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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. CaGeRit

      Woot another salt spill. Love the ram armor, already have the ramette. I wonder what just got murdered will look like.

    2. F74N on

      I agree with Artschool. Also any argument based on MSRP is bullshit; if Adam decided to put a pinup with a MSRP of 100000$ then all pledges that included it would be a gift with such a great discount. GC has a lot to show yet, as the rest of the campaign, but we are just on the third week, as Adam said, we will see what happens.

    3. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      Also on the bright side, 2 very promising pinups for 15$ is very nice :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      @Marek Sorf More GC slots have been added than killed.
      And the murderer will not kill something revealed. A lot of people say that Adam has said that the GC content is fixed, so he is just giving fun to this kickstarter.
      I find the murderer joke funny because it also perfectly fit the game (and the content is fixed).

    5. Marek Sorf on

      @Andrew: 1) it was not presented that you can buy it later as add-on, and especially not in a way, that the add-on price will be totally the same as pledge difference. I believed that mainly because the feeling that if you get higher ledge rank, you should get some benefit over the lower ranks. On 300 vs 200 Black Friday pledges, 300 does not have any benefit. 2) Sure the campaing is not finished but from what was revealed so far and the scheme behind the naratives, we can expect 2 narratives from each existing armor kit, which means there will be around 6-8 narratives hidden, plus 3 are the skull which can also be expected as a narratives sculpt (however I find Murderer quite interesting from gameplay view). Any expectation that there will be 2-3 monster campaigns hidden in there with some different gameplay (which I had on beginning) was false. We will be glad for 1 monster. 3) If you did not expect GC to be exclusive for 300/350 pledge than why you think it will remain as add-on only here? I beleive that it will be in the shop in the end. For higher price and possibly split to several bundles, 90% atleast with some exceptions like Sci-Fi Aya.

    6. Css on

      At first, it certainly felt like the gambler's chest would not be an add-on and just avaliable to the pledges including it. It was probably popular demand that made it an add-on.

      Also, those narrative sculps do come with rules, i haven't played the game yet so i don't know exactly what those mean but right now the chest includes 4 philosophies (death, murder, romantic, verminism), scouts rules, gear cards and fighting arts.
      We can complain about the lack of a monster expansion in there, but not really about the lack of rules.

    7. S. on

      Poots strikes again. And I love it. He is toying and playing with us.
      I still believe, that everything he has in store for us he will present us in the end. Because he wants to show off.. thats why nothing is truley lost.

    8. Andrew Hayford

      "1) We did not know that GC wil be an addon for 100USD, we thought that it will be exclusive for 300/350 slots"

      Never thought that myself, and I'm curious what led you to believe that.

      " Also it was presented as a game update, we did not know that Philosophy of Dead will be last simillar thing in box and the rest are narrative sculpts."

      This campaign has a ton left to can you justify making that statement? You have no idea what is going to be in the box by the end.

      GC is still exclusive to the kickstarter. So yes, it is exclusive.

    9. Marek Sorf on

      On the other topic, I found the whole GC rolls stuff contrived ahead. Murderer roll now just kill one slot previously opened few days ago as a reward for cheatingl (if I remember correctly, Adam added a spot somewhere in 96-99 range). In the same way, Xmas gift is another slot, which just basically replaces slot #1, however this could be trully empty in the first place. Also the rewards on the chart seems to not have any system, they are just randomly thrown over there, which makes me suspicious, that Adam knows what to "discover" for us as a reward no matter the rolls which drops. Also the amount of narrative sculpts seems to fit to armor kits x2 (female and male). Unfortunately it seems to me not much as a gamble but screenplayed woo-hoo for me. If 74-77 double roll kills the Bow-Master, than it will be funny afterall. However as stated previously in other of my comments I really expected something else from that box, so I hope there really will be some more stuff to hunt / fight with etc. PS: the new pinups discount (2in1) is not so nice, as both looks really similar unfortunately, and I woul be interested in the first maybe, but not the second one :(

    10. Liliana Troy on

      The "murdered" slot: could it be a casualty figure?

    11. Samael on

      I hope, if we get dead survivor sculpts, that we get rules for interacting with them.

      Spend an action to tske/swap one piece of gear.

      Image you have just broken your bone axe. You could use fist and tooth, or run to the body of your friend and grab their zanbanto.

    12. Marek Sorf on

      The issue with the Gamblers Chest is with the first hours of campaign. A lot of people will not know, but I was here at 12:01 when the campaign started. Originally Black Friday slots had only 1000 slots and these were sold out in minutes an noone knew if they will be increased. The decision you had to make than was totally different from what we know now. We did not know that GC wil be an addon for 100USD, we thought that it will be exclusive for 300/350 slots. Also it was presented as a game update, we did not know that Philosophy of Dead will be last simillar thing in box and the rest are narrative sculpts. There is even more gaming stuff in update itself than in GC.And if you want to drop from Black Frida pledge, you will lose 50USD you had from early bids. The position of GC would be totally different if it could not be bought via add-on, however this way it definitely does not have any exclusivity at all and 300USD slot is definitely worst thing you could pledge minutes after startup... This is disappointing and I understand a lot people are complaining about this. If GC does not conatin monester, I am afraid it does not stand its value in comparison to any xpac at all.

    13. Paint'Riot Studio

      great new pinups !

    14. Missing avatar

      Craig O'Connor on

      Oh dear. So the murderer has "killed" a slot. Something tells me that - much like when that row of skulls was revealed - sometime in the near future number 97 is going to get rolled, if for no other reason that to calm the baying hordes.

      Not that it'll do much good.

      As for all this Gamblers Chest rage, I don't quite get it. Yes, I'm impatient for updates, and yes, sometimes I find them disappointing (like this one) mainly because I'm hungry for more information. Not just about whats in the GC, but for the campaign in general. All I have to do is remind myself that this campaign is running until next year, and by the end of it, I'll be able to make decisions about what - if anything - extra I'll be able to buy.

      Just to highlight - I'm not attacking anyone here, I'm not criticising anyone, I do get why some people may find the way this Kickstarter is run... frustrating. Just have a little patience, that's all.

    15. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      @ArtSchool If you look at it closely it's a bit of everything with a a bit more pinups yes but still.
      4 expansions have been already revealed, a good part of the GC, and pinups and there are 28 days left.
      Comparing this to the first kickstarter, I guess we will have more or less the same number of expansions and pinups.
      That's said, this kickstarter was teased like a reprint before it begins.

    16. Alfred on

      Haha! Great update :D

    17. Missing avatar

      Harley McCoy on

      Love the art can't wait to see this fleshed out as a sculpture.

    18. TeenaBee on

      @ArtSchool. I'm also a gamer. And I'm also not interested in the pinups nor the narrative sculpts. I just want the game, which is why I'm at the Lantern level. I dropped down from the Gold Lantern because the gamblers box did just look like a bunch of sculptures that I wasn't interested in. I'd rather at this point spend $100 to get an expansion or two (unless something amazing happens in the gamblers box to change my mind). You can get a pledge level without pin ups that is just game content. Just pledge the same level as me. :-)

    19. Timothy Roller

      @Jd Crouch How was @Artschool being a jerk? He had one of the politer ways of responding to what some see as a lot of pinup content that I've seen.

    20. tasky87 on

      @David firstly i love the gamblers chest getting it with gusto, but where a lot of those people are coming from that don't want it is they are getting a pledge level that includes all old expansions and lower tiers don't include that. so until all the old expansions have been revealed as add-ons they will continue to complain. once those are all revealed as add-ons we should see a drop in salt about the gamblers box

    21. Gringe Commander

      Just look at the retail gaming value (playable stuff only):
      An ancient golden lantern has a value of almost 1500$
      A satans lantern over 1800$ (plus 1000$ in pinups/promos)
      So even now you get a huge discount. And if you do not want the pinups, choose the ancient golden lantern and add the expansions only. And most likely there will be a small add-on for all the game material from the pinups as well.
      If you are not pleased with 50% off . . .. well then nobody can help you.

    22. Eyne Nacht on

      I think it's all great. I don't have any complaints, just a suggestion: Step away from the anime faces a bit. Noses are ok. :) Add some ethnicity to the Survivor designs and pin ups, Maybe mix it up a bit with a broader scale of physical traits and attributes. Maybe even a different set of Survivors. Regardless, I remain a fan of the lot and continue to gander at this gorgeous gathering of gambling grotesqueries.

    23. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      @The Wizard of the Glen I'm pretty sure it means 2 for 15$. Which is neat :) They looks fantastic.

    24. David Altieri

      I don't really understand why so many people are continuing to complain that there isn't a pledge level that doesn't include the gamblers chest. It's right there at the Lantern level pledge. $250 gets you the core KD:M 1.5 game. That's the pledge you want right there. From that point on, you just pledge extra for the add-ons you want, which you are still getting at a discount. If you don't want to pay for what's in the Gambler's Chest, then just drop your pledge to Lantern and pay for the add-ons you want. It's not difficult if you just read the reward levels before throwing your money down. Nobody is FORCING you to get the Gambler's chest.

    25. Tristan on

      Damn that murderer is scary lol

    26. Pyro Stick on

      Are the pinups going to be 15 for the pair or 15 each?

    27. Jd Crouch


      I'm not on the pin-up hype train either, but perhaps you missed the "be respectful and considerate" link below your comment. It's easy to miss when you're in a passion-induced keyboard frenzy. I get it. So here's the link again:

      Rule #2: Don't be a jerk.

      Seriously. Poots does this for his fans and for the vision of his world. Don't dig it? Don't throw money at it. Lower your pledge or just take your money elsewhere. I'm sure he'd rather you do that then just be a gaping sphincter on the comments page.

      He's getting out content as fast as he can. He's a goddamn human. The kickstarter blew up and it's only been a few weeks. He's putting out content as fast as he can without running absolutely dry. Most kickstarters I have backed maybe give an update once a week. Here we get nearly daily updates. Calm down. And remember....don't be a jerk.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jamuraa on

      Until now I did not have giving Adam one cent for KD:M. The 7th of january is the payday and until the 6th I enjoy the ride and then make my decision if the whole thing is worth my money or not. If I don't like the miniatures, I take my money and go away, if I do not like the pin-ups, I take my money and go away, if I do not like the content revealed, I take my money and go away, if I do not like Adam, I take my money and go away, if I do not like (insert a whole dictionnary in here), I take my money and go away.
      I am not understanding why people are so scary about money they did not spend right now.

    29. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      Until today I hadn't realised that we are actually pledging for Kingdom Death: Pinup.

      Provided that many of us here are boardgamers, a sack full of pinups feels
      as appealing to us as being given close nothing. I guess this is the problem about putting gamers and hobbyists in the same box. We are kind of water and oil. I love the KD:M universe, yet I cannot care less for the pinup stuff, yet there is still no pledge level which focuses on strictly playable content, so we will have to bear with the pinups or cherry pick our stuff.

      Hopefully we are shown something (in this KS's words) "cannon" (sic) -I'd rather have it "canon" than "cannon"- sooner than later. It's been a few days since the last interesting expansion.

      You all have a good weekend.

    30. Alpharius on

      @Dr Manhattan

      And why would you do that? o.o

    31. Roberto on

      I'm having so much fun with this campaing ^-^ I'm sure i'm going to love this game

    32. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      @Nolan: Unique is the word. Adam's making this a meta-narrative experience. It's quite a lot like KD:M. We have hopes dashed (oh no, a Gambler Box spot has been killed!), then rekindled (oh wait, it's actually just a special bonus). We have challenges without reward (like a Nemesis; Mario level) that get rewarded for doing well (Xmas bonus), triggered by a "1" roll no less (1 = insta-fail).

      It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I urge anyone who's not enjoying the campaign to not follow it daily. Adam's putting on a show, engaging in kayfabe if you will. A lot of us are enjoying it. The stretch goals aren't in danger, it's just a game to make the campaign more interesting for the diehard fans.

      It's not everyone's taste, but a significant number of us are enjoying it.

    33. Missing avatar

      Nolan - Follower of the Fox on

      Well, this is definitely a unique experience. I'm not sure this is what communication looks like but screw it, I've thrown money after worse.

    34. Asef Alani on

      Guys don't be angry with Adam, if you're not liking the gamblers box, just downgrade your pledge, that's what I did. I'm far happier, Adam isn't forcing anyone to get the gamblers box, and if Tory not liking the childish antics and to be messed about, just drop your support a notch, it's the civilised way of doing it.

    35. Chris Drain on

      That moment when you realise you're backing an internet troll.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      @Michael Mohorek, Technically I could be wrong assuming there will be days with nothing added, we haven't actually had a roll where nothing has been added yet "long term" the one even added something, so I think it's a wait and see kind of situation. Someone said Poots is going to explain tomorrow or something. I didn't see that though so just going off my experience

    37. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      Just putting this here so people who come know, Poots said this on the 7th in comments

      "Please keep in mind that the Gambler's Chest is basically where all the "stretch goals" are going. Last campaign I got far too carried away and ended up ballooning the core game to the point where we lost a good deal of money producing each unit. This time I decided to focus it all into one expandable product. Right now the Gambler's Chest has nearly a score of awesome miniatures and an Advanced Rulebook and like 50ish game cards and counting. This lets me deliver a much better experience in a bit more of a responsible way.”

      You can see it in his chat log.

      As a score=20 we currently only have like 8 more gamblers chest models until our funding level increases, plus maybe some spots in the chest that are just cards and with 28 days left in the campaign that means there may be days we don't get a "stretch goal" unless it keeps going up just like in any campaign.

      Not official here and I'm new to KDM, just my experience with Kickstarter

    38. Dr Manhattan on

      I think that it's a goat-like face... Poots I warn you : don't give us something like Satan true form, Lucifer or whatever devil on Christmas day, or I will drop entirely my pledge. KDM or not...

    39. Missing avatar

      Alpha on

      This campaign is definitely run by a creature that feasts in salt. I blame frogdog.

    40. Peter Andersson on

      The gamblers chest was originally promised to have 30 slots, currently we’re at 34. Even if we lost one today (which I doubt) we’re at 33 (+3) so still ahead. In the update the slot didn’t disappear it turned into something else (blood splatter). Remember how many people thought the skull row was lost.

    41. Alpharius on


      He can go screw himself. Let's leave it at that.

    42. C on

      > If this is what the game feels like to play then i assume it might not be my type of game.

      It might not be your type of game.

    43. Dr Manhattan on

      It's a sort of Poots perverted game. He's having fun and probably he would like we have fun too. My advice is to wait and see. There we will drop the pledge if the gsmbler's chest doesn't worth it. But it'll be clear only at the end. Meanwhile everything it's a speculation.

    44. Missing avatar

      Michael Mohorek on

      Here's my problem, I jumped on the Black Friday Gamblers pledge tier because it advertised 30 plus items, then mentions many many more. So I was sold on false misrepresentation.

    45. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      @ Dylan
      Your guess is as good as everybody's, but since scrapping all the work done and payed for slot 97 is not a wise decision form economic perspective, it probably is just another stalling update.

      Poots said he will explain tomorrow, so wait for that?

    46. Peter Andersson on

      I think one of the intentions of this update was to give the fans a mystery to speculate about. Sadly the comments are mostly attack and defend instead.
      Speculation: If you roll a revealed number there is a re-roll unless it’s a skull then something else happens. I see a few possibilities. 1: Double rolling skulls will all affect the row slot below and when the entire row below is changed = mega reveal. 2: Double rolling skulls will all affect the row slot below revealing it to be some sort of special slot. 3: Double rolling skulls will all have an additional effect, not necessarily affecting the slot below.

    47. Dylan on

      So we just don't get 97 now? or get to know what it was? :(

    48. Dr Manhattan on

      If the numbers already out are rerolled, then eventually even other "dead" slots will be revealed, and probably other slots will be "killed" by new "murderers". Don't worry, everything is already planned, just like the complaints of those who whines that think something has been removed. "NO WORDS TODAY" proves this, he WANTS whines. Why doesn't Poots speaks? Probably because he wants to create mixed emotions, then...and only then, he will untie the knots. Or maybe he's just crazy ...
      However in the end everyone will draw its conclusions. At worst, many people will lower their pledge by purchasing only the Core game for $ 250, plus some expansion. Me too. Remember that initially this campaign was meant just to produce new boxes and that's what he will do...