working on the logistics on this though. Lots of changing numbers.

    21. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      I really like those minis, the first one will have an interesting base which adds a lot in this case IMO. I can t wait to see the first reveal :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      Just to point out that Poots had already added slots to the GC during this campaign. He is just buying time with fun to do nicer updates and it fits with the game.

    23. Angus Lost

      The Gambler's Chest Really is sort of for the big fans. you could always snag the core game, and buy expansions that suit your fancy... or just the core game and wait for sales on the website to pick up additional expansions. alternatively, I bet you could find someone willing to buy your GC from you once this thing is done.

    24. Mauro Rguez Martín on

      Ok, 7 million dollars and we have to pay for everything.

    25. Missing avatar

      Olivierg on

      I would love to see a German translation and/or other languages, instead of adding minis after minis. Also if we had to pay an extra amount for this. Specially because their are german fan translations, but could not be release do to copyright. So why not work with them to give the community a real benefit. I dont think we need always 100+ extra Minis (not only speaking of KDM)...

    26. Angus Lost

      Sure Marian. that was a civil criticism, and while I do not agree, I think this needs to be a safe place for people who act in a civil manner.

    27. Angus Lost

      a couple years in the Tokyo are we've had bad wind and rain just as they were blooming, and they were only around for like a day and a half.

    28. Napo on

      If this is what the game feels like to play then i assume it might not be my type of game. It feels like having lost 5 times in a row in the prologue fight against the white lion with somebody else rolling the dice and making stupid choices for me.

      The more money somebody is handling, the more responsibility goes along with it. Kickstarter or not, 7m undefined promises (thats what money is) stand against... well ... not a lot yet. Dropping my pledge to lowest and giving a last chance to Adam. Please respect.

    29. tasky87 on

      yeah i know how hard it can be to plan to be there right when they bloom, my friend that lives there was telling me about that

    30. Angus Lost

      wrong seaboard for me, I would hate to miss Cthulhu's return, even for great Cuban food and Latin music

    31. Angus Lost

      While you are planning it might be a good idea to check the sakura forecast. They don't stay in bloom very long, and blooming period changes quite a bit with the weather in the previous 12 month or so. It would be a shame to come and miss hanami.

    32. tasky87 on

      lol yeah well Florida is the oddest mix in all of the US it feels like we have all the crazies

    33. tasky87 on

      yeah when i go back I'll probably go in spring

    34. Angus Lost

      Dag, I bet it smells like slowly spoiling old people there.

    35. Angus Lost

      @tasky you really ought to aim for late April/early August, or late October/early November. Spring and Fall remind me why I am still here. I usually try to escape somewhere else in the summer.

    36. tasky87 on

      lol i live in Florida its Satan's ass crack 50% of the year

    37. Missing avatar

      MightyMango on

      @Kyle Bentley Stop sooking and just play the game, most people are actually having fun with this!

    38. Angus Lost

      WHY would you come here in August? it's like being stuck in Satan's ass crack

    39. tasky87 on

      @Angus lol, I was just in Japan in August/September. loved it

    40. Angus Lost

      @tasky/Dan I live in Japan, I have for more than a decade... all that hutanari/fechi/doujinshi stuff is just... stuff. I blew that fuse ages ago.

    41. Angus Lost

      You know what I would really like to see? Some kitbashing gear sprues as an add on. I want to stick KDM armor and weapons on all manner of minis I have lying around here...

    42. Missing avatar

      Dan G on

      I think we can be friends tasky.

    43. Mr. Interesting on

      @Steffen B - I get what you're saying with the price vs. quality pricing, but if you really put a lot of time and effort into painting, you'll understand that quality is worth paying for. I backed Conan and got the minis. They are sitting on my desk right now. For the price I paid I am certainly happy with them, but they don't hold a candle to Kingdom Death stuff. If you paint at a high level, quality is everything.

    44. tasky87 on

      This guy right here (DAN) gets me

    45. Angus Lost

      ahhhh hahahahaaa you know what I really like? Cheap coffee and good donuts. Mmmmm lurve me some coffee and donuts...

    46. Missing avatar

      Dan G on

      @tasky - Yeah, probably got one of those magic growing clit dicks so they can still fit into all the sexy clothes. Plus, you get to enjoy the surprise factor when you whip it out.

    47. tasky87 on

      @John Nighty, night

    48. Rascarcapac on

      This new monster really looks impressive! I wonder how many new expansions are still to come.

    49. Alpharius on

      Oh great. The beast opened his mouth again. I wish you would just shut your damn mouth and not come back to these comments. Such a negative person. I'm surprised you made it this far.

    50. Angus Lost

      @tasky indeed. Satan must be a masochist fitting tackle into those things.